Be calm and know that I am God – Your sense will still be surprised

The words – be it – in the English dictionary mean that they are not moving and silent. From a Biblical point of view, these two words have a much greater significance.

That is, one: Be calm and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

The first sense from the Old Testament and Psalm 46: 10 comes from, Be calm and know that I am God. God defends his city and people. The Hebrew definition is to stop aspiration, forgiveness, surrender. The chapter begins and ends with God's refuge.

We may be tempted to let go and rest in God to provide help, strength and security. Stay Wasted! Mark 4:39

In the temple, a preaching centered on the passage in Mark 4, where Jesus uses words: "Peace, be!" (There is an exclamation point.) I was surprised and really laughed when our pastor illustrated his literal meaning.

The story is also portrayed by Matthew and Luke, which depicts an extremely busy day where Jesus healed people, cast demons and talked about. Although the scripture does not say it, it was painted in the picture that Jesus was exhausted and overloaded. He asked for a boat to get away from the masses who came to him.

During the journey, a huge storm came in. The disciples were afraid of their lives. They sought to help Jesus and quickly slept with fatigue. They were terrified by the storm and awakened Jesus. According to Mark, Jesus was not happy. In her frustration she shouted, "Peace, be still!" The storm and the huge waves stopped immediately. The literal translation of Still Be from Greek – Hush! And in a modern sense: shut it down!

Another pastor whom I met told the translation and used the analogy of proverbial family travel. You know, one of the children in the back seat said, "Are we still there? Are we still there?" The answer is, of course, still silent or silent!

How often do God ask God for everything, but do not we stop listening or staying? Quiet and calm action is increasingly challenging in our hectic world. The world calls us to occupy it. God asks us to still be so that we can receive love, peace, and guidance.

With the zeal, the fearsome and nervous thoughts arise. They claimed to have 50,000 daily ideas up. These thoughts are not always good. You know, I can not believe I'm messed up, I'm an idiot, I can not do it, I'm too hard, I'm a scam, I'm too old, I'm too young …

We have to learn to tell our awesome and nervous thoughts, to stop Jesus as he restored the sea. Jesus immediately asked his disciples, "Why are you afraid? Is There Not So Little Faith? "The distraction of the mind and the catching up of the mind requires practice. One is a powerful way to disable thoughts that do not serve us, exercise meditation.

Meditation was for no reason the traditional Christian, Religious Organizations The Promise of Prayer and Biblical Reading, as well as the occasional mention of contemplative prayer, but not so much of meditation Jesus, John the Baptist, and others meditated and abandoned the hectic world

Romans 12: 2 says : "Do not be in line with this world, but transform the renewal of your mind to prove the will of God, good and acceptable and perfect. "Meditation helps to renew the mind, still to leave and pass on to stop thinking that does not serve us.

Many people are being intimidated by silence. Listening can cause problems to run. You can easily fill it up every day with pride and then exclude any concerns about reading your TV, Internet surfing or magazines, none of which is bad, but if you're used to filling an empty one that does not load over time the toll fee is lost, lost opportunities and lost dreams that are never fulfilled

The next time when fear and nervous thoughts that rage in you like a violent storm are like Jesus. "Tear these thoughts, saying," Peace, be calm. "When it comes to strength and help need, leave and rest in God, in his shelter. "Be calm and know that I am God."



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