22 The consequences of the peace of God

How do you know when God's peace is missing? What are you looking for, if God's peace remains in you? The peace of the Lord is a control and balance of glorious, fruitful and successful life. There are many signs or products in the absence of peace. This article lists the signs.

And in the second year of Nebuchadnezzar's reign, he dreamed of the dream of Nebuchadnezzar, with which his soul was scattered, and sleep bothered him – Daniel 2: 1 (KJV)

Weak and damaged: he murmured by the whirlwind of my heart. My heart is shaken, my power swells, and by the light of my eyes I have gone away – Psalm 38: 8, 10 (KJV)

You grow your fruit, and in the morning your flower is blossoming: but the harvest a pile of pain and despair of sorrow – Isaiah 17: 11 (KJV)

Peace is calm and quiet: a situation in which they are friendly to someone who does not argue or fight – Oxford Dictionary of Further Education. This is also a state of hope, a relaxing and absolute trust in God.

It is therefore important to quickly identify the absence of God's peace. This is because occupation with them immediately prevents them becoming increasingly destructive products. God wants you to free these manifestations in your life.

Some of these consequences are internal manifestations and they would have had the sacrifice before it was outward. That is why early identification is needed as soon as possible and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

The consequences:

1. Torment – Spiritual suffering is proof that the Lord's peace is missing in your life. God's peace is reassuring.

2. Uncertainty – Lack of confidence due to God's defense ability is uncertain. But God's peace will release that trust in you.

3. Sleepless nights – Sleep is always far from a restless mind.

4th Sadness – When you get bored and are in the case, you are inclined to abstain.

5th Un-rotation – It's hard to forgive someone we're still not in peace with.

6. Debugging – If you are not in peace, you always look for the mistakes of people and things. Under normal circumstances, however, he would have ignored the mistakes.

7. Irritation – The confused heart is easily irritated.

8th Eating Disorder – Some people tend to somehow and uncontrollably have God's peace of mind missing, not knowing how to solve their problems differently. Anxiety – It is obvious that he expresses anxiety about the lack of God's peace. He says that the challenge not only goes beyond God but beyond.

10. Suicide – A peaceful mind never thinks about suicide as an option or can not escape the challenges.

eleventh Fear – Certainly, if fear comes, you will lose your calm.

12th Immorality to protect themselves from the problems. Unfortunately, it never breaks any problems, but makes it more complex.

13. Drunkenness – Some people try to suppress the problematic mind with alcohol. Unfortunately, not just temporary, alcohol eventually adds to their problems.

14. Instability – Lack of calm can lead to mental or emotional decompensation. You can find yourself one thing now and the next minute is the opposite.

15. Broken Relationships – If there is no God of peace, then you can not deal wisely with any challenge that may arise. You have to be in peace before you can make peace with the other.

16. Strife – If there is no peace, you find strife.

17. Weakness – Power does not go when the mind bothered. Energy and enthusiasm have been drained to achieve the goals.

18. Depression – God's peace keeps depression away from you. This is because it will have hope, joy, and you will be anxious.

19. Persistent Grief – The Lord's peace allows you to quickly reach the grief. Because what the enemy has planned for evil can be a blessing to you and many other people.

20. Not fertile life – The lack of peace affects the results. The spirit, the soul, and your body will not work.

21. Finally, if something does not happen, the lack of God's peace leads to a failure. This is because you will not be enough to reach your goals or heart.

22. Lack of Spirituality – It is about your prayer and the desire to study God's word. You will be more conscientious than spiritually. Also, you are inclined to make bad or bad decisions for most of the time.

Peace of God is a very important virtue to possess if you want to enjoy life and success today. The lack of this will be very damaging to you and be jealous of you.



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