Is mineral makeup good for your skin?

First, what is mineral makeup? Mineral makeup is naturally made from crushed minerals, typically zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxides and mica. These loose minerals are combined in varying amounts to form a variety of mineral makeup creams, such as foundations, finishing powders, concealers, blushes, bronze and eye shadow. In particular, the minerals of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide act as natural sunscreens, effectively filtering the UVA and UVB rays to provide sun protection until SPF 20.

alcohol and dyes. Many traditional makeup brands use synthetic FD & C dyes – but these dyes are one of the most important causes of allergic reactions in makeup. Most mineral make-up lines do not use synthetic dyes, but the colors come from naturally occurring iron oxide pigments. All of this mineral makeup is very suitable for people with sensitive skin. It is a fact that mineral make-up has been used even after surgical interventions as the skin of the skin when the skin is most sensitive.

However, not all mineral makeup lines are completely chemical irritant. Some brands use bismuth oxychloride, which is very irritating to the skin. Bismuth oxychloride is a mineral that is used in some mineral makeup lines because it gives a shiny appearance and is a cheap filler. Bismuth oxychloride is also difficult because buffalo is needed; or force your skin. Mineral make-up lines that do not use bismuth oxychloride are lighter in texture and easier to apply.

Mineral makeup can be good for acne sufferers. Mineral cosmetics are by nature not comedogenic, oil-free, anti-inflammatory, and unable to place bacteria, which means that acne can be covered or hidden without further aggravation. Mineral makeup does not necessarily cure acne, but the skin has a much better chance of healing than traditional makeup. Many have also reported that they fell asleep with their mineral makeup without breaking through the next day. In fact, some mineral makeup lines also have mineral night treatments that are specially designed mineral powders that can be worn every night to improve the skin. Good excuse to wear makeup?

It is essential that mineral makeup prevents the use of talc, a known carcinogen in many traditional makeup. There are no petrochemicals and coal-derived ingredients in many traditional makeup. As you can see, the list of ingredients, the mineral foundation is much shorter than the traditional liquid foundation.

Positive claims of mineral makeup cannot be applied to all mineral makeup brands or to all humans. This also depends on the makeup ingredients and your own skin. Some have a different reaction. It's always good to first research before buying.

Corporate Systems as a Strategic Growth Initiative

Over the past decade, it is known as Enterprise Systems or ERP that it is widespread in most large companies. Such as the rapid growth of ERP since the end of the 1990s, one of the largest software vendors among the largest software vendors in developing and selling Enterprise Application packages, and seems to be growing steadily. Today, Enterprise Systems not only includes software that enables the organization to do business, but also includes a number of industry-wide business functions in packages that ensure that you do not need to make too many customizations to run your business. make it suitable. This verticalisation helps organizations to implement the system faster and provides too much help to growing organizations by providing a process for business processes.

One particular advantage of using Enterprise System is that it provides an integrated solution for the entire enterprise. Typically, at the beginning of the cycle, IT-approved organizations would have been the best solutions for specific business needs, such as accounting or inventory management solutions, but that meet the needs of each process and cannot communicate with systems that work in other processes. the same organization. Thus, the organization is linked to multiple and different systems. Larger organizations using information technology initially built sophisticated software models according to their own needs, with the understanding that the process will not change, so build software that fits the process. Not only are these custom-built applications difficult to manage, but they also pose specific challenges for upgrading or adapting the latest technology standards. ERP, on the other hand, not only provides a comprehensive integrated solution for all aspects of business, but also for the development of changing technologies. These update paths are usually defined by the Enterprise Systems vendor.

Another special feature of the ERP package is that most of the standard business functions and operational processes are embedded in the software code, thus reducing the time needed to understand software process issues and standardizing the organization. processes that allow the organization to apply industry best practices more quickly. But the advantage of ERP is that some problems with ERP initiatives are starting.

It is important for the head of the organization to understand that the ERP package not only targets the automation of business functions, but also forces its own logic into the business. This may have consequences for resistance from functional leaders who have developed a certain process for a few years and are now being asked to change the organization's catastrophic results because it cannot use the implemented corporate system because it cannot change its process Egypt accepts built into software. Because the system provides a standardization process for business, and most organizations typically use the same Enterprise system in the same industry and similar product, how to maintain strategic discrimination. What will happen to the carefully constructed processes that have been nurtured and secretly guarded so that the company can gain a competitive edge through the Enterprise System.

