Calm Religions?

If you say that Christianity is a peaceful religion according to the scriptures, it can be said that Islam is, according to the writings, peaceful. In reality, both the Koran and the Bible present a dichotomy, promoting peace and violence. Both have quotations that are peaceful and some are not peaceful quotations. [19] In Luke 19:27, Jesus himself says, "But those enemies who do not want them to be kings and kill them before me."

Now the popular sentence … what would Jesus do ? … does not sound good, right?

The Qur'an also has many quotations, such as 2: 190,

The believer must call on God through those who fight you … but do not aggress, God does not like aggressors. "

The use of quotation marks indicates that the quotations are meaningless, and can be twisted and interpreted in countless ways: organized religion and now politics,

both are guilty of using propaganda, citations quoted from the Bible or any other appropriate text, trying to influence the reader.

Fundamentalists use their sins using religious texts and are mistakenly interpreted to arrive, "I am right, so you are wrong" mentality. This mentality can be dangerous; this can lead to extremism. Extremists are not God but their own agenda. There were countless religious extreme cases that, following the quotations of the scriptures, justified the killing of others, or I might say, a misreading of the quotations of the scriptures.

Islam and Christianity have a dark past (and in some cases dark gifts) involved in the interpretation of the scriptures. Islam is no more cruel than Christianity.

The "Golden Rule" is the key, not the text of the Koran, the Bible or any other organized religion. Some form of Christianity's golden rule is present in virtually every religion. All religions preach peace, but followers practice peaceful beliefs?



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