18 Types of Metaphors

The first extremely obvious question is what is this damn metaphor? Another fantastic name? Well … yes and no. Nice but effective too. Charged with energy. It's full of genius. By definition, metaphor is a form of speech in which two completely different terms or expressions are combined to suggest similarity. Confused? What is the example?

The whole world on a stage

Yes, this is Shakespeare, and compares the world to a stage. You do not usually see the world as a stage, you see … like the world, the earth, the mother; but not on stage. That is why this is a metaphor. Because it brought together two totally unrelated things and made sense.

That was simple. But there is no peace, here begins the roller coaster. (Receive You Now You Do Not Enjoy It) 1. Expanded or Telescopic Metaphor or Wisdom

When your metaphorical insight has developed, you can not limit yourself to a single metaphor. Like –

The whole world is a stage, men and women are just players.

This extension – "Men and Women Are Only Players" has made this an extended metaphor. The author has presented the "world" and "stage" as part of the "world" (men and women) and "stage" (players). Of course it makes sense. It can not be extended by comparing male and female to ipod. Sounds noisy? Exactly.

2. Metonym

When tired of the clichéd words and desperately searching for the closely related word that has not yet died, this word is metonymus. A new word that replaces an old one. Of course, an example. The pen is more powerful than the sword. This saying became a cliché in itself, but originally the thought was different. Here the pen is the freedom of expression and the sword of the power of power. Now, if you said the freedom was bigger than power, no one would have said Wow. Therefore, Pen and Sword instead of Freedom and Power

3. Mixed Metaphors

Some of us are not a good metaphor; such a twisted, unbalanced metaphor is called a mixed metaphor.

The waves of emotions are tingling in my heart.

Can the waves float? They are in a meaningless world, but most of them remain sober, but seem to be largely unbearable with stupidity, so this stupidness is a modest name for mixed metaphor.

Okay, for info, two kinds of mixed metaphors: permissible mixed metaphors and unacceptable mixed metaphors. Never use the unacceptable, so I can only obey.

Permissible mixed metaphors make sense, even if the parts are not directly related.

We chose a large amount of storm with iron wills. There is no connection between the storms and the iron blend, but it sounds right.

4. Absolute Metaphor

A perfect metaphor for fooling fear and confusion. In an absolute metaphor, metaphor is truly, truly, not fairly interpretable.

Created the sad part

Absolute rule in the present world of obscurity. Confuse them with confusion

There are two absolute absolute metaphors: Paralogic and Antimetaphore

. The implied metaphor is an indirect metaphor where the whole conclusion is made.

Close your trap.

Attached the pen

No bird and mouth, just the pen and the trap. Yes, that's obvious.

6. Dead Metaphor

Dead metaphors were so overwhelmed that they lost their individuality.

The Face of the Mountains

The Crown of Glory

Dead metaphors are mostly used as expressions, not as metaphors. Their association died. Now these are just words, but their names are still preserved. Take off your hat. This is a mourning time!

7. Sleep Metaphor

Our teachers did not say they did not eat good words. It's here again. If the meaning of the metaphor is unclear because the sentence has been reduced, this is called a calm metaphor.

fire. (if you please)

He flew to his uncle. (why?) He was pulled out. (WHY?)

Okay, it makes sense, but it's not the whole picture in itself. Why do cheats speak. Sleep, yes, sleeping. Winter dream. But he's still alive.

8. Synecdoche Metaphor

The name seems awesome, but quite simple. The synecdocchi metaphor uses part of the association instead of the object. For example, feathers instead of birds or claws instead of crabs. These associations are all symbolic. His legs glittered with dreaded wings.

9. Metaphor of the Root

The root metaphors are named because many other metaphors can be created for them. Further, these are generalizations such as:

Time for money,

Hay as the sun shines,


10. Active metaphor

Active metaphors are newborns, so they have to be introduced to the world. They do not know the reader. It is therefore better to explain it clearly.

A flash of love.

The Slave of Metaphors

Any new metaphor that we have not previously written is an active metaphor [19595002] 11. Half-armed metaphor

The metaphor or the first part of the vehicle in the metaphorically immersed metaphor. For example, your dreams or your foothold aspirations [1959-9004] 12. A deadly metaphor

We should have been called "the dead metaphor" or the "metaphor of the mummy" because if you take dead metaphors from the grave and you use them in your writing, you can not call them dying. I do not know what George Orwell is thinking of when he put together the name. J Dying metaphors are cliché metaphors such as

Needle in haystack

Achilles heel

Another ball game

13. Conceptual metaphor

This is hard, so read it slowly. The conceptual metaphor lies in many metaphorical meanings. Its basic meaning creates a new idea or a universal concept. Life is the way of an old conceptual metaphor. This metaphor is a universal appeal. She does not talk about a particular situation or a person. Everyone is right.

At the same time, if you see life as a journey, you can use a number of other metaphors, such as:

My life has just stopped

It has reached the intersection

So life is a conceptual metaphor.

14. Pataphor

Pataphors are metaphors that are extremes that make no sense. Generally, they are used to raise awareness and introduce novelty.

He broke his fear, accelerated his anger, and kicked it in the house. Simple or Narrow Metaphor

It's a simple metaphor, you do not have to do much. Cool it. There's nothing cool, just that. In a serious comment, a simple metaphor, the vehicle (cool) and the tenor (s) is very intimate (close).

Duck (bow) down.

He's crazy.

You're a dinosaur (huge).

Generally, simple metaphors are very short. At least two or three words.

16. Metaphor of the Pulse

Here is the vehicle or the tenor not explicitly but implicitly

Close Your Trap

Watch Your Language

Here is the "Trap" "language" is used instead of word and mouth

17. A complex or loose metaphor

A complex metaphor consists of several similarities. The writer provides a metaphor for using more than one association

A wild beast ran to the killer with heart beat

Fear of fear, fear of abandonment

18. Complex Metaphor

A complex metaphor possesses a simple metaphor and a facilitator (not a crime). An example would be better than an explanation.

Let me see your character.

Here the term "throwing" is used for "light", which does not exist in itself.



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