From the point of view of the management of organizations, it is to be understood that the implementation of ERP is not a technology initiative but a strategic initiative that changes the way the organization operates. Consequently, it is important that the ERP Implementation Initiative at Executive level provide executive sponsorship and take part in business unit managers and not be the initiative of the company's IT team.

Some Important Issues Immediately:

What are the top managers or business unit leaders who are expected to contribute to the ERP implementation initiative?

Should managers only use budget support and review progress, or will implementation time be more useful to ensure the success of the ERP initiative?

What specific decisions or processes help make the right decisions for the success of the initiative?

The rest of the article discusses areas with which the sponsor should be involved to ensure that the ERP initiative goes well

ERP Standby Assessment:

ERP Standby Assessment Process is to understand if the organization is ready for an ERP implementation initiative. As we have pointed out earlier, this is not a technical assessment of the preparedness of organizations, although they have some aspects. This evaluation approaches the ERP as a strategic initiative.

The initial ERP standby test should use both qualitative information on the organization for general dimensions if it affects all parts of the organization and its stakeholders. Quality information helps to evaluate the organisation's skills in full ERP implementation and understands the various shortcomings that the organization must identify before joining the ERP initiative. Some of the dimensions that need to be considered are:

1. Organizational Vision

2. Structure, Hierachy and Work Culture

3. Current Business Processes and Process Expiration

4. Goals and Objectives of Using Information Technology

5. Current state of the IT infrastructure

This first assessment should not affect specific functional areas such as Finance and Accounting or Sales and Receivables, as the purpose is not to provide information on how the process is managed, and there is no need to specifically look at what type of technology or package to use to implement ERP. This evaluation through an internal or external consultant is useful for mid-market organizations that need to assess their readiness for internal ERP implementation and analyze the shortcomings of their ERP initiative approach under the current organizational condition. The recommendation may seek specific criteria for the implementation of the ERP or may decide to organize the implementation of the ERP for specific organizational initiatives.

Go-Ahead Decision on an ERP Initiative

After examining whether an organization is ready to accept a full ERP initiative, it's time to make a decisive decision on the next step : ERP Initiative. In medium-sized organizations, as ownership patterns are typically different from large global companies, decisions are expected to be much faster. The Executive Team's decision to go to Ah-Ahead together with the implementation of ERP includes the following criteria.

Publication of ERP and IT Initiatives

ERP implementation will be a critical part of all IT initiatives in an organization. For medium-sized businesses, IT spending over 1% of annual revenue is considered to be progressive. For the financial year when you run ERP pacakage, you can reach up to 3% of your annual revenue. This is a crucial decision, so it is important to involve the CFO / financial manager.

Processes in the ERP Initiative

To do this, one has to critically evaluate the essence of business activity and process dependence. Note that processes are covered by another inherited application. Understanding the processes covered by the ERP initiative will also help in the package and supplier assessment that we will discuss in the next phase.

Change Effect

Whether you use an IT application or not, it is a fact that ERP implementation changes the way you do business. The most critical impact concerns the processes covered by ERP. The typical way to change the effects of change and change processes is to involve key business process managers. But in many cases, managers themselves cannot be the actual users of the system, and therefore the key user involvement of the system's after-care is crucial. Another aspect of the impact of change is the replacement of personnel or the redeployment of staff in key processes.

Organizing the Internal Group of the Initiative

It is normal that ERP implementation is sponsored by an executive member at the CxO level of the organization and led by a senior IT manager. But besides the sponsor and the project leader, a large team has to be set up to ensure that implementation covers all aspects of the organization's business. The most important members of this team are the leading accountants who not only consider the costs, but also the impact of the various processes and their changes on the finances of the company and HR manager, taking into account the necessary finances. encouraging organizational change and restructuring, key executives and staff as part of ERP implementation, either full time or as a further responsibility.

