Medicinal herbs, medicine based on summer heat treatment

In the summer, we must all be overheated. Excessive heat can cause problems such as heat exhaustion, heat cramps and / or heat stroke due to excessive sunlight or staying in a hot room without adequate ventilation.

If you work outdoors, the best way to prevent these situations is to have a good time schedule, a relaxed and cool place for lunch and lunch, and light-colored clothing and hats. If you are indoors, use a fan or air conditioner to circulate the air. Heat spasms are largely due to loss of body salt due to sweating or insufficient intake of salt. If you remember a lot, do not forget to drink a good amount of healthy liquid to replace body fluids and salt loss. You can also take electrolytes or tablets in health food stores.

The western herb has no special herb for treating the problems caused by summer heat. The ancient Chinese herbs not only recognize the health problems associated with excessive temperatures in the summer, but they also found specific herbs for treatment. These herbs can be classified as summer heat treatment herbs. One of these herbs is well known, because we don't usually think of it as a herb. The herb?
Watermelon. Watermelon (Chinese: Xi Gua ) is a summer heat treatment herb in Chinese medicine and has a cool nature and sweet taste. Although he doesn't take the master herb to find out he probably doesn't know he's entering the canals of the heart, stomach, lungs and kidneys. The action of watermelon is the relief of thirst and diuretic. It is mainly used to treat summer heat treatment problems such as oliguria (decreased urination), thirst and irritability. The white part (closest to the shell) has the strongest diuretic effect. While almost all herbs have frequent doses, watermelon is not. You can eat everything.

Another herb commonly known as food is Mung Bean ( phaseolus mungo ). This little green bean is usually used for shoots. Its main activity is the removal of heat and detoxification. Detoxification refers to the use of skin infections, sources, carbuncle and furuncle. The eye can treat irritation, thirst and oliguria . There is no special common dose again. In China, Mung beans drink in summer. Obviously it's good to stay cool and say it's tonic. Here are some general guidelines on how to do it. Take the Mung beans and boil for one to one and a half hours or until the beans are soft. Tighten the beans, add a sweetener such as honey and drink. You may eat the beans if you cook. Keep the remaining tea in the refrigerator to avoid damaging it. You may have to experiment a bit to get the right taste for you.

A third summer heat treatment plant is a little harder. This herb, Nelumbo Nucifera is more commonly known as Lotus. The flower is used and collected in summer. It has three traditional actions. These are:

1). Clean summer warm. In the summer, he handles cold symptoms with pain relief. This is often used for this purpose on white bamboo leaves and watermelon.

2). Harmonizes the stomach. It causes nausea and vomiting.

3). Circulate blood and reduce bleeding. Good for coughing blood and bleeding. You can also treat the bleeding of the uterus.

The usual dose is 15-30 g.

These three herbs: watermelon, Mung bean and lotus flower combine the most important herbs in the summer heat treatment herb category. Watermelon and mung beans are easy to find. The Lotus Flower can be found at (see the nelumbinis website). Of the three, I think everyone in the summer gets a good amount of watermelon. Enjoy!

Medicinal Herbs, Foundation for Medicine: Luffa

While herbs grow around us, most of us rarely stop looking at the benefits a particular plant can bring. I have to admire the past Chinese wise men who have spent their time observing and experimenting with herbs. Their observations have brought us to a number of herbal pharmacies that contain hundreds of herbs. While most of the documented herbs are rarely used, we still have a lot of information at our disposal.

One of the herbs that most of us have seen but not taken into consideration in the medical context is readily available in most natural food stores and even pharmacies. It may be unusual to note that it is never found in plant parts as you would expect, but near the cosmetic section. Furthermore, most people use bathing. Did you think? If you said the Luffa sponge is right!

Most Western herbal books do not include the Luffa (botanical name: luffa cylindrica) in it. However, Orient is recognized for its medicinal properties and is a Thermal and Blood Chiller Herb. Herbs in this group generally treat bleeding symptoms such as nosebleeds, blood coughs, petechiae, ecchymosis and delirium. In traditional eastern medicine, heat is said to induce 'reckless motion' in the blood. This can result in you leaving normal roads, arteries and veins, and giving you the symptoms listed above. In eastern medicine, cooling the blood refers to the shrinking or hemostatic properties of the herbs. This does not literally suggest a reduction in blood temperature.

