History and evolution of Clipboards

Clipboard has become a necessity for offices and schools around the world. In addition to the very professional outlook, they are replacing a cheap and effective marketing tool that is essential for unexpected presentations or simply for storing important documents. Even in the present era, characterized by computers and automated devices, this item is steady, and in most of the residential business world a large number are generated and disseminated.

History and evolution of clipboards

This simple, yet highly unique and useful office equipment is used in a variety of industries, especially for its uniqueness and multipurpose use. It was initially introduced and used only to support paper and writing, but office equipment evolved over time, cutting edge cutting sheets were created. Another layer of coat was introduced into the more modern versions that made this equipment fit for preserving important records and notes while delivering the initial goal.

Current Use

While the old tablet and clips are used in abundant amounts, especially students, the latest design and styles used by business people in many industries. The suitcases available in different specifications and suitcases and the attractive Racine covers are both portable and portable.

Office staff and business people who need to deliver ships with important announcements and pages and easier to handle in contrast to the briefcase, the clipboard offers a significantly inexpensive, convenient and evenly presented alternative. For those who need to prepare and present the presentation or business plan in a short time, the clipboard can be used to promote the brand and immediately draw important messages and images. Furthermore, such equipment, such as logo, with the logo of the company, may increase staff morale and encourage loyalty.

Plans and Specifications

Clipboards are easily accessible on the market and in stationary shops and in different styles and patterns. Clipboard manufacturers and service providers have the opportunity to personalize this item according to your needs. You can specify the number of clips that the clipboard should hold and the clip type, such as crocodile or jumbo clip. In addition, the edge can be wiggled and pulled into a corner, and can further enhance the appearance of the board from various printing options, including a screen printed, litho printed, embossed or encapsulated clipboard.

The clipboard may look small, but its use is many. Students use them to take part in the exams, businessmen use them to record their valuable ideas and use the mailbox to easily get their signatures on earnings. The invention certainly facilitates the lives of many people.

The laws of kindness

People can be categorized as good, bad, ugly, as the saying goes. People tend to be materialistic and transactional in their relationship to life; perhaps the graph is higher for those who are career-oriented.

I went through various books and everyone suggested how to succeed. Nothing wrong. We love the recognition and admiration of others. Finally, we need a birth and death testimony from others to prove that we are alive. Success is so relative. I read the laws of attraction.

WYSWYG – What you see is what you get – even in your imagination. Many people worked. I've been dreaming of Indian star Shah Rukh Khan since my age, and the laws of attraction did not work in this case. This is a lighter comment. In a very short time of life, I realized that the only thing that works: The Law of Goodness

The laws of kindness – because the words suggest that the karma is not the individual. (karma is a completely different phenomenon). Just drown the feelings of goodness as you do, talk and feel not just to others but to yourself. And emotions are one of the most important ingredients that make people special species. Be nice to those around you. Smile. Have fun.

Speak sweet words. Try to understand the pain that each one carries, and this is the result of how they react. This is no other knowledge. It's not a bad party, but at the same time, something is organized for those who do not have such a lively life. You do not have to be rich enough to be kind, this inner richness counts.

As you start kindly, you realize that not much effort. This is your inner self that is not devastated by monetary affairs and recognition. A nice word builds beautiful memories and kills the hope in harsh words. Why is such a long tone for goodness? Is this a question that comes to your mind? Well, we live in huge houses, decorate them, buy things, kill the promotion, complete our work, share a party with all of our pseudo friends, but we're still dissatisfied. Then we try to find peace on freedom, mental exercises, meditation, and yet the smile will be hollow. The vicious cycle of acquisitions continues. But when you are in a state of goodness, the fake begins to dilute, the real thing you start. And who does not like the light. A decent man is the gift of mankind.

Kindness is the most human being. If it is not success, kindness is a delight to the smiles and tears to stop!

You are many! Many would like to be a little kind to you. Be nice, be happy and be glad. Let your eyes say the books of goodness and happiness!

Reasons People Reading Horoscopes

The horoscope is now very popular. When reading newspapers, books, or magazines, you can always see your own horoscope column or section. When surfing the web, you can see many sites that offer 12 horoscopes for horoscope reading. The horoscope is sent directly to your inbox when you subscribe to social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Orkut or any web site that has a special horoscope update. The ubiquitous presence of the horoscope only shows that many people have read so much, though some readers do not believe in the predictions. But did you wonder why the horoscope is like this today? Have you ever wondered what is behind the timeless charm of people? From this point of view, this article is one of the main reasons why people are reading the horoscope below.

first Knowledge of Love Life

No wonder people read their horoscopes for their love life. They are waiting to get to know the horoscope to see if their zodiac is compatible with their partner. He also reads the horoscope to learn more about the personalities, behaviors, and behaviors of a particular person.