Managers managing key functional areas or business processes are core members of the team. One problem will be that managers in a given functional area are not often the users of the system and thus make little contribution to the initiative. We recommend that key employees who know the processes very well and have adequate adaptability as part of a full-time team often consider the team a reward.

ROI Rating

ERI's ROI is a very tricky task that most IT executives and ERP carriers tend to get used to. In some larger organizations, the growing view today is that ERP is an essential part of the organisation's infrastructure costs, and there is no reason to assess the return on investment, as well as to evaluate the ROIs and facilities they use. your company. The reason why the return on investment is complicated and difficult is the large number of intangible benefits gained through simplified processes, better access to information and competitive advantages, and the required data takes months. The costs to be taken into account in the ROI assessment are not only the licensing costs and implementation costs of the system, but also the training costs, the internal costs of the internal team and the support costs. Acquired revenue benefits can be directly quantified based on cost reductions or productivity improvements, such as staff cuts or paperwork that can be easily measured, or improved opportunities for future accruals, such as better time to market. products or the improvement of manufacturing practices.


It is to be understood that ERP changes business mode and therefore risks are not business risks but business risks. They can interfere with operations and pay a lot of time for losing time and opportunity. The executive team should have risk assessment and risk reduction strategies planned. This may include organizational issues such as new staff training for the new system, reorganization of the organization due to ongoing changes, or the availability and availability of critical critical systems.

Package Assessment and Selection:

The success of ERP implementation in the short term and in the future depends largely on the selection of applicable Enterprise Systems packages. Although it is always an attractive proposition to incorporate the best brand names in Enterprise Systems, the decision should be based on the compliance of the business and business strategic goals of the package.

Some Questions to Answer

Does the Enterprise Systems Vendor's financial strength and long-term goals meet the company's expectations?

It is important for the seller to support the implemented package in the future, as well as problems with updating and migration if the ERP vendor could not support the system or still sells another Enterprise Systems company. .

How Easy Is It To Use The System?

This affects the acceptance of the system by employees and the cost of training.

What features and features does the product have?

Here you will have to analyze in detail what the product offers to your organization.

Easy Customization?

One size does not fit everything and the same process. So although standard processes can be used, it is necessary for these processes to be customizable for the enterprise to achieve the distinctive benefits, the software package must allow the package to be customized and polished to suit your business.

What is the cost of procurement, implementation, support and upgrading?

What are the prior art implementations?

Which Technology

Do you use the latest technologies such as Web Services, SOAP, etc.?

If it starts from scratch, the packet evaluation process is not only critical to the overall implementation, but the other bases of the ERP implementation initiative. This requires not only careful planning and research, but also extensive professional support from outside consultants specialized in this field. Depending on the size of the organization and the nature of the final outcome, the process may take 6 to 6 months, depending on the documentation of the assessment criteria up to the selection and purchase of the appropriate corporate system.

Execution Partner Selection Process:

Seller selection can be done in tandem or later than the packet selection process. It may be recommended by the package vendor or based on your own independent assessment. In some cases, the implementation partner may first be selected based on the expertise and knowledge of Enterprise Systems and may participate in the package selection process.

Some Important Considerations to Consider When Costing and Deploying Business Systems:

What experience do you have in the vertical or business sector, will you be able to understand business issues?

What are the profiles of consultants, analysts or technicians who are ready to implement?

What are the nature of the services and services offered by the implementing partner?

What were your past achievements in implementing projects?

What guarantees, risk reduction plans, and business continuity assurances are they offering?

Goes through a proper stand-by assessment after making the right decision and selecting the corporate system and the executive partner. The organization is now on track to start implementing ERP. Time and patience are needed to make the right decisions, and management time must be willing to make the ERP a success.

Finish the cellar

The best part of finishing the basement is the structure in place. No roof, socket or foundation needed. All of this is part of the original structure, so there is no need to add costs and problems. Here are some other ways to make the basement project more budget friendly.

Painted floors

Because cellars are underground, they are famous for their wet or wet condition. This can cause problems for some building materials and finishes. The great fight is the stain of the existing concrete floor. By painting the floor, it creates a cost-effective, moisture-resistant surface that will not be damaged if the basement floods.

