Can someone feel better in peace when you no longer need those who have been abused?

If someone has been abused at the beginning of their life, it probably means they have often felt painful at this time. In addition, most of its developer needs, if not all, have not been met.

As a result, despite having passed many years since their lives, not necessarily in the good sense. Then it will be clear to them that time will not heal the events.

A Great Challenge

No matter what they are thinking about, they may not go as they wish. By virtue of what they are doing, simply keeping their lives might be a burden, and perhaps they wonder if there is a reason why they are on this planet.

Alternatively, they may have been able to build their career, but their relationship may be a mess and may have many passions, for example. In this case, it may look like everyone else.

The same experience

So, regardless of their successful career, they still have a deep emptiness. They will look like a whole human being, but it may as well be missing something.

Many of their lives will be trying to find something that fills this hole. Swallowing things, consuming things, buying things, becoming a gunman and / or a person's weapon can all be ways to achieve this.

A Black Hole

Unfortunately, this approach will never work, and this is because this hole can not be filled from outside. If you try to fill this hole from the outside, it will look like trying a dirty window inside.

Yet, although this approach is futile, it seems like this hole is only filled out from the outside. Without realizing it, one is trapped in a game that can never be won. Another part

They may even notice in their own lives that they still look to their carers, which they did not get as a child. Then it does not matter if you are no longer a dependent child because they will feel.

Most of us want to endorse, accept and acknowledge what happened every year. And although there is a chance that this can happen, there is a chance that it will not.

The Ideal

If their caregivers are willing to admit what's happened and to be there, they can make it easier for them to heal. One option would be if someone visits their caregivers, for example, they have therapies.

This allows them to open what I'm going through, what's happened and what they want from their carers at this stage of their life. If their carers are on board, they will not allow them to heal overnight, but it is likely to speed things up. Another Consequence

Conversely, carers may not be willing to do so by not using them. Their carers will not be able to give them what they are looking for – just as they could not provide them what they needed as a child.

You can then be very similar to how you feel when you are in a relationship that is not available; they are broken, helpless, hopeless and helpless. After they have gone all the way, they have a great chance to feel in peace only, but that will not happen until they need anything from the abusive people. [1] 19659002 A Great Illusion, though they can believe that they need their caregivers to meet certain needs to move forward, this is not the truth. Parts of those who need all these things are the wounded inner children in them.

These parts did not get what they needed all these years and now they take them. Therefore, although they are only a part of their existence, they may be like their whole being.

External aid

The wounded inner child must be recognized and expressed what they did not want to express all those years ago. This way, these parts are integrated with the others.

If their carers need to do this, they will probably show that they can not provide their inner needs. That is why there is a therapist / healer who makes such a difference as it provides the necessary support.


Initially, as if surviving on their caregivers and acknowledging what happened, over time, they will see that this is just a big illusion. This will be the time when one must be patient and persistent, but it will be worthwhile in the long run.

The time comes when they are no longer looking for something that can not be sure to settle down and feel at ease. They also find that doing such work allows them to be present, enabling them to attract available people and leave those who do not.

Practical SEO Guide: Good Business is the Basis for Good SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization (SEO) includes a number of techniques, approaches, and strategies that will prepare your site for larger search engines. Often resembles alchemy. Everyone knows what SEO experts are doing, but very few people know how to do it. In fact, many SEO gurus strongly disagree with . There are many tactics available, but SEO is not a cheap business, so you have to be careful when placing valuable advertising dollars. First, you need to be aware of what you are trying to reach at the center of the business, the focus, the focus!

  • Secondly, you must reign in your zeal and prepare for the tormenting multi-month commitment that requires time, discipline, and money – ready to spend time on the ditches.
  • Finally, you need to decide which tools and techniques will be the best return on investment (ROI). If the resources are too thin, it fails.
  • If you want to search immediately on the first page of Google search results, this SEO guide is not for you. Do not believe people who claim to be ethically able to take over the first page overnight. Even if you can hurt your system for a short time, Google's anger will swiftly go away and never go away. If you seriously think about SEO, get yourself a long run and do it right – your patience and diligence pay off. Indeed, nothing is complex in SEO. Based on three principles:

    1. Valuable, relevant, unique, timely content is well located on search engines
    2. Content must be machine-readable to be found. work takes time to generate results.

