7 signs that may have problems with the foundation of the concrete slab

If your own home has a slab-based area of ​​heavy clay soil, there are things to keep in mind the foundation's movement. Here are some signs that something is going wrong.

first Doors and the windows do not close properly. This may be the first sign that something strange is going on at the base of the concrete slab. The doors and windows, which were easily open and tight, became more and more difficult and noisy.

2nd Sloped Floors.

When things fall on the floor, they tend to run to the same place. (Even the Grandma.)

3. Cracks often in the house near the door jams and window frames.

The thing that needs to be watched is a diagonal crack that is often the corner of the door or the window frame. This means that framing is screwed by the foundation's movement.

4th Nails from gypsum board.

This is a big wind storm. Yes, but you will notice it immediately. If you see angles that glide over the skin of the gypsum board over time, this may indicate the rising or sloping plate base.

5th Cracks on the outer walls.

Find the diagonal cracks again, especially from the brick. If the width of the cracks is widened over time, it is another sign of the foundation problem.

6th Parts of brick or sidewall separating from the frame .

Vertical cracks occur here. You see the separation between parts or where bricks and framing meet. The vertical crack may be wider than the top of the bottom, or vice versa. Such cracks are often signs of movement to the foundation.

7th Outgoing chimney.

If the chimney is no longer with the rest of the house or has diagonal cracks, this is another sign of the basic movement. (Unless you think Santa has caused last year's damage.)

If there are two or more of the foundation's problems, it's a good idea to take action before things get worse. One of the best things you can do is rent an independent, professional engineering engineer with experience in the retail industry to carry out audits. One that is not financially tied to any founding company. So it is more likely that you get a straight line on the condition of the concrete mixer.



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