Classification of Values

Education is a social process; Education is growth;

Education is not preparation for life; Education is life itself. — John Dewey

The prosperity of a country does not depend on how much income it has, not on the strength of its fortifications, not on the beauty of its public buildings; but the number of cultivated citizens in education, enlightenment, and nature is in the hands of men. — Martin Luther.

If wealth is lost, nothing loses.

If health is lost, something is lost.

If the character is lost, everything is lost. — M. K .. Gandhi (Father of the Indian Nation)

Value is a concept that is distinct, distinctive to the individual or the characteristics of the desired group that influences the choice, the means and the ends of the action.

Values ​​are desirable ends for human behavior with selective goals or modes of action. Value not only determines oral behavior, but also determines human behavior.

Rating values:

Know the types of values. Improving Children's Values ​​

1. Gail M. Inlaw Classification

* Traditional and Cultural Values ​​

* Economic Values ​​

* Political Values ​​

* Values ​​of Science and Technology

* Philosophical Values ​​

* New Left Values ​​[19659002] * The values ​​of the rear community

2. Classification of Spranger:

* Theoretical values ​​

* Economic values ​​

* Aesthetic values ​​

* Social values ​​

* Religious values ​​

* Religious values ​​


* Truth

* Beauty

* Goodness

4. Parker Values:

* Biological Values ​​

* Economic Values ​​

* Affective Values ​​

* Social Values ​​

* Aesthetic Values ​​

* Moral Values ​​

* Moral Values ​​

5. Gandhi Classification:

* Truth

* Non-Violence

* Freedom

* Democracy

* Equality

* Self-Realization

* Purity of Ends and Devices

* Self Discipline

* Self Discipline

] 6th B. R. Goel Classification: (Social, Moral, and Intellectual Property Documents)

1. Abstinence

2. Touch Protection

3. Considering Others

4. Collaboration

5. Compassion

6. Common Goodness

7. Yoga

8. Democratic decision making

9. Dignity of the Individual

10. Duty

11. Endurance

12. Friendship

13. Fellow Feeling

14. Looking forward

15. Gentlemanliness

16. Honesty

17. Evaluation

18. Citizenship

19. Others' Concern

20. Purity

21. General Cause

22. Courage

23. Curiosity

24. Devotion

25. The dignity of manual work

26. Discipline

27. Quality

28. Loyalty

29. Freedom

30. Good Method

31. Thanks

32. Utility

33. Humanism

34. Initiative

35. Justice

36. Kindness of Animals

37. Driving

38. National Awareness

39. National Integration

40. Peace

41. Accuracy

42. Purity

43. Efficacy

44. Respecting Others

45. Honesty

46. Social Justice

47. Self-help

48. Self-confidence

49. Self-study

50. Self Control

51. Social Service

52. Distinguishing between good and bad

53. Socialism

54. Secularism and Respect for All Religion

55. Teamwork

56. Honesty

57. Universal Truth

58. National and Civic Property Value

59. Hygienic Life

60. Integrity

61. Kindness

62. Loyalty to Duty

63. National Unit

64. Non-Violence

65. Obedience

66. Proper Use of Time

67. Patriotism

68. Knowledge Research

69. Regularity

70. Respect for old age

71. Simple Life

72. Self-discipline

73. Self-esteem

74. Self-support

75. Self-sufficiency

76. Self Control

77. Solidarity of Humanity

78. The sense of social responsibility

79. Sympathy

80. The Test Spirit

81. Team Spirit

82. Tolerance

83. Universal Love

7. Generally, values ​​can be classified as personal, social moral, intellectual and behavioral values ​​

How to keep the meat under subjectivity?

Do you know that your body is not yet saved?

not. At the age of thirteen, I gave my heart to Jesus. But I quickly noticed that while my part resembled God and God's things, like reading the Bible and prayer, another part of me still wanted the things of the world, the things of the flesh. I am the only one?

This is what really disturbed me when I walked with Christ. And because I didn't understand when I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ, I doubted my salvation for more than a year. I'm not kidding

That's because I taught me a little bit wrong. I sing in the youth choir in the church where I attended and sang a song that said: "I look at my hand and looked new, I saw it on my feet and were too far. Because of the effect of the gospel preaching of the Lord Jesus Christ, but this song was bad

My hand is not new when I saved it.

This is the reason why a person feels wrong to act, even if he gave his life to Jesus. And if you have sinned in your body and have sinned, mental torture and sadness really hurt because you know from inside that I just want to be happy, my heart, disturbing and sister, God has done the way To control the godless desires. 3: 20-21; 1 Cor. 15: 50-58.]

But then we have to go to the Word of God and find out what we have to do with our bodies so that they do not be fascinated and prevent us from the will of God and back into our old ways of working from our past lives

Have you had any problems with your body? Your body, sometimes you still want to do things you know, is not right, things that do not match God's Word. We can all identify with this, right?