Open Ceiling

Another possible design issue that often arises at the end of the basement is how to handle the ceiling when the mechanical systems are on the road. Things like the sewer system, drainage pipes and beams can really be cut into the room in the basement. If you use a fallen ceiling, the lowest channel or drain pipe will create the ceiling height. In order to fight, some builders combine the plasterboard and the fallen ceiling grid, but this can be confusing.

Another option is to create an open ceiling concept where the entire ceiling is open and painted. This opens up space and gives you great access to future changes to your first floor. For example, if you need to add a cable or electrical connector in the future, the foundation's open ceiling concept will make it easier.

Plumbing Locations

It's always good to have a bathroom in the basement easy to access. Unfortunately, this can be costly if the channels are no longer rough. Cutting and removing concrete can be time consuming, messy and expensive. So, to minimize specific jobs, place your new bathroom near existing plumbing.

If this is not possible, consider installing a grinder and pump to raise the waste to the correct height. This pump forces wastewater to flow through existing gravity to existing channels and limits the amount of concrete repairs needed.

The cellar can only be completed from $ 8 per square meter to $ 10 if you manage the project yourself and follow these tips.

Where can I learn the skills of a relationship?

"Trust in the silence." Adyashanti.

As a child, our parents cause and create everything. When we follow their rules, we can only play and life is good. When things don't go right, we are waiting to figure out what will be happy. When we marry, we expect our partners to make them happy.

When marriage does not make us happy, we expect to find a teacher whose teachings we can trust. We are looking for the right study, the best-known book, the best trained professor, the guru and the coach. Then we listen, make notes, learn and learn about the process to be taught. Or, especially in case of connection problems, we go to an advisor. Dr. John Gottman's research shows that within three to five years of marine advice, a 98% divorce occurred. Knowledge does not help joyful relationships. They need ability.

Learn about relationship skills to look at and discover 7 core components. As a collection of ingredients necessary for baking a cake, we need them in all proportions that are in balance.

first RELIABILITY – the place where the trial and debugging takes place without a question of interest without trying to learn a technique or skill. We can discover consciousness with you. We can discover our nature with consciousness. With an open, empty mind, we can discover feelings and sensitivities, open, listening, searching, smelling, tasting, touching and feeling. These can bring us into a conscious relationship.

2nd LANGUAGE – name everything, splitting the world. When we begin to use the language, we identify ourselves as "I am", an individual who thinks of everything in the language and lives in the story. The tongue is a left brain dependence that constantly molds our brain to meet our brain's needs. Our left brain is called "mind", ignoring the right brain attributes. Understanding the limits and using the language skillfully to determine the ability to communicate in depth.

3rd LOVE forms as a connection to life and a desire for life. Love is an action that is freely chosen that satisfies the basic needs of life and gives energy to the donor, the host and the observer of understanding. Only love is real and can only be the basis of the relationship. The meaning of love is confused. Usual use means love or affection, "I love Calvin Klein jeans!"

4th FEAR is the alarm caused by the perception or belief that physical danger threatens our security, or it is possible that there was a lack of evil, love. Usually, the idea of ​​evil leads to confusion and misunderstanding about the nature of the energy of existence. In order to fully involve life, fear must be treated as a wonderful alarm system that warns us of danger or confusion. It is necessary to remove false alarms, heal damage caused by childhood injuries and understand energy efficiency. Understanding and skilfully managing the relationship that allows fear.

5th DISCUSSION – the energy of existence enables you to choose measures that bring harmony and fulfill essential life needs. We act in the energy of the living within us. Observing energy quality and quantity informs elections and awareness. Observation provides the basis for fulfilling the relationship.

6th ENERGY that drives our lives is expressed in feelings. We appreciate our body and our vital needs and communicate through emotions. The names of the needs are those aspects of human energy that want to succeed. Identifying them gives empathy to themselves and others. Disclosing our own feelings and needs will help others honestly. emotion with us. Such mutual understanding determines the relationship and the ability to interact with one another. When empathy struggles with relationships, it allows for the graceful dance of life. If we miss it, we experience confusion, fear and warfare. Understanding the energy enables a harmonious connection.

