An analysis of the true meaning of magnolia

Warning: This article analyzes the Magnolia movie and contains many spoilers.

Everyone who watched the highly praised movie "Magnolia" undoubtedly went out of the theater, perhaps with some kind of fear, but probably overwhelming confusion towards the end, especially in the scene of falling frogs

. A key aspect of this true interpretation of this film is the many references to the Bible from Exodus 8: 2. The most obvious reference to the site was before the quiz show. They see a woman with a mark clearly describing the words "Exodus 8: 2," but he safely accompanies the public.

Here are some more references to the number 8 and 2 movies as shown in the trivia section of

o weather forecast: 82% rain

o a gambler needs a 2 blackjack , but an 8

commit suicide

o first temperature reading

o film poster at Magnolia Blvd bus stop

o suspended sentences poster

o Jim Kurring box for hotline [19659002] o Sydney Barringer's mother and father's address 682

o The forensic science convention begins at 8:20 pm (o 19659002) o Delmer Darion pulls a stack of cards to reveal the diamonds 8 to 2

o directly to Jim After a while, he sees that Donnie Smith climbs to the building, a blinking of a road sign on the edge of the road says, "Exodus 8: 2" (this is again seen when the frogs fall and kurting the Kurring car).

o on your fire extinguisher. Marcy's mugshot of the criminal record number 82082082082

the bar scene is on a board with two teams, frogs and clouds, with a score of 8-2

o spray painted on cement as graffiti next to the boy.

o game member shows crowd moon in a poster with Exodus 8: 2 on it

o Children were two days in the eighth week as champions.

o The Quiz Kid Donnie Smith On April 28, 1968, the first two digits of the Seduce and Destroy Hotline were won by $ 100,000.

o One of the upsets in the 82nd dress

o Jim says that She works at 8:00 and Claudia suggests meeting two hours later at a time. Exodus 8: 2 –

And the LORD said unto Moses, Go unto Pharaoh, and tell him, Thus saith the LORD, Let my people go, that they may minister unto me.

And if he refuses to let them go, behold, I will hurt all my peace.

Another important piece of the puzzle is Dixon, the boy who relies on Jim after discovering the murders. The following is an excerpt from the Dixon rap:

Check the ego, come on, I'm the Prophet,

You have the time to get older with the chip on your shoulder.

with the devil, but the debt is growing.

When the sun does not work, the good Lord brings the rain. Dixon calls himself "the Prophet," but God can be interpreted as an extension. He will lose Jim's weapon after being lost, but under the frog shower the pistol falls from the sky with the frogs – which indicates that the boy exercised some control over the events.

The second and third ranks of the rap warned Jim to go higher ("older"), but something dampens him. Dixon tells Jim that what he does is wrong and warns him to stop. However, Jim does not listen to the rapper, as the Egyptian Pharaoh did not listen to Moses. This message is not only for Jim but also for the life of all the other characters. The last line warns that if God ignores, he will bring the rain.

It's important to note that characters all recognize the bad guys, but they do not seem to disappear. Claudia is, for example, drug addicted but can not do anything to stop Linda feels terrible guilty of Earl's scam and tries to recall his name from his will, but not, and even uses Earl's ultimate breath to admit that he is ill with her son and his wife, and I apologize to Frank, but he does not get it.

The case of frogs means that God is awakened to all. The rain of frogs – the extremely odd, almost absurd situation – was the way for God to tell everyone that he had done wrong and wronged. The shower, however, is his message that he is always watching the world and intervening to help when needed help. After the fires of the frogs, the characters seem to either make peace with their problems and have succeeded, or failed to imagine Jimmy Gator's death. This shows that although God has his help, not always everything works perfectly, and there are always those who have been punished for the rescued.

Please note that this is an unofficial interpretation and the scene of the fever shower is the most controversial theme in the movie world. Accept my interpretation according to my own interpretation and formulate your own opinion on the matter, which is probably the intention of the writer P. T. Anderson.



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