Are you unhappy?

My sister never liked when I used "big words".

I remember making a poster-sized photo collage for my thirty-fifth, fifth wedding, titled "Cruel is the thirty-five year old marriage." He called me to ask what I mean "lasting". I explained that I meant that they had been in close contact with their marriage for a long time.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines a persistent "permanently maintaining, insisting or seeking something valuable or desirable."

The first thing to note is that there is something that is valuable or desirable. that you keep on sticking and sticking to it.

What are you in your life that you are flexible?

You are reviewing and maintaining

1. Contact – What are you doing and tell people? You can not control another person, but it's important not to ignore them because good relationships are based on honesty and respect, some people are confused and have no healthy boundaries that separates each other, others abuse and are physically, emotionally, financially or mental abuse to meet their needs. Best Relationships If you are interested enough to grow another person, but let them do it without negative intervention

2. Career – Do you work more than just one way to spend your employer's money without making efforts to improve your organization? Many people go from work to work without doing a good day's work for a daily salary. Career Building means that you are willing to learn and educate yourself to gain value in your workplace.

3rd Residence – If you are waiting for an unexpected company today, will you be confused about what you see? It seems that the law was neglected because the animals did not cleanse or have not weed the animals? Are there any shoes inside the door, they fall on the floor and die on the counter? And to appreciate it means taking care of it.

4th Self-care – Every day we hear about how the unhealthy society becomes. The vast majority of the population are obese, depressed, and there are many demands on health that they invented. Self-help practices include a nutritious diet plan, regular exercise, rest and stress management.

5th Beliefs – If we have a strong belief in a concept or movement, we must take action and protect ourselves. We often hear from people who do not have enough confidence to substantiate their faith. I often think of my grandfather grandmother, who came to Canada without her family when she was only eleven, because she believed that this country would offer her a better future. This requires courage!

This week, think about the things you value and how much you prefer to care for them.



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