2nd Knowing whether you are lucky or not

People outside the love life are also eager to read horoscopes to see if they are lucky or not in their daily business life, career, or work. I also want to know what their lucky numbers, their colors and their birthday are.

3rd To be able to use them

Since reading the daily horoscope has become commonplace among many people, we tend to be content if they have some knowledge of what will happen in their future. They get some peace of mind when they know the day before the sun. This is because they use horoscopes as guides or warnings to prepare or be cautious about their actions, plans, and decisions.

4th Fun & Fun

Many read horoscopes for entertainment purposes only. They do not take these predictions seriously because they do not believe in astrology. But for a moment they catch a horoscope, just fun or curious. They feel great when they read something good about horoscope signs.

Benefits of tofu printing

Tofu mushrooming is a very easy way to taste and improve the texture of tofu flavors. Although not all tofu recipes apply to tofu, it is applicable to all recipes. There are tofu presses that are in the form of boxes and are specifically designed for tofu. However, there is no great benefit as the same results can be seen with some paper towels and heavy objects.

The main advantage of tofu pressing is to enhance the taste. The liquid into which the tofu is wrapped is not as delicious as the taste of the marinate or the food it cooks. Therefore, if you remove this tasteless liquid, tofu can absorb more flavor. That's why many restaurants shine on tofu dishes.

During cooking in a tofu, some people complain about the scent of the liquid that they are packaged and therefore "tofu" cooking and eating off. If this is the case with you, pressing the tofu button will stop this fluid and even though you will still be able to smell it, you will be comfortable knowing that you do not feel this stinking fluid.

If you did not print tofu before you absolutely must give it. If you've ever wondered why you can not cook tofu than the restaurants, then probably the fact that you press the tofu. Keep in mind, however, that hot gum pressure mainly includes marinating or high-volume food.

Victim again

You have made a sacrifice
We sincerely mourn the death

You are the brave soldiers of the holy earth
installed there to defend the border
You were installed there as a soldier

We all slept here with peace [Youfellintopieces
Some died a day
The willingness

You paid from the treasury
All your pain and misery
How much difficulty and difficulty is there?
Oh, the courageous trees on the ground
You stand there hostile attempts on the foil
You live in constant fear and fire
is not about to admire you.

What else can we do for you?
Not equally correct and true?
You can see the cause
You do not want us to swear

You have chosen to stay there
You can stay in comfort
You have all the freedom
You need to be true and the right way

Remember your true service
No word can add or suffice
Only your commitment can speak
You are strong,

You can open all possibilities
You come back and life again will be opened
It will only be if
Peace and tranquility reign

Your true words speak of our heart
It may start or begin for you
It is completely complete
Danger and bloodbath always

How many balls can you penetrate?
How many will be able to intervene
The Daily Scene of the Day
Lies A Dangerous Way

We Do not Hesitate to Pass the Note
The nation is ready to enter
The page can be rewritten differently

You may be bloodless
You are always our pride
You reign and direct our fate
Get rid of freedom after a great fight or rebellion

You can shine as a bright star
You can stay with us and not far
Here you can spark and inspire
There are no words except you admire

You can live under long stars and under heaven
Our earth and the sky is open
This is your effort and try out
We are proud to raise our heads and do not feel shy

Economic democracy

Almost every country in the world has come under some sort of democratic structure. Liberal democracy was established in countries such as the United States, Great Britain, France and Canada, while in the Soviet Union, China, Vietnam and Eastern Europe, socialist democracy is the dominant system. The population of the liberal democratic (so-called Democratic) countries is not as miserable as in communist countries because the political and economic system in the Communist countries is burdened by the party's officials, inexplicable human suffering and severe psycho-economic exploitation. Both liberal democracy and socialist democracy can be considered as forms of political democracy as these systems are based on economic and political centralization.

Political Democracy

Every country in which democracy is fashionable today deceived people in it has no better system as a political democracy. Political democracy undoubtedly gave the voting rights but abolished the right to economic equality. Consequently, there is a great deal of economic disparity between the rich and the poor, people's purchasing capacity, unemployment, chronic food shortages, poverty and the inequality of the society's insecurity.

