The mission of Jesus Christ

Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph, was born in an era where cruelty and ignorance reigned supreme. The Romans conquered their country of birth, and it is difficult to find true spirituality. Though he lived only 33 years on earth, he was able to leave his own spiritual consciousness and the longest legacy of the highest spiritual teachings.

First, Jesus was embodied with great humility.

"I myself do nothing … not for my own will, but for the will of the Father."

This is a sign of true teaching; they do not teach themselves, but strive to be the divine instrument. Thus, Jesus' mission was not his mission, but the mission of the heavenly Father; It was a designated mission of God

At that time very few understood and understood the spiritual state of Jesus. He had to suffer great misunderstandings and hostility from others who were jealous of his success. They say that a prophet is not respected in his own time; In Jesus' life this statement is very true. Yet, despite criticism and opposition, Jesus never reiterated his commitment to fulfill God's will. The highest prayer Christ has said, "Not my will, but your business." Even at the expense of great personal suffering, Jesus sought to do God's will, since that was the only purpose.

Jesus taught the most important aspect of spirituality; namely that people were able to find the kingdom of heaven. Of all the immortal statements of Jesus, this is probably the most significant. He wished his disciples and followers find the "peace that conveys understanding," but that peace can be found in his own soul, not in external results. Tell your disciples to tell them:

"I leave peace with you, I will give you peace." But this peace was only an inner gift, nothing was material in terms of material. Jesus never compromised the spiritual and material life. He never told his followers that they could be the best of both worlds. If they were sincere seekers, it was necessary to give up the false joys of the world.

"Anyone who does not abandon all that he has can not be my disciple." (Luke 14:33)

Jesus was able to give the kingdom of heaven to his disciples but could not do so unless they were willing to bring sacrifices and to pass on to their higher self. Jesus realized the divine consciousness, tasted the happiness and excitement of the divine community and knew that the happiness of God's self-consciousness is worth more than the world can offer. From this perspective, Jesus proclaimed, "What can a man gain when he acquires the whole world and suffers from the loss of his own soul?" (Matt.16: 26) This is not ideal for philosophical speculation, Jesus knew that the difference between the reward of the spirit and the joy of the so-called world

Jesus's mission included revolutionary teachings, he wanted to say that divine forgiveness was the highest philosophy the search engines must strive for. "for one eye" was not his father's philosophy, but he wanted to love love despite the hostility; this love was born with the unity of Jesus with the world, and for the true spiritual master, he does not feel the superiority or inferiority when Jesus betrayed and crucified the cross, said, "My father forgive them for not knowing what they are doing." He revealed his divine nature, or just a soul whose divine unity was such a noble emotion

Such a shame!

I'm really ashamed of the correlation of conflicts with religion. Is Islam cited Palestinian Muslims to kill the Israelis and themselves in suicide attacks? Does Hinduism preach to kidnap and kill those who are against Hinduism? For most Indians, and I am sure the majority of Pakistanis and most religious people agree that such practices are bad and condemned. Religions do not contain "conflict genes" inherent in it, which makes unsustainable conflicts an inescapable result of coexistence. Religious conflicts are always the result of false ideas.

Western political elites particularly use an approach that depicts Islam as the main cause of terror. It is dangerous. This threatens to demonize the followers of a particular religion, endangering infinite demonic demons and adding to the cold-war security dilemma, where one step is considered to be another threat, and then needs to disrupt it. Basically, the approach is an attack on religion's Islamic religion. This means that every Muslim is extreme, which is so inaccurate that he claims that the ultra-righteous majority in the United States is a fair Christian representative. One of the shortcomings of today's world is that Islam is judged by the behavior of a small nation. If a religion is to be judged in the conflict, it must be logically based on the sources rather than on the extreme acts of a small minority of self-appointed followers. In the case of Islam, the sources are the Qur'an and the Sunna (Muhammad's Prophet's Teaching), for example: "Allah commands the truth, the good deed, and the gift of relatives, and forbids injustice, evil and tyranny. Koran, 16:90)

Although religions are basically about building peace, they are sometimes misinterpreted and abused. When that happens, this is the result of the constructions of religion on religion and the "other". For example, in the current global conflict between religious fundamentalists and secularists, each party perceives and speaks of the other, which is a threat to their social order and lifestyle. When secularists announce secularism, pluralism, and the abolition of sharia laws, fundamentalists consider attacks on Islam. Secularists, however, considered religious fundamentalism as a threat to their societies and lifestyles. Secular society is considered almost sacred. Once-open societies became xenophobic entities.

