Benefits of tofu printing

Tofu mushrooming is a very easy way to taste and improve the texture of tofu flavors. Although not all tofu recipes apply to tofu, it is applicable to all recipes. There are tofu presses that are in the form of boxes and are specifically designed for tofu. However, there is no great benefit as the same results can be seen with some paper towels and heavy objects.

The main advantage of tofu pressing is to enhance the taste. The liquid into which the tofu is wrapped is not as delicious as the taste of the marinate or the food it cooks. Therefore, if you remove this tasteless liquid, tofu can absorb more flavor. That's why many restaurants shine on tofu dishes.

During cooking in a tofu, some people complain about the scent of the liquid that they are packaged and therefore "tofu" cooking and eating off. If this is the case with you, pressing the tofu button will stop this fluid and even though you will still be able to smell it, you will be comfortable knowing that you do not feel this stinking fluid.

If you did not print tofu before you absolutely must give it. If you've ever wondered why you can not cook tofu than the restaurants, then probably the fact that you press the tofu. Keep in mind, however, that hot gum pressure mainly includes marinating or high-volume food.



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