The type of democracy in India has also proven to be a political democracy, a unique exploitation system. The Indian constitution was created by three groups of exploiters: the ruling parties representing British exploiters, Indian imperialists, and Indian capitalists. All the provisions of the Indian Constitution were designed to keep the interests of these opportunists in mind. He only winked at the hood, the people had the right to universal suffrage. Indians have millions of poor, superstitious and illiterate, but exploiters through exercises such as false promises, intimidation, serious misuse of administrative power, and voting conduct multiple times win the voter. This is the grace of democracy. After the government has been set up, there is plenty of opportunity to overwhelm generous corruption and political tyranny for five years. The next absurdity is repeated in the next elections, whether at provincial or state level.

This kind of political opportunism has been going on in India since India. Over the past thirty-five years, political parties have argued that in order to reach the economic parity of European industrialized countries, Indians should follow the democratic system. In support of this argument, they refer to the example of the United States, Britain, China and the Soviet Union. Political leaders call on the electorate to vote during the elections so that hungry masses of the country can enjoy the benefits of an advanced economy. But as soon as the elections are over, the exploitation of ordinary people continues in the garb of political democracy, and other areas of social life are completely neglected. Today, millions of Indian citizens deprive the minimum standards of living and struggle to get the right food, clothing, housing, education and medical care, while a handful of people are going through enormous wealth and luxury.

The most obvious deficiencies in democracy are that voting is based on universal suffrage. That is, voting rights depend on age. Once people reach a certain age, they assume that they have the ability to consider the advantages and disadvantages of electoral issues and choose the best candidate. But there are many people over the voting age who do not have or have little interest in the elections and do not know the social or economic issues. In many cases, they are more likely to vote for the party than the candidate, and are driven by election propaganda or false promises by politicians. Those who do not reach the voting age are often better able to choose the best candidate than those who have the right to vote. So age can not be a measure of voting rights.

Depending on the party's affiliation, political patronage, and election spending, it is usually up to the candidate to take part. In some cases it also depends on antisocial practices. In the world, money plays a dominant role in the election process, and in almost every case, only rich and powerful may hope to elect the chosen office. In cases where voting is not mandatory, only a small part of the population is often involved in the electoral process.

Morality, education and socio-economic-political consciousness are the prerequisites for the success of democracy. Leaders must be particularly ethical, otherwise the well-being of society is compromised. But today, in most democracies, people with dubious nature and interests are elected to power. Even the bandits and the killers choose and shape the government.

In most countries of the world, the masses do not have political awareness. Sly, erudite politicians take advantage of this shortcoming to confuse people and gain power. They resort to immoral practices such as bribery, voting, occupying a cabin and buying votes and being outside the elections. Consequently, the moral standards of society are diminishing, and honest, competent people are in the background. Moral leaders have fewer chances to win the election, because election results are replaced by financial incentives, intimidation, and crude power. In the current democratic system, all kinds of immoral and corrupt practices are given the opportunity to pervert the society. The essence of the current system is to support capitalists and betrayal the administration for the sake of immoral and corrupt powers.

Democracy's creativity resembles a potty culture where a handful of power hungry politicians trap behind the strings. In liberal democracies, capitalists manipulate mass media, such as radio, television, and newspapers, while bureaucrats lead socialist democracies on the edge of destruction. In both forms of democracy, there is little chance for honest and competent leaders to appear in society and practically no way to free the people's economy.

Political democracy has caused great scams to the people of the world. It promises the emergence of a period of peace, prosperity and equality, but in reality it creates criminals, encourages exploitation and throws the common people into the grief and suffering.

Days of political democracy are numbered. PROUT demands economic democracy, not political democracy. To make democracy a success, economic power must be in the hands of the common people, and everyone must be guaranteed minimum living standards. This is the only way to ensure the people's economic liberation. PROUT slogan: "To eliminate exploitation, we demand economic democracy, not political democracy."

Economic Decentralization

In economic democracy, economic and political power is dual. That is, PROUT supports political centralization and economic decentralization. Political power empowers moralists, but economic power belongs to the local people. The main purpose of the administration is to eliminate obstacles and obstacles preventing people's economic needs. The universal purpose of economic democracy is to guarantee the minimum requirements of life for all members of society.

Nature was kind enough to provide ample natural resources in all regions of the earth, but did not give guidance to those resources among the members of society. This task relied on the weighing and intelligence of human beings. Those who are led by dishonesty, selfishness and thinking control these resources and utilize them for the benefit of the individual or group rather than the interests of the whole society. The secular resources are limited, but human desires are limitless. Therefore, for all members of society to live in peace and prosperity, people must adopt a system that ensures maximum utilization and rational allocation of all resources. To achieve this, people have to stand up in morality and have to create a favorable environment for the flourishing of morality.

