An effective way to "break the ice" after arguing with your partner

I'm suspending the chronological order of "Woman's Journey" from childhood to the present. I would first like to answer a friend's question: "How to break the ice after you have lost your pride against your spouse without heated arguments?" I think I must pay attention first.

First of all, I wanted to say thank you for having trusted me in this and I hope that everything will come soon.

It is natural that there are even arguments for (and especially newborns). marriage will be the end of the misunderstanding and the problems of the relationship.To be a long or short commitment, it does not guarantee that you and your spouse meet each other with every corner and deepest feelings There are two people who agree to go together with each other. Both of them say that we are "partners … everything."

There are two different things before the wedding and the two things that live together: Every change, however small there is change, will always be a correction

It's a small thing. It's usually a way to bring the flame out. It's a problem, nobody wants to accept the mistake. Why? Because of the criminal called "pride," everyone has and nobody wants to bend. Each has its own reason and everyone thinks it is right.

How to fix this? Read and Try These in Your Life:

· Set the House Rules. Before marriage, both must formulate marriage rules to prevent "troubles". If you have not done this before marriage, it is not too late. Both rules should be advantageous Not to be considered credible. The rules must be in place to strengthen the relationship and make the modifications easier.

· Write your feelings. Newborns are still insecure or shy in expressing their feelings and thoughts (even if this is one of the rules of a house: "Tell what you feel or think") and let the spouse read it yourself. This is better because the spouse can understand and think better if you have time to eat it.

I'm sorry. It may be difficult, especially if you think you are right. What if your partner thinks he is too? It's hard to swallow her pride, but it's worth it when she takes the wall between you. Try to tell me first and believe me, your spouse will say, "I'm sorry". If he does not, then his pride is bigger than he is, and that's a spell.

· Talk to the case. If both of you are in a "kissing mood", talk to the question. This answers the "why", "how" and "going" the argument. Both can be avoided again by misunderstanding the same thing.

· Avoid shouting. All this must be in house rules or marriage rules. Arguments can also be referred to as "brain breaks". Not good? Conversation means sharing a different opinion, feeling and need. So they both will know each other better.

· Weighing the gaps of others. Man and woman are different. However, these differences complement each other. Setting times do not have time frames. Every day you learn something different from each other. We treat it positively as "discovery".

· Point or criticize you with respect. No one will tell the "negative" features of a person, but it is closest to his heart. Grow with each other. They enhance each other's gifts.

· Be nice and sweet. It's not just on the "honeymoon" stage that the couple are sweet to each other. These beautiful words and sweet are the simple daily spices that nurture your feelings with each other. Be kind to your anger. Your spouse will love more for these qualities.

Help each other. There is a demarcation line between the man and the wife. You need to talk about it when and how . However, the man who helps his wife with the house does not reduce his "masculinity", but the opposite. The wife, especially if able to do so, can help her suggestions and research with her work. Just listening, helping and sharing her husband's workloads.

· Have fun together. Getting home together is fun enough, but doing something enjoyable and healthy. Participation in sports or even a one-time skipping session is also healthy for you and your relationship.

There are so many books and friends who give advice and how marriage works. However, in the "players" hand there is a win. The kind of foundation plays a major role in the success of marriage. Love and respect are the most suitable basics that keep in touch.

For everyone, especially this friend, I wish you a happy and lasting marriage.



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