Airbrush Makeup Vs Mineral Makeup – Which Is The Best?

While traditional makeup has existed for centuries, mineral make-up (like Bare Minerals) and airbrush makeup (like Luminess Air) is about the entertainment industry recently. These new shapes make makeup promises easier and faster application while enhancing the overall beauty. All of them are good for hype? Compared to Air Washer Makeup and Mineral Makeup, Which Is The Best For You?

Mineral makeup was popular when environmental groups recognized the chemicals found in traditional makeup brands. Anything that is mineral-based or organic, is attracted to a huge mass, so the popularity of more natural makeup is not surprising. Bare Minerals Among Mineral Makeup Companies Are Best Known As Their Heavy Marketing Campaigns

Although mineral makeup is quick to apply and light on the skin, it does not offer great coverage. While this may be beneficial for some, those who struggle with age spots, acne or other skin diseases may not be satisfied with the results. They are powdered, dry skin can be flaky. Depending on the brand you choose, mineral makeup can also be a problem with daily constancy. On the plus side is less expensive that many professional makeup brands are easy to travel.

Airbrush makeup is a special makeup formula that is thinly sprayed on the face or body with wand and compressed air. When used, it offers the same flawless interface that is often covered by the magazine. Like Bare Minerals, Luminess Air has a strong television presence through infomercials and home shopping channels.

Although not perfect, air washes offer many positive features. When used, the makeup is incredibly long lasting, often 16 to 24 hours. She will not rub the clothes or anything else. Depending on the brand you use, you can easily blend eyeshadow or blush colors to give you an unlimited number of unique makeup offerings. In a disadvantageous situation, the start-up costs of the equipment may be expensive. Additionally, if your face becomes wet (whether it is rain, sweat or other water source), makeup may be streaky, and once you have refreshed makeup strips, it is difficult (if not impossible) to touch it.

Our Final Judgment? If you can afford an airbrush makeup kit, I highly recommend it. After a little practice, you'll soon be able to apply professional make-up every day of the week!



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