Bully with the horns

In July 2006, Malden Observer wrote an article titled "Tireless voices make it impossible", which was to try to involve children and adults alike and help victims of bullying; to talk to young people and find out what's happening in school and school, to report any violent or deteriorating behavior and to prosecute perpetrators.

Well, it's almost two years from now, and I have to say, though the reports of harassment seem to have risen, I think what's happening is the curiosity that the outrage of these acts is ultimately the daily media (thanks to television and the Internet). Most people now (finally!) With her own eyes she saw, considered and argued that harassment had an impact on young people and now they got sick and sneezed.

In the latter case, a Florentine bummer who lured him into another house (and guessed he left) while six other girls pounded, not only the planned wild game, but young people from all over the world openly exclaimed their indignation.

What this case was about to show in mainstream America was that they were all put on tape and placed one of the participants on Youtube.com with the purpose of luring and shocking the viewers. But due to the little genius, the police have put a lot of killings on the girls for murder, including kidnapping, fake prints and battery. This is the time!

Finally, it is the law that accounts for the pernicious offenders of such physical and mental disabilities. Victims are scars that can heal outside, they are kept inside for a lifetime. It is therefore necessary to base this foundation on and send a message that we will not accept the abuse and / or indifference of the rights of young citizens.

As nearly two years ago, I once again suggest that while investigating such events and tracking the relationship between perpetrators and their parents if these parents are unwilling or able to commit their children to be committed and intent on harassment the responsibility should be to fight law enforcement to take over and see that justice has taken place.

I ask the state to take seriously the cry of our children and follow the example of the Florida case. I still think that if teachers, parents, police and courts are particularly involved in exposure, amending the law, and harassing guilty people, only such behavior and renewed sense of security will diminish and justice for our children.

As you can see, there is no question of violence that plays in young people's formative years. And is humiliation and pain, or those who actually run away from such compensation, keep in mind that these are the leaders of tomorrow – who will decide for us or for their decision.



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