    Valuable content

    Let's start with valuable content. Before you mention the term "SEO", ask yourself what I need to offer to the world, why is it unique and why does anyone want it? Do you have a digital strategy that covers all digital communication channels? Do not forget to compete on millions of internet sites. Theoretically, you can spend a lot of time on SEO, and you can get to the priceless first page to find out that customers will not find any good content, products, or services. Conversely, do not give up too fast. Many business owners who get great products and services will never get over to their audience because they do not interfere with SEO. The axiom "If you build it, you will come" is forever fake on Google. Treatment is yours, and if you do not make a compulsory case to Google, you will be ignored unless you are the only universe that offers a super-running product (for example, a monopoly). So make content that stands out. Make sure you enter the value. Sometimes a victim. You can choose to share valuable information your competitors can use against you. You can choose to create unique perspectives that may give rise to controversy or criticism. Be yourself, be unique and be interesting – you have to give it to you. More than one sales level. Make a cost-benefit analysis that includes brand recognition. Keep in mind that the results take time, usually 1-2 months, sometimes longer. Your ultimate goal is to find a competitive niche and establish yourself as authority in the industry so it affects your shopping patterns. People will remember you and come to you when you need them. In terms of content, make sure that everything you write is free from well-structured, clear and factual and grammatical errors. Write in a simple language. There are more resources for this. It is generally recommended that the content of the website be written to six levels of reading. Sometimes it is not possible for all industries, but the best. Another useful metric is the Flesch-Kincaid readability index. We recommend it to be over 60 (you can use this free tool). Be friendly, accessible and easy. Use humor, but be careful not to violate and set limits. Always keep your audience in mind. Make sure the most important information is at the top of the page so you can easily find it. Web users do not read; dried out. Use headers and lists. Information is digestible and avoid jargon, clichés and conversations as much as possible. Make sure your navigation structure is task-oriented and user-friendly. The user's experience should always be happy.

    Helping Google Find

    Get valuable content and is now ready to move on to the next step – Search Engines and Find People. In this SEO guide, we focus on Google as it has the largest search market share, but it can be applied to other search engines as well. You can probably say that if you rank well at Google, it will be good for other search engines as well. There are a number of SEO techniques, but we focus more on those that have been tested and proven in the action:

    1. Maximize incoming links on large domain and site sites [19659008] Machine readability of pages on most important pages on a consistent side.

    Building Inbound Links

    This technique causes many confusions and controversy in SEO circles, but for no reason. It's very simple, and the next hypothesis-count quality links to your site are the most effective way for Google to determine the value of your site. The bounties are very similar to Facebook's "Love" – ​​social trust. Google's logic here is quite straightforward – if you have a reputation and relevant web pages linked to you, the content should be valuable. One important note is that networking must be organic. If links grow relatively quickly within a short period of time, Google can view this as spam, even if your efforts are legitimate. Spread your efforts for a few months. There is nothing wrong with linking industry experts. Just make sure you avoid link farms and spammy techniques.

    1. Spammy comments. Do not comment on someone's website just to add your link. Just show a link to the comment when it's needed for the conversation and the link can be really useful to the audience.
    2. Avoid link farms. These pages are only needed to build a link. Adding your site to the appropriate web directories and local listings is fine, but make sure you only work with trusted sites. Our benchmark is DA 50. The links you are looking for are creams in the SEO world and will create more SEO potions (ranking power) than any other medium. The link you acquired is simply a third party link created without your involvement or persuasion. Google has complex algorithms to find out which links to get. Our experience shows that high quality search links are challenging, but this is the gold standard. The links below are the next best quality, unreachable links to web directories, articles, blog posts, and other shared media sources. It is imperative that the links you add to your posts are primarily intended to provide additional content that will help your readers penetrate more deeply into their contents and access thematically related content. Quality of connection is very important during the process. The quality of the relationship is affected by two factors:

      1. Link domain (domain) – site where the link location is located – reputation
      2. Link text (anchor) relevance

      19659002] it has a secure method to determine the reputation of a domain. Use a scale from 1 to 10 to determine the rank of a web site. We rely on the (DA) index developed by Moz as it is more granular. All sites are marked on a 100-point, logarithmic scale (the higher it gets, the harder it will be). The Mozbar Chrome Extension is used to determine the DA site. The value of the pointer may change over time, so make sure you check it correctly when you need it. As far as SEO is concerned, we do not want to link links to websites with a domain authority of less than 50. We believe that this is the cost and benefit intersection. This is certainly a challenge and our SEO work is widening; while at the same time ensuring the peace of their customers and ensuring that their relationship is high quality SEO (ranking performance). In the SEO world, quality is always picked up. You have to make your own decision that you are from a reputable website as this will certainly affect your SEO costs, but we strongly recommend that you do not use any of your own DA and recommend it 25 (especially if you pay) . Be very selective in publishing links. If your host site is penalized by Google's questionable SEO tactics, this may affect you. Another important aspect is the composition of the anchor. Anchor is a text link that links to your website. It is imperative that the link text be synchronized between your keyword and landing page metadata. So Google determines the relevance of the link. For example, a link to a website referring to "disco music" will certainly not be correct in organic search results.

