Calm down in peace?

Imagine the strange header as the title of a message, worse than the title of a weekly newspaper column. So when I was curious to write about this subject, I tried to resist, but continued. I certainly wanted to do other messages. But we had to be the leader of the Spirit. Yes, God's ways are weird. I really believe that there are specific things that God wants to achieve through today's massage. Now you know that "Resting in Peace" is one of the many beautiful inscriptions people are writing about on the graves, the mourners. This is used when burial, commemorating, or even memorizing the dead; especially their loved ones.

Other distinctive words, which are also used as epitaphs (the Greek word epitaphios, that is, a memorial plaque over a grave or a grave): "Let her soul be in perfect peace, Let her sweetheart rest in peace, Let her soul calmly calm down in the bosom, God accepts his dear soul, He rest in the bosom of the Lord, God gives eternal rest. Others: "Let's meet him in the bosom of the Lord"; "He was with the Lord," We will see him in paradise, etc. These include, among other things, many other religious and traditional ordinances to give at least a happy eternity to the dead, but if we ask if these rituals actually influence the purpose of a lost soul, we will soon be able to reach it. I would like to ask you some questions What happens in your mind when you see a person who, who lived such an ungodly and evil life that buried these wonderful words? How you feel when your relationships; that you know that they lived and died, describe these fantastic words? If you see a politician who has killed innocent people happily, kills his opponents, kidnapped state money from the deadly death, how do you feel? When these enormous secret cultures and dark young brethren in our university receive these beautiful wishes at their death, do you feel you tell the wishes, "After all devastation to society?" What do you know about the person you know very well that he is enriched, fame and desperate? Who is the one who lived in immorality and died? I know that we all have very difficult questions, but at the same time we have to face the reality.

The truth remains that every day we send churches with beautiful inscriptions and décolletées. It is vital to know that any man or woman who has died in sin or in Christ has been forever lost and forever condemned; regardless of whether he is buried or what happened after or after his death. No word or religious ceremony can change the purpose of a lost soul. And this is just why the Bible tells us that we are doing our best to modify the ways we are still alive. After we die, it's done. It can never be remedied. You will only judge what you did while you were living

The Bible has made this clear. He told us that death comes after judgment. And, in his judgment, he also said that no sinner or wicked person could afford an everlasting rest, rather their place would be in the place of suffering, weaving, tearing and regret. Revelation 21: 8 said, "But whoever turns away from me, they are unbelievers, corrupters, murderers and immoral, witchcraft and idolaters, and all who lie in lies, firing a lake and a sulfur." ​​This is very clear. All these evil things when they are still alive and automatically determine where they spend the eternity after leaving this world.

Count to Today

For us to gain the right to obtain eternal happiness after death (God's Rest and Peace), we have to think about all our actions and interactions during the day. The Psalmist knew this very well when in Psalm 90: 12, "So teach us our days to apply our hearts to wisdom." I think the problem is that there is always such a world as if it were a permanent place of residence. We often forget that one day we must surely leave; regardless of how rich, powerful, intelligent, interconnected or affluent. We are always tempted to take away what we are privileged to gain or inherit, and we lose this truth. But in fact we live in the time we borrow.

What do we do now? The Psalter told us to apply our heart to wisdom daily. We have to do the things when and how to stop them. And one of those things is to serve God with all of our hearts, strengths, materials, and all our lives. And these can only be done if you are still alive. Because only the living can serve God.

Again, Jesus often told us what was happening after death. He said that sorrow, suffering, heat, anxiety, tingling of the teeth, and the place of darkness. And the right place for the sweet reward. But I want you to pay attention to the story Luke told in the 16th. History of rich man and lazarus. Lazarus was sick, poor beggar with my stomach; what the dogs did. The rich man lived in luxury and splendor. But when Lazarus died, he went to eternal happiness (Abraham's silk), and the rich man died and was buried (I really think so) but he left the place of suffering. Please be aware that their eternal destiny was not alive because of their physical or economic circumstances. Lazarus, though the poor and the sick were God's children, but the rich man and his five brothers did not care about God's word (see verse 28).

Now I want you to learn here that you have not been buried, but how did you live. The Bible made it clear that the rich man was "buried", but no one spoke of Lazarus except that the angels had delivered him. And I'm sure you know that it can not be the painful, devastating body that has reached Abraham for the Angels. Maybe his body was eaten by dogs too. All we know is that their bodies (Lazarus and rich man) stayed here on earth. One was not credited, and the other was buried in the holidays. But this did not change their eternal reward. They were exceptionally rewarded for what they lived on earth. I hope you have received this message, but if you are not and still live in sin, please write your epitaph before you die and read "Please do not be bothered to say anything about me …" Because this only minimizes the unnecessary, wasteful words and rituals that follow his death. Decide today's decision! Give your life to Jesus Christ. God bless you !. Gabriel is the author of Midnight Pray Power



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