Maybe you have come from a spoiled life that is extra-marital sex. They've been saved now. You have given your life to the Lord Jesus Christ and you experience the power of his purifying blood that will destroy your sins and create a new spirit in it. Oh, the whole miracle. New, revived and resurrected with the life of God by the Spirit of Living God. And for a while, as you revealed in His presence. Yet after a while you began to retreat into your old life.

The feelings of wickedness begin to try and spoil to do things that God does not like. You wonder what the situation is. You're trying to figure it out. Distracted. What's going on? Did I really save it? I thought. People told me I was. The person who prayed to me told me I was. And the enemy says to your mind, maybe they haven't been saved. If you had saved me, you wouldn't think of such thoughts and you wouldn't want to do such things. Maybe you won't wash your sins.

Don't listen to this liar. The devil is a liar and a lie. Jesus said (John 8:44).

If the Lord has given your life to Jesus Christ, you are empowered by the authority of God's Holy Written Word (Rom. 10: 9-10).

The feelings you experience are because your body, although already paid by the blood of Christ, has not yet experienced his redemption. God, knowing this, encourages us to give our bodies to him and give it to him, always keeping control.

Even the Apostle Paul, who made more visits from the Lord Jesus Christ, and came into the third heaven, and heard the unlawful things that a man came to whom the revelation of Jesus Christ and the assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ came, said to keep his body subjected to Corinthians 9: 27. "But I hold it under my body and subjugate myself in any way when I preached to others."

Allow me to quote this scripture again

"De [like a boxer] My body [handle it roughly, discipline it but hardships] I am proud and humiliated because I fear that others should be unfit for myself after the gospel and related things [not stand the test, be unapproved and rejected as a counterfeit]. " (9:27)

Why should Apostle Paul keep his body? They were saved, right? If someone with true bona-fide and authentic experience with God was Paul. Yet he had to discipline his body with difficulty, and he had to roughly handle it. He had to do his body to obey God. Why should Paul do this? The answer is because his body has not yet experienced salvation. Not saved. Paul saved him, but his body was not.

As long as the Master does not come and our body is changed, like the Apostle Paul, you must pride your body, roughly treat it, discipline the difficulties, and train to obey the Word of God. This will be contrary to God's will. But let your spirit, the real one, control this body and let it go. Don't let your body control your life. Of course, what you are trying to do seems to be fun and entertaining. But your body, if you allow it to control, will eventually destroy you and keep you from experiencing God's best life.

Let me prove this to you in the Word of God in Romans 8: 5-6, and 12-13: "For those who are after the body are aware of the body, but those who are after the Spirit are the things of the Spirit. because the enthusiastic (fleshly) minded is death; life and peace. ”

What can we do with our bodies? What is the answer to dealing with divine passion and desires? How can we win? This is discussed in more detail in another article. But now, please, listen to the apostle Paul's answer to us:

Romans 12: 1: "Therefore, I ask you, brethren, from the grace of God, to show your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable. Your reasonable service.

Here's how the Strengthened Bible translates this verse:

"That's why I ask you, brothers and beg for [all] God's mercy to make a firm commitment to your body [presenting all your members and faculties] as a living sacrifice, holy ( dedicated, dedicated, and pleasing to God, which is a rational (rational, intelligent) service and spiritual worship. "(12: 1, AMP)

Take juice and get rid of diseases

We all know that fruits are very beneficial to our health. But fruits are not only beneficial; we can get rid of many diseases from regular use of certain fruit juices

1. Strengthening Immunity: Two carrots, a ginger peace and an apple in the breakfast improve the body's immunity. You can taste salt in your juice.

2nd Reducing Cholesterol: Apple juice and four peas of cucumber can lower cholesterol. We recommend that you take it early in the morning

3. For digestion: four cucumbers, some cabbage and some cucumber juice make the digestive system healthy

4. For shining skin: Two tomatoes and two apple juice can give your skin a new light. You can also have breakfast

5. For Kidney Stones: Five pineapple juice, two apples and some watermelon peas can remove the kidney stone if you regularly use 40 days in the morning. It fixes the kidney system and destroys the stones.

6th In diabetes: a pear juice, ginger peace, a bitter gourd, an apple, five cucumbers, five basil and an orange can reduce diabetes. We recommend that you take this juice for breakfast in the morning. This reduces the level of diabetes, improves the immune system and overcomes the patient's weakness

7. Blood pressure: four to five carrots, two apples, a pear and some mango peas help control blood pressure

8. Constipation: The two bananas and some pineapples with some milk are the best treatment for constipation. We recommend that you take it to your bed before the night.

If you also contain fruit juice in your diet, you can save your body from many diseases.

Daily exercises for focus, peace and joy

I know that sometimes it must be a broken record. I repeat my clients, my students, my friends, my family again and again. And I'll tell you again. Self-care is not an option if you want to live a happy, peaceful life. Especially if you are sensitive, empathic, person.

S naturally includes the obvious elements, such as a nutrient-rich plant-rich diet, a lot of workout and good hygiene. None is optional if you want to maintain good health.