Economic decentralization means production for consumption and not profit generation. Economic decentralization is not possible under capitalism because capitalist production always strives to maximize profits. Capitalists are always producing the lowest costs and selling the highest profits. They like centralized production, leading to regional economic inequality and inequality in population distribution. In the PROUT's decentralized economy, however, production is used for consumption and guarantees the minimum requirements of life for all. Each region has a great deal of room for economic potential development, so the crowding population or the overcrowding of urban centers will not appear.

If a country is not achieving optimal development in industry and other sectors of the economy, it is impossible to be very advanced. If more than thirty-five or five percent of the nation's population is dealing with agriculture, there is too much pressure on the ground. Such a country can not become a highly developed state and can not be a balanced, decentralized development in all sectors of the economy. India is a classic example of this. About 75 percent of India's population deals with the viability of agriculture. In some democratic countries, such as Canada and Australia, a large proportion of the population is engaged in agriculture, and although these countries are agri-industrialized, they are dependent on industrialized countries because they are not industrially developed. Canada, for example, traditionally depends on the United States and Australia to Great Britain.

As far as India is concerned, while some 75% of the population is engaged in agriculture, the unbearable economic situation of the people remains. Any country facing such circumstances finds it very difficult to meet its domestic and international obligations. People's procurement capacity will decline while economic inequalities will increase. The social, economic and political environment of the whole country is degenerated. India clearly exemplifies all these evil things.

Economic decentralization does not mean that the majority of the population depends on agriculture's livelihoods, or other sectors of the economy will continue to be developed. Rather, all sectors of the economy must strive for maximum development and all sectors should strive for maximum decentralization.

In all democratic countries of the world, economic power is in the hands of a few people and groups. In liberal democracies, economic power is directed against a handful of capitalists, while in the socialist countries the economic power is concentrated in a small group of party leaders. In each case, a handful of people – the number can easily be counted on the fingertips – manipulate the economic well-being of the entire society. When economic power comes into the hands of the people, the leader of this leadership group will cease to exist and the political parties will be destroyed forever.

People must choose both political democracy and economic democracy. That is, they have to choose a socio-economic system based on a centralized economy or a decentralized economy. Which one do you choose? Political democracy can not satisfy the people's hopes and aspirations or provide a basis for creating a strong and healthy human society. This is the only way to create economic democracy

Requirements of Economic Democracy

The first requirement for economic democracy is that everyone's needs for a certain age, including food, clothing, education and medical care guaranteed. This is not just individual right but also collective necessity because the easy accessibility of the minimum requirements will increase the well-being of society.

The second requirement of economic democracy is to guarantee increased purchasing capacity for everyone. In economic democracy, locals have economic power. Consequently, local raw materials are used to promote local economic recovery. This means that the raw material of one of the socio-economic units should not be exported to another unit. Instead, you need to build industrial centers where raw materials are available. This will create industries based on local raw materials and ensure the full employment of local people.

The third requirement of economic democracy is that the right to make economic decisions should be placed on the hands of locals. Economic liberation is the birthday of each individual. To achieve this, economic power must be extended to local residents. In economic democracy, local people have the power to make every economic decision, to produce collective needs and to market all agricultural and industrial goods.

The fourth requirement of economic democracy is that outsiders are strictly prevented from intervening in the local economy. The outflow of local capital must be stopped by strictly preventing outsiders or floating populations from participating in any economic activity in the local area.

For the sake of economic democracy, PROUT must be implemented and the economic well-being of all people needs to be progressively improved. This leads to a greater possibility of human spiritual emancipation.

Lastly, it should be recalled that economic democracy is indispensable not only for the economic liberation of people, but for everyone's universal well-being, including plants and animals. Economic democracy will create ways and means to achieve a steady development of society by recognizing the unique value of both humans and non-people.

List of Marine Change

Starts with a list. Several lists.

The list of things we need to sell the apartment. List of places we can rent while searching for our marine home. List of houses to see which one can be "one". List of things we need to buy to start a new home and kitchen garden. List of things that we may lack in our new world. Lists to earn money for the land of sea change.

This is a kind of compromise. What we need to do is stay here in the city and go with our careers, pay for our apartment, and invest in the dreamhouse from afar. In the meantime, we buy and sell the dream house to someone else, we live in the apartment house, which is an alley and dreams of gardens, plant patches, dogs, hives (and, yes, hives) and fruit trees that are one of ours.

