Balance of power is the scale of peace

"A good man's alleged silence attracts wickedness, while weapons, like laws, with fear and seize the assailant and robber, and maintain order in the world and the property of peace. The same balance would have remained if the whole world of weapons would be cut off, because all of them would be the same, but since some do not, others will not despise them … the weak will be the victim. "Thomas Paine

In other words; if no one has firearms then the balance of power is the same. But just take some firearms and those little ones for the firearms. Those with firearms would surely take advantage of their power.

There are currently politicians and elected officials who try to deprive law-abiding Americans of using (or at least restricting) firearms. They believe that universal background checks and new laws limit legitimate citizens to the use of firearms " retains and retains the" terrible inebriation "of" terrible "(robbery, rape and murder) However, " because some do not follow the law (the bad guys), the" balance that would remain "and the ruffian [19645004] (the bad guys will be tempted, rape and kill).

As I think of Thomas Paine's quotation, I find it hard to believe that our elected officials really believe that the new laws restricting US citizens 'the use of weapons will indeed have an impact on the attacker and the robber .' they do not believe that the new laws will have the revealed effect, what is the reason for introducing these new laws? I can only think that they have a real intention, but in history books there is a sufficient case where the use of weapons is deprived of by disaster. " history of the British rule will mean that the whole nation of weapons will be deprived of the most wholesome. "Mahatma Gandhi

let me say that I do not think our current federal government plans to completely fire the firearms, but there are governmental officials who are publicly in public they made it to confiscate the confiscation. The only way to confiscate the home cinema search – we will not happen – is to record all the firearms. The way in which the firearms register is completed is that the law on registration of each firearm must be started. There are also politicians who honestly believe that a universal background check (which "registers every single firearm purchase") would not come out somewhere in a database controlled by a government agency. These politicians simply deceive themselves. My 35-year government work has shown that the positioning power often leads to decisions based on ideology and not what is best for the citizens.

Ask your elected (and designated) officers if you agree with Thomas Paine. If you disagree … do everything you can to free them from power. If they agree, ask them what they are doing in order not to "force" the "attackers and the robbers". Universal background checks and restrictions on citizens using firearms greatly alter the balance of power for criminals.

"The very mood of firearms, wherever and everywhere, forbids evil intervention, deserve an honorable place with all that's good." George Washington

Let your gun be a constant companion for walks. "Thomas Jefferson, who wrote to his teenage nephew, I think, like George Washington, that firearms are blocking disruptive disturbances and therefore, as Thomas Jefferson suggests, will be a constant companion of my firearm, so one of those bad guys trying to shift to their benefit.) What is with you?



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