Many religious leaders express the unity of harmony and unity in the fight against terror. Ironically, the biggest obstacle is political leaders who have completely captured the demonization of the "evil axis" and "the opponents of freedom." There is a need for clarity and conflict. First, it must be recognized that religion is not a religion, but a specific fundamentalist constitution of religion that causes conflict. Secondly, religious fundamentalism itself transforms religion into ideology. This is a religious attack that can only be achieved through re-mystification.

Religious conflicts are the result of erroneous perception in our minds. Do not create a Cold War conflict based on these. Religion does not legitimize the conflict! Mohamed Khatami, Iran's President, Mohamed Khatami, complained of an interdirectional forum: "Dialogue between civilizations, especially dialogue between Islam and Christianity is vital, indispensable and inevitable, today people speak of a global village that the inhabitants of a global village can not understand it is not disastrous that the inhabitants of this village are deaf, stupid and worse than hostile thoughts toward each other. "

"Mapquest" for Heaven

Every time I have to travel to a place I've never been or I was not there, my favorite place to find the maps. Everything seems so easy, you just have to enter your place and destination, and with one click, you get the expensive directions. The shortest route, the fastest way, the way you travel and the time of travel.

Does it sound great? Yes, everything is easy … But traveling is not easy and if you start traveling, you will find that there are unforeseen things like traffic jam, accident, and sometimes bad driving. In most cases mapquest is in a good direction, but sometimes there are bad directions.

I remember leaving for Georgia, and I lost it after the trip. I was lucky to have my cell phone with me and call my friend who got the right direction. This is because every year new roads are being made and sometimes the map is not updated yet.

For example, I've lived in the same place for more than two years, and mapquest still can not find my address. It is true that he is very close to it but not in the right place.

Everyone needs life and not just directions but the best directions. You want to make the best choices for you and never miss out on your opportunities and take full advantage of your opportunities. But let me ask a question: Have you always made the right choices? Do you always have the perfect direction?

A few years ago, the US planned the peace process for the Middle East, the so-called "Guide". They were determined to follow and bring peace to this confused area. I do not know whether this plan worked or not, but I know it is not peace in this area.

The truth is we do not always get the best directions and we do not follow them. The Bible says, "There is a way of seeing a true man, but the way of death is over." (Prov 14:12) or else he says, "He is a true man in many things." Yes, so we have so many ideas, advice from others, listening to teachings, the education we receive, all of which are solving the problem. Only when we begin traveling after the journey we find that they are not perfect and our soul is empty and uneasy.

We have a great deal of responsibility on our shoulders, our decisions not only affect our present and future on this earth, but may also affect our eternity. We have a mortal body, but an immortal soul, and Jesus says that our soul is more valuable than the whole world "Why is it profitable for a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul, in exchange for his soul?" (Mt.16: 26).

Where are you looking for answers? Where are you looking for instructions? Where are you looking for advice?

Personally I know where the best mapquest is to find Heaven's directions. Jesus is the one who came from there and went to make us a castle in the world. He is the EASTERN ROUTE to heaven. That is why I seek direction in His Word, the Holy Bible, which has never been able to give me the best answers, the best solutions and the best directions in my life.

Why not try it? Peace and joy on the journey and wonderful greeting at the end of the trip. As long as you follow the directions of the Bible, you will never get lost and never be alone. Jesus himself said, "and behold, I am always with you, even at the end of the age." Amen. "(Mt 28: 20b)

Home and Business Video Monitoring Systems for Peace and Security

Technology brought us some ingeniousventions that seemed like sci-fi a few decades ago and one of the most influential areas of security. The progress of miniaturization has resulted in some wonderful technologies, but one of the most widespread applications is the use of video surveillance cameras. Cameras are becoming smaller and more durable so they can be used in all situations. The cameras have many other advantages, such as cost, simplicity and efficiency.