But the apartment box has begun to close on us, the alley is no better, and professionals do not compensate for the shortage of gardens, plant patches, dogs and hives.

The dream of sea change has always seemed for about a year. but my not-very-unexpected redundancy created the opportunity that I was not completely ready. Is my partner still doing a great job if I have to go back there, I have to get a new job and invest in the redundancy package to promote the mortgage, so we're getting one step closer to this box? But then we have to live in the box as we realized, and we did not know only four and a half years of boxes and streets.

It's scary, it's insecure, and everything has to happen very quickly before I run my redundancy package, but here's the deal. We have eliminated the apartment to be valuable. We pack, board and rent a place in the area we would look at. As soon as we leave the apartment, we go to the market (why do not we do this soon?). Because we have two very big cats who are home checks, especially in a strictly non-pet-friendly layered building. With a little luck we sell it at the right price. In the meantime, we will start looking for our "new" sea changer house. If we know what we can spend, we'll bid. The idea is to be in the spring of spring to be able to plant and become self-reliant as soon as possible.

There are three people in the project. I, my partner and my sister, join us in the property, which we hope to divide into two standard homes. If we can prevent too many ambulances from accepting, that can only work.

Symptoms of ovarian cysts: WARNING

It is obvious that the symptoms of ovarian cysts are alleviated. The reason for this difficulty is that ovarian cysts only have very few symptoms. Often, ovarian cysts are discovered by routine physical examination or ultrasonic surgery that can be performed for various reasons. Let's take a look at some of these symptoms:

Major symptoms of ovarian cyst include sudden or recurrent pain in the lower basin or in the abdominal region during irregular periods of varying severity, fullness in the lower abdomen, Pelvic pain in the lower back region, swelling of the pelvis due to sexual intercourse or difficulty in exercising, intestinal movements or difficulty or abnormal pain during urination, nausea and vomiting, vaginal scars or vaginal pain, tenderness and tenderness Pain and abnormal weight gain

The aforementioned ovarian cyst syndrome is common. These symptoms may also be the consequence of endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease or ectopic pregnancy. This is a suitable treatment and accurate diagnosis

Severe cases

Advanced cases of ovarian cysts may pose a greater threat to your health with symptoms such as light-headedness or dizziness, fatigue, severe abdominal pain, fever, rapid breathing and / or shortness of breath and so on. If any of these occurs, it is advisable to consult the doctor without delay. Over the past few decades, medical sciences have made tremendous progress and can be sure that optimum treatment options and medications are available for the most optimal ovarian cysts

There is no shortage of ovarian cysts currently in place. Countless women rely on home self-reliant measures in the world and get excellent results. These include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Motrin (ibuprofen), Tylenol (acetaminophen) or other medicines used to fight narcotic pain. Checking strenuous activities also helps to reduce twisting or cyst disruption. Cysts are often monitored by modern endovaginal ultrasound or ultrasonic techniques. However, some of these measures can actually beat the effectiveness of a holistic approach to managing ovarian cysts.


Highly elevated ovarian cyst can cause severe abdominal discomfort. A large cyst often squeezes the urinary bladder, causing more urine (due to decreased bladder capacity). There may be cases in which cysts that are virtually non-symptomatic in women are less common. Your doctor usually finds you accidentally in regular pools. Beware of the large mass of ovary cysts that will tend to develop after a woman reaches menopause. It may turn out to be cancerous. These factors emphasize the importance of regular handling of pelvic examination.

A word of caution

Symptoms alone can not determine the presence of ovarian cysts in women. In some cases, the symptoms may be completely absent. It is also possible for ovarian cysts that exhibit other symptoms commonly associated with other diseases, such as inflammatory pelvic disease, endometriosis, ovarian cancer or ectopic pregnancy. Ripped ovarian cysts may cause symptoms that are similar to diverticulitis and adrenocortical symptoms. It is always advisable to examine and remedy all symptoms without delay. If the symptoms mentioned in the first two paragraphs are present, there is a very high chance of the presence of ovarian cysts. Immediately consult your doctor if you have a pain that is caused by vomiting or fever, and any serious or abrupt pain in your abdomen or pelvic area.

