Mental health – What do mental illnesses mean? How to Eliminate Abnormal Behavior and Find Peace

Why there are mental illnesses and how to cure them, a problem that has been worried about me since my childhood because my dad was schizophrenic, but because of his financial strength, his absurdity did not prevent commands.

At the beginning of my life, I saw that we lived in a crazy world, where absurd people can govern and decide on behalf of others, set their wills.

Later I saw one of my best friends in a severe mental illness. He was like a brother, and his case had a huge impact on my life.

I met him in a Sao Paulo (Brazil) clinic after his long trip to the United States and Europe, where he was detained because he started crushing everything in his house and his two brothers, full of anger, without any explanation. They have been psychotic and have been psychiatrists for 5 years.

My uncle Leonid was another case that I followed with sadness. He became hysterical after losing his consular position. He lived with a good heart, but fell into a rare psychological type that finds peace and mental health through life alone.

However, only when I was faced with the struggle against my absurdity I understood what a mental illness really was and what caused Carl Jung's research into an unknown area of ​​mankind with psychics to interpret the dream.

I clearly saw that the human being was still an animal who inherited his great primitive conscience, and was very violent in most of his brain.

This primitive conscience causes all persistent mental illness because it tries to control our behavior to get rid of human sensitivity.

Mental illnesses are actually causing distortions in the functionalism of our nervous system that cause imbalances and abnormal behaviors, and the invasion caused by the invasion of the conscience of conscience on the human side of conscience is absurd thoughts and feelings. Later, we can completely destroy our consciousness through dizziness, the void of our mind, hallucinations, and unbearable feelings.

The scientific method of sleep interpretation can help everyone find peace and mental health by eliminating the dangerous impact of anti-conscience, because the unconscious mind that creates our dreams is a natural doctor: the best person we can ever find.

Arnold's electroshock treatment was followed by an abnormal behavior and never restored his human conscience and entirely depends on whether the psychiatrist had given him the heavy medicine until he ended his own life.

Nowadays everyone finds his mental health through the interpretation of the dream according to the scientific method, whether schizophrenic, psychotic, hysterical, neurotic or depressed; and today we can prevent all mental illness by removing the dangerous influence of anti-conscience so that no one can get it with such a vexation as my brother.

Is Islam a Religion of Peace or Violence?

Islam is one of the world's largest religions, with millions of followers from every nation in the world. Islam has never been the most accessible religion in the West, as there are few Muslims in the US, there are countries in Africa or the Middle East, for example. This inability for the West to be able to experience Islam from true Muslims often leads to many misconceptions about this tolerant religion.

The title of the article and the fact that you are reading it now shows how true Islam has learned in the world as a great religion. According to the Council, American-Islamic relations have about 1.2 billion [in 1999] Muslims in the world, accounting for 19.2% and 22% of the world's population. It became the world's second largest religion. Yet, with all its popularity, it can still be regarded as a mystical religion, which is simply not the case.

Islam is a religion that is no different from other great religions. The question of whether Islam is a peaceful religion or violence is not a simple question, yes or no answer. The short answer, both, promotes peace, but then gives guidance to somebody, property, or religion.

There is a reference: "Anyone who is badly talking about a father or a mother is to be put to death". This is a very convincing statement in his condemnation. He thinks the punishment is not similar to the crime. Where does this statement come from? The Koran? No, it is in the Bible, Matthew 15: 4.

As soon as it is known, Islam does not regard the candle as a single religion that speaks of violence.

Much of the references to violence in the Koran refer to wars and battles. Islam's religion began in Mecca in 622, and at that time there was no UN controversy between the rival groups. The battles are nowadays common and unfortunate. The Holy Qur'an and the Prophets claim to strictly prohibit the following as examples of the honor of Islam even for those who want to kill them:

  • Wounded soldiers who are unsuitable for fighting or fighting should not be attacked.
  • Prisoners of War Not to be Killed
  • It is forbidden to kill any person who is under obligation or in captivity.
  • Residential areas should not be abducted, stolen or destroyed, and Muslims can not affect anyone else's property except those who fight against them.
  • Muslims can not take anything from the people of the conquered country without paying for it.
  • The lieutenant of the enemy should not be reprieved or mutilated.
  • The enemy's corpse must be returned.
  • Contracts should not be violated.

