Bacteria, the foundation of life

Bacteria are often malignant as the causes of human and animal diseases. However, this is true for only a few bacteria. In fact, bacteria are the basis of life. Without them, no life would be possible on our planet. Bacteria are more of a word. The word of this word is "bacteria", a double-stranded DNA chromosome in a ring and most friendly, only a few cause illness, but then what a lifestyle, including plants and animals, bacteria are life because they can multiply, but they do not multiply if higher forms of life do not interfere, genetic mutations that persist in the process occur and new genes are created. between genes of men and women among the higher forms of life forms

Thus, bacteria are the basis for the creation of life forms, the genes of more advanced creatures, including humans, are the same as bacterial genes, and this is the source from which bacteria are transmitted through various processes their genes are blocked into other life forms, bacterial genes are enclosed in a cell wall, but there is no protection for these genes in this wall, so the modification of bacterial genes is much easier than the genes in the higher life forms. A type of bacteria of cynobacteria, the basic cells of the plants are responsible for the production of oxygen. Without these, oxygen-breathing life forms could not have been able.

Although bacteria do not carry sexual reproduction, they seem to enjoy a different kind of sex. There are appendices of pilli. This hollow, hairy structure of proteins allows bacteria to connect to other cells. A special pilot, the gender pilot, allows transfer of plasmid DNA from one bacterial cell to another. Thus, the immunity of the antibiotic is transferred from one bacterium to the other. Bacteria can obtain new genes if they encode their DNA molecules (eg Plasma) from their environment or from other bacteria.

Bacteria change their gene expression pattern against changes in their environment; so they produce different enzymes from available carbon sources and other nutrients and environmental toxins that can damage them. Bacterial gene regulation is extremely effective and the bacterial genome is very organized. Bacteria are perfectly adapted to different environments and are prepared to respond to any environmental change by using sophisticated and complex regulatory mechanisms. The modern creation theory called Panspermia argues that life has come from planetary transmissions from space.



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