Holistic Approach

A holistic approach to today's medical world's new vocabulary is rapidly increasing popularity everywhere. Acceptance of this approach is also beneficial in cases involving ovarian cysts. As a health concept, holism has a very long history. Recently, they have deliberately sought to put this alternative treatment into the mainstream medical circuit. The holistic approach not only cures perfectly the ovary cysts but also provides a deep sense of peace both on a physical and mental level. A holistic approach is not so much a way of treatment, but an explanation of how treatment is used. Adopting a holistic approach in the early stage of ovarian cysts can really do wonders.

The essence of the holistic approach is the belief in the "Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body". The approach is potentially very powerful and not only precedes ovarian cysts but also cures them. One of the most important features of the approach is to focus on diet. A healthy balanced nutrition is a key to the healthy body, as well as a strong resistance to attacking the various diseases. In a balanced diet supported by a holistic approach, there are plenty of leafy vegetables, vegetables, fruit, protein and minerals. Fat rich and excessive intake of carbohydrates can best be avoided. The proper purity of the body and its environment should be strictly preserved. With these simple measures, you can say goodbye to all ovarian cysts forever.

The labyrinth of the mind

While visiting Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa in Stowe, Vermont, in 2007 he was the most promising spiritual journey in the seven-round labyrinth. I read about the labyrinth, but never had the opportunity to experience what it was for me.

Morning was sunny and wet and the air was cold. I discovered that there was no soul coming down to the enclosed closed space where the labyrinth was. I felt myself seizing the moment when I entered the shelter of spiritual comfort and wisdom. In silence there is an unspoken linguistic world that words alone can not convey a rich and extensive meaning.

Near the labyrinth was a beautifully designed stone statue. The river, which was sliding through every artistically designed piece, came to me. The bench, which was so thoughtfully positioned along this structure, was an invitation. It was as if the streams of my soul had the power to hear and express it. The peaceful durability of this place called me. I had to stay for a while, listen and feel beyond this physical world.

In my experience, I've lost all the time feeling. Amazingly, no one else entered this shrine while walking in the labyrinth and receiving messages that were naturally mediated. Immediately after these changes, I found myself writing in the resort. I sat in a window and saw the beautiful place that moved to another place.

In the following paragraphs, I left moments in the present in order to reflect on what was created and kept alive. They remind me of their infinite teachings that will always be.

As soon as I enter the labyrinth, I realize that silence comes to mind. There is a path here that is wisdom on every leaf, every flower, breath in the air, and on the earth on which I am walking. With regard to my environment, I realize that I do not know the names of the vegetables, flowers, herbs and trees that they have surrounded. I get the higher message that their name is not as important as the truths they carry by their existence.

Panic always reminded me of the family members who passed on to the ghost. Their love lives forever and is embedded in my heart. These rogues here and there scatter through the path. The meaning of "remembrance" now takes my present when I travel from this physical space. These dances mirror the increased consciousness and I find that I focus on it. The color combinations of yellow, purple and cream focus on the mind.

I can see some red strawberries under concealed protective leaves, they are perfectly formed. All I have to do is find these treasures on the path. Saffron and other herbs make me touch them, revealing the scent to "purify" the healing – for the mind, the body, and the soul. I can see the little earth cover in the form of light green tiny leaves. They are hard to touch, but their surface is smooth. Each leaf has a dew ball that resembles pure beads. When I felt these fern-like leaves, these tiny crystalline bullets would retreat, stay and disappear.

I feel like refreshing my way through the round trip in the middle of this labyrinth. The air is cool and yet it clarifies my being, and I completely forget ground temperature. I'm somewhere else.
There are some very unusual plants with flowers. They look like wanders around. Others are beginning to break through and others have already done so. Some people have exhausted their physical energy – our human lives are symbolic – but we continue in another form. I noticed that these pink and pink flowers are in front of you, which are very different. Here and there they appear along the way, joy and players singing. That reminds me of Serbian and childhood. I find myself smiling when I go back to early care in time. To live and live well inside the child, at all times and places.

As I approach the rings closer to the center, I notice that the focus point sometimes leads directly to my side, sometimes just a meter away and just in the blink of an eye as I round the corners. I bet as much as I can.

I see some plants that want to survive when others are doing well. I recall that their food is not enough to grow. Sometimes we do not pay full attention to our own needs. In order to grow from our source, we need to be aware of what needs to be flourished. Mind, body, and spirit must be nourished in a balanced way. Connecting to earth, our earthly relationship is needed as we grow. We must be good at our temple. Our bodies and our consciousness must become clear as our Spirit must be fulfilled through our earthly existence. Some flowers bloom but do not seem open. It recognizes the universal energy that is ever present. Listen to the message. Here, the place of silence, renewal and guidance. My soul and spirit must be open and talk about who I am.