Prophet Mohammed fought for religion. He struggled for humanity to give up the worship of idols, which has always been the case. By suggesting his peoples to give up this worship, war has attacked themselves and their believers. This is where many references to fighting come from. They come from religious persecution and religious intolerance. It needed order to get into the chaos world. This religious chaos has been resolved for a long time, but there are always extremists who make historical references and try to apply them to modern day scenes as much as they can, even if they are no longer applied. There are now other ways of resolving differences as most countries are willing to talk peacefully with each other. The following is an extract that had long been targeted when borders, treatments and fundamental human rights were easily rejected.

3: 169 "Do not think of those who are killed by God's death and do not live to find their food in the presence of the Lord."

Human life is considered sacred, and not something that is not insignificant. The Quran teaches: "If anyone kills the human being (for no reason) the slaughter of man or corruption on the ground is like killing all mankind … (5:32)." In fact there is another saying by the Prophet that the next sin is the polytheism of the murder. "" The greatest sin is that they associate something with God and kill the soul (human beings). "the reasons listed are similar to the death of all men. Islam is a religion that does not differ from other great religions that contain excerpts of violence, just as the Bible, but Islam does not practice violence, like the first or the only If this had happened, the streets of the world would be filled with blood, but that is not the case: patience and forgiveness are the true weapon of Muslims, not violence, the acts of some radicals do not represent what Islam and never it will not do as long as the prophets say and follow the Holy Ages as they originally intended.

Poor boy – the declamation

Look at me! They belong to the masses … often from the point of view of society often … They can not stop thinking about it … this is also a man … that I feel … why do not you answer? There is something in mind … Why do not you answer? I know you have something in mind … Where is the moral sense? You're killing me as if I wanted trash … I never did anything bad for them! Was it sin when I did when I came to this world as a poor boy? A poor boy … that's what I am … A state I did not choose in the first place. Did I smack that this was born in this way? Tell me now !!! Did you ever have the right to choose the state of your life when you were born? Think!!! Before you condemn me … Do I ever have a choice?

I forgot every chance in life … I see people like being too dirty … too stinky … too poor … but I have a heart … Yes! I have a golden heart … With the release of all coins, grace helps my younger brothers to survive. The money you're looking for has a long way to go to my family … What are you talking about? How do you feed your family ??? Are you sure you are looking for decent jobs? Are you sure the money you have earned does not come from a dirty strategy that other corrupt politicians have done to gain power? Can you honestly look at your children straight to your heart and eye to clear conscience? Have you ever been aware that family money is the result of hard work and decent work that you can always be proud of? WHY IS SPECIALIZED THIRD? WHAT IS ALL OF THEM? Tell!!! Come on, tell me !!!

Huh! You have a good dress, never experienced sleep without the roof, eating good food, enjoying the comfort of life … But, somewhere deep in your head, your conscience escorted … Yes … you will never sleep good … The subconscious in your mind, the conscience of the criminal is still haunted, constantly reminding you of your evil ways … Wow … And you still think you're clear?

Except fresh and clean smell, but deep in your soul … I know it's stinky … Oh … I think the smell passes through your body … Yeah, your soul must burn in hell! And look at me! I'm just a poor boy … I begged sincerely for you, like me, to feed my brothers … to survive, but I never let anyone down. I've never stolen anyone, never used anyone to improve our life … I can sleep well … You know ??? With such kind of conscience, well, I do not think so. You will never sleep well … you have no right to sleep with a loud mind and a light heart …

Achieving inner peace

Achieving tranquility begins by finding an inner peace that can be attained at all times, not just when someone is actively involved in meditation to find it. Real peace is always inside.

There are some easy ways to achieve the inner peace you are seeking, from other places, not just from mediation.