Why use a security system? Crime is a constant problem that is evolving and changing with technology, and fighting constant dangers, whether at home or in a business environment,. Using the CCTV security camera system is one of the best ways to protect your family and investments with an active system that does not cost tens of thousands of dollars and even those with the most advanced craft skills. CCTV video cameras never sleep, consume little energy, and are very reliable. The overwhelming majority of robberies and other violent crimes would probably have been unresolved if they were not trying to accommodate camcorders in more homes and businesses. Often, the mere knowledge of an active surveillance system is sufficient to prevent possible offenses.

Is video surveillance like work from a home business idea?

With growing applications and smaller, cheaper systems, video security has become a flourishing industry, not just for larger and more widely recognized security companies. Many entrepreneurs learned that video surveillance is one of the best work in home business ideas. Most of the systems in today's modern arena are more compatible with each other, basically connecting only colored connectors to the appropriate tanks and require very little startup costs. Just as everyone in the country wants the peace and security that is provided by video surveillance, and the simplicity of modern systems makes it easy to install and manage the live monitoring system through the power of the Internet. Work From Home Business Ideas can come and go, but security will always be demanded. It may be to create its own video security system

Setting up a supervisory system can be initially intimidating, but some advice and backgrounds for the video systems can be designed and implemented, with its own system much smaller than a large corporation. Whether you want your careers from management systems or just want to protect your family and relationships, be sure to check the equipment and business reviews online for more reliable websites. With the help of the Internet, you can learn about the general features and limitations of modern systems, what kind of price categories and levels of skill are needed, and help you decide which system is best for that application.

Video is one of the most effective tools for all security devices, with proper management and the right equipment, anyone can maintain their own security and true peace of mind.

Essential oils – 19 "magical" plants for killing

Some plants have long been in contact with magic or clarity and used as magic for evil

Anyone who read Harry Potter novels can justify the strange plant processing of the novel for artificial purposes. But in real life, yes, some plants have a history of magic. Rosemary is such a plant. In Europe, the pink rosemary placed on the pillow was thought to prevent nightmares. It was thought that the twigs placed over the doorway would ward off the witches. European medieval history is full of stories about the evils of evil spirits and witches. Paranoia, based on ignorance and religious zeal, existed throughout the Middle Ages

Here are some examples of "magical plants": the oil used for ritual cleaning after causing something "unclean" to touch.

The German Chamomile was considered by the Egyptians, the Moons, and the Saxons as a sacred plant. Romans respected Clary Sage as herba sacra or "holy herb" because of its euphoric qualities. The coffin was thought to protect the evil spirits and spells of witches. They got the twigs of the fennel over the doors to prevent the evil. Galbanum was spiritually lifting. Isos is used to protect against pestilence and to evade evil spirits.

Juniper used the witches in the Middle Ages.

Marjoram was considered a burial herb to bring spiritual peace to the deceased. Melissa or Lemon Balm was considered to be an elixir of life and used to treat anxiety and disease related to the heart or emotional anxiety, melancholy, and vitality and revitalization of the vital spirit.

Mugwort was associated with superstition and witchcraft in the Middle Ages and was a defense against evil and danger. [1] Myrrh is one of the oldest spiritual oils that man knew was gods used to be a symbol of immortality and religious ceremonies. Palo Santo was known as a Latin American history of history as a spiritual oil to purify and purify the negative energies of the air.

Sage is used by native peoples to help cleanse the aura of negativity. Sandalwood is one of the oldest oil that is due to its spiritual qualities and prayer and meditation. This is also an aphrodisiac. Spikenard among the rulers of grace and great novices belonged to the sacred chrisms in the mystery schools.

Lakatos Indians used Black Pine to strengthen the ability to communicate with the Great Spirit. They thought the lucerne had a good prosperity. Timothy associated with "courage". The Roman soldiers were bathed in thyme before they migrated into battle, and in the Middle Ages, Thyme fibers reintroduced courage in knights heading into crusades.

In the Middle Ages ] with a black-handed knife in the moonlight, repeating mystical words, then taking it home, placed it in the right arm, and placed it on the pillow, "the young highland girls dream their true love!"

Panama Foundations for real estate planning and offshore asset protection

Panama Private Interest Foundations is an ideal tool for success planning and asset protection. Or you can be inter vivos (active during your life) or will-wills (lethal action). For example, the Foundation may replace the will of the law, thereby legally avoiding the evidence. In this respect, it resembles a "living will". & # 39;

It can effectively isolate part of its property, which dictates the management and success of specific assets. Needless to say, this is very important from international property, which can not simply be purchased under a conventional will and will.

