A spiritual revolution

Did you ever wonder why everybody sends a positive and optimistic message in today's world? Why do so many seek psychological guidance? I believe the world is preparing for a spiritual revolution. I think mankind is tired of old models. I think that each person followed the same goal: to be happy. But happiness means different things for different people. Happiness is not a unique, shared concept or reality. What makes you happy is not what makes you happy or your neighbor. That is why I believe that mankind takes on a spiritual revolution that will better understand what we are and what we want. And what we all want is no exception to being happy or happiness.

Some people are beginning to criticize this positive happiness trend, saying it is blinding us. And I somehow agree. There is a new positive trend that floods our lives. People are sharing more and more optimistic thoughts and sentences, growing mantras for positive messages and happiness. But the tools of optimism and happiness will only work if they are properly guided and targeting clear goals. Optimism, happiness, and positive psychology are just concepts that people reliably point to certain concepts. But as expressions, they have no internal power. These are just a set of letters or sounds.

Optimism, happiness and positive thinking help the world escape from the old, negative, pessimistic, unhappy tendencies that flooded our world for so many years. In the past he was openly happy to frown. When someone exhibited happiness and optimism, he was paralyzed by being foolish. Today many claim that they have the right to stop punishing their happiness. And that is a positive pursuit in itself.

The problem arises when, as in anything else, the positive tendencies are pushed to their extremes and viewed as the only truth. She had been happy to frown before; today is sad to wrinkle his forehead. Who does his forehead? A happy eyebrow is sad and vice versa.

I think this is because they all have different understandings of what happiness means. If happiness means peace to you, you will not understand the cheerful, noisy person whose determination of happiness requires loud exhibitions. And you can twist them. If, however, happiness requires you to jump and laugh, you can fretlessly wring someone who quietly enjoys his precious tranquility. So even sad can be happy in your own, personal way. Who is it to judge?

Optimism and positive thinking then become the means of happiness. Let them use these tools if they want to. These are valid as long as they aim for a clearly defined happiness. And as we have seen before, we all need to determine happiness. We do not ask us to use these tools; they are only distributed because the opposite is for many centuries. Why not start respecting others just how they are? Why should we criticize the new positive movement or the old, negative? Who knows what is right? My suggestion is rather to seek a new spiritual revolution in which humanity stops criticizing and punishing the punishment, and rather accepts it and begins to love it. Some people need silence to be happy. So what? Others need noise. So what? And they need others … whatever. So what? This is their happiness, not yours.

Enjoy life … ALL,




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