Spiritual Exercise

Practicing Spiritual Exercises, Enhancement, and Intellect

Praise All That Is in Your Life

Even for the disasters, as this is the lesson of growth. External gratitude leads to inner peace.

Practice positive affirmations about yourself

Seek positive things to everyone and everyone around you. When we practice, the warm light of the inner peach will fill us.

Practice Peace

If you decide to remain calm in stressful times and stressful times, you will be able to make positive steps before every challenge. Learn to Love Yourself

Learn how to practice self-love through self-awareness and self-reliance. This will lead to the foundation of internal security that will allow you to remain calm and relaxed.

Learn to Forgive yourself

You're the man and you'll make a mistake. Practice not to judge ourselves and to release your insults for the mistake.

Forgive Others

Learn to forgive others by relying on judgments that result in mockery and anger. This only leads to the formation of disharmony. To gain inner peace, you must learn to forgive and forget.

Practice honesty

The most difficult aspect of honesty is to be honest with you. If you can not be honest with yourself, it is impossible to be honest with others. If it is true for you, it is one of the greatest gifts you can get for inner peace.

You are more than your physical body

Your seed is your divine essence or your soul. They deserve peace, true inner peace.

Positive Practice

Practice to think positively. Find the good in every situation and every person. Take positive steps that will result in positive feedback.

Practice Neutral

Every situation looks practically in practice from an external observer, none of them. This opens your awareness and gives you more choices in life.

A Trip

Remember that life is a journey, not a goal. A way that allows you to learn and grow in self-consciousness if you allow it to bring real inner peace.

Practice these simple suggestions on a daily basis to have greater inner peace and serenity.

Create a world peace of kind, friendly and polite

Be a kind and polite man in the world of peace.

Love and respect each other. If we all cooperate and strive to promote each other's development in our personal development, we will improve a human being in human nature. Improving Human Nature, Individually and Collectively, All of Us Opportunity and Responsibility

Help you live a safe, clean and decent place in the world. We are all responsible. Every little work is an important opportunity to practice harmlessness and helpfulness.

Be aware of your influence and, at all times and in all circumstances, to have a positive effect. Everyone affects everyone. We all depend on each other. Be responsible and always be healthy and wealthy. Carefully exercise loving kindness, no matter what anyone else does. Just be kind, friendly and radiant. Be polite and courteous, helpful and harmless.

This is also the best business strategy. All employees, customers and business associates are treated with the same kind of loving kindness. Make sure everybody wins in every business transaction. During the promise and the dispatch. Be honest, honest and trustworthy.

Human civilization is what we are doing. We all work to improve human nature. We must certainly improve on human nature. We are responsible, free agents. We create ourselves. What is the most time we think about.

So think about good, healthy and rich thoughts. Strive for all your thoughts, words and actions to be consistent with what is best for the whole human race, individually and collectively. Take the positive steps to improve yourself and help others.

Imagine what the world is all about when all our efforts to compete with each other have become a collaborative effort to improve human nature and promote human civilization.

The global flow of transport, communication and information, together with the current social and economic upheaval, is an opportunity for us to create and maintain a universal civilization on earth. like scientists who discover the iridium layer, is a layer of soil that covers the land of every continent and contains more of the Iridium element than the rest of the Earth. Scientists assume that the Iridium layer is created by an asteroid or comet, which hits the ground 65 million years ago. There are dinosaur bones under the iridium layer and dinosaur bones over the iridium layer. The extinction of dinosaurs is one of the causes of a geological catastrophe caused by this effect. [100%] 100,000 years later, scientists will dig up the polluting layer. Before a war, illness and crime occur before the pollutant layer, a universal and divine civilization will evolve into the pollutant layer in accordance with the biosphere of the earth.

This new human nature is not an accident. On the one hand, I believe that this Bahá'í is a direct result of Revelation. Another thing that is the result of the behavior and the voluntary acts of individual people living on earth. The awareness of our worldwide citizenship is vital to the development of peace and prosperity for all people.