The whole Luffa plant can be used. Here are two main activities of the "sponge" section:

1. Find Qi and resolve the stagnation of channels. Luffa deals with problems such as sub-pain, arthritis and edema.

2nd Cool blood and stop bleeding. It treats bleeding in the lower part of the body, such as blood in the stool or bleeding.

These are the traditional actions. Recently, Luffa has been used to promote lactation in lactating mothers. When using Luffa, the usual dose is 6-12 grams. He's preparing tea to drink.

When the Luffa grows, it can access other parts of the plant that have independent properties. Grapes are primarily used to treat cough, bronchitis, rhinitis and sinusitis. The letter can be used both internally and externally. Inside detoxifies. This suggests that they are used for skin infections such as boiling, carbuncles or furuncles. If the leaf is used externally, it stops bleeding. Recently, the leaf has been used to treat pemphigus, an autoimmune skin disease that resembles herpes. In general, the prognosis is bad, but modern medicine tries to treat steroids that can have serious side effects.

We can see that the Luffa plant has more value than it is used for bathing. It is also a good example that different parts of a plant have different activities and can be used for many different problems.

It is important to note that medical use of herbs should be based on the examination of individual patients. It is best to have professional advice, such as visiting an authorized acupuncturist for specific recommendations.

How to install bases for storage tanks

Nowadays, shipping containers from all home to the computer server storage unit are completely transformed as containers become heavier and heavier. The weight of a dry 40-foot container is approximately 6,800 pounds or approx. 21 pounds. After conversion to a small commercial store, cabin or simple storage tank or tool tank, the weight of the frame materials, plasterboard, insulation, lighting, HVAC, plumbing, furniture and fixtures, and square kilos is easily eight to tenfold growing!

Although this is still not an astronomical figure for building loads, it is significant enough to worry about the proper design and pad or foundation to adjust the building. If the foundation or bench in which you want to set up the building is not suitable, then even an empty or lightly loaded container will stop, which will make the floor uneven and worse, doors that are very difficult to open, close and close. As soon as a container (or any material) is not available, the condition will deteriorate further as further dead loads (construction weight) will be directed to the low point of the structure. If you are planning to build a shipping container house in an area where building permits are required, like a fully designed floor plan, you are part of the package you submit. However, if you are setting up a storage tank or cabin or a rural area where no authorization is required, make sure you do some preparatory work before shipping the container.

The simplest base or level of the container would be a level patch, ideally approx. 4-inch flat, exposed to horizontal surfaces, crushed concrete and approx. Compressed to 2 inches. on top and compress it to about two inches. Both products have a binder that helps keep the pillow together and still allows moisture to flow through. This method allows the tank to move freeze, but it will work well in storage tanks and other applications where there will be no utility connection or if the tank is connected to other structures.

If you live in a container, you need to connect utilities or connect to another building, consider installing a pier base. This is still a fairly straightforward project, and if all the right tools are available, it should take a few hours. Don't pinch the pennies if you don't have a puncher, rent one. A 12-inch bit works, but I recommend a 16-inch or 18-inch bit if available. The less stable your soil is, the larger the diameter of your pier, if you have a sandy soil, have a wet soil or have spent the past, you have to go to an 18 "pier.

Start: mark the four corners of the container, remember the 3, 4, 5 rule to make sure that its layout is square. Six piers for a 20-foot container. Mark the location of each pier. lift it out in your area, nice smooth roller, reliably flat bottom, and try to get the concrete soon after the drilling hole. i, and there is rain, your hands will be fine.

Fill the holes specifically, making sure not to leave any cavities. It is a good idea to have a round concrete form like Sonotube of the same diameter as the hole at 4-6 inches of concrete and set the Sonotube form.

It is extremely important to use a short two to four to turn the level of the concrete, the top of the piers should be at a level that will not otherwise receive the necessary support.