      How can you get good quality inbound links from reputable websites?

      Content Marketing

      Content is really cool, and even more like the latest Google Hummingbird algorithm revolution. Google's ingenuity has become even more apparent in the simplicity of the approach – it provides valuable, attractive, timely content and is well organized. Just a few years ago, Google could not afford luxury analysis for content analysis due to lack of computing power, but due to technology advances and lower hardware prices, Google can now allow for deeper analysis of content and a logical, intelligent relationship between different web elements . The days of filling in keywords have passed. Content Marketing simply publishes continuous efforts to publish content across a different channel. Of course, the content-value and industry relevance principles can be applied here as ever. One way to promote content is to post articles, blog posts, and press releases on relevant web sites. Some are free and some pay. We had great experiences with PR Web, MyPRGenie, Social Media Today and Ezine, all of which have stars. If you succeed in creating these sites, the quality of SEO-juice is really the top priority.


      Domain Authority (May 2014)

      94 [19659002] 65


      Another way is social media. This is a big challenge because you have to make a great track of many social media channels; however, it has tremendous marketing benefits beyond SEO. It is unclear how much SEO milk you get from social media. Google has shifted the focus to Google+, and it is already going on. Social media has been selected from this SEO guide because we believe it is self-contained and does not need to be used primarily as an SEO tool.

      Free and Payable Libraries

      Customers can find your business on the Internet and do not advance the SEO agenda. These libraries are usually geographically, sectorally and subjectally organized. Make sure you correctly classify your business. We prefer to work with libraries where the data collection is over 50. Most quality libraries may have to wait months. There is one simple reason for this: competition. Everyone else wants to be free. Some libraries provide an opportunity to pay for the accelerated review process. When we say "pay", it does not mean we have to pay for the placement; We mean that we pay a quick review, usually 2-3 business days. You may still reject your data if you pay. Avoid directories that guarantee placement against a fee. We also recommend focusing primarily on libraries specializing in your industry, as Google assigns higher value to these links. Paid libraries can range from $ 25 to $ 300 anywhere. Most of the yearly and permanent options are offered and the permanent option is considerably more expensive. Some people, besides the main domain, also have deep relationships. Listed below are the directories that offer free and accelerated (paid) lists and the corresponding DA results:


      Domain Authority (May 2014)

      100 [19659002]









      ] [

      ] [



      ] [

      ] [

      ] [ ]



      Optimizing Your Site

      SEO is not a science but a commitment to certain principles nt. Not the complexity of these principles makes consistent SEO challenging but rather ruthless discipline and commitment to their application. One of our projects – a real estate website – only by optimizing key pages successfully, we could see a 40% increase between key metrics per month and 14% per year visits, pageviews and time pages. Our regional geometry also improved by 24%. Keep following these principles:

      1. Try to focus on a particular keyword (expression) on a page. You should be unique on your site – you will not use the same keyword in multiple places.

      The keyword selected for this page must be in the following areas:

      • Page title and meta title (some systems automatically create the meta address based on the title of the page). Make sure the page title is always under heading 1.
      • Heading
      • URL.
      • Content (at least three times, the first paragraph is the most important). The meta description needs to be well-written and capture the attention of the audience – this will be a search result and help convert casual browsers to visitors.
      • Image file name (at least one image is recommended). [19659004] An alternative description of the image. Note that the primary purpose of the ALT attribute is to describe the image to make it more accessible

      . Use sitelinks and links to the right sources, but not too much. We all optimally vote for three 500 words.

      3rd Your copy must contain at least 300 words.

      4th The address can be up to 70 characters.

      5th The meta description should be limited to 156 characters.

      6th The copy must be written in a simple language – the Flesch Reading Ease score, if possible, should be over 60

      . Use a Static URL


      Many other SEO techniques exist, but we highlight those that we think are the best return. Ultimately, you have to decide for yourself that SEO work can be handled in the long run. Do not turn SEO into the primary activity. Keep in mind that your primary goal is to focus most on your business – your business. A good deal is based on good SEO. Finally, we look forward to taking a look at your website and providing free SEO review and high level recommendations .

    Time Office Management Software: Establishing a Successful Business

    Now it's easy to apply, track and monitor employee time and attendance in real time and on the go. Get in with biometric integration, mobile apps, GPS tracking, and more, time management software helps you reduce errors and work time with high precision fixing paper and worksheets. Furthermore, if there are team members who are often working in the field, this becomes even more important. The time management system benefits many, but the most important are:

    Payroll Paying with Minimal Effort

    This is a massive business for every business. The time spent on manually monitoring and reporting employees is complex and tiresome. Whether you have a handful of employees or a large team, you want to keep track of your attendance and minimize your payroll.

