3 Ways Foundation problems spoil your home

Basic problems such as cracks, holes, leaks, molds (inside or outside the wall) are all the signs that your home can cause major problems.

The problem is that many homeowners assume that cracks in the foundation are normal. They often assume that they are just "sorted". The same leak and mold; It is often assumed that these problems are common in a basement only.

However, these problems can be serious and can lead to:

1. Health Hazards

Mold is very dangerous. If problems occur in the primer or basement walls, the water gets in. Mildew lives with water and moisture. Even a small cracking on the wall or on the floor will allow enough mold to grow and diffuse.

When spreading, mold gives toxic microscopic spores to home air. You and your family breathe in this air and the spores get into the body between the eyes, the nose, the mouth and any area that has mucous membranes. Long-term rash, sine problem, severe headache, confusion, pain and serious problems like cancer.

Fix the foundation and stop the moisture. There is no moisture or mold. Have all the forms that are already removed and improve your home air quality and family health.

2nd Collapse of the Foundation

This is a very preventable problem that unfortunately is often ignored until it is too late.

These little cracks grow fast. Finally, they are large enough (usually on the outside wall of the cellar, on the part you do not see because it's under ground) to allow significant amounts of water every time it falls or snow.

This water weakens the foundation to walls where you can no longer support the weight of your home and the walls penetrate. If that happens, you are looking for extensive, large and expensive repairs. If it can be repaired at all.

Fix problems early to avoid this problem! Reduces Domestic Value

Forms and foundations' problems are lower than domestic values ‚Äč‚Äčthan anything else. Show your home to a potential buyer and see them as a sign of water damage, base change, or any sign of mold. Why? Because these are serious problems that can be expensive if they are not repaired on time. This reduces your home value quickly.

How to always forgive your enemies and find peace

Every dream helps the sacred behavior because good mental health is sacred and wise. The hypocritical world does not know the meaning of mental health. The information on the false world is based on the distortions of truth and lies in many lies.

You have to trust the information you have dreamed of God, now that you can accurately translate your symbolic language through Carl Jung's discoveries and discovery, following his steps.

You will surely control wisdom in dream messages when translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation. That is why you will prove that God exists and that he will help you to know how to be a perfect person with the information you send in your dreams.

You probably have no intention of becoming a perfect person because you believe in the false statements of the crazy world. However, transformation is indispensable. You're actually a disgusting demon with a tiny human conscience. You are selfish, cruel, dishonest, indifferent, and lazy, even if you pretend to be human and you have been hurt because he was a demon.

You're too far from the balance. You can not stay that way.

This is a sad truth, but the fact that you learn it today means that you can change your personality with dreaming and remove hatred from your heart. Your dreams will help you automatically forgive your enemies because you can not make eternal demons.

You will understand that they are barbaric because their guilty conscience guides them and their satanic features.

You will forgive others just as you forgive yourself.

You are not responsible for being evil in nature. Its existence is a tragedy disallowed by the disorderly development of the first conscience in the universe. Likewise, other people are not responsible for Satanic nature.

We have to forgive each other because we are so far from the balance that without the psychotherapy we can not know the behavior of the wise man. We've made too many mistakes.

This approach helps to understand the meaning of forgiveness. Anger and hatred are such wild reactions that belong to our satanic nature. Since our Satanic Conscience occupies most of our brain, it means we are more demons than human beings. That's why they hate us when we betray him and want revenge.

We have a human side, but it does not survive for a long time. Our human conscience is easily contaminated with the poison of our nature and the cruelty of the world.

If you contaminate the poison of hatred, your conscience stops at judging the right and wrong, and you are not human. You're just a demon.

You must learn how to always be wise and sensitive in every situation. Your dreams will help you achieve this goal because God creates this intention.

God provides many explanations to help you understand how to remove hatred from your heart forever and always forgive your enemies.

Warm Happiness – Finding Peace in a Social Network or a Gay Community

Sometimes I'm busy with so many people that I neglect the problems that my family experiences from time to time. I think this proverbial area where the physician's family is ill, the car's car breaks down, and plumbing pipes leak. For a while my son came into the kitchen with an uncomfortable face that only my most depressed client gets. The therapist and not the father kicked me in, and I asked: Are you happy with whom you are my son? From the age of twelve, he probably did not ask the question and thought he was referring to his home rights. In this age of happiness means you have everything you desire for your heart, and your answer has clearly proven your age.

For some reason, some people never reach this age when it comes to happiness. If your level of happiness is related to the degree you have in your desire, you are not even more than twelve. The extent of happiness in the world has not changed over the last 200 years, but most of the things we have been evaluating in our time did not exist at 75% at that time. Think about 100 years ago; there were no computers, microwave ovens, internet, mobile phones, and most of the things we attribute today. Most people do not have cars, houses with electricity, or any basic service we know today, and yet they are so happy – maybe even happier that we are. It's all about what we value in our day does not bring you happiness. The question is, are you happy if these things are not? 19659002 Positive psychology, a fairly new wave of humanities, puts this question and gives some interesting answers. Martin Seligman, a father of positive psychology, finds happiness in pleasant life, good life and meaningful life. In these three, he combines two older and opposite views; the individualistic view on me and the altruistic view that focuses on the community. You can enjoy a pleasant life if you have the needs of friendship, nature, and body. Good life is realized when you discover your unique strengths and use it creatively to improve your life. The third and final form of happiness comes from meaningful life, and when you use your unique abilities, you make your fellow human be happy.

If you use the above in our lives in the gay community, it means that the closet where no one else meets will never reach the final stage of happiness. In fact, you will not even reach the second stage. The cabinet's lifetime, even a cabinet-like warm-up that only works on pick-up spots after midnight, can only serve the needs of the body and thus achieve a pleasant life. A good life where you warm your strengths as a warm person can only happen if you are proud. However, the ultimate form of happiness can only be achieved by using your strengths and abilities as a homosexual person in the service of the hot community and ultimately in the warm / straight community as a whole.

The power of positive psychology lies in the fact that mental health moves toward a happy life. Psychology has always sought to cure psychological disorders; focused on abnormalities. Positive psychology focuses on health and not on disease. It teaches how to get to true happiness and not just being ok. Many gay people insist on struggling for our rights, how to fight against homophobia, how to get rid of the disease. Positive psychology shows that fighting goes beyond authentic warm happiness.

In the short term, struggle for your individual rights, use your energy to find your unique abilities and use them to build a community. I guess we're not here yet and maybe that's one of the reasons why many hot people are depressed and unhappy.