Can the justice of peace be married? Not in Australia!

In Australia, the Justice of Peace is a volunteer member of the community who plays a vital role in justice and for whom he does not receive any remuneration.

JP may be witnesses of signing statutory declarations, attesting that a copy of the documents may include original and exact copies of the original, summaries and police search commands. The JP is one of those categories that can see the bride and groom signatures in the announcement of marriage announcement, which is a wedding ceremony in Australia (wedding ceremony) or priesthood at least one month before the wedding. This document serves the same purpose as the marriage permit required in many other countries.

All married solemnities and the priesthood authorized to marry (not all priests are entitled to marry) also acknowledge the signatures of the announcement. Generally speaking, Australian JP is being asked to witness signatures when a couple remotely arranges a wedding destination, so it is not possible or convenient to meet the celebrated celebrity for this purpose.

What a JP can not do to do the actual marriage.

There are several reasons for this.

  • History and Tradition – Marriage Ceremonies were only permitted under the Marriage Law, including priest priests, matrimonial officers associated with births and marriages, and since 1973 civil marriage ceremonies appointed by an Australian lawyer
  • In Australia, marriage is a matter for the Commonwealth because the Marriage Law Act is federal. However, the peacemakers are designated by each state.
  • A solemn bourgeois marriage may witness legitimate statements about your marriage and you really have to go to the declarations on the back of the official marriage certificate in which you state you are freely married.



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