12 tips to overcome wickedness and gain peace

Anger appears when someone sadly faces frustration, unhappiness, or painful feelings, or when plans do not disappear as desired. It also appears when it comes to opposition or criticism.

Anger never helps anyone. It wastes your energy and violates your health, destroys your relationships and takes advantage of the opportunities. Anger is in the best interests of you.

Things do not always happen according to plans and expectations. People do not always act as you want them to do. You may not always be able to control external influences and circumstances but you can be sure that you will guide your attitudes and reactions. There is no point in allowing the circumstances and people to pull your strings and affect your mind and feelings. You can choose not to let people say and influence their mood. You can maintain the inner behavior of emotional and mental illness and not allow any small event to play with your feelings and cause anger.

I often see people angry about the insignificant and negligible things. Some insignificant comments or actions are not enough to answer a question, or even dissatisfaction is enough to ignite fire, anger, confusing comments, arguments, and even physical fights. This is completely unnecessary. Life can be happier with this behavior

Anger is a negative reaction, and if you want to move by self-flight or spiritual growth, the more you avoid it. the restlessness of the mind and the calm of the mind is one of the best and most effective methods of fighting wickedness and even of all negative emotions.

If you are willing to invest time and energy, you will win a great reward. Peace of mind will not only help you with anger, but also help you overcome anxiety and negative thinking and allow you to be calm, relaxed and independent in difficult and difficult situations.

The tranquility of the mind requires the behavior of an emotional and mental disorder, which is vital to overcome and avoid wrath. It protects you from being too concerned about people thinking, saying or doing, and is therefore strongly recommended. Separation is not a lack of indifference and sensitivity. This is the attitude of common sense and inner strength, and leads to spiritual tranquility.

I would like to propose a few simple tips to help you get some internal seizure and state of mind to better see how to overcome anger

1. At least once a day you dedicate several minutes to thinking about how much your life would be better without anger

. If you feel that anger arises, breathe deeper and slowly several times

. It may be that instead of deep breathing, or better, slowly count to one to ten. This will delay your poisonous reaction and weaken it.

4th Drinking some water has a soothing effect on the body.

5th Try to be more sick, however hard it may be.

6th Be more tolerant of people, even though they do not like it.

7th Everyone is entitled to his opinion. You can not agree with people, but it still maintains tact and diplomacy

. Choose to react peacefully and peacefully in every situation. Try again and again, no matter how many times you lose control and are angry.

ninth Positive thinking makes it easier to ignore refusal and behavior, which may otherwise cause anger

. Try at least some self-control, self-discipline, and common sense.

eleventh Do not take everything too seriously. Not worth it.

12th Find cause for more frequent laughter.



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