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1914th On June 28, Archduke Ferdinand, the alleged heir of the Austro-Hungarian throne, was assassinated in Sarajevo. His mandate triggered a series of diplomatic crises that finally gave ultimatum to the Kingdom of Serbia in Austria-Hungary.

A number of international alliances have been formed over the past decades, and for a long time the world has been blown into a hot conflict. The Great War known before the First World War before the outbreak of World War II began on July 28, 1914, and lasted until November 11, 1918.

Although this happened more than a century ago, I think it's still a lesson to us today. Given the current geo-political atmosphere, the diplomatic steps that leaders bring around all over the world and the rhetoric around them; it's not hard to say that we can easily find ourselves in a hot conflict around the world.

Therefore, as nationals of individual countries, we have a serious responsibility and we are very careful about how we cast our votes. Our activities and decisions have consequences in all areas of our lives. And sometimes these consequences are horrible.

This position, however, is not about geopolitics, polling decisions or about the beginning of World War I. In fact, I would like to highlight a little-known, but incredible and significant event during the Great War.

The war was only five months during the Christmas of 1914. Although it has been a relatively long time since the outbreak of hostilities, hunger, thirst, lack of sleep, PTSD, casualties, and homelessness were high and Christmas gave them even deeper meaning. ] They were physically exhausted, mentally and emotionally drained. I have to believe that they are challenged spiritually. They lived in frozen temperatures in ditches that were drenched and were invested with rats and deaths. They could not bury their dead, because the battles were so strong that the corpses of the comrades were just lying.

As you can imagine as he approached Christmas, soldiers thought of good food, security, comfort, and warmth, and the loved ones they left behind. Needless to say, some of them would never return home – they've been killed. The others were curious whether they would be alive.

The opposite lines on the western front are just 100 meters away, and in some cases much closer. As the troops settled on the 24th of December, a German soldier began to sing "Stille Nacht". His voice took over the short path of No Man's land to the allied trenches and he realized that the melody began to sing the "Silent Night". After a long time, both camps began to turn away with Christmas singing.

The next morning, the Germans appeared in "Happy Christmas", shouting in English, some holding signs that read "Do not shoot, do not shoot". [19659003] The Allied soldiers glanced out of the ditch cautiously to join their enemies in the land of One Man, where they exchanged gifts for cigarettes, food, buttons, and hats. Naturally, they did not yet have journalists with the troops, so there was a huge range of verbal reports, diary entries and letters from those who participated. In fact, historians still do not agree exactly when, where and how this Christmas armistice began, but it is clear that it was quite spontaneous. They led 600 miles of ditches in France and Belgium, and different things happened at different points in the frontal spot. Of course, it was the exchange of gifts, but more importantly, both sides had the opportunity to collect and bury the dead. There were reports that football was wandering around ball games. Another report that a British soldier would get his hair from the pre-war German barber.

Needless to say, military brass soldiers on both sides fully opposed this truce, which lasted only a few days, and for so long as New Year's Day in others

This Christmas armistice that never happened again 1915 despite the attempt, it is indeed one of the proofs of hope and mankind's power during our darkest hour. It was a remarkable event and left some valuable lessons that can still be used today:

  1. Get out of the trenches

If you do not want to get out of the trenches or get out for a short while and return to our old positions, then the fight rushes and keeps pulling. Theoretically, the truce allowed the soldiers to finish the war only five months later. Instead, they returned to the ditches – they returned to battle and the war ran for four years. As a result, 9 to 11 million soldiers and 5-6 million civilians were killed. Instead of returning to the ditch and spilling verbally on your enemy – people you do not understand; I would like to ask you to take part in the man's land where you can find a compromise, find reconciliatory sound and find solutions to your problems. It will get rid of all those who have been affected by many havoc and heart problems.

  1. Get to know ! When you get out of the dungeon and take the land of No Man, you give yourself a chance to get to know the "other" see in the distance. Those who come from other species, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or political streaks. You will be surprised that when you get to know them, you realize that they both have more in common relationship than the eye. Anyway, this is true even within families where people can have different political views. During the festive dinner, sitting around the dinner table, everyone gives an opportunity to look at the other's point of view. You still can not understand one, but you will gain a better understanding because you would have found a community and you saw humanity amongst each other. This is something I talked a lot about the 2018 Olympics at PyoengChang on the corner. His first Olympic Games was in Calgary in 1988. You may remember that the world was at the height of the Cold War. I just finished the military officer and I thought that behind the iron curtain everyone was evil. However, while in the Olympic Village I found many athletes who represented countries behind the iron curtain and pointed out that we are together as shared things. We both were here to represent and do our best for our countries, share similar hopes and aspirations and suffer from the same human weaknesses and the only real difference between us was ideology. While soldiers on the western front have discovered and taught us – if you spend time on getting to know each other, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that they are more similar to you than you could ever imagine.

  2. Be Peacefull With You

You must create a truce with your worst enemy – this is an odious little man who always criticizes and humiliates himself. The person who always defeats and feels less. You must bring the truce to YOU! In no way can you begin peace with others and others until you learn to love and appreciate yourself. Almost frankly, most of our questions start in the mirror in the world.

So, if these soldiers find themselves in the middle of a battlefield more than a hundred years ago to see mankind in one of the worst circumstances; claims that we can do the same thing and make less challenging obstacles on the barrier.

So have peace!

Be Peace in Your Life, in Your Family, in Your Community, And Finally in This Christmas Message

This is the message of the Christmas Armistice and the message I want to bring to you.

Keep On Pushing! ]



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