As I entered the center of this glorious labyrinth, my eyes were still closed. The relationship with the source overcomes. Deep red colors appear before me in my eyes. Energy throws me from my feet to my head, my mind … and beyond. Suddenly I feel warm on my face. I can see that the sun is now out in the clouds. Ideal timing arrives at the moment of focus. It then disappears quickly and remains cloudy. There is one reason for this very short "opening". The duration of peace is in the depth of rest, but the movement prevails.

As they slowly go back to the entrance to the labyrinth, I feel like I'm on another level of interpretation. I feel like looking at the whole square. I feel grateful for the interaction between spirit and nature. Even in plants, each of which is so different in the term. Every beauty is there.

Continuing with my walk, I can see more about how the perspective widens from the opposite direction. Leaves, which are a little coarser than the others, appear. There are small white flowers around it, even if the branches are bare leaves. There are beautiful yellow flowers on this path, some of the budding formation and some furling open to the sunlight of the song. The stems are higher than the others. Everyone needs to have this symphony of life and grace our world.

The fall season and the time to look into, nourish all emptiness, and we need to weep and grow. The beautiful water fountain enjoys continuity of the seasons in novelty and refurbishment. Be aware of who you are, where you are, and who is destined to be in line with the truths. Everything around nature is in the swirling arc. There are endless varieties of plants and ferns abundant with birch, balsams, and other trees. Yellowish and green larch reddish leaves are thick in color. Brown-eyed susans, purple nude necklaces, lush and thick hedges, red berry bushes are infinite pleasures to feel so sensual, feel and feel so delicate. The lawn is dense and light to dark and back smoothly. The distant hills have varied colors. They seem to be closely tied around the clouds. These distant lines are in the sky like their canvas. Here is the life, the sight and the invisible. I fill myself with the richness around me and the peace and comfort that is my food. I hear and feel otherwise. My ship is renewed here.

The labyrinth reminds me of the movement of the energy cycle, not stagnation or empty corners. Our thoughts move in the direction of the energy sought. Birds play in this space. Let's think and soar. A very young squirrel quickly appears on a thick birch trunk and disappears. Examine the waters. Expand your awareness. You move from your comfort because growth is your right to God. You think MORE. Keep your way. Discover your truths. Let the novelty come in. Feel in every cell of your being and listen to your direction. Be receptive. It's coming … and … TALK!

With the autumn sunset, some of the Earth seems to retreat or seems lifeless while others are successful. So it's with us. What has fed us in the past may be coming. We will need time and place to rebuild and prepare for the new beginnings. Further strength may be needed with expanded wisdom. Something else will be our place that will be more appropriate to us as we change our lives in the seasons. Be you who you are … here and now … You can fully feed on the path of enlightenment. Be ever grateful for the Spirit's hands. The control light is always predictable when it is open and receptive to it. Walk in advance, even if the way has not yet been clearly defined. The Infinite Spirit reveals what needs to be when we are ready. Be patient to be in harmony with the wisdom of the universe. Rejoice on this road, to the source center, so it will be.

The eye of envy

Between the Superstition and the Reality

When my daughter played with the kids in the park, my friend informed me of his new dress and before I finished the sentence, I watched my daughter slide down from the slider and toss her new trousers. Needless to say, my friend immediately removed his eyes, feeling something responsible, but did not want to deny that his gaze had caused him.

I went to my daughter to make sure she was okay and she was looking at new shorts and where she was injured without repair. Secondly, I sent and thought it was better to have her blue-eyed charm around my daughter's neck.

Call me superstitious, but I think it's more than just a coincidence that my daughter just fell down and spoiled her new dress, but my dear friend looked at me.

Known from the point of envy, I am sure that many people may be related to what I'm talking about, but still many people do not know the enormous effects of the irrelevant eye.

Numerous scientific researches have revealed many discoveries between the eyes and the vibratory vibrations, but still in the course of all progress in science, they remain in the envy of envy and how they work.

Many jealously disturb the meaning of envy. The jealous word in the Webster Dictionary has been used since 1225 and the late Latino zealots are linked to Zealous. The Latin language became the flag of the French, and the middle English language.

Jealousy is a sense of rivalry, anxiety against the success or benefit of enjoyment, or anxieties about the success or the advantage. Jealousy also describes the feeling that someone is disloyal to us.

