Can someone feel better in peace when you no longer need those who have been abused?

If someone has been abused at the beginning of their life, it probably means they have often felt painful at this time. In addition, most of its developer needs, if not all, have not been met.

As a result, despite having passed many years since their lives, not necessarily in the good sense. Then it will be clear to them that time will not heal the events.

A Great Challenge

No matter what they are thinking about, they may not go as they wish. By virtue of what they are doing, simply keeping their lives might be a burden, and perhaps they wonder if there is a reason why they are on this planet.

Alternatively, they may have been able to build their career, but their relationship may be a mess and may have many passions, for example. In this case, it may look like everyone else.

The same experience

So, regardless of their successful career, they still have a deep emptiness. They will look like a whole human being, but it may as well be missing something.

Many of their lives will be trying to find something that fills this hole. Swallowing things, consuming things, buying things, becoming a gunman and / or a person's weapon can all be ways to achieve this.

A Black Hole

Unfortunately, this approach will never work, and this is because this hole can not be filled from outside. If you try to fill this hole from the outside, it will look like trying a dirty window inside.

Yet, although this approach is futile, it seems like this hole is only filled out from the outside. Without realizing it, one is trapped in a game that can never be won. Another part

They may even notice in their own lives that they still look to their carers, which they did not get as a child. Then it does not matter if you are no longer a dependent child because they will feel.

Most of us want to endorse, accept and acknowledge what happened every year. And although there is a chance that this can happen, there is a chance that it will not.

The Ideal

If their caregivers are willing to admit what's happened and to be there, they can make it easier for them to heal. One option would be if someone visits their caregivers, for example, they have therapies.

This allows them to open what I'm going through, what's happened and what they want from their carers at this stage of their life. If their carers are on board, they will not allow them to heal overnight, but it is likely to speed things up. Another Consequence

Conversely, carers may not be willing to do so by not using them. Their carers will not be able to give them what they are looking for – just as they could not provide them what they needed as a child.

You can then be very similar to how you feel when you are in a relationship that is not available; they are broken, helpless, hopeless and helpless. After they have gone all the way, they have a great chance to feel in peace only, but that will not happen until they need anything from the abusive people. [1] 19659002 A Great Illusion, though they can believe that they need their caregivers to meet certain needs to move forward, this is not the truth. Parts of those who need all these things are the wounded inner children in them.

These parts did not get what they needed all these years and now they take them. Therefore, although they are only a part of their existence, they may be like their whole being.

External aid

The wounded inner child must be recognized and expressed what they did not want to express all those years ago. This way, these parts are integrated with the others.

If their carers need to do this, they will probably show that they can not provide their inner needs. That is why there is a therapist / healer who makes such a difference as it provides the necessary support.


Initially, as if surviving on their caregivers and acknowledging what happened, over time, they will see that this is just a big illusion. This will be the time when one must be patient and persistent, but it will be worthwhile in the long run.

The time comes when they are no longer looking for something that can not be sure to settle down and feel at ease. They also find that doing such work allows them to be present, enabling them to attract available people and leave those who do not.



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