Be at peace

One of the legend of ancient Greece was that a Moroccan runner-up at Pheidippides running at Athens city center was about 25 miles away to declare the Persian defeat in the Marathon Battle in 490. Unfortunately, after sending out the message of hope, he fell and was exhausted. Similar ancient Greek messengers are highly valued for their endurance, bravery, and character strength to carry vital messages during war and peace.

Another ancient messenger is the angel Gabriel who is said to be far from God in many Christian and Islamic Arab beliefs to members of the Baha'is faith. Angel Gabriel has appeared several times in the various books of the Bible, but is probably known in his message as the birth of the Prince of Peace of Christ the Child.

In modern times, Paul Revere was an erroneous messenger in American history who, on a legendary midnight alert, warned the patriots of the British forces on the way home. Of all the messengers of history, the common thread is the message: peace.

Today, the United Nations (UN) recognizes the influential people in various areas who have agreed to focus on UN peace initiatives through the volunteers of their time, talent, and media relations. These individuals promote awareness of UN-sponsored peace goals with the dignity of global peace. At the same time, twelve individuals are respected in this respect, and the group is currently Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, Daniel Barenboim, George Clooney, Paulo Coelho, Michael Douglas, Jane Goodall, Midori Goto, Yo-Yo Ma, Wangari Maathai (recently passed away), Charlize Theron , Eli Wiesel and Stevie Wonder. These great messengers are called the Messengers of Peace .

History shows that the world has been and will be in confusion like the forces of greed, anger, envy, and fear. These negative forces are now in hyperactivity, as evidenced by the severity and repetitive repetition of political, economic and environmental crises worldwide. No country is intact. In all this chaos, we find it difficult to feel peace, but in this difficult and challenging time, inner peace is the only thing that sustains us.

They can all be sent by the peace of ours. We can begin by making a conscious choice to live a virtuous life by following the Virtue 8. Choose to have a positive impact on the child of the Millennium. Find a child, a child or a worthy matter to attend. Give your time, talent, and resources. Open your mouth and share the peace message. There is no greater time than now that he began spreading the peace message.

Like Pheidippides or Paul Revere or countless others, a woman, a man or a child can make a difference in another life of his life . Today's message of peace, however small or seemingly negligible, is widespread through the world that affects hundreds, even thousands of people. Become a part of peace. Be part of something bigger than yourself. Be a Deliverer of Peace. Launch Now!



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