Any secret foundation of the relationship

Have you ever been hunting in a house? This is a tiring but exciting thing. Imagine that after searching and searching you will eventually find your dreams. Perfect neighborhood, perfect floor plan, perfect price. You begin the purchase process. Unfortunately, he finds out that the foundation has cracked and has moved away from weighing. What are you doing? Would you still buy the house, knowing that you will not be able to live in a few years?

More than likely, no. And if so, he would regret the decision soon. No matter how perfect the house is. Without a solid foundation, the house will eventually collapse. The same can be said of a relationship based on different values. First you feel that you have finally arrived and found the perfect partner. However, if its values ​​collide, then this connection also has a great risk of crushing.

Values ​​in a relationship? What does that mean? Our values ​​are the structure of our life – the compass is so. You can appreciate the hard work, honest, or make a difference in the world. Everyone has the right to their own values. However, the values ​​are incompatible with a potential partner. Do you see the value of a lively lifestyle colliding with the value of savings and thinking that money is the root of evil? Whichever value is necessarily correct or bad, but not compatible with each other. However, certain values ​​are absolute truths that must exist for every work. Things like trust, honesty, and love for your partner must be the value of both partners to survive the relationship.

For example, Josh and his wife seem to be the simplest pair you met. Short, analytical and American. His wife is tall, Japanese and talkative. He literally twists and wonders how they met. Interestingly they have a very satisfied marriage. How? Because the same values. They both strongly believe in God and revolve around their common life. Both family of values ​​are happy to spend their children up. Each of them appreciated the education and worked together to get both degrees. These shared values ​​provided a solid basis for their seemingly impossible relationship.

So go back and see your values. Do you meet your potential partner? Do you think you would need a person who is actually in conflict with what you need? Take the time to find out yourself. You will enjoy time and effort. The happiness of the future depends.



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