    Impact bottom line

    This is a big word for every business. Increasing productivity means lower costs, better results, and greater profits. So, taking care that the team will emerge in time and leave it at the right time, it helps you gain extra productivity in a day. In the short term, for a few moments here and there, he does not feel much. But over time, they add extra productivity and this can change your business.

    Actual Data for Reclaiming Claims

    Discussions about reducing time and money, overtime and participation can almost be eliminated because actual data is available to support this claim. This protects employees and employers' interests. As data captures personal situations from any situation, there is no complexity or confusion.

    Attracting Touristic Professionals

    Time Management Software allows professionals to mark their participation, view and download them for payslips and leave on leave on the go. This offers great opportunities to designate professionals without limiting web applications, creating great satisfaction and great jobs.

    Comes with a completely independent approach

    Travel management software lets you access your time module anytime, anywhere, on desktops and even on your mobile. Allows one-click access to validate or approve an application, such as mailing, participation, new hiring, travel requests, expenses, etc.

    Different technologies are coming up to date to smooth the process of visit management. For example, the biometric device can be seamlessly integrated with the cloud-based attendance system that provides real-time information about the employee's clock on and off times. For a better understanding, see the enterprise standby office software that provides you with a passport for letters, holidays, shifts, working hours, overtime, etc. Handle with a single software. Advanced technology in all areas of business does not justify refusing and eliminating time management software.

    Selection of the right mineral make-up foundation

    There is no doubt that mineral makeup is more and more anger. And the reason is: women find these powder basics that are easy to apply, they are actually fun to use and be able to have a smooth, flawless finish. In addition, women appreciate the fact that they contain natural sun protection. And many people have noticed that their skin has less acne and a decrease in redness (something called rosacea) – even if there is no makeup!

    Here's the problem. With so much popularity, there are so many products on the market today. How does the busy woman choose the mineral foundation that is right for her? Steps to Choose a Mineral Foundation

    The first thing you need to know is that most online mineral companies and almost every retail store accept the return. So you can usually buy a product with confidence, knowing that your returns are gracefully accepted.

    Secondly, some Internet companies such as Monave Minerals, Afterglow Cosmetics, Suncat Minerals, Cleopatra Choice and many others offer low cost samples. This means you do not have to commit yourself to the product immediately. You can send samples from each company, spend very little, and you can actually use cosmetics before you buy the standard size.

    Another way to purchase a sample is to go to an Ulta or Sephora outlet when you are nearing it and try the makeup in the store. Of course, the advantage is that sellers really know their products and help you make their decisions. Both stores have Bare Minerals, and in Sephora, Urban Decay can be sampled.

    Foundation Colors and Disadvantages

    If you want to choose online mineral resources, you can choose from several companies. Websites provide great images of colors – though some monitors can interpret colors differently. Based on these, mineral companies give a written description of their colors. They say that it is pure or translucent that product coverage is expected; reveal how the appearance looks (whether it is matte, semi-matte, dewy or slightly luminescent). They can also say that a particular color falls into a warm or cool category. The warm colors are yellow or gold-based; the weaker basics of cool colors. Do not worry – these yellows and blues do not show up in makeup. But they give you so much information that you can use to make your choice. Women struggling with acne problems can choose a yellow base that better covers the red color.


    Some companies sell their minerals as part of a larger stock. Sheer Cover and Lauren Hutton Makeup do this. The advantage is that they provide more shades of primers and concealer – so you can mix them to get the right shade for your unique needs.

    Application Tips

    When first trying on a mineral basis, make sure the skin is damp but not greasy. If you use a wetting agent, make sure that you completely soaked the mineral powder. The brush you use – even on the samples – is very important. Experts recommend a Kabuki Taklon which is a soft, rounded and tightly sealed brush. Synthetic brushes far outstrip animal hairbrushes – they eat less, are less suitable for absorbing contaminants, and naturally vegans, which means that animals should not be violated.

    Try the test base at the same time with just a thin layer. Always layer your makeup if you want more coverage.

    After applying the test base, look at different lights – sunlight, fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps. Then apply a setting or finishing dust to get more from a matt finish and check for the new makeup in the three different light. The foundation gives a very different appearance to the primer without setting the surface of the powder as a finishing powder.

    Mineral makeup is fun. Facial skin is fun. Mixing colors and experimenting with different brands is fun. With minerals, day-to-day makeup was replaced by creativity and shortened application time.

