3 secret to finding peace in the storm

In John 16:33, Jesus tells the disciples that peace can be in the midst of trouble. It seems that trouble and peace do not coexist, so what does Jesus mean? He wanted the disciples to understand that true peace, enduring peace, has nothing to do with their circumstances. Trouble has been given in life, but it provides an opportunity to show peace through showing Christ in and through life of his life.

When the trouble comes, our first inclination is that God wants us to or do not care about our plan. We seek to prove the love of God by waiting for him to free us from the difficult circumstances. In short, our security in our possible changes. But what if our security relied on God's beliefs about the nature and nature of God? What if we were able to rest on the one who guided our circumstances and believed that we could trust him, no matter what we felt ?

Many of our sorrows are due to the "why" we are concerned about. Why did God allow me why this happens to me, why should a good God allow them to suffer? We can never find answers to these questions, so we have to relax and rest on what Jesus says is the secret of peace. Here is what he wants to consider in this section: to choose peace

· We must not forget peace without the absence of trouble

our perimeter defines peace or understanding of our circumstances; but we can trust to trust in those who hold the circumstances

Despite Jesus showing them, the disciples were convinced that their security was coupled with the calm of the mind . But knowledge of answers only provides the illusion of peace. Jesus points out that, despite being told that they believed in him, in a moment the disciples were embarrassed of what was happening, he decided to run away and deny that they still knew him.

Are not we guilty of the same thing? We all know about God, we say we trust him, we say we believe in his goodness, but it does not take long to make the killer strikes instantly. Instead of trusting who controls what is happening, we demand answers. But the answers will not be the adhesives that keep the bleeding together. More is needed. And Jesus gave us a sense of courage for a real lifestyle that he looked like.

Jesus decided to trust the Father in the garden when he prayed for salvation for death. He knew that the one who guided the circumstances of his life knew what he was doing, but it meant suffering. The secret of Jesus was the choice; trusted in God. So the next time you look for answers or feel you need to know why, do not forget what Jesus did; he decided to trust the Father; peace will follow.



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