T o Maintaining happiness and inner peace, self-care must include emotional and spiritual practices. My daily practice, which I share below, helps to focus, concentrate, be optimistic, connected, creative, productive, peaceful and happy.

T are the tools and techniques that work for me. Most, depending on the day, the time available, and the emotional / spiritual needs I mix and match. Some practices, such as meditation and gratitude, are not negotiable and I do them every day.

M I usually use at least 4 or 5 of these techniques on days. A few days I'm just me. Some of them fit into my day so fast or so easily that they don't take any more time. & # 39; And the truth must be said when I don't do anything that happens once, I feel completely off, I don't focus and worry. This is why I use a checklist to track my progress. I learned the hard way, not to miss the track.

C prepares its own plan. Take the following techniques that work for you, add your own, and blend into your days into your pocket. Choose at least one activity, such as meditation, to do it every day, no matter what. None of the activities require much time. And as long as they receive them during the day, you will optimize your energy.

Meditation I practice meditation in some form, every day between 10 and 60 minutes. For a few days I'm doing two or more shorter meditation. Insight Timer is a fantastic free application that I use for my meditation. It has an extensive library of sounds, bells, meditations and music.

Ample Meditation I use John Randolph Price for meditation . It's a little green book with 10 principles. One day I meditate for 15 minutes, for 40 days or more. It helps keep me in an abundant, spiritual, spiritual frame.

Grateful Meditation After closing my eyes, I meditate for 5 minutes for something I am grateful for. Maybe you already have, or would like to. This feeling of gratitude really is true and really good.

Goals In my handwriting, I write my goals in the present, expressing my gratitude for reaching them. It feels good and helps keep my goals. I write my goals almost every day. This takes about 10 minutes.

Morning Pages Author of Julia Cameron, morning pages with 3 handwritten, free-flow pages every morning. They are invaluable in clarifying the mind and sparking the creative flow.

Yoga or Exercise Morning Exercise Revives for the Rest of the Day. Movement is essential for efficient energy flow, lymph flow, strength, anxiety release and so on.

Heart Breath I always add Heart Breath when I feel stuck in my head. Heart Breath helps to leave a busy, overwhelmed mind to the peace and quiet of my heart. This is a great tool for reducing anxiety. 1 minute or longer.

Reading Reading I find time to read somewhere during my day. Sometimes it's work related, but it's always uplifting.

Uplifting Listening This includes music, podcasts, Hayhouse Radio, audio courses, and more. I love listening when I have dinner. This helps me stay positive, optimistic.

EFT Tapping This is any day of the day, as required, practice. EFT Tapping is perfect for relieving anxiety, tension, fear, sadness or any other unwanted feeling. Beyond the 5-minute gratitude meditation, I enjoy a spontaneous gratitude or grateful list, or thank you, thank you. Gratitude helps me feel better with the spiritual world. And the more grateful I am, the more grateful I must be.

Nature Walk Nothing is better for reassuring the senses and the soul.

E njoy! And get it – let me know what works for you!

in Courage


Ghana Symbol of Bi Nka Bi Adinkra – Embodiment of Peace

The early Asante predecessors of Ghana intelligently made many symbols that philosophical instructions to members of society were about the moral way of life. This has greatly contributed to promoting social cohesion and peaceful relations. The critical analysis of symbols reveals the ingenuity of Asante's forerunners. Many of the symbols created since the 1600s have symbolic meanings that give thoughtful advice to those who enrich the moral currency of those who follow them. One of these important Ghanaian symbols is Bi-Nka-Bi.

The pictorial representation of the symbol shows several convex curves that symbolically represent different people in society. In the philosophically designed image, these convex curves merge into a complete shape, indicating the unit or unit. So the symbol means peace between each other. Others say that this symbol is a representation of two biting fish, warning of all forms of fighting and controversy.

This symbol literally means "not angry with one another". Bite used in this context means competition, conflict or misunderstanding. The symbol encourages members of society not to allow anti-peace issues to disrupt the peace that exists between them. It supports the peaceful resolution of misunderstandings, which can project the core of competition and conflict. In a typical Asante environment, disputes between families are expected to be expressed and remedied at the family level by the Abusuapanyin family. By traditional law, you have the power to hear the complaint of all the parties that cause the dispute, to advise, and to settle the misunderstanding in a peaceful way before it can overcome and get into greater conflict. Stubborn parties who do not listen to the head of the family come to the head of the city, his boss and his elders' cabinet. He is the last word in every case and is considered to be convincing for all social conflicts. In the same light, difficult conflicts between the leaders of the neighboring towns and villages were sent to the chief leader to settle. All of these peace-building agreements in society for every member of society have tried to smoke the pipe of peace.

As a regular reminder of this important social order of Ghanaian society, the "Bi-Nka-Bi & # 39; In addition, the symbol is used as a protagonist to produce many jewelery items for personal decoration. It is appropriate for the 62nd Independence Day of Ghana to commemorate the symbol of the most important messages of peace between all ethnic societies in the country. The writer suggests that the foundations and institutions of peace use the symbol in the global representation of all forms of peace and peace education