7th CHOICE – a specific aspect of consciousness. By protecting and respecting the choice of everyone, we create peace and security. It enables collaboration, which is the most effective way to find collaboration and harmony. Respecting the election denies the essence of war, that is, the choice of the other to steal any necessary means. Creating basic choices that meet basic life needs is able to flexibly, grow and constantly renew.

The commitments made lead to unusually conflicts and competition. When these 7 components give you a balanced choice, our actions create relationships that meet your needs and support us. Life flourishes, and in their bloom, they create the happiness and joy of the full experience of love gained in life.

How fighting combat is the transformation of mind and body

Mixed martial arts or MMA are embedded in a number of fitness programs that provide a structured, intense and entertaining physical commitment. Classes are available for both adults and young people and offer a range of health care, including mental focus, core strength and endurance. Professional programs offer an educational and innovative approach to training individuals and groups.

Fighting sports have become popular in the fitness world, providing a creative and exciting way to practice in a safe environment. The combination of MMA and traditional workouts has revolutionized the way in which people can achieve specific health and life goals. This is beneficial for adults and children who teach new skills, physics and discipline in a safe and attractive community.

The instructions given by a trained and experienced instructor help to change lifestyle in structured lessons. The aim of the technique is to build up overall confidence in endurance, muscle tone, flexibility and physical and mental abilities. This is a great opportunity for weight loss and body shaping, emphasizing mental alertness, focus and ability to integrate mental and physiological function.

For children, the program teaches important social skills, including discipline, loyalty, respect and attention. Students start the classes from the age of 6 to learn about coordination and stability. The lessons learned in an entertaining and interesting environment that lay the foundation for future health practices and are able to use these techniques in adulthood.

Flexibility and physical sound are accomplished by balancing, high kicks, punching, and blocks. This is a great introduction to self-defense and control, which makes it easier to do regular exercises and techniques where the body is in greater demand. Participants also record improvements in agility and faster performance when designing positive attitudes and work ethics. Increased stamina is beneficial for athletes who want to develop sound and flexibility in various sports activities. We achieve significant improvements in body function, including weight reduction for all participants. The technique introduced by an experienced instructor is to teach students to improve body function and maintain mental focus in different areas of life. The programs are designed for kids and adults who offer a fun and safe fitness plan with lasting health benefits.

Simplifying Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is required for any entrepreneur who seeks to expand their business or strive to improve their operations. This will help you plan your business. make their paths even better. However, strategic planning is not always an easy task and may take time before it is fully realized. So, if you want to create a simple strategy plan, here are some guidelines for you:

1. Identifying the Mission and Goals – The mission of the company must be the foundation and remain as long as the company exists. It is also necessary to describe the company's objectives because it determines your career and future. So if we are able to identify these doubts closely, then your company will surely go in the right direction.

2nd Scanning the Environment – All companies need to determine what kind of business they want to achieve. Learn more about the industry and do some evaluation of your competitors. This will help you know how to distribute your company's products and services and determine which area to focus on.

3rd Creating a Strategy – If you know the market where the company is about to enter, you can create a strategy more perfectly. By knowing all the elements that are involved in your company, you can easily identify your plans.

4th Implementing the Strategy – After carefully formulating the strategies, take the steps. This should be done in time to ensure that everything is in the right place. So, if you build things that you need to be in, you will guarantee that your company's future will move in the right direction.

5th Evaluate your progress – keep track of everything you know at a given time. Calculate all completed data so that the process runs smoothly. Compare the data you create with the ones you were expecting to determine if it was the target.

So it's there and hopefully this simple strategic planning guide will help you in your business. If you follow the tips mentioned above, you will surely find a simple task in strategic planning.

Guide to Black Library Book Formats

Black Library is a Games Workshop Limited (GW) company. It only publishes its fiction in the fantastic universe of GW's renowned desktop mini-games, Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer's 40,000 science-fantastic cousin. These miniature games are very popular with teenagers and young adults, especially in the UK and the US.

Since the narrow focus of the Black Library, the modest beginnings in 1997 became a very rich publisher. From 2013, 5-10 new original novels, short historical anthologies or audio dramas will be published. The catalog contains many hit novels, many of which are listed on the New York Times for many weeks.

