Artificial intelligence, responsibility and Christianity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a specialized branch of robot-control technology for the human-machine interface. Major research programs develop the next phase of artificial intelligence. Does it serve the purpose of reaching humanoids with a sense of self-consciousness? Even without self-awareness, robots are used in a variety of ways, even to meet challenging tasks. There are many related issues here, not least in the field of ethics and state regulation. The purpose of this short article is to discuss at an introductory level and also how this attacks Christianity.


As a specialized branch of automation, industrial robots have been operating for a long time and are used for many routine tasks, Handling of the welding devices with control elements for fast and repeatable coupling of body parts. Robots that can be picked up and placed are often used to manufacture small parts and to assemble a number of mass-produced household and industrial products. Now that commercially available robots are facing further progress, some employees are afraid of the risk of redundancy.

It is fundamentally different when computers are able to process large amounts of encrypted information, such as computers, on the Internet, robot advances process automation to a level where it performs specific mechanical movements, such as industrial production, fine surgical procedures or control tasks, such as food production, automotive or pharmaceutical industries


Then, as developments in artificial intelligence (AI) move, computer control goes beyond the programmed pace of movement at the point where freedom, choice and learning can take place. Thus, a robot with a sensor and vision system can choose from a variety of selectable motions and can be programmed in such a way that you can remember your optimal choices based on your past activity and with different alternatives, and you can use the same or similar challenge at any time.

Perhaps, in addition, some robots have been programmed to solve higher-level responses to problem solving, so they appear to have a special gloss on medical diagnostics, surgical intervention, or chess, for example. However, it is clear that we are still talking about machinery; we are not talking about human rationality. Higher-level AI humanoids designed for complex social interactions will remain machines


Robots, the so-called android, designed to resemble people, will be challenging for society, as their presence can become a feature of everyday life for some people. Ethical use and sociology with androgenic AI requires great care and regulation that provides special training in human-robot interaction. Obviously, particularly vulnerable people, perhaps psychiatric or emotional illnesses, are very related to personalized robots and are responding to them as if they were a real person. For example, people with autism may favor the AI ​​robot's zero-sense, predictable, socialized response to family members.


But as AI robots remain machines, we avoid thinking of anthropomorphism as if they were a real human personality, or emotional sensitivity or warmth. The machine does not take care of the world and will never suffer with real moral guilt and never be able to generate social awareness or responsibility to the point where it begins to act in society as if it were some sort of human sub-species

the kind of emerging society will need international agreements and careful regulation. As it is possible, humanoids and androids evolve with obvious sensitivity, with the caring smile and the skills they know, such as an angry mind or developer of a hostile nation, much to AI for any disadvantageous or extremely threatening activity. This is a serious challenge and, as I write with Christian biblical convictions, our call is in the dark, increasingly hostile world of salt and light, which is ruled by many in vain thoughts about the endless rejection of the truth revealed by God Jesus Christ. 19659002] • UNIQUE

And if men and women think they have the intelligence to artificially reproduce themselves to the extent that there is almost no difference between them and their own creations, they become entangled in vain and futile thinking. Humanity before the Genesis falls has been the climax of God's creation. And despite the fact that we are a moral rebel against God or sinners, by nature we are still wonderful and unique. Assuming that we only develop naturally, electrochemical thinking machines, artificial self-consciousness, humiliating and futile self-denial to deprecated futility, objective value without real responsibility or meaning. And if you have never heard of it then you will never know that you have not been warned. Despite this broader attitude, only biblical Christianity has a clear basis for the objective value and meaning of our humanity within the clear ethical framework of a healthy human society. Despite the fact that despite the great moral uprising between the first human couple and the living God, our Creator, there is justice and objective bad mistake. There is still a common genuine moral protest against murder, theft, rape, starvation and warfare, which is a preservative of society.


Facing the increasing secularization of social models and the acceptable behaviors of humanoids, there are many challenges for Christians. Here we can encounter things that are contrary to truth, purity, freedom of speech, true moral accountability, and freedom as Christ as the only values ​​of Christ's true moral guilt. So biblical Christians need to learn how to bring the gospel of Christ to people who are increasingly devalued, degraded and dehumanized by immoral and permissive lifestyles and have opened the manipulation of authoritarian android types as a means of further social transformation. Thus, that AI's future developments should recognize that while progressing and freely implementing non-projected actions, the type of intelligence and its own built-in development capabilities, it remains the responsibility of developers, manufacturers and licensed service providers. AI robots need carefully designed, enforceable controls and guidance for the efficient and effective application of society. People who have now received moral rebellion with God, though originally in their true resemblance, always need a personal reconciliation on the basis of God's work on Christ, which Android will never need.



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