The key to this work is the selection of beneficiaries. Let's say you want to share your assets equally between your two children – simply designate these two people as beneficiaries. You can choose to tell your heirs or not as you wish.

Of course, secrecy can only exist for one point. While you may decide to hide the entire Foundation completely, it is very important from a practical point of view to leave some details that someone will be informed by the beneficiaries after his death. For example, you can leave detailed deaths in a sealed envelope with a trusted friend or attorney. The best idea, however, is probably to designate a trusted third party for the "Protector" of the Panama Foundation. Remember to designate more Protectors or to make a Corporation more protective.

What is the Panama Foundation's Simple Life Resistance

Foundations are a very attractive alternative to the Trust for separating and protecting assets, and are less prominent and less vulnerable to hostile interpretations of the courts than the asset protection trust. The Panamanian Act clearly means that assets transferred to the Foundation are not can be identified or enclosed and can not be used to meet the obligations of the founder or the beneficiary

However, as always, I do not suggest solely relying on purely legal protection. are completely unknown and invisible to all those of the Foundation Council or the Registered Agent, who may be appealing to the court. What they do not know can not be forced to tell – even in the illegal case where a Panamanian tribunal attempts to enforce a judgment contrary to Panama's laws.

The only exception to this rule is that creditors have the right to challenge a Panama foundation within 3 years of the claim of the foundation. It is important to note that this period starts from the date when the assets were transferred to the foundation and not since the foundation's registration.

The financial affairs of the foundation are no business, but they have to decide who is to talk about the existence of the Foundation. So, in order to increase security, I typically suggest what I call strategic geographic diversification. when establishing a long-term structure for land-use planning.

This simply means you have to open a bank account where most of the Foundation's assets are held outside Panama. European banks are perfectly aligned with the bill, and when it comes to founding a foundation, you need to find the introduction and recommendations of famous European banks that understand the Panama legal documents. Banking outside of Panama provides extraordinary protection.

What is UX design?

The user experience is a combination of tasks that focus on product optimization for efficient and enjoyable use. User experience design is the development and development of quality interaction between all aspects of the user and the company. Ser Experience Design is responsible for the process of testing practical, testing, testing, developing, content and prototypes for quality results. User experience theory is theoretically not a digital (cognitive science) practice, but primarily used and defined by digital industries.

Introduction to UX Design

The easiest way to approach the design phase of UX projects is to approach the one you think a project should do, then examine the constraints and modify the approach based on these constraints. This will allow you to set budgets and times when you have not provided your potential customer in advance. Well-designed UX projects are easier to implement and offer greater chances of success than those that are handled on an ad-hoc basis. For designers working on a constantly changing area of ​​user experience, it is always important to consider the basic principles of design. At a number of levels, the nature of constantly changing and developing work – whether we design new technologies or other contexts, ranging from applications to personal use through channel-based experiences. When we call for solutions to design problems that have not been resolved earlier, design principles provide a solid foundation for developing innovative solutions. All of these trends required us to review design again and come up with new interaction models, design patterns and standards – many of which are still evolving.

The trend of visual design also changes – sometimes right; sometimes not. For example, we have recently seen the predominance and the low contrast of small light gray fonts for good readability – almost anyone, not just people with severe visual problems. Now we see bigger fonts – this is the readability problem. The UX Design Principles course provides basic skills for those interested or user experience planning. The workshop covers aspects of web applications, applications, and mobile design. This UX workshop is suitable for designers, business analysts, product managers and developers. No need for UX or design experience. The basis for UX classes and the American Graphics Institute UX certification program.

What is UI Design?