Since this publisher has succeeded, the catalog of publications has become more and more extensive. Below is a guide to the main formats offered by the Black Library. It also provides a short discussion of some alternative formats, including Horus Heresy audio dramas and upcoming graphic novels.

In summary, each new format consistently indicates that the Black Library has made a strong and decent effort to move its products to a premium segment that reaches a higher market.

first The Bulk Paper Format

The Black Library is undoubtedly a budget for paper-based success with cheap paper-based novels. Since the company was found 15 years ago, these great 10-dollar volleyball details the heroes of medieval knights, or the trials of distant future mariners among fans of Warhammer and the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

There are literally hundreds of complete novels and a wide range of short historical anthologies available in this format. Today, Black Public's public image is closely related to these books.

2nd The Hardcover New Features

Recently, Black Library added to its catalog a short, top-notch format selection in premium format. Typically, these stories are 120-130 pages long, shiny, hard-coated, without a dust bag. You may find an internal art or map in the middle of the book.

Originally, this smaller and relatively expensive format was used to publish stories that are directly related to individual product releases, such as Dark Vengeance Novella, published with a group of miniatures of the same name. This short story has been defined independently of regular novels, which are linked to a fictional environment at managerial level, but not to a specific product released for play.

The format has since been used more freely.

3rd The Black Library Premium Hard-cover

The Black Library's major step in upgrading its products (and corporate image) from money market antiques to a higher-quality publishing company is the introduction of a premium or collector, hardcover version in mid-2012.

These novels likewise resemble multilingual publishers of fiction publishers. They are longer and wider than soft coverings and short stories that are bound in a hard cardboard box and are provided with a covered bag.

These are new collectors; Hardback novels were first introduced in the Black Library's most successful New York Times, which featured Horus Heresy's novel series. This multi-player exploration of the fantastic history of the Games Workshop dystopian sci-fi game universe has been available since 2006.

In 2012, the Black Library began the earlier titles of the Warusmer 40,000 Horus Heresy series, for example the James Swallow Horus Heresy novel Eisenstein in this premium format. First, it publishes all new novels of the series in the premium format, and the soft cover version is usually delayed several months.

It should be noted that these premium hardcovers, unlike soft covers, are not available through retailers or e-commerce sites such as Amazon.


Overall, the diversity of the Black Library's new products reflects the story of branding, marketing, and the fictitious works of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 universes as a premium product.

However, given that "budget formats", which form the basis of their success and remain in print and production, this tendency only provides a variety for the buyer. On the basis of the apparent success of the new formats, many of them are cutting the Warhammer and Warhammer 40K fiction in a premium format.

5 Time-saving tips for your animated video project

The art of animation requires a lot of time and effort. But this long process offers a good reward. Because the process takes a long time, you might be looking for time-saving tips. Here are some tips to help.

1) Plan Your Video

Before you design, you need to know what animated video you want to create. You can then learn how to create it. Will this be an explanatory video? Only an animated video to launch the product?

2) Use ready-made animated templates

Ready-made animated templates can save you a lot of time and work straight to the actual job. This helps a lot when creating a short animation video.

3) Share the project into smaller parts

If you have a big project, you can lose things. For example, if you're a builder, you can't work on all aspects of the project at the same time. The project will be in many stages, such as planning, foundation, roof, plumbing, insulation, etc. What you need to do is to break the project into small projects.

As a first step, you must give priority to your tasks. To do this, you first need to create a script. Once you have worked on priority tasks, continue to do the following tasks.

4) Using ready-made animated devices

In fact, some animators have the time and the means to finish the video. However, it is important to keep in mind that this is a timely process. Some sites have many pre-made animations that you can use for that purpose. So you need to use these animated tools

5) Evaluate your work

You may be able to evaluate your work in different stages as this can save you a lot of time on the road. You may find errors during the evaluation phase. Thanks to these errors, perception can change and this is not a big deal. In fact, editing can take much more time than you expected. Instead of carrying out the evaluation at the end, it will be a good idea to perform the evaluation after performing the scene

Hiring a Specialist

Finally, if you do not have the time or the skill, stand alone animation, we recommend that you look for a good video animator. Although it may take money, you don't have to spend valuable time on the project.