    The Importance of Moral Values ​​in Today's Situation

    Modern mass society contrasts sharply as young people grow up. They face confusion, delays and interruptions. Adolescents are particularly insecure about themselves. Some contradict each other, embarrassing the insecurity.

    Values ​​are generally influenced by changing philosophical ideologies, cultural and religious prospects, social, political, and geographic conditions. In the modern emerging society, besides the influence of modern culture, industrialization, modernization, urbanization, globalization and multinational corporations, a number of factors have revolutionized the value field.

    Values ​​are guiding principles that are decisive for everyday behavior as a critical life situation. Values ​​include principles or behavioral norms. Values ​​are considered desirable, important and appreciated in a society where a person lives. [1] Value teaching means that children stimulate a sense of humanism, a deep concern for the welfare of others and the nation. only to be realized when children are deeply committed to the values ​​of values ​​that will build this country and bring people back to the pride of work that will lead to order, security and safe progress.

    Value teaching is designed to develop value and character targeting educational activity. All our actions and thoughts are impressive in our minds. These impressions determine our behavior at a given moment and our responses to the given situation. The sum of all our appearances determines our character. The past has defined the scenes, and even so, our current thinking and actions will shape our future. This is a key principle of personality development. Human values ​​are solved with lasting effects that are needed to change thinking and behavior in the 21st century.

    If there is truth in the heart, it will be a beauty. If there is beauty, then there will be harmony in the home If there is harmony in the home Will be okay in the nation when there is order in the nation Peace will be in the world "

    the development of humanity and the old intellectual and spiritual values ​​of the age begin to dominate the bodily values. Therefore, in participating in moral education, teachers should keep in mind that young people should be taught.

    For the deserved people, prizes can be given to show honesty, courage, and truth.

    According to the father of the Indian nation, father of MKGandhi

    "If the wealth is lost, nothing is lost"

    "If health is lost, something is lost"

    "If character is lost all lost" 19659002] The best of all things is the character.

    What is the soul of torment?

    Definition of perversion is a pervert or corrupt state. This is away from natural or unnatural sexual practices, or especially when it happens in the usual way. The spirit of perversion can be manifested in a variety of ways, such as sexual perversions, child abuse, pornography, incest, dirty mind, chronic worry, walking foolishness, twisting the Word of God, evil acts, abortion, doctrine mistake and Atheism

    In the book of Isaiah, it speaks of God, which allows a perverted spirit to be blended in the midst of Egypt for its constant sin and disobedience to God. He says, "The Lord confuses the perverted spirit in the middle and blames all their work in Egypt as a drunken man staggers in vomiting."

    Man's disobedience and rebellion for God and the word Hid, Allow a perverted spirit to take the hearts and minds of people who embrace and greet this spirit. We choose life, and God never forces us to serve him. He gave us free will. With this free will we can either serve him and obey his word or choose not to serve him and not obey his word. This is simply easy.

    However, we must understand that by our actions we always react. When we obey God and His Word, abundant life, blessing, protection, joy, peace, love, and all the good God has for our life. When we go to rebellion with God's Word and decide to live our lives in our lives, we feel sorrow and pain, pain, confusion, deficiency, poverty, and death. Proverbs 14:12 "There is a way that seems to be right, but ultimately leads to death." God's love for us

    John 3:16 says, "God loved the world so much that he gave His only and only Son, so that every one who believes in him will not die but live eternal life

    God loves all of us, so he has created the way to escape everything that can be made possible. The Bible says that there is no trial or temptation that goes the way that others have to face, but we must remember that God will never leave

    From the beginning of time, in the Garden of Eden, God has shown life and death before us. Adam in the garden and told him that he would be able to help him not to eat of the good and bad knowledge of the tree, Adam set the path of life, Adam obeyed the word of God and choose life. He warned Adam that if good and evil they did not eat that they would surely die

    This God did not tempt Adam to obey him, for God has never accompanied us to do evil or evil. Remember that God has given us all the free will of ours, and we have to choose to live with His Word. His word is best for us because he is our Creator. He knows our beginning, our end and our way. There is nothing hard for God. Nothing is a mystery or a surprise to God, but to us. God has already gone our whole life for us. You know the traps set by Satan to kill our dreams, steal our destiny and destroy our future. God knows where the obstacles are in the way of life to get stumbled and fall. You know that hidden ditches have been set up by the enemy for you to fall and are lost in the dark places of confusion and despair that you can give up and die!

