13 healing points

Your life is not determined by the afflictions; determines how you respond to your personal challenges.

"I am the source of perspectives, regardless of whether I am aware of why or how I came to possess this viewpoint, to look at the mirror of our souls, lack of excuses, for a moment I examine the small pieces in the mirror, I do, see what I can wear to see and do ACT, which I know, this is a gentle personal invitation. "~ Mary Anne Radmacher

Consider the following 13 points and promises:

• 1. Grief understanding of healing is the first important step. PROMISE: A more accurate understanding of sorrow is possible as it stops the beginning of mourning and healing.

2nd Making decisive thinking, attitudes, and skills has qualities that are capable of gaining happiness. PROMISE: You can develop a psychological and emotional mandate with special and consistent actions.

3rd Do not keep up with negative outlook; as a cure, they learn to use the grateful moments. PROMISE: Thanks to the uplifting and positive emotional experience, he blesses the internal mandate to begin healing and begins a new hope.

4th Save yourself from the painful past. PROMISE: Focusing on new and new circumstances, you can restart your life.

5th Take control of your personal thoughts and actions. You have a greater ability to determine what you think and how you behave than you originally imagine.

6th The willingness to cure is not enough; persuasive desires provide vital healing light. SUPPORT: As you are hungry and thirsty with your sorrow and your loss, a lighter road will appear. [7] 7. Reducing old life has an opposite effect; empowering the new circumstances. PROMISE: The new opportunities and opportunities are within your reach as you search for them. [8] Everyone's grief keeps their time; the healing hour of sorrow is correct – follow the time. SUPPORT: Be kind to your sorrow you feel; so that the grief lasts for a short time, which makes it clear and resolves.

ninth You can not hibernate the desire to wake up with sorrow in the spring – action steps harmonize. PROMISE: Happiness and hope are the result of your actions.

10th You may feel insecure because of the terrible state; it is still possible to find pleasure again. PROMISE: You can experience hopelessness, decision, impotence, and even anger; yet finding new joy is available

• 11. You are not alone, thousands of people have suffered from their pain and have found joy – you too. PROMISE: Many examples of finding sorrow and pleasure can be found in many examples:

12. You must strengthen your ability to guide your own attention to your goal. SUPPORT: You can direct yourself to healing mourning and loss better

• 13. re-evaluate your outlook; Consider all the shifts that occurred in your sorrow. SUPPORT: As you rejoin the passions, the people, places, or things you overcame and embrace the hope of greater understanding, peace and joy – clarity and hope will come. "The magnitude is not in the direction in which direction we are, sometimes we have to sail the wind, and sometimes against it, but it must be sailed and not drifting or anchored." Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

, harmony and happiness find the specific conditioning of the mind and the heart, and the continuous fulfillment of satisfaction, trust and hope is necessary and indispensable The above thirteen important bullets and promises will help you understand, reconcile and heal sorrow and loss; you must give an internal mandate to create a weather storm.



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