So, if you are looking for some tips to save time on video animation projects, we recommend that you use the tips above. This way you can do the project many times and save a lot of time

History of Power and Conditioning Science

Early record of effort goes back to BC 3600 when Chinese emperors practiced their objects daily (Webster 1976). The subjects of the Chou dynasty were obliged to gain weight before entering the army. There is a great deal of evidence that weight training was part of the life of ancient Greece and India. It is a fact that the Greeks raised a lot of stone stones that raised stone

Over the years, several training systems have been proposed. The accumulation of experience and the different philosophies lead us to current training methods. Keep in mind; many authorities have greatly changed the original purpose of strength and conditioning. Hard work and commitment were the foundation of previous training methods. Nowadays, the opposite has happened in many places, because the easy work and the quick fixes are the basis of most people.

The XVI. Sir Thomas Elyot published his book on the subject in 1531 in England. In 1544, Joachim Camerius, a professor at the University of Leipzig, wrote several books in which he suggested that weight training be one of the most important activities of the model school. In 1728, John Paugh published a book entitled "The physiological, theoretical and practical training on the usefulness of exercising muscles for the repair of limbs", which highlighted the benefits of weight exercises for rehabilitation purposes. In the 1860s Archibald Maclaren, the British Army, developed the first formal exercise system with dumbbells and dumbbells.

The 19th century show shows and amplifiers have greatly contributed to the methods used in the fitness and sports conditioning industry. David Webster is a credible research historian, crediting the Italian circus and fair performer Felice Napoli, who has promoted international performances. Napoli's students: Professor Attila (Louis Durlacher) and Eugen Sandow (Frederick Muller). Attila is well known and has attracted the world's best-known physical cultureists and many European rulers. The list of students is King of Greece, King of England, King Edward Frederick, Crown Prince Frederick, who became Haakon of Norway, six children of Queen Queen of Denmark, Queen Alexandra of Queen of England, Princess Dagmar (Empress of Russia and mother of Russia). Tsar Nicholas) and Princess Cumberland.

The training of the rich was at that time a highly respected profession. Today is what we call a personal trainer. The current protocols used by the majority of today's instructors are far from the original teachings and benefits provided by the instructors. The reputation and reputation of the instructors of such days is the result of the public display of extraordinary physical fraud. These events were often used and appreciated for promoting physical well-being.

Eugen Sandow, who was born in Koningsberg in Eastern Russia in 1867, was recruited by presidents and rulers from all over the world. Nine kings and queens and many European princes, as well as William Taft and Woodrow Wilson, US Presidents, supported the Book of Life, Movement of Life. Sandow was successful as well as a formal fitness and health manager. He stressed that physical education and sport should be an integral part of the school system. He studied the world in promoting and promoting physical culture as a means of improving the quality of life.

Most authorities have recognized Sandow as one of the most important forms of fitness history, revealing the history of his work that the modern phenomenon of science-based fitness training is not a new invention. Sandow promoted the importance of strength and skill as the cornerstone of fitness. Half a century later, Dr. Kenneth Cooper suggested that the fit depends primarily on aerobic conditioning. Approximately 25 years later, academics once again recognized the important role of reinforcement training

In Russia, in the same period, Krayevsky Vladislav founded the St. Petersburg Amateur Weightlifting Society (1885). Many honored scientists, athletes; artists became his disciples, including George Hackenschmidt's renowned forces, who taught Kryevsky to know everything he knew. Hackenschmidt mentioned in his book The Way of Life that one of the world's most powerful men, including Sandow, was trained with Krayevsky's

Kryevsky's work and the popularity of his students were greatly influenced by Russia's weight lifting. He was not only a famous teacher but also a significant number of dumbbells. In 1898, he was president of the jury at the Vienna World Championship.

Krayevsky wrote two basic creations in 1896-1899. The article titled “Catechism of the Athletes' Health Regulations and the Development of Physical Power with Kettlebells and Kettlebells”. The catechism of the athletes' health rules was pressed on December 9, 1899, but was never published and is now kept in manuscript form. His second book was published in 1900 and printed three times (1902, 1909, 1916) (1901).