The user interface is a complement to the appearance, appearance, and appearance of a product's interactivity. But like UX, it is easy and often confusing for industries that are UI designers. UI (UI) or user interface design is the design of web pages, computers, devices, machines, mobile communication tools, and software applications that focus on user experience and interaction. UI Design is closer to what we call graphic design, though the tasks are somewhat more complex. Human Computer Interaction (HCI) integrates concepts and methods from computing, design, and psychology to create surfaces that are accessible, easy to use, and effective. Three factors need to be taken into account in developing a successful UI; development factors, visibility factors and acceptance factors. Development factors help visual communication. These include: Platform Limits, Toolboxes and Component Libraries, Fast Prototyping Support, and Customization. Visibility factors take into account human factors and express a strong visual identity. These include human capabilities, product identity, clear-cut model and multiple representations. Acceptance factors include the deployed fund, corporate policy, international markets, and documentation and training. The use of visible language has three basic principles:

User Interface and UX Design

The user experience is very similar to the user experience when going to a grocery store. You want a nice time without any problems. Want to navigate faster to the store, get what you need right away, wait without waiting at the checkout and get back home. You do not want to look for slow money, objects where you do not have or are in stock, hostile employees or a crowded parking lot. He just wants to come here (food) and be on the road. Stores understand this and spend a lot of time and money to make it easier to navigate the store, make sure the items you want are in stock and provide fast and friendly paylines. It may seem a little damned about UX planning about visiting local grocery stores, but experiences are similar. Our customers are visitors to our sites, and foods are the content they came from on the site. For those who went into the shop, it's easy to find things that annoy us or think we need to improve. However, when it comes to its own designers and user interfaces and their creation, we may not be able to recall these irritants before the user. We can do this by going back and examining these weaknesses in our design so that we do not cause unnecessary disappointment and keep them on our site to access the content they are looking for. In order to help designers come back and look at our plans and user interface from the visitor's eye, we go through a few things and do not seek to help them get accurately for having no irritation or bad UX.

first DO: Provides a similar experience regardless of the device Visitors come to your site with a variety of tools. Visit your website on your desktop or laptop, tablet, phone, music player, game console, or even hours. Much of the user experience design ensures that no matter how your site visits your site, they will get the same experience if you want to visit other devices. This means that if a visitor sees your site on your phone, you still need to be able to find everything you need, as if you are looking at the page at home. The seamless experience of all your devices helps keep your users on your site, no matter what device they are using

. DO: Quickly-Discoverable and Easy-to-Use Navigation The key to providing a pleasant user experience to users is to understand the search for content. They love information on your site. As they reach them, you can navigate through the site's navigation to quickly find what they are looking for. Provides a user-friendly navigation system that is easy to recognize and easy to use. Plan your navigation in such a way as to reach the minimum number of clicks while still being easy to read and find where to go

. NE: Designing a Website Prevents Website Legislation Creating a Website or a UI never disturbs the user from consuming on-screen content. This implies that there are busy backgrounds behind the content or bad color schemes that hinder your site's readability. Busy backgrounds cause distraction and ignore content, even if the busy background is just below the content. Also, be careful not to use color schemes that reduce the contrast of the on-screen typography (ie the light gray white background type). Focusing on the typography of your site, make sure that issues such as line length, line height, border and letter selection do not cause readability problems

. NO: Obstructing Visitor Scanning From the above, both users and visitors often read the screen before settling down to read a certain thing. Users often look for visual signals such as headers, pictures, buttons, and blocks to know where to focus their attention. If you begin to remove these items, it is difficult for users to read the content to find what they are looking for. Using easy-to-see headers, images that display images, navigation buttons, and individual or important blocks of content can be scanned by users to find what they need.

Protecting the concrete slab foundation with root barriers

When my foundation was inspected, one engineer's recommendation was to place a root lock. The root locks are designed to prevent the roots of nearby trees from falling below the concrete slab and absorbing the water, so the foundation can sink. This typically occurs in regions where homes are built on extensive, shrinking clay soil, such as Texas, Dallas and Houston.

According to the engineering report, root scrap or "root walls" are made of concrete 10 inches thick and three feet deep or plastic at least 20 meters thick. These are sometimes referred to as "root hats". As you read later, arborists are not big fans.

An entrepreneur leased by me uses a corrugated vinyl, similar to the terrace or sunshade roof. It is flexible enough to bend two roots in the semicircular shape that are still thick enough to divert the new root development.

The crew digged the ditch with a "sharp shooter" shovel and used scissors and shafts to create an 8-inch niche and cut the tree's roots on both sides of the trench. The vinyl plates were placed in the ditch and held vertically until the ditch was filled. The top of the plate was cut to the ground and placed in the ditch.

We installed four rootkits (root caps). Three is to divert the roots of trees to ours, and a fourth to keep the roots of adjacent trees.

