Bachelor's Degree in Civil Service Examination

Culture, current affairs, economy, geography, history, intellectual abilities, politics, science, science and technology play a decisive role in the examination of civil services. In addition to the optional subjects besides the essay writing skills, candidates are also invited to understand the above mentioned topics. Language proof papers are only qualifying.

Knowledge, faith, behavior, together with our culture. Languages, eating habits, dresses, festivals, etc. In some parts of the world, there are people who celebrated harvest festivals by competing with animals who they believe and then call their culture. Art, dance, literature, music, play or drama, etc. They reflect the culture of diverse human civilizations.

We have to learn lessons from our past. These include the lives of the ancient and medieval people. Their social, political, economic, cultural life and commerce, economy, special skills, beliefs, etc.

The War of Independence or Independence Movement, leaders' plans, how they got their attitude, how they got, etc.

The ground for the earth is known as a constitution. The political leadership of the nations of the world is run according to the constitution. Basic principles, fundamental rights, basic tasks, direct principles of state policy, the president, prime minister, federalism, central and state relations, finance, etc., were introduced. Role. A thorough understanding of the constitution is indispensable.

The basics have to be very well understood. For example, why are direct principles of public policy preceded by fundamental rights?

Candidates need to understand that without implementing effective policies, fundamental rights can not be enjoyed! The fundamental rights are our happiness. Here are the policies of governments that facilitate our happiness.

Current developments in international, national and other areas are part of the current events category. Digesting daily news is extremely important. For example, the evolution of relations between the two nations, the internationalization of international terrorism, the igniting of deadly nuclear weapons by some countries, and the impact on other countries of the world, the signing of agreements within the world or the countries of the world, the visit of the ruling leaders, very well understood.

Head of Science and Technology is studying research, such as agriculture, biotechnology, defense, engineering, IT, space research, telecommunications, science and technology, etc.

Knowledge is the science of science. A thorough understanding of all questions and actual data is essential to the success of the public service exam.



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