Building a good foundation helps you achieve your goals

If you ever had a goal and did not succeed, you are not alone. There are many reasons why people do not follow their purpose.

Sometimes it is lacking in motivation, is not fully committed to its outcomes, or is a goal that is not immediate and not compelling. But I often find out what the lack of a good base is on the road.

What does this mean? Imagine building a house. If you just start building without having properly prepared the place for your home, the house might fall into places that are built above an underground stream or fall off because of earth shifts.

Your goal is like a house. The goals set should be a solid foundation for building. Without crashing. Even if they are able to reach them, they may disappear because the foundation is not there to firmly preserve the outcome.

For example, if your goal is to make money this year, you need to make sure you have a solid foundation for cash management so you will not be consumed by what you are looking for.

If your goal is to have your office or home a calm, beautiful place, on a solid basis, you will not care about the changes. Do you ever clean the room or restore the space, and then soon you will notice that you have to re-do it again? This is probably because there is no basis for good and orderly things.

This is true of the goals of good relations. Without the foundation of relationships, even the greatest love can get stuck.

What should a solid foundation be? Elements of a good foundation depend on the area concerned. To achieve financial goals, financial skills are needed; relationship-related issues are needed for relations-related purposes; Career Opportunities needs the basics of skills related to your career.

You usually need five areas to look into: Your physical environment

  • Your health and well-being
  • Career
  • Contact
  • You can create your personal base if you appreciate how solid your skills and behaviors are in these areas.

    Does it sound like a bunch? May. But the good news is that there are people who help estimate the foundations and figure out what to do with it. Sometimes it is a specialist in a given area, sometimes it is life-saving. The time and money you look at your personal basics will be enough.

    Imagine if you've built a house without making sure the foundation is solid. How much time and money should you pay?

    It's just as important in your life, and in some cases even more important. For example, how much money and time will you lose if your health is shocking? Imagine you have spent the whole year trying to achieve this goal just to lose it in the first week of next year.

    An investment that looks for time, energy and money from the basics perspective can make a difference. Take care of your basics and make sure your efforts are not wasted.

    (c) 2008 Linda Pucci, Ph.D.



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