    We're finally trapped in the trap. the life that the enemy set us up when we decided to rebel against divine laws. God has given us our laws for our protection. It's like a good parent. We give parents the rules of our children to obey and follow, not because we want to ruin their fun and make them miserable. We give them rules for their protection to protect them from the evil and to save their lives. The same God. His love for us is even greater and His word is always given to us for our protection to protect us from the evil and to give us eternal and abundant life. Disobedience leads to humiliation 19659002 According to Romans 1: 18-32 we see that our disobedience is capable of and leads to the spirit of perversion. He says, "God sees his anger from heaven against all the sinful, evil people who oppress the truth with their wickedness, know the truth of God because it has made them manifest: since the creation of the world, people have seen on earth and in the sky, everywhere God created , invisible invisible invisible properties – with eternal power and divine nature, so there is no excuse that they do not know God – yes, they know God but do not worship God or gratefully greet them and begin to think of stupid thoughts as God was like, as a result, their minds were dark and confused, claiming that they were wise, they became foolish and not glorious; they worshiped God with the idols they made to appear to be humans and birds, animals and reptiles, and God left them, to do such terrible things, which they wanted their heart.

    As a result, they have done viral and humiliating things with each other. The truth about G is traded or lied. Thus, they worshiped and served the things God created, not the Creator himself, who is worthy of eternal praise. Amen. That is why God left them to their shameless desires. Even women have been opposed to the natural way of having sex, and have rather chewed sex with each other. And men, instead of having a normal sexual relationship with women, burned their desire for each other. People were shamed with other people and because of this sin, they suffered the punishment they deserved. Because they thought it fools to acknowledge God, they left them foolish thinking and let them do things that could never be done. Their lives were full of all kinds of wickedness, sin, greed, hatred, envy, murder, quarreling, deception, malicious behavior and rumors. They are repulsive, hatred of God, capricious, proud, and boastful. They invent new ways of crime and do not obey their parents. They refuse to understand, break their promises, heartless, and are not merry. They know that God's justice demands that those who deserve these things to die do still do it. Even worse, they encourage others to do it.

    As we see, disobedience is filled with all sorts of wickedness, sin, greed, hatred, envy, murder, quarrel, deception, malicious behavior, and gossip. These are the results that happen when we try to do things. He also tells us that they do not obey their parents. This sounds like the time we are living today where children are disobedient to their parents and even so that they kill their parents because they do not want to obey their rules Consequences of disobedience

    There are always consequences sin. Even in the knowledge of God's law and in His Word, he was his protector, people decided not to obey. Verse 26 says that God has forsaken them for their disgraceful desires. When we continue to live this life according to our pernicious desires and after the perversion spirit, God removes his hands and his protection over a person, city, state or even an entire nation. When God's hand is abolished and the spirit of perversion is liberated, he introduces all nations.

    King Martin Luther and Jesus Peace on which he stood

    The fiftieth anniversary of Dr. King's death has its legacy as high as ever. Throughout his lifetime, he preached the redemptive message: "Freedom of liberty".

    What seems to be the most beautiful feature of Martin Luther King's Jesus-like approach to justice, the basis of which is love for peace. Here we can read: "We must always continue our struggle at a high level of dignity and discipline, let us not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence, and again and again we must endure the majestic body's power with the power of the soul."

    Here Dr. King quotes how imaginable and possible to fight for something without fighting.

    Dr. King gave his life to conviction by nonviolent action – creative disagreement. Jesus' faith was faith-based. He was a practitioner of Christ who won the justice of love, based on the satisfaction of sustainable peace. Each side of the political spectrum has been forced by violence, always despised peace, including the human fear that underpins it. He has worked tirelessly for an ideal that has become reality in many ways – even though the fight against clear equality can never really be won. Dr. King believed incredibly the gentle sovereignty of the soulmate that overcomes her. [66] Martin Luther King was not only gifted in the heart of peace and justice, but with the words gracefully devoted to him. Oh, what a great rumor! And the heart of peace and justice was an essential part of his speech.

    Perhaps all the things Dr. King did was like Jesus was to question us; to inspire us through our own visceral responses to resolve our anger and work on true love, which is spiritual acceptance peace Today, Dr. King will be in the nineteenth year, yet the world has lost its style of Jesus more than half the time before. In any case, we need more leaders in royal mold who are ready to look for the best of their own, relying on their own interests.

    So, sir, I thank King King of Dr King for standing for Jesus and his rich legacy that continues to this day. Can you raise people in our time and in the ages to come, how would the dr. King? I pray for Jesus' incredible peace teaching and peace in his name. Amen.

    Joy, happiness or joy, you choose

    Let's start with some definitions. First Officer and then mine

    Joy – Relaxation, relaxation or fun, especially from work or weekdays. Satisfaction with senses, especially sexual satisfaction. The feeling of pleasure or satisfaction. Mine – Temporary Satisfaction, Entertainment or Satisfaction

    Happiness – Unexpectedly, something unpleasantly pleasant or welcoming. Eternity, joy or pleasure .. Mine – Satisfaction, control, inner peace, provisional feelings of acceptance or approval

    Joy – happiness, ecstasy, joy joy. Mine – A simple and patient approach to life that is based on over-surface or external circumstances. It is an inner pleasure, not an external pleasure.

