Anamcara – Peace of Peace

"Come out of the time of 19659002 and

around love."

Jelaluddin Rumi.

Mystic Poet

In Corrogue there is synchronicity – "meaningful occurrence".

I received this fact by email, which I received this week. This was an email from others who dynamically practiced Anamcara. As a practitioner of "soul friendship," I'm no longer surprised in the way that we are interlinked with light rays.

In this frosty morning, at this "briars site" this e-mail will end in this war.

As anamcara I regularly meet the gods with others. This is the beauty of sharing the heart. This goes beyond the social convention, beyond the small talk. This is a two meeting that will be silent between the words. This silence between words was lived by one of my dearest spiritual friends. This soul-friendly is the beautiful Jelaluddin Rumi.

Born in 1207 and seven hundred years later, Rumi is America's best-selling poet. Day after day, darkness and deeper resonance will be in the heart of Anamcara. He will teach me the great lesson to balance discipline with the handover. Rumi is a cruel friend. He wants me to work for the love of My Beloved. Yet you know that there is no other pleasure to work on.

Rumi Sufi was mystic. The Sufi practicing prayer, meditation and company. They are deep soul friendships. In this 21st century, the noise and the hurry miss the friendship. I remember writer Thomas Moore, writer of "Care of the Loul", on the question of what is the only thing that would make a difference in his life and work life. He replied with a word, "friendship".

When Thomas Moore replied that there was a long silence. Then he asked, "Is this all?"

This Anamcara friendship is the beginning. There is a great need for friendship. Friendship must go deep into his heart. This is a friendship of one being. This friendship is what we are. This is not something we are doing. This is the natural expression of the soul beyond the ego's defense.

Rumi, that love poet is sharp.

Invites us to pull our own house. He invites us to carry out the work of love and to come to the love of our Beloved. He tells us that the friendship of the soul is under the house. This is the house of illusion. This separation is a house and is not related to everything. This house that we have issued says "I am and this is mine."

This is the job of getting out of time and in the circle of love we are doing alone. This is even if we are never really alone. Our true longing is "being". We also "know who we are".

Desire is the experience of open heart disease.

The handover. It is not a spiritual debate but a deep vulnerability. A willingness to enter another room of ignorance. We have to go emotionally naked into the other room. We must move the threshold between the visible and the invisible world. We ask you to enter naked in the magical and mystical field of Tir Na Nog.

This is the state of timeless beauty.

In Sufi tradition, omission is handed down by discipline. This is the friendship of prayer, meditation, and soul. This soul friendship is the deep communication of words and the silence between words.

This announcement is "breaking bread." This is what a companion and spiritual friend do. They're doing together. The word "companion" comes from the French word "pain" (cried "pan"). The English New Oxford Dictionary translates the term "companion" as "the one who breaks bread".

Anamcara is not a teacher, but one who is confident in the beauty of evolution.

Trusts in their inner beauty and so trusts in your inner beauty. They know their purpose and write their purpose. It works through words and love. Anamcara's goal is simple. It is a tool of peace. It is best that this Anamcara can ever be wrestled with the love of His Beloved. This is the peace that reaches the understanding.

This is the miracle of peace. As the wonderful Vietnamese Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh reminds us, "The miracle is not on the water." The miracle is peaceful in the world. "

We think we are so small that they are little different in how beauty is displayed in the world, Anamcara tells you that you have the greatest chance of making a" real "distinction, this is because you are already with God, and can never be but a man, His divine perfume becomes through love through action, nothing is lost, love never will be

All wounded healers are in a world where we visit our wound

Genuine we are the illusion of separation from this unity, in order to heal this wound, we must follow the beautiful Jelaluddin Rumi, this command to "go out of time and from the circle of love." This love is timeless, has no beginning and no The term "Tir Na Nog" is a metaphor

Not the west coast of Ireland, above the fog it is a state that is beyond the ego's mist, beyond that mist it is the true friend of the soul. The beloved is waiting to give himself that pleasure. John O`Donoghue, author of Anam Cara's wonderful book, calls the "one-sided" surrender. This is the best work you can ever do, because it is work beyond time and space.

From this recovery from the surrender state and cries of synchronicity. This meets others with a meaningful joint incidence. This connection is a miracle. The Universe says, "YES, that's a way." This is the experience of the unity of consciousness that says "This is the way to go without taking into account the consequences".

So I'm not curious to respond to another Anamcara email. These are other healers, other light rays, who are willing to love by acting in love. I would like to send my loved ones perfume with appreciative words. This is the best I can ever afford.

This week I leave one of my favorite quotes from Osho.

A peacekeeper is not a pacifist; the man of peace is simply the node of a silence.

A new kind of energy throbbing into the world. He sings a new song. He lives a whole new life. Grace, prayer and compassion are a very good way of life. Anyone who touches creates more love energy.

Peace man is creative. He does not oppose the war because he has to oppose something in war. He does not oppose the war; he simply understands why there is a war. And this understanding will be peaceful. Only when there are many people who have peace, silence, pool of understanding, and war disappear.

– Osho

Bless you and all those you love and do not like.

© Tony Cockson 2005



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