Wait at least 24 hours (preferably more) and carefully adjust the tank to the pier. You'll probably need more sprays, make sure you use hardwood or steel sheets, the soft pieces of wood don't make good.

The steps presented here may seem excessive, but much less work than emptying, moving the container, and then implementing the steps outlined below. A good foundation provides a solid foundation for the tank to serve for years.

Concrete Foundation Repair

Concrete bases are of two types – cast concrete and concrete blocks. Cast concrete is a modern foundation for priming, while concrete blocks are more traditional. Concrete blocks are advantageous in terms of their visual appearance and strength. However, as time passes, the decomposition of the concrete may also occur

. Cracks due to water leaks are thin and hairy. They can grow over time, but only in areas where leakage occurs. In order to correct leakage of leaks, the source and the point from which the leakage originates must first be examined.

Other reasons for concrete foundations may have collapsed. Soil can lose moisture in summer. There may be underground roots that can die and die. For such natural reasons, the soil shrinks, so the foundation can move. Although this movement is gradual, overtime causes cracks. These cracks will become very gaps that run along the entire length of the foundation. There may be small holes in some places

Whatever the reason, the foundation's crack is very dangerous if ignored. The repair should be done as soon as possible. The difficulties inherent in the repair process are influenced by the size of the cracks

Because of the low humidity cracks, the repair is relatively simple and almost anyone can do it. These cracks must first be cleaned with a wire brush. Water in the water can be removed to remove loose concrete particles within the crack. The crack is then completely dried and filled with concrete filling. If the crack is large, the patches are provided with inserts that are specifically available for concrete. These patches should be wet when applied. They are limestone-based and dry when dry and completely fill the crack. The finishing touch is to apply sealant to the improved crack

But if the crack is sinister and not the do-it-yourself, then it is best to cut a few dollars and hire a good repairer. Such cracks occur due to rods that may have been rusted inside or due to deterioration of the materials in the concrete. Failure to observe some leaks may result in hazardous levels. Such cracks are more likely to be found in cast concrete

Entrepreneurs use urethane injection to treat the concrete base to extract the embedded water. They can even extract the area around the zone and replace the faulty tiles or create water to lose contact with the foundation.

Learn to look beautiful with the mineral foundation

Makeup is one of the ways women have been making their eyes more beautiful and beautiful for centuries. Over the centuries, the use of makeup has evolved and is now used to highlight positive aspects of the face and ease the non-good parts. But the composition and ingredients of most of the makeup available in today's market are a serious risk to the skin. With harmful chemicals, dyes and perfumes, it slowly damages the quality of the skin. But with the appearance of mineral cosmetics and foundations, there is no longer any risk of applying makeup.

Mineral makeup is in these days and there is a good reason for this. Most mineral foundations are made of natural materials. They were extracted from minerals and then processed for priming. Unlike their chemical counterparts, these mineral makeup creams and creams do not contain any harmful substances and are suitable for all skin types. They are gentle on the skin and give the skin a natural light. Prolonged use does not cause skin damage or early development of wrinkles. No wonder the sales of mineral make-up products are growing sharply every year. They were initially only available in powder form, but are now available in the form of blush, lips, eye contact and other products. Some of these mineral skin-priming products also have a natural SPF that helps prevent harmful UVB and UVA rays and protects the skin. Although these products have many positive sides, it is essential that we know how to apply them correctly.

The first step in using a mineral primer is to obtain the right base color for your skin. If you are mistaken, it looks like you are wearing a mask on your face and no mixing can cover it. The best way to get the best shadow is to first buy a starter pack. The starter kit contains the basics of different shades; experiment with him at home and see which shade fits best. You can also help with online tools. After deciding the shadow, the next step is to use the foundation. To do this you will need a powder brush. This ensures that you get the foundation's light layer. One of the best things about mineral cosmetics is that only one light layer is needed to achieve the desired effect. Then rub the powder brush into the base and remove the excess on the edge of the tank. Start the foundation from the outer edge of the faces and slowly work internally with circular movements.

