Agnostic Guide for Peace, Happiness and Enlightenment

It can be easy to find agnostic and non-conventional peace, happiness, and enlightenment. It is a fact that lightening becomes easier in many ways.

Do you believe in enlightenment, or do you prefer enlightenment? Would you like to believe in unusual peace or live in a normal peace?

Because if you want to live the enlightenment and the unusual peace, you really are agnostic.

They have always been told that happiness and peace are their nature. So in order to get enlightenment, you have to experience yourself because it really is beyond belief, concept, opinion, and dogma.

It's not about becoming something, but we actually experience ourselves as we are at this moment. Honestly, what's up at this moment.

Here's an example: Say you sit in a park, a stranger walks, steps on your feet, says nothing and walks on. At this moment it is true. Someone stepped on his feet and walked on. It's over now.

But he has a thousand thoughts that can come, "How rough is man to walk on my feet and not apologize", then "He hates me," and then "Why is this all for me?" then "He is all that is wrong with this world". Then, "It would be better if I ran after him and could move on his feet." Then, "Probably trying to hit it, but then cover it and feel good …"

Go on and on. Most of the thoughts you do not know yet, but they really have an impact on you because they identify your thoughts. But all the problems are not real, it's stupid. The truth is, a man came to his feet. Then he passed. Everything else is not true. Whatever you say about why you walked on your feet is pure speculation, any scenario you can imagine what will happen is a fantasy.

And man once walked to his feet. But he repeated the scene in your mind several times. So a step on your feet becomes a person who jumps your foot hundreds of times. But he passed; no one is going to your feet now! It's funny if you think so.

So you see this, you think of all the incidents, there is no truth. The only true part was that a man stepped on his leg. The truth is, you just sit on the bench.

A woman once asked a great enlightened teacher, Sri Anandagirit, "I love love for love." Anandagiri asked, "What is true: love to love or not love now?" [19659002] He replied, "I want to love love."

"No," He said, "You know the truth The truth is that you do not feel love now

Because the idea that he likes to love himself is simply a thought The idea that he considers it important, but at the moment it had nothing to do with its experience, it was only a resistance to its current experiences, and it is stressful

Because peace, happiness and enlightenment are not about something. It is about experiencing you as you The truth of the ego is that it must be different than you, but you are like you, the truth, the truth is simple, and when you are aware of what there is, there is peace, there is happiness [19659002] So I ask you to take a look at this moment, purely agnostic. What is your experience at this moment?

And you can say "I feel peaceful."

But this is not what you are at this moment experience, cs it is a thought to identify. It has nothing to do with what you are experiencing now.

You say, "I'm unhappy."

Better, honest. But still, it's just a label, the judge about what he feels. How unhappy is it?

"My grip is in my chest".

Good. Can you afford to experience this tight feeling in your chest? Because if you allow yourself to experience this tension as a sensation, then it is in peace.

"The grip is because I was arguing with my wife this morning."

But that's just an idea. Can you prove this? Chest tightness, that's what you know right now. Why is it just speculative? The reason for being there is just a thought.

Truth is the moment, not what you remember. Keeps your past with you. But your past was past. This moment is fresh and new. Life is here and now. It is your responsibility to simply see what is here and now. Honestly, what is here and now.

"But I do not want to feel this tightness in my chest."

But who does not want to feel it? Is not that a thought to identify?

"But I was thinking of this thought."

Who is this & # 39; what did you think? You bet that you're the thought. But if you look at it, the thought came in itself. If you look, there is a thought, and there is the action of identification, you grab that thought and do it. But you are not a thought. The thought comes and goes and you stay.

"Resist the feeling in my chest."

Yes, very good. Be aware of the feeling of resistance. That's all you have to do. There is a feeling in your chest, there is a feeling of resisting the feeling. Can you afford this? If you do this, the resistance will fail. All that remains is the sensation in your chest. This will eventually change. But you are still consciousness.

If you look at this moment like this, you see what is true and what is not true, then you will see that all thinking is the same, I thought. There is no truth in what is actually happening. You will see the thoughts, come and go, the feelings come and go and change, but you will know everything.

The only thing you can not deny is this awareness. In fact you can not separate yourself, this moment and consciousness. If you are here, you are aware. And you're always here.

You seem thinking about thinking. When you think about where you think you are, you seem to be where you grow up. But from the moment you realize you've got your mind, you'll see that you're here and you've been here. It was just an idea, an illusion that you were somewhere else.

So you know that awareness is the truth. You can not deny consciousness. Whatever happens or disappears, there is always consciousness here. So if you are in consciousness, knowing that whatever comes into being, you are right to stay at that moment. And you will find that the nature of consciousness is peace, love and happiness. And that the recognition that you are consciousness and that everything comes from consciousness is the enlightenment itself.

So, questioning everything, you come to the conclusion that you really do not know anything. That any commentary on the moment is only pondering.

But you're still conscious. There is always awareness. And the nature of consciousness is unusual peace. Peace, which is not without cause. Happiness that is not without cause here. Simply because you are.

So to be truly agnostic, it's a perfect guide to finding unconventional peace, happiness, and enlightenment.

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