Can the alcoholician find "peace"?

The 4th promise from the great book of the Anonymous Alcoholic Book claims "to know the peace".

If you've experienced being a full-time alcoholic, then you probably know very little about peace. You probably know the police.

Do you really know "peace" without the liquidity of courage?

How does healing alcoholics gain such enlightenment?

The answer is actually very simple. You have to practice it.

In the past four years I have been extremely pleased and privileged to play the old NHL hockey bands' ice hockey in the Old-timers Hockey Challenge. Even 10 to 20 year-olds like professional players, these NHL stars play amazingly, with precision and confidence. Some steps may be slower, but they are still the master of their profession. How did they become professional players and play such high standards? The answer is that they have been very hard for years before and during their professional career.

If you want to experience a successful recovery program, you must practice it hard.

Everything that is worthy of life requires practice and determination. If you really want "peace," then you will need a lot of practice to get there.

Peace can be defined as the freedom of any conflict or controversy.

As an alcohol reliever, your life was full of relentless troubles and confusion. By "placing the plug in the jug", he took the first step to "knowing peace".

However, you will continue to practice the various relaxation techniques before you know the peace.

Here are 10 methods in which some AA members lived in peace and harmony in their lives:

1. Sit in a comfortable environment for at least 20 minutes a day. Light meditation technique simply focuses on long and slow breathing into a decimal.

2nd Read the many inspirational meditation books available at bookstores every morning in the corridor. This is a great way to start the day.

3rd At the end of each day count your blessings. Write down a list of the 10 things you are grateful for and you will feel that your stress relieves.

4th Practice your cardiovascular system at least 3-4 times per week. Walking fast, running, swimming and dancing are a great activity to keep the disease and reduce stress.

5th Do not spit on your problems. Invite your sponsor or friend to recover and talk about things.

6th Laughter is the best medicine. Buy a humorous book such as Herman, Calvin and Hobbes or the remote site and read a few pages daily. It is very difficult to emphasize when you laugh aloud.

7th You can simply have a balanced diet of 3 daily meals to maintain the right blood sugar level.

8th Look for counseling, psychology or psychological counseling when stress and anxiety prevent normal daily routines.

ninth Regularly volunteer to help those who need it or who are less fortunate.

10th Be consistent and lasting.

The restoration of alcoholism is similar to putting purses in a piggy bank. Initially, you do not have much to show your efforts, but you will experience enormous benefits over time.

If you conscientiously implement and practice these 10 steps, you will eventually "know the peace". Remember, the promises of restoration always come true when you work for them.



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