However, envy has existed since 1300 and comes from the Latin quotation, and then became the central English language through the French. Although it is close to jealousy, it is the feeling of anger and unhappiness because it is someone else's qualities or results that people want to acquire or have to achieve.

You can help clarify the difference in jealousy thinking as it relates to yours, or you feel that there must be something your self owns. Where envy wants you to have something that someone else has.

Why the eyes?

When it comes to the human head, one of the features is not sufficiently known to malice than the known eyeball. You do not hear people who are pointing or mouthing or nose or ugly ears. But we say a piercing staring at, with a sharp look and a painful glimpse of just watching him kill him!

The fact remains that terror comes from within the eyes. Bragging is one of the ways of dominance and interest. Intrusion. The vision, which is more clearly focused than action, can be said, listening, rather invasive. These aspects of vision, as well as the emotional part of which eyes are known as the "windows of the soul", make the eyes truly awesome and mature for supernatural speculation.

Evil eyes have been known throughout history for almost every culture, and to this day the majority of people have the power to believe, even the well-trained. Contrary to the superstition that, for example, on a ladder or on a fairy's eater, will be stronger than age and not inferior. However, some societies try to keep control while others let go of being social principles.

Envy is also mentioned in the Holly Qur'an, the envy known as Islam.

Allah says, "(Say) I seek shelter in the morning with the rabbis of the evil of the Hassid (envious person) when he is envious" (Surat the Daybreak).

Envy is also mentioned in the Bible and calls it sin.

"The actions of sinful nature are evident: sexual immorality, dirt and abuse, idolatry and witchcraft, hatred, contention, jealousy, anger, selfish ambition, fragmentation, faction and envy, drunkenness, organs and the like so that those who live this way, they shall not inherit the kingdom of God "(Galatians 5: 19-27).

It blames the evil eye universally, which damages everything from car accidents, bad gardening, illnesses and damage to property or death. When this great gaze is directed at us, we see ourselves as victims. Sometimes we really hear our own jealousy. Or we could harm other people at their own boarder and intimidate them. A new car, a better mobile, a bigger house, all the things we feel tempted. We can have good luck with our pride and joy, but if our friends can not afford these things, they will be jealous of reacting badly to us and envy themselves. India The fragrance of Bakhour (a fragrant fragrance of burnt herbs) is flooded by all new visitors in the house, believing that the scent attracts a mood that mocks wicked people who may come from homesick or new born visitor. Indian women are attracted to black lines, not just to shield their shield from the Evil Eye, but to ensure they do not accidentally cause the Evil Eye to friends. In France and most European countries people in both hands cross the middle finger of their index finger when they are in front of people who seem to be envious.

Another old European Evil Eye protection was to write spells or prayers on a paper and put it in a small container to wear on the body. Colonial Americans were partly heart-shaped containers.

In combat, warriors thought the puzzling and glittering decoration of helmets and shields distorted the enemy's envious eyes. Africa protects himself by envy by having a strange eye-catching drawing or blue-eyed glamor that interferes with the envious of his eyes and passes through the arrow. Or he surrounds the eye with metal rings and always places or approaches a newborn chest until he reaches six months of age. The blue color of the eyes and the handkerchief puts the peace into the soul, giving a sense of security, absorbing the evil from envy and cooling it down. In Egypt and in the majority of Arab countries blue-eyed charm is very popular, just as a form of charm that thinks it protects the envy and evil eyes. Europeans or Americans do not think that people are blessing their health, or are they saying that the child is "not raised or high?" Such remarks can put fear in the Arab heart and can be considered as taboos.

We welcome appearance or character, rather than greetings to health and power, but should be emphasized even by the exclamation of "Masha Allaah" (God) to clarify the intent of envy or malice. Remedy

So you can laugh at the idea of ​​the Evil Eye amulet, believe that you can retreat from the evil eyesight, even today, most people use these spells the evil eye to feel safe and take certain actions for their loved ones and to protect their holdings.

Unlike other sins, jealousy and envy have nothing to do with it. There is neither joy nor profit. And remember, both feelings are exacerbated by the inadequate feeling. Therefore, the most appropriate solution starts from the soul. Praise a lot against jealousy. Praise it, no matter how difficult it is. Honor and respect you and humility. Learn to be humble and not to be hurt by others.

Learn to learn to appreciate each individual in terms of strength and values. Learning the love means some thinking and a new direction of thinking. It also requires practice and a real effort. But as soon as we reach that goal and attack jealousy and envy and begin to nurture the fruits of the spirit, we are well in collecting forgiveness in our hearts and in peace in our souls.