Learning to use mineral foundations takes time, and if you get used to it, it will be very easy. After applying the foundation, remember to apply the set port or things look different after a few hours.

Types of house building

The plate is based on a simple cast concrete slab built by a house. The Slab Foundation usually sits on a footprint built under the frost line. The concrete slab is typically 4-8 inches thick with embedded steel bars known as "rods" to prevent cracks and defects. The base of the house is built directly on the ground, not in a basement or creeper. All plumbing and waistlines are installed before the concrete is loaded.


One of the main reasons for the slab foundation is the cost factor. The basics of the disk are the cheapest and fastest to install. The ceiling foundation is the cost of the entire building simply because it directly reduces the houses built on the slab. This saves the cost of floor edges, which usually support the building. Slab foundation houses can be warmed more easily because there are no indoor temperature spaces.


As there is no basement or other space, the ventilation ducts must be led through the attic and squares. There is no more room for utilities and no storage, the whole home is basically on a solid concrete platform. Although the ceiling foundations are the least expensive house foundations, the most expensive is the repair. All the plumbing in your home is basically under the concrete slab, making repairs impossible without pulling up a concrete floor that is now inside your home. Leakage is difficult to recognize because it is under the slab and in many cases it is unnoticed. The unusually high water bill is the first sign that you may have an underground leak.


The Crawlspace Foundation consists of a concrete wall and concrete columns that support the floor in the home beams. The distance between the ground and the first floor is known as crawlspace.this. This foundation is based on the ground level or the shallow exploration depth between 3 and 4 feet. External base walls support building loads, and more concrete tiles are created in the crawl space for further support. In the past, the foundations of the floor space have been built with the help of the original soil, and recent changes in building codes insist on at least two-inch cement floors to help deal with moisture problems.

CRAWLSPACE BENEFITS [19659002] The Crawlspace Foundation raises the home by 3-4 meters above ground level. It has many advantages, all plumbing and ducting and ventilation ducts are easy to maintain and maintain. In addition to home crawls, access points also allow airflow. This helps in cooling in the summer, the rooms are usually cool when properly ventilated.

Crawlspace House Foundations in Flood Areas

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, a creeping place can be a blessing. By installing flood channels, you can reduce the potential for structural damage to your foundation. Properly installed flood vents allow water to flow under the home, which reduces the pressure of the normal foundation in the flood. Flooding vents are designed to allow water to flow and allow water to drain without damaging the base. Flood holes are so important that the Federal Emergency Leadership Association (FEMA) made it possible to install Type A flood protection holes


The cool effect of the house in the summer can freeze the house in the winter. The floor coverings in the entrance space must be highly insulated, which increases construction costs. Water can be collected in the home environment and provides an ideal insect nest. Most of the disadvantages only occur when these funds are not properly maintained or properly ventilated. Fortunately, flood and bleeding technology has eliminated the moisture and form of the past


The basement is a typical house foundation that includes a full living space on your first floor home. Apart from providing additional living space, the basement provides easy access to all utilities in the home. The base of the basement starts with the underfloor base and then the concrete wall approx. 8 meters above the sole, a concrete slab is used on the floor of the basement. The advantage of basement foundations is that it provides excellent storage and clean space for all utilities. Often, they have transformed full-fledged cellars into rented homes and provide the homeowner with additional income. If a basement is converted into an apartment, at least one exit window should be provided

Disadvantages of the basement housing base

The primary disadvantage of the basement is that because a large portion is below ground level, leakage and mold formation are sensitive. In areas with high water levels, a submersible pump can be installed to fight flooding. The basement of the basement house is the most expensive because of all the necessary materials and construction time. However, this additional cost during the construction process makes home maintenance easier. Typically, a home in the basement has a higher value for resale than any of these former home foundations.

Comparison of the insulated prefabricated base and the cast wall

Which foundations are stronger? How do these two basic types differ? These questions generally come from home buyers who are looking for a stronger foundation that can improve the durability and energy efficiency of their homes.

