Aleppo clown, symbol of suffering and peace

Aleppo's clown, who had been traumatizing children in Aleppo, the popular city of Syria, died of an air strike. His tragic death remains the spark of secular conscience. It is time for all world nations to participate in peace talks when war breaks out anywhere in the world to create a stable and peaceful world for future generations.

Aleppo, the peak of horror,

Once in Syrian life,

Where everyone has lived harmoniously.

An unimaginable horror has become a possible horror,

Shell shook the murders,

He turned to the left in bloody clothes.

The ghostly cry of the children was alive,

echoed throughout the city of Aleppo.

The following were forced into refugee camps,

They never slept after bloodshed.

Children have lost their childhood. Then suddenly he came out of nowhere,

The white face clown,

In the dying city of Aleppo,

With his red nose and cunning smile,

Orange wig and flower yellow hat.

Children gathered around him,

He was touching his costumes and his red nose.

The kids kissed me.

The clown joked to the kids.

The gun fires,

The darkest moments of war

Comic books for children,

The spread of warm feelings,

And a lot of happiness among them.

He returned them,

In fantasy and the natural world of the game.

Humanity and dignity can be found in the middle of the war.

The clown sang the kids,

The heart felt pain and tears,

Behind her everlasting smile.

Peace singing songs,

Some angelic and melancholic to ease the torment,

Still, others are dramatic and tough to encourage them,

And the kids repeated the songs.

For a moment they forgot their pain.

They fought with bombs and bullets.

In the world of songs they brought a happy face,

And hide their suppressed sorrow.

Nothing can be forever.

Then came the apocalyptic night,

The bullets were fired.

When everyone fled, the clown decided to stay.

Aleppo became a huge cemetery.

Air strike has not left the precious life,

The bullet ended the innocent life of the clown.

His body was lying on an inanimate ground,

In the screams of the children,

Aleppo's hope and peace-maker.

Let the clown memories,

The remnant of conscience,

And the symbol of the deadly Aleppo.

The kings fought "many wars to put an end to wars."

The world was only complicated and cruel.

Wars develop in people's minds,

War of thirsty people or war-thirsty leaders?

The never-ending lies and hypocrites of wars

Destroy our dear world who was thirsty for peace.

Nobody wins the war; everyone in the end losers.

The widows and the orphan children, the outcome of all the war.

Peace becomes a distant horizon.

Let the queen of peace save the world,

And be the star of our ailing world.



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