33 How to Make More Peace?

I'm writing a peaceful world, because I think it's possible. The path to the planet's peace begins as an internal work. I have summarized a list that will help to find more inner peace. These ideas will not get you anything and are completely viable. Let him start from within and spread from your heart to the world.

o Slow down and allow your body to rest at once

o Let him meditate on inner criticism and talk kindly to yourself

o Listen to your heart and love more freely

to make sure your feelings are made make sure it's okay.

o Spend time in the peace of nature

o Take a day and dream peacefully

o Watch your intuition and act accordingly

o Be more fun, funny and often laugh

o Be Artist Days and

o Read Peace, Thich Nhat Hahn is Great

The Dance of the Universal Peace in the Community

o Go for quiet and relaxing walks

o Listen to birds singing, the river or the wind

o Enjoy your breathing and feel your life

o Look at the world around us

o Complete the unfinished things that will bother you

o Friends of those who are really listening to you, be friends and listen

o change beliefs that restrict or feel guilty

looking at the night Do Not Care About Them, Do It For Someone Healthy Instead

o Notice how the fear behaves and changes your thinking

o Be nice to yourself and love and accept who you are

o Do what you feel, do not follow your own

o Enjoy the uniqueness and express who you are

o Be Your Life and Live With Passion

o Commit only commitments and follow the following:

o focus on the positive and do good things

o do not blame and take responsibility for creating his life

o discover your interests and learn life

and watch yourself a wonderful day

o find your place and visit frequently

Today you can start creating a calm life. Enjoy and discover these ideas and let me know how to go.



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