We also had a series of Nellie R. Stevens holly shrubs removed that have been designed directly on the foundation's west side of the home. This kind of bush grows fast in small trees if it is not kept shredded. The entrepreneur thought it would be good for the foundation to dig. I have to fix them two or three times a year, they are stubborn and allergic to them, so I recommended them tears elsewhere.

It is certain that there is a dispute between wood lovers and engineers that the amount of tree roots can cause a specific layer of cladding based on clay soil. Many arborists do not like root locks because they block the tree from picking up water and nutrients and exaggerating the claims of foundations.

Engineers tell you that a good size tree can remove hundreds of gallons of water from the ground by breathing and contribute to the foundation settlement. The root barriers are provided as a compromise to completely remove the trees. If root seals are installed correctly, then an atmosphere can develop where trees and pieces of wood may remain buddies.

Finally, the contractor re-processed the pump hose system. You think that with the root locks and the removal of large shrubs, you can reverse the sedimentation through the lofty use of the oven hoods and the amount of rainfall on one side of the motherboard and raise a floor on the board.

Peace on Earth in another 365 days

For three hundred and sixty-four days, one third of the world's population is talking about Christian peace. And one day of the year they experience it …

If the youngest and largest group of the three most important religions succeed each year on a day of peace, it is certainly possible to follow a model of other religions. Every group speaks of peace, but Christians mostly celebrated a day in peace every day. But even this is superficial. Because motorways, parking, shopping centers and homes are two days before Christmas, we can see that war roots are still there. Christmas is just a rest from the war, and it's not really a day of peace.

If humanity is peaceful, will it not be peace after thousands of years of trying? Do we try to show the same hat with the same hammer, following the same things that do not bring us to the peace we want to say?

Life is a process that does not end there. Man can not find peace on earth, but he only experiences moments of peace under the gunshots fire. The ideology of obtaining peace is much more desirable than the real achievement of peace. As peace arises, peace will no longer be, and the thought of war must be re-awakened as humanity reaches for peace.

In the history of mankind, peaceful people sought to expand peace with the act of war. And maybe because they really do not know the peace. If the world is ready for peace, it would prove in homes, roads, parking and shopping malls.

Peace is the one we are in; we come from peace, why do not we introduce it? You need to come back to knowing peace. You must know the peace before you know the peace.

War begins at home and goes to the streets and the battlefield. This is originally from hostile or primitive people who still believe that they are separated from their enemies. Humanity still does not know or do not believe it can only make war, because there is nothing else and the enemy fully agrees with you. When you face the enemy, you look at the mirror. This is your own right hand in your face.

The war will always continue until humanity changes the mind of war. This is a learning curve coupled with craze. If what you are doing does not bring what you want, why would you do it? What a fool this is? Unless they find the reason they do not want peace, they will always turn to war.

War is simply a thought that manifests itself in physical reality and is proven in our streets. It comes from their own thoughts as the ultimate way to present our own frustration when we do not get what we want. This is the evocation of the ego, which proves the absence of the cause. It demonstrates the individual and his dissatisfaction with himself and not with the imagined enemy. The only enemy with which mankind is unique. It depicts one of the mirrored images that shows itself, and has shown a strong desire to go somehow into the rejected part of himself. Your enemy is your rejected self, your part you do not want to deal with. The part that does not listen to your cause. Your part who knows it is another way.

Mankind had traditionally thought that once he killed the enemy, he would vanish forever. This idea is at best naïve. No soul will be lost and those you want to destroy and conquer will be between your children and your companions. Life changes, but can never be destroyed. Like the email, it just comes and comes.

Because mankind has all the features of a creator, it immediately has access to all its properties. If by nature we are peaceful, we can physically show you if you are peaceful. Peace is just a concept. They do not show in bulk, but they are repeated and repeated repeatedly on the street. Peace is a personality like war and shares all other aspects with you. Some of the sugar applied to a purified water will change the total amount of water.

If humanity requires 365 days of struggle, deliberation, and negotiation to make a day of peace, when we start it, it will take approx. 133,255 years will be 365 days of peace. There is evidence that man has lived for millions of years on earth, not just for the tens of thousands of years he has often taken. Still, the best thing we could do, one day.

The only truth is to experience peace because mankind is talking about it. It is not proof of peace, but of war. Humanity keeps the war alive if it is against it. Next time, there would be no weapon if every man and woman had only thought about peace at that moment.

