Are you violent? Determining violence and peace

With the pursuit of Carl Jung's research I discovered that we were violent primates. Konrad Lorenz's research and discoveries confirmed my findings. Many other scientific discoveries have confirmed the same truth.

Even if we believe we are civilized, we are far from equilibrium. We believe that some are violent and some people are calm. However, the truth is that people are extremely violent and dangerous primates. Our wars and our sins prove this truth like anything else.

If someone seems calm, it's because they are satisfied for a while. When someone is dissatisfied for some reason, he will be angry. Anger Causes Violence

Are you angry if someone does something against you?

If you do this, it means you are violent. If you were a peaceful creature, you would have just been very sad. You will not be angry and you want revenge.

If you belong to humanity, you are inevitably violent because you have inherited a lot of evil and absurd tendencies to your conscience. This dangerous content has to be converted into peaceful content through dream therapy. The unconscious mind that creates dreams helps to find peace.

In order to eliminate its violent reactions, it must be able to evaluate the importance of peace. If you think the behavior patterns of violence are useful and violent, if you overturn, you will not find peace.

You need to understand the true meaning of violence. Violence is a sudden attack on others with the intent to abuse them. This is a physical force or psychological constraint characterized by cruelty and hatred.

When you think of the concept of violence, you understand that it is a negative reaction. However, he forgot to report it for some reason he would be angry. Believe that you are right because he was angry because he was not respected, insulted, or robbed. Believe that you can defeat this unfair situation. Everyone reacts in the same way as you do.

You judge violence in others, but if you are violent, you think you are "right" because you have been the victim of someone else's wickedness. This means that your behavior depends on the behavior of other people. You can not show sympathy if the people around you are cruel. You too become cruel.

You think that cruelty is a self-defense. However, if you become angry when you have to protect yourself, your anger can lose your mind. You can kill your enemies just because they made you something insignificant.

The violence must be afraid, not to believe that violence is such a useful tool to protect the cruel world. Violence is crazy. Violence Produces Terror

You know violence is used with a bad way of thinking, but with the absurd mindset of modern civilization. You theoretically condemn the violence. On the other hand, to believe that violent heroes who kill gangsters in different films will have to imitate wonderful heroes. You applaud those who use violent violence.

You are forced to admire the violent world leaders. You have been forced to believe that you need military protection to preserve the country's peace.

What kind of peace is this? Peace-related violence?

Peace is opposed to violence. Peace is understanding and forgiveness. Peace is Peace and Peace

How can you find peace in a cruel world?

You think you have to defend yourself from the rest of you. Believe that you're an idiot, if you stay calm if you're offended.

You need to learn how to keep calm even if others are not respecting their rights. When you are wise, you are always calm because you understand that human beings are imperfect beings. Forgive their shortcomings in understanding how to understand inferiority.

Wisdom reminds us that true peace is based on goodness. You are always humble, sensitive, friendly, calm, honest and generous. Your attitude will help keep the peace without violence.

Peace is an invisible war on the basis of interventions. You must learn the difference between violence and peace by analyzing wise unconscious messages in dreams.

You will understand that the behavior pattern of violence is primitive and idiotic. You will also learn the meaning of love.

The unconscious mind helps to love humanity. Sorry for everyone. You want to see everyone find peace and happiness. His philosophy of life is based on generosity and holiness.

You understand that everyone must achieve spiritual perfection and learn how to be wise to find peace and happiness. Force-based patterns of behavior and selfish ideas triggered by materialist civilization can not help humanity with peace.



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