A trip to Dharmshala



Located in the beautiful, snow-capped mountains of the Western Himalayas of Dhauladhar, Dharamshala is truly a wonderful and peaceful mountain station the most for nature lovers. While the lower Dharmshala is now a commercial center, the upper Dharmshala has retained its uniqueness against the British colonial lifestyle. This is the most important city of Kangra. The wide-lying vegetation of the plains can be seen here. Lush green meadows, pleasant environment, quiet streams, dense pine forests, warm climate and snow-covered peaks are the backdrop of the scenic mountain resort of Dharmshala for tourists


Dalai's Headquarters Here is Lama, the great holy monk , which also gives this place a religious being. Many Tibetan families made Dharmshala a place of residence. Churches, churches, monasteries, museums, monuments and scenic beauty are both a delightful and pleasant place to visit for tourists. Each season and every place has its own significance. Some of them are listed below:

The monument of war – located at the beginning of the city, is a monument to the parked pine trees. This is called a war memorial and was built to commemorate the Independence Fight Heroes after Himachal Pradesh. The beautiful oval-shaped Dal Lake is another tourist attraction, which is also the starting point for hiking. Both sides are surrounded by pine trees. This is the best time of the lake in September because the annual fair held on the shore of the lake understands this place. It serves as a favorite picnic place for settlements.

St. The church is about 8 km away. from Dharmshala. This stone church stands in the shadow of deodorous trees, a place of magic and tranquility, especially for those who seek peace and comfort. In addition to the church there is a cemetery. Mcleodganj, also known as the "little lhasa", is the residence of the sacred Dalai Lama. Here you can see the huge fronts of Buddhas and other Buddhist saints. The monastery is quite impressive, representing the Buddhist religious aspects. The craftsmanship of traditional art and crafts and Tibetan culture can be purchased here on every Sunday flea market.

Bhagsunath and Kunal Pathri temples are also worth visiting. As a beautiful and picturesque view of the Kangra Valley, tourists must travel 11 km to Dharmkot, a panoramic picnic area. away from Dharmshala. Another spectacular picnic spot and excursion destination is the lovely place to go to Triun. From here there is a wonderful view of the mountains and the valleys. From here begins Illaqua's snow line. Masrur, the Ellora Church Replica is an interesting place to visit. About 15 km. The temple of the Durga goddess Temple of Dharmshala, Chamunda Devi Temple.

With a spectacular view of the mountains, this place is of great importance to the Hindu devotees who consider this place to be important to visit. They say that in this temple prayers are saluted to their ancestors. Tsuglagkhang is the main temple of Buddhists. This place gives the visitor peace and quiet. Tourists interested in Buddhist culture and religion can also visit the Buddhist Monastery, the Dip Thekchen Choeling Monastery and the Tibetan Institute of Norbulingka. So the mountain resort of Dharmshala offers many tourist attractions.



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