When it comes to home, one has to consider what type of foundation to install. There are two kinds of foundations, the beloved wall and the prefabricated foundation that can make your home stronger, more durable and more energy efficient. And to guide you to which foundation is the best in your modular home, let's look at their comparison.

Casting walls

The bulk wall system or the traditional foundation in America is the most popular. It is a kind of foundation where efficiency is strongly supported. It is under a drainage system that shows excellent performance. Cast wall is also for manufacturers to fill the basement immediately.

The conventional foundation typically has a 2-inch concrete surface dispersed on the insulated foam and positioned between the outer surface and the 24-inch steel reinforced pins. It has a 3500 PSI and, as described above, provides a 24-cent base in the center, which does not require a harder mixture of cement. The crushed rocks below provide an excellent way to drain from the slab to the outer coverings, while increasing pressure is a big risk, as the water must circulate around the legs to reach the sheets. A study found that labor costs increase the cost of building distributed walls, as the completion of this foundation is boring and challenging. Since then, it has provided a stronger and more lasting foundation for every home and has recently produced an insulated prefabricated foundation, which was considered the best answer. the prefabricated bases are created for modular homes and the result was wonderful.

The prefabricated foundation is quickly completed because it is made in a factory. Because there are no weather disturbances on prefabricated walls. construction process, within a day or two, depending on the dimension. They are pre-insulated and dry immediately. Even the factory has holes for prefabricated concrete for the plumbing and electrical system.

Manufacturers guarantee the high quality of the cement mix because there is no excess water at the factory. He has at least 5,000 PSIs compared to a loved one. This makes it stronger.

Pea pebbles are used in prefabricated concrete walls to achieve a high quality drainage system. Water is kept in the water flowing through it. Controlled joints connected to the panels prevent tension cracking and move the water through the sealant.

The insulated primer cost is lower than the distributed walls. This is due to savings in construction and labor costs. A great plus of the foundation is the 15-year limited warranty. It is more convenient than loved walls, as it does not.

Comparing the two foundations is a useful way to reduce the burden of modular home designs.

What does it mean to haunt a place?

Most spooky places show some kind of evidence of paranormal activity, such as an unexpected noise, or a drop in temperature, or even a sense of presence that someone else is actually present. The spirit is the enthusiastic spirit of the dead person. It shows that they have left the conscious energy of life after they have died. You can usually notice this conscious energy or spirit in most haunted homes.

Sometimes the spirit is a kind of recording and it shows the same scene over and over again. This is the residual energy. If a person has taken repeated actions for a long time, he may leave a psychic impression in this area. For example, strong emotions related to battles may leave a psychic impression on the battlefield. Over time, the psychic impression may be weak and fade, but if the conditions are correct, it can be uploaded.

The spirit is the actual living entity or soul of the individual who died of their physical body. Ghosts usually appear for three reasons. If a person died suddenly or with little warning, such as a car accident, they might not realize they were dead. Someone could be tied to this world if he promised an unbelieving man. Finally, they have their unfinished business.

Many people report physical changes in spooky places, often with a sense of presence, accompanied by a drop in temperature and hearing of irrelevant sounds.

It is possible to communicate with the deceased person. This communication can be a sudden fall in sadness when you enter a room or sudden thoughts that come into the form of communication.

If the paranormal activity is documented several times in one place, it may be considered a ghost for a while. If events continue to occur in a house or building without a logical explanation, this can be regarded as ghostly.
The common signs of the haunted scene are the appearance of ghost images, the feeling of cold spots, electromagnetic energy in the area, poltergeistic activities, and the disappearance and repetition of objects.

The Secret and Law of Attraction – Do They Work or Not? Reply!

Hello, dear reader!

The Secret seems to be interested. In this case, you have a chance to work on the law of attraction at least once in certain areas of life.

And since you want to know more about the law of attraction (the good thing you are looking for), I think you weren't successful, right? (But I bet you want it!)

Well, according to the theory, the Law of Attraction works ALL: one doesn't have to "try" and it must work, it already works. So why do we say we can't work? 🙂 I'll tell you why.

