Caring for the facts, you're alive

Prepared to present a performance at a craft group after a funeral director's performance, I decided to go with the flow and continue the people at the depth of death.

"What do you want to say about your funeral?"

I do not think anymore of the transient nature of life, but for me, then panic pipes are instrumental, The Lonely Pastor .I can hear this music at any time, I'm thinking of my death right away And that idea is a blessing

It's not a morbid thought It's a realistic idea that God could remove my breath and stop my heart in a second or if you're diagnosing cancer tomorrow It's such a humiliating reality.

The question of my own death is "Do I enjoy the fact that I'm alive?" Do I keep life lightly? I buried it in my work, did I spend enough time on my contacts? – to my wife, my son, my daughters, my parents? What do I say I should not be? Who is the one that really misses or do I leave? And now I give these people time? Are these people still the best? Did I do my best to reconcile with those I've been hurt? Do I know God? Do I know that everything has to be? What do I have to do before I die?

Is there some way I'm sorry about life? Can I do something with them? Did I really accept the consequences of my actions? Is there joy in my life? What can I do to join in for peace, hope and joy?

What do I buy? Contrary to "what is missing?"

This is the throbbing fact of life: you and I are alive for a time like this but it will soon be over. As we all know that grandparents and parents have died or are ready for such an event, life seems to be long, but from the point of view of irony it is very short.

Non-morbid thought for funeral; such a thought reminds us of the value of life, and this is what drives us to cultivate the fact that we are alive.



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