Kryevsky was well studied in the history of physical culture and all forms of gymnastics. He was aware of the knowledge and therapeutic benefits of the Swedish gymnastics, but he was able to recruit experimental experts due to his lack of scientific knowledge of the Swedish system.

Many of Krayevsky's recommendations are still in use today. Their suggestions include monitoring the athlete's health, consistent training and changing load patterns, full-spectrum physical development, psychological development, and smoking and alcohol avoidance.

kettlebells, dumbbells, dumbbells, odd-shaped bars, thick grips, weighted boots, insulating machines, and various throwing devices. Even 50 years later, many people claimed to have invented this machine. In today's industry, many systems and people support new systems that are not new at all.

The evolution of the various scientific and educational cultures divided the West and the East, as the promotion of physical activity was vaguely different. In the years following the World Wars, Russia and Europe continued to support the various elements of physical strength, power and skill, while the West primarily supported aerobics. Kenneth Cooper's Aerobics book was popular at the time, as well as Swedish endurance research. According to Cooper and Swedish researchers, cardiovascular health depends primarily on long-term durability work. The supporters of durability science strongly protested about the strength training. Cooper said that a world-class coach supported a beautiful body but did nothing for health. the results of their programs. Most schools suggested weightlifting, and in the last few decades, there were about 1 million weightlifters in the Soviet Union. Effort has played a key role in all sports training programs in the Soviet Union, while western attitudes have been that weight training slows athletes and limits their room for maneuver. Consequently, Russia dominated the Olympic Games, especially in Olympic weightlifting, while aerobic teaching became a gospel in the West.

Russian dominance has often been attributed to the use of anabolic androgenic drugs, but the use of these sports first introduced drugs in the West. It is probably more accurate to say that the Eastern nations dominate their understanding of their special strengths and comprehensive sports conditioning. In drug use, no one uses more drugs than Pro bodybuilders, who are predominantly Americans. In most cases, aerobic fitness disorder dominates, but it is a minor part of fitness. Everyone needs to look at science and abundant evidence that support the many health and fitness benefits of an appropriate exercise program to realize its importance.


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Copyright 2005 Jamie Hale

The future of a successful organization

At the first meeting I met with one of my clients, he said he wanted to launch the TPM (Total Productive Maintenance product) at the production plant. I asked him, "Why?". My client looked at me with surprise and said, "Because they want it from me."

The introduction of Lean production in production or management is not an end in itself or should not be! With the introduction of the Lean system, the goal to be pursued is to improve performance, reduce delivery time, increase the degree of innovation, etc., thus improving the overall quality.

The Lean system has two different components:

1. Techniques and methods such as 5S, TPM, SMED, VSM, etc. These are used to improve performance.


2. The philosophy behind the techniques and methods is philosophy aimed at removing eight types of waste (overproduction, waiting, transportation, overproduction, inventory, movement, defects and waste of unused human talent); all waste in human activities.

Lean philosophy is to ensure continuous improvement of the results achieved with Lean techniques and methods.

Long-term success requires the organization's awareness and build up with Lean philosophy and principles.

Lean techniques and methods form a unit that depends on one another. For example, the Single-Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) cannot be implemented successfully without 5S or TPM. It is based on people's responsibility, standardization, in Kanban. The examples can continue. Due to these relationships, techniques and Lean methods cannot be implemented separately.

Although the introduction of a particular technique or method may have short-term success, results can only be sustained in the long run if the Lean system is implemented in assembly; this provides the basis for a permanent and continuous improvement. Lean is a chain of production, in which all techniques and methods are linked. When all links are linked, drag "lectures"; continuous development, but if a single relationship is missing, the unity of the whole process is lost and quickly interrupted.

Returning to the customer's request for the introduction of TPM because they wanted it, this kind of work means long-term waste that is contrary to the principles of Lean philosophy.

Building a Lean manufacturing system on the output or service brings significant benefits to the company and thus increases the value of the product / service. In order to achieve these benefits, it is first necessary to involve the whole company, to involve the management, which is responsible for the implementation of the system and adherence to the system. Problems that inevitably resolve are not masked or avoided.