    All right, you ask – it is very similar to the above. Well yes and no. What's the matter, I've shared a bit more and you can decide which one you like in your life.

    Happiness and happiness are usually the result of situations, circumstances or people outside. Both are transient, depending on what happens every day or minute to minute. No more than a few minutes, hours or a few days. Their surface is the best. Your favorite team wins. Your child's diploma. A promotion. A new connection begins. One week long vacation. Get it? All of these time, they lose our influence on our attitudes, feelings, or feelings. Besides, they all depend on something or someone – not you.

    Happiness is a way of thinking that fills every waking moment every day, regardless of what's going on around you – positive or negative

    If you can not bring inherited thinking to the worst experiences of life, you will not be happy with the other two and your reactions always depend on good or good things.

    The best way to go through life is to enjoy every day at any time of the day, regardless of the challenges, frustrations or frustrations you are facing. Impossible to say? Read on.

    I do not need to worry about joy or happiness-you know when you feel both and why. Ah, just a pleasure, this is a completely different story.

    First, let me ask you a scale of 1 to 10, where would you be? 10? Come on – seriously, no one's perfect. 1? Come on, no one can be disheartened and read this article. Higher? ALL RIGHT. It's going to be less? ALL RIGHT. The question is, what kind of thinking, attitudes, beliefs or emotions usually determine your joys in the past, next week or next year? Let's talk about it.

    Joy does not depend on happiness or pleasure, if you are not the joy, but something else. So what is it that contributes to the joy? Let me just talk to two.

    Its Spiritual Life –

    There are many ways to determine the joy, but I trust in God for the gifts I receive every minute. It is not my intention to give you pleasure from your perspective, but I ask you – you just feel joy whenever life goes well or you feel good about daily gifts – you can think 80 000 heart beats per day, you can think and create more than 40,000 breaths every day thousands of blessings that all of us get what most people take for granted. But beware – at some point you will experience your last breath and you do not know when this will be so, are you grateful for the simple blessings of life?

    Two questions that we should consider – a joy donor? Do you live in every moment thanksgiving, or have you given all the gifts for yourself? Why not take some time and make a list of blessings on one side of the page and all the challenges / problems on the other side. I guarantee – regardless of what your current living conditions are – that a blessing list will be much more than a challenging / problematic list.

    If this is the case, then think that people who are delighted; they live longer, they smile and laugh, they are less sick and generally have a more positive life than those who are guilty of guilt, anger, anger, or mistake.

    Your good life is good, bad or neutral. First, we think of something, these thoughts lead to emotions and emotions. These emotions cause actions, decisions, or behaviors. See here the problem? If you do not control your thoughts, you will decide your answer – your emotions – about the quality of your life.

    If you want more pleasure, you do not learn to control your emotions, but teach your thoughts. Easily? Is it necessary to experience joy? Yes.

    You decide – where is he now where he used to go and change something, something, everything? You choose it.

    The rooms of the hotel are nightmares

    Ever since I started working on the Florida holiday site, I suffered repeated nightmares. At night I was tempted by the spirit of hotel rooms.

    There was a time when I was traveling a business trip. Fortunately no hotels are jumping. But at night I descend to a remote hotel room at the same time …

    I did my daily work and called home to check the kids. It seems I was shouting in my absence. It sounded like Pandemonium was a winner, but Total Bedlam was rumbling. "You know a little bit silent," I said to the phone.

    "You're welcome," I heard the man in the next room grunts.

    I decided to ignore it. "Come on guys, you can not stop fighting for a moment?"

    "I'll show you what the fight is," I heard on the wall. "Geeze," I complained to the phone. "" Hey, I've been enough of you, "the guy screamed at the other side of the wall, and I'm afraid I'm afraid a long time, six foot barrel weight lifting the fist on the wall. I hung up the phone and wondered how thin the walls were, nothing was done No fists There was no broken wall There was not a thick two-meter lift

    I decided to go to a stress relief walk As I closed the door,

    Fortunately, there was no weight lifting.

    I was wondering why she yelled at me while I was trying to discipline children when she called me: "Hey, I called my wife why I had to fuck with me "19659002 Suddenly I knew how thin the walls were. True, I realized that the walls of the hotel are in two thicknesses:

    If you are lucky then" lower the volume on your TV! "If you're less fortunate, you get the" Reduce the brightness of your television "walls.