War is the source of the most common contact not for everyone, and we are the brothers' brother because we are our brothers. Peace can be found in the middle of the war as you are on the verge of death, starvation or torture. Peace comes when you decide to experience it.

Although there are inequalities in the world (acquired and indispensable), peace is still a state of mind that has little to do with these things. The body should always choose to live in peace or war. The body can experience war, but the soul does not.

Humanity now finds itself in the same position as it has repeatedly done. His technology has advanced enough to wipe the whole life of the world. There is no need for traditional warfare and a small sprouting of germs is capable of trickery. There is no safe shelter because the enemy always goes with you. You can not kill that part of the war that you want, and the enemy has a long memory.

Christmas is not a good time to think about peace. Prayers, faith, trust, and hope are things that do not bring us peace, they can not. They all happen in the future, all deny that there is peace now and they all lose the personal responsibility of everyone and everyone to live in peace. We bring peace to God, Jesus, Alara, Mohammed, President, Parents, Fate or anyone else and completely deny the one who can do this.

out to create it. This was when we proclaimed in our church, church, synagogue, and hall that we were unworthy of being less than the one who created us and when he denied our relationship with the source, others, and our environment.

If you can prove that what you now believe is that you have reached the desired level of peace, there is no reason to change it. But if you want more peace then you have to change your mind now. You have to think about peace and say you want to experience it. Introduce peace to your physical life by taking everything you do. Talk to the conversation and walk along the walk. Do not live for peace for others, but for yourself. Do not wait for the peacefulness of others as you have been waiting for thousands of years. Never look behind you to see others followed, you're going around. Do not make yourself peaceful, but show me. Know peace because this is what you want, warlike, because that is what you want.

Do not be ashamed, do not force yourself in peace unless you are what you want because it does not. Do not deny yourself, do not report it and you are what you are, not what it is against. Do not lie; you are worthy of being peace or war. War and peace are the same, just at different points of the bot. Peace can not exist without war or visa, but there is a choice for the one you want to experience. Do not deny the existence of war, or do not squeeze it again, simply decide it is not worth it.

If you're a war, be peaceful in your presence. Raise yourself to the position of a quiet observer, which is another part of you. You will smile for love and empathy and look down on the fight, you place yourself as a researcher watching the mouse in a labyrinth. After a while, you will not experience terrestrial events like one or the other. You will understand the relationship and life becomes easier for you. You will not object to anything, but for everything because you will understand the purpose of your experience.

You will love yourself again

Fun and Joy – What's the difference between fun and joy?

Fun and pleasure both feel good, yet there are two different concepts in life.

Yes, you too. Even depressed traumatized people enjoy joy and enjoyment, even if they are in short moments at a certain point in their lives.

Joy and fun serve two different purposes in your life. These are five different ways:

1. Fun is something you experience during some operation. You may be reading or physically active. You're doing some fun.

Joy is far more passive than active. You feel happy when thoughts (good perceptual interpretations of events) reflect on your minds

. Fun parents laugh. In fact, when you meet a lot of fun, you laugh loudly or even roll on the floor. Tears can flow over his face.

If you entertain it, it usually makes noise. Think of people on roller coasters and every bit of crying.

Joy is an inner experience, a quiet peace of mind. You are delighted to enjoy it as a feeling.

3rd Fun is usually (but not always) a common experience. You have fun with a friend or strangers. You are probably not alone when you do things that you describe as fun activities for you.

In fact, fun is part of the experience of other people's eyes. No one else is present. Joy is a totally unique work inside. Someone else's pleasure may or may not be obvious to you. And you will not miss your own joyful experience.

4th Fun is instantaneous. You're doing something that's fun. And then you are ready for the fun activity. It is certain that memories will be long gone (even forever), but the event is over.

Joy feels like feeling of power. It is not a goal, but a place where emotionally or perhaps spiritually arrives. Happiness in your body, mind, and spirit is preserved.

5th Entertainment is easy to describe. Share the details of the activity and the others understand what you did. They may agree or disagree that this activity would be fun for them. Does not matter. That was good for you.

Joy is more abstrusive and helpless. Others can observe your face and body language, yet describing how you feel, setting your joy – this is not easy. Maybe it is not possible.