Astrology – The planets

In astrology, both the Sun and the Moon, as the celestial bodies are usually the list of planetary effects.

The subject of planetary action on earthly life, and especially on human psychics, has been the focus of thousands of years and in all cultures. Where astronomy continues to observe the physical aspects of planets, schools refine the planet's influence on our human psyche.

Let's not forget that the influence on each person can only be determined by the astrological chart that modifies or enhances the individual factors by linking one planet to its other relationship as it is at birth.

The percentages confirmed the following generalities.

SUN The Sun is obviously the most powerful on the heavenly bodies. It represents our most important or spiritual being and representations that are our enduring properties throughout our lives. Each of us is evolved through incarnations with a birth sign that are different in different ages and are moving across all zodiac signs until we have complete human experience. The Sun represents the key to our spiritual life and our birth chart to those who give life, gays, masculine, positive, optimistic, electrical and creative. It is a sign of the good of life and conscious intelligence.

MOON The Moon is the heavenly auxiliary body to the Sun. It represents our growth and changing soul, influenced by changing circumstances and feelings in our lives. It does not represent conscious consciousness and subconscious thinking and emotional outlook, not our conscious thought like the Sun. Symbolizing properties are nurturing, reassuring, reassuring, reflective, magnetic female habits and pregnancy and growth issues. This is an indicator of personal emotions, intuition and imagination.

MERCURY Mercury was once considered a messenger flying between heaven and earth. The human soul possesses such abilities. Its position in the table and its relationships with other planets and energies indicate that we use the gifts of free will and human intelligence as much as possible. The chart shows the speed, movement and talent of communication and intellectual development. He can also tell the other factors of the Chart that he is a very advanced genius for peace or a revolutionary mixer.

VENUS The benevolent planet of love and harmony. These qualities are immortalized in the legends of gods and in the long-lasting symbols of romantic love and harmony, with all the great artwork of all time. The planet has an impact on our talent in music, dance, decoration and diplomacy that maintain peace between the differences. The table reflects our love capacity and personal needs, our expressions and much of our good fortune.

MARS Mars is committed to protecting precious things-to preserve the weakness of goodness in culture and everything, and willing to fight for the cause of death. There was once God who was bound by Venus, representing human kindness. The table indicates activity, agitation, aggression, and tendency to violence, but it shows the enthusiastic features of the soul as well as its willingness to preserve its values. In our Chart, we show our dynamic talents and passions, as it shows us as unfortunate, with irregular energy, enthusiasm or aggression.

JUPITER Jupiter is a great planet of charity. It represents generosity, generosity, wealth, happiness, happiness and generous health. Because it is lightness and luxury, it is a symbol of the horn of abundance. But in a diagram, not only does it formulate, but even if someone is lazy or unjustified for goodwill, and in general, despite the planet's prosperity, it can also show us where to lie in our laurels, so to speak. In general, its influence emphasizes the good.

SATURN Saturn is regrettably generally considered "bad". We know this is a huge planet that has not yet discovered secrets. According to legend, however, it can always be related to the main goals of human life, causing difficulties and death before renewal, and known as "The Reaper". It is undoubtedly a representative of Karma's great law – justice that fulfills the law of action and reaction and which questions "why is it for us?" when we suffer bad fortune, but we neglect to do their good fortune the same way. The influence of Saturn represents a natural law. In our chart we present the difficulties, personal limitations, unresolved problems and the serious concerns of our souls that provide the present lessons.

URANUS Uranium is the unpredictable planet that affects us all, which causes unusual and unusual feelings, interests and behaviors. Its impact on the earth and our civilization flooded the rise of great planetary changes in the recent Revolutionary Revolutions and Wars that went beyond history. The effect of this is to encourage us on the boundaries of individual consciousness to understand the universality of all our lives on earth and beyond. New Age Of Aquarius (the rules of the sign) focus on humanitarian instincts, goals and actions. Our charts show that sudden and life-changing things happened without unnoticed reasons. In our nature, it touches the part that wants to swim against the worn out past values ​​of the past and breaks new ground.

NEPTUNE Neptune, as his name suggests, the planet controls our most magical water-like emotions. As we look at the earth's globe, we see that the material world or earth is much smaller than the oceanic blue scale. Water is more financially material and shows in human psyche that our emotions are greater than our physical self. But as long as we know how to use its influence, the energies in the Chartonna show our vague possibilities, our dreams, our unrealistic self, the undefined aspects of our character, our human weaknesses instead of virtues and strengths. It shows our ability to depend on habits and drugs, relationships and mistakes against others. His most regulated energies offer inspirational dreams and ideas for us, with ideals and feelings, mystical experiences and a sense of the greater unity of life beyond our little ego.

PLUTO Pluto is so small that it is easy to see how it can be queried to have any impact on our distant world, but in fact its effect is that we begin to the extent. Because they have only recently been discovered, they have been subjected to limited testing of how this affects us, but certain factors arise. Pluto was associated with the underworld and often considered negative. But like any other energy, it may be bad or good depending on the purpose to which the energies are utilized. If they see that Pluto's power drives large monopolies, and business ventures exploiting others or supporting the health and well-being of all of us, of course, are considered to be negative performance in this way.

At the same time, if the same energy would be able to create a world for peace and fraternity of mankind that has never been in our history – then it can only be regarded as a unity principle that is goodness itself. The actual details of Pluto, its role in the solar system and its impact on life continue to be highly speculation.



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