    Fortunately, the hotel rooms are perfectly clean. This is true. The sign says. As long as you do not look under the mattress to find the 1977 copy of Businessweek Magazine and theater tickets for The Music Man's 1982 release.

    I do not know why they seem like hotels are so immature. All that falls under the bed can be used as a marketing tool. – Stay on Hilltop Hilton and join the mattress's sleep. "If the hotels will not come in, sooner or later the motels will. They can spend any time on a sales pitch. Such as "Color TV" (Ooooooohh.). And the "outdoor pool" (I think the "outdoor" feature is a pleasant touch, right?) And what is the "free parking" (which is really a way of saying "No parking car in your room." )

    What's worried about most hotels is what's on the drawers. Have you ever seen that there is always a Bible in the drawer? Why?

    When you buy a car, there is no bible in the glove compartment, though the road is where you need prayer.

    When he's pressed at the bottom of the Cracker Jack box, he's never a bible.

    Even in hospitals where all prayers are left, there is no Bible.

    Only in hotels and in the deadline are included as the basic biblical apparatus. why the Bible only? I had plenty of free time to search the Torahs and the Korans in the hotel rooms and never found it. Do Jews and Muslims Do not Stay in Hotels? What do they know about not?

    Fortunately, I no longer have to stay in a hotel. I do not have to endure shadowy guys from the guy on the other side of the wall. I do not have to think about reading his shoulders. I'm not worried what she's having dinner and I do not have to listen to her snoring. I can enjoy my own nightmares in peace.

    The Current War On Drugs

    It's too late to even waste time blaming the victim. Rest assured. Not one single addict ever thought it was going to happen. It just did. One drink led to two then three then thousands. Those chemical hooks are waiting in the darkness and when the right offending substance is ingested, they start to close.

    By the time visible signs of addiction appear, those hooks are fully embedded in the user. Only other chemicals or treatment will release them. It's a fairy tale to 'Just Say No' during active abuse.

    The 2012 drug economy was over 100 billion dollars. Clearly chemicals are trumping all the 'Just Say No' campaigns that have been shown to U.S. Citizens. Addiction and overdose rates are skyrocketing. Currently, a movement called, 'Not Even Once,' which is a plan to curb initial heroin use.

    Finally, the medical community has seen enough death by overdose, body failure or any of the myriad ways that chemical abuse ends life. It has shifted its collective focus to the disease concept of addiction.

    If Europe is having success with Baclofen, China with Kudzu, Africa with Ibogaine, why could not we be open to new ideas as soon as humanly possible? ] Alcoholics Anonymous is a wonderful success story for 5-10% of the members. For them, it works like a charm and adds meaning to many lives. For the other 90-95%, with no other treatment options, the results are typically jails, institutions and death.

    Portugal is the only country to show success with addiction treatment. The country decriminalized and automatically offered the user treatment if the person was caught with an amount considered 'personal use.' Drug dealers and traffickers would still be treated as criminals.

    In just over a decade, this new cut-off program, disease and drug overdoses by half! All of those new 'clean' people are back to living and working in society. It was a helping hand, not a legal slap. Or worse, being locked up in a cage and changed mentally and emotionally forever.

    If we empty the prisons of non-violent drug offenders, HALF of the population would be moved out of facilities and into treatment. That's just in the U.S. Those numbers are staggering.

    A PHD in Metaphysics could get tripped up by addiction as easily as an indigent person. Chemical hooks do not care. They arrived at birth with one in ten of us and they are fierce. Passed down through the generations, this disorder was poorly served by keeping it secret.

    Pull up a breast cancer website. It's all pink and pretty with hopeful messages on t-shirts during fun runs. Then check out some of the drug rehab sites: handcuffs, an empty whiskey bottle and a skull and crossbones. A very different tone. No one was running for their cure.

    In 2007, a discovery was made by doctors in a study on stroke patients. They found out that an injury to the insula (a section of the brain) would instantly and permanently break a smoking habit. They are now referring to that area as the "Hidden Island of Addiction." The word 'Insula' translates to island.

    If the brain holds the addiction, how can chemical or alcohol dependency be a moral issue? "They brought it on themselves." "Why do not they just stop?" "Let them reach rock bottom."

    If the addiction is finally confirmed to be a chemical imbalance in the brain, should not treatment include new methods, medications and strategies to slow or end this national epidemic? One in four of Americans are currently suffering from some form of 'chemical use disorder', 'alcohol abuse abuse' or opiod, or heroin or methamphetamine abuse.

    Focus on the condition of the person before use. Fix or address that and the need for self-medication will diminish. Every person needs to decide what role to play in this chemical war before it's felt in every single home.