Anarchy Symbols

Anarchism includes many symbols, including cats that have been used over the years to identify causes and rallies. The reason is usually a protest or a political movement against the current circumstances. With the rise of anti-globalization, the symbols of anarchy are reappearing recently.

The black cat was recognized by Ralph Chaplin, one of the outstanding figures of IWW, known as Wobblies. The movement began in 1905 and continued in the early 1920s, while J. Igor Edgar Hoover's Department of Justice suppressed it. It was a wild-hit strike and a radical union. The symbol was associated with witchcraft, bad signs and death.

The black flag has been the symbol of anarchy since the 1880s. It symbolizes stupidity and offerings. The flag is used by counterparty groups. The black flag has many protests against oppression. The pirates used it to indicate that the lives of the crew were saved if they were to surrender. During the French and Russian revolutions some protest groups were also used. Anarchic movements are still used today.

A encircled A, where A is anarchy, is the symbol of one of our best known days. It was developed by Giuseppe Fanelli in 1888 and later accepted as an anarchy symbol. The symbol became part of the punk rock movement in the 1970s. The band, Sex Pistols, used the punk rock's musical style. Though he used it as marketing activity, he increased awareness of anarchy.

The Black Cross symbolizes a movement that removes prisons. The symbol came from Russia to support political prisoners. Anarchists accepted the unity of the goal. The cross was modified from the symbol of the Red Cross to avoid the Red Cross's turmoil. Black power, women's lib, youth power, and the American Indian movement were connected.

The popularity of piracy, cheerful roger or the symbol of the skull and the sacrum is the symbol of anarchy. Originally, Libertatan used the pirate lifestyle of pirates to be free from repressive societies. It is highly popular with many anarchic movements

. The anarchist symbol, "A" is a circular, with a V the political philosophy of liberating animals. The philosophy known as veganism excludes the use of food, clothing, or other uses of animals. This was popularized by Brian Dominick in 1995 and is used by animal rights groups. People who actively support this movement are not opposed to killing any animal and strict vegetarian diets.

Other symbols of anarchy that are not seen above are wooden shoes, black roses and split flags and stars. All symbols were used to represent a political movement or protest throughout the world. Depending on the organization, you want to adapt to a symbol that best represents your philosophy.



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