Big problem with using a concrete foundation boat – Building repairs

A concrete foundation pier can be purchased in almost every wooden house yard and home development center around the world. They are usually about 12 cm high and their bases are generally approx. 12 cm wide and moves upwards, on top of a 6-inch square, which is usually made of two metal supports. These metal locking elements can be attached to the column that supports the floor covering.

There are plenty of homeowners, craftsmen, and even some contractors who put these specific piers directly onto the ground and have not substantiated any concrete ground. Over time, when using a concrete base, the foundation pier actually provides little support for the floor covering elements.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about. You have a part of the floor that will shake and raise and install additional support in these areas to solve the problem.

When he crawls under the house, with his base and new concrete primers, he realizes that the floor covering has a cracked supporting beam. Instead of replacing the beam, simply lift the floor and install the base of two primed pier under the damaged beam and put it on top of the ground.

There is a good chance over time that the weight of the house will push the concrete piers into the ground and you will return to the square right now.

Here is the solution to solving this problem. Pour a 12 "x 12" wide and 12 in. Deep concrete reinforcement into the area where the new piers are installed. This usually provides the necessary additional support.

To properly repair your home, contact a builder or a structural engineer to provide you with the exact specifications of construction materials and the requirements for new bases.

In other words, it's not a good idea to set a concrete primer right above the ground.



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