Being a hero

What do you buy to become a hero? There are heroes in every area of ​​the pursuit who go beyond themselves, challenge the impossible and immortalize the achievements, presenting the limitless realm of life to mankind if we can dream and follow our dreams.

There are great heroes everywhere. During history, thousands of famous heroes can be called. Great war heroes like Napoleon; political groups such as Nelson Mandela; human rights activists such as Martin Luther King; spiritual figures like Mother Teresa; great composers, artists and athletes in every imaginable sport who are perceived by perfection or expertise beyond the general masses.

There are also existing heroes among us. You read them in the newspapers, meet them in the world, live with them, or maybe even one!
The most valuable gift a hero gives us is the inspiration. In their actions or words, the hero is a person who inspires us to move on. We see strength and solid feelings, observe their capacities, and find greater capacity within ourselves, and see their struggle and find their own problems so they can not be so insuperable.

To be a hero, you have to face challenges. Challenges in life are in fact opportunities to shape our own heroic attributes. If we never give up, then we will succeed. Sr. Chinmoy, a spiritual teacher and inspirational writer, speaks of the divine hero, saying: "Man must face the world and not go to the Himalayan cave, here we must act on the divine heroes in mankind."

Those qualities that become heroes are in fact divine or internal qualities. Courage, determination, humility for humankind, humility, confidence or faith in God, and the higher ideological idea than we are currently in. Therefore, we can all become real heroes. Brave on the buffets of life. Follow your dreams in any area that inspires you. Never give up! Sr. Chinmoy writes:

"Be Brave!

Make New Challenges Go Up

Your victory is manifested

Your discovery."



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