A copy letter letter for high school students

Many teenagers who go to high school are looking for part-time or full time job search for their pocket money. Work can be an experience building step if you already know what kind of career you want to do in the future. Nowadays high school students have a large number of jobs available. You only need an effective letter to be able to provide decent work.

In this article, I would like to present a sample of secondary school leaflet that would help high school students, especially juniors and elderly, who would like to get into the workforce

Your name

Your Address

Your city, state, ZIP code

Your Phone #

Your Email Address


Employer Name



City, State, Postcode

Dear Mr. / Ms Surname,

I am responding to the employment opportunities listed on your website. Please accept this letter and keep track of the evidence that I am interested in this work. I feel that my skills and skills are beneficial to the organization.

I recently attended high school from a well-known school. Now I'm looking for a respectable job that will contribute to my building career. Here are some of my key strengths that I would put in place. I am:

1. A starter.

2. Disciplined.

3. Excellent communicator.

4. Really willing and willing to learn new things.

5. Exceptional customer service.

6. Great teammate.

Accepting challenges is the basis of my life experience and something I do trust. It boasts full-fledged personality, direct, spontaneous, and communicative. I can register, I can perform numeric calculations with precision and I need a few directions to accomplish the tasks. These are the qualities that are an excellent candidate for the post.

I am responsible for managing and organizing various important activities in my school. I also participated in many cultural activities. I have a working knowledge of MS Word, PowerPoint, MS Excel and the Internet.

I will evaluate your credentials. If you think you have a common interest, I can welcome the chance to meet you so that you can learn more about your business, the requirements of the position, and how my skills are right.

Thank you for your feedback


Your Signature

Entered Name

I hope my article will help you prepare a high quality and eye-catching high school student pass.



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