When we say we can't work, what do we really mean? We mean we don't have the desired income, right? But again, according to the law, we got exactly what we wanted. So what gives? Or the Law of Attraction doesn't work or we don't know what we want!

Read the last sentence: What – No – We Know – What – What – Really – We Want!

And this, my friend, is a great obstacle that retracts from the "Law of Attraction Work": You can't recognize and accept that you really want what you get! See? Or not yet?

But now we could say: If anyone knows what I want, it's me! What do you mean, I don't know what I want? – And the answer: We, people, may have different parts to want different things and / or different results from the same situation.

Why is it so? Because our minds are very advanced and complex learning machines in many other ways. And then we can learn (accept) the ideas on the same subject. We also have the opportunity to influence different people, different concepts, the same topic, even in the same period of our lives!

In each case, we need to make sure that a particular option is the best for us. Just like a (other) "I want this". You got it?

In order to make it clear that our opponents "want", I will show an ordinary lifestyle that shows that: You know, when someone feels crying, but doesn't try at the same time? Because of the same situation, such a person has different "wants" for different reasons (emotional and others). Now tell me: What does this person want?

Not a black or white answer, wouldn't you say?

So yes, there may be different desires or wishes! Heck, you can have more than one personality!

So when you (with your conscious mind) choose a particular result as "this is what I want", then maybe a dozen other "I", which are also part of yourself, may want another thing. Each of these causes contains added energy, which means how well you feel. You follow me?

Suppose the consciously selected income (summons) is 10% of the energy your mind "feels" about the whole topic. And suppose the other 90% points in the opposite direction (call ab). Now, answer this question: Do you want to, or b? 🙂

Now you understand what I mean "you don't know what you really want"? Yes? Large!

By now (unlike many people) you understand that the fact that you don't get "what you want" does not mean that the Law of Attraction does not work. This simply means there are some things you can discover.

You have now taken the first step to work. Congratulation!

I hope this article has become an eye-catcher.

Now you have to realize that for some reason you have raised the document into your life!

Continue the research and always find what you are looking for. You just have to be ready to recognize it!


Your head: friend or enemy?

Are you, your best friend or the worst enemy? Are you in control of your thoughts or allow them to be flooded and controlled by you? What is in our mind is usually either better, stronger and calmer, or it has the opposite effect. What are the dominant, dominant thoughts in and useful, or weaker and less effective? Henry Ford is often credited with saying You think it may or may not. In each case you will be right. There have been several other reports of the stage, Whatever the mind of man, he can perceive and imagine . With this in mind, this article will try to briefly consider, examine, review and discuss with the mnemonic approach what this tool and representations mean and why it is an important aspect of our general health and well-being.

first Healing Head / Heart: When we are calmer, we usually live a healthier, happier life. Therefore, when we use our heads and minds towards the focusing focus, it is significantly advantageous. However, there must be a process that uses both logical and emotional components in the best way! I refer to this as a head / heart balance, a reduction in stress and a more relaxed life. If you imagine and believe, you can get things efficiently and effectively, exponentially, and increase your chances! Follow the words of Groucho Marx, who said: This is a question If you don't know it, it doesn't matter.

2. Energy; positioning; excellence perseverance: In your life's life, based on great, positive energy, and with your emphasis, bigger picture and solutions, you usually live a happier, healthier life. Without placing an unreasonably high amount of emphasis, we should strive to continue with the highest level of excellence and not good enough. A healthy lifestyle requires endurance to prevent obstacles. Not a challenge (overcome), better mind-image than a problem?

Attitude Attention, Agenda aptitude: Health begins with creating, maintaining and maintaining real, positive, capable! This allows you to pay attention to the most important considerations instead of sweating the little things ! Focus on developing skills and skill sets, goals, priorities and personal agenda as well as hopes / wishes!

4th Deeply; discover delivers Go beyond the surface and deep, discover what you want, you need, desire, and hope! If you want to pass on your personal promises (yourself), do everything you can to be the best!

A friend or enemy of HEAD, ? Continue, calmly reduce unnecessary stress and tension (tension) and be as happy as possible!