I like the human race, alone and collectively. I do not always love or agree with everyone. I understand that all people are valuable. The human soul is like a mirror, to reflect what they are turning to. I'm turning to Baha'i. Strive to have a good and healthy impact on all of our relationships.

This attitude does not depend on what anyone else does. I depend on God for courage and strength that I always love and respect everybody. Strive to make people aware of all the precious values ​​of human beings. Solve problems, improve ourselves, and help others.

Be polite, kind, friendly and radiant.

Secrets of inner peace

Inner peace is a pampering quality, something we all want to love in our lives. Inner peace can become a reality in our lives if we are doing our hard efforts to reach this priority.

Avoid judging others.

The nature of the human mind is that we are tempted to constantly judge others and ourselves. When judging others, we are instinctively attracted to failures and bad attributes. This helps others and not ourselves. The world is full of destructive imperfections, but if we only strive for the judgment of others, we will never be at peace. That is why Jesus Christ told those who condemned others: "He who is without sin took the first stone." Here Jesus Christ said that if we had to condemn ourselves, we ought to be ourselves. Often, when we judge others, we are doing the feeling of subconscious insecurity. Saying how bad the others are, we feel that we are relatively better. If we have real peace, then we do not feel any need to judge others.


True forgiveness means forgetting the sins of others. If we continue to convey the injustices and perceived weaknesses, we will finally feel hurt; this can lead to a feeling of bitterness, which completely contradicts the feeling of peace. Forgiveness must be applicable to us as well. If we have made mistakes, we must learn from them and continue. We do not have the benefit of constantly repeating them in our heads.


The real secret of inner peace is the ability to maintain inner silence; because of inner silence, we need to guide our thoughts. If you have a clear and calm state of mind disrupted by thoughts, you will allow our inner peace to come to the fore. When we enter a real meditation, the mind of the condemned are not prevented. The heart capacity is placed in the foreground; in the heart we feel the feeling of peace.

Why do you move

From one country to another

To find peace?

The sea of ​​peace is just inside

Your mind is a silent sky. "[19659008] Heart Songs: Sri Chinmoy


Peace is a synonym for happiness. if we take our inner happiness into the forefront, then peace becomes a living reality

Serving Others

When we only try to fulfill our own needs and wishes, peace is utterly crying. , we can not achieve lasting satisfaction, it is because of the nature of desire that even if certain desires are fulfilled, more desire is created, but by actively serving others, we find the needs of our own self that are sublimated to a more meaningful purpose

The inner peace

Peaceful peace is the attainment of serenity, congruence and harmony.

Serenity requires both sensitivity and disassociation.

With sensitivity and detachment I'm relaxed with other people. I'm sensitive to their emotional state and divorced from emotional needs and dramas

I can see the way without sticking to it.

Serenity is in peace with the world. This is the attainment of inner peace and serenity

Serenity is the effect of having no resistance in his life

This makes it easy for me to go to life

This is a freedom that is free from fears.

A Freedom That Is Free Of Pain

This Is A Freedom That Is Free Of Problems

Serenity Has A Neutral Polarity

To be calm to overcome the good and bad duality of right and wrong, positive and negative, clash and conflict.

Serenity is not polarly opposed

Serenity is often attributed to sovereignty or ruling class where its subjects believe that it is in their common interest to have their rulers in peace with the subjects, without conflict or clash, and be positive, correct and good rules, laws and regulations for the benefit of their people.

Serenity is a personal acquisition, not a title acquired.

Congruence both are exclusive and interconnected.

To my exclusive relationship with my true self I align with my true path

I am related to the exclusive path of my destiny.

Exclusive I am neither inclusive nor excluded

Equality is the state that is consistent with the way I choose.

Following my chosen path, my power is in line with power

My clarity also coincides with my direction.

I t My thoughts are in line with my emotions.

My vision is in line with my goals.

My real values ​​are in line with my life.

My providence is in line with my benefit.

My experience is consistent with my intention.

Congregation with other people is not a state of being but a definite action.

I can not achieve congruence by coordinating with another path.

is in accordance with My Self and my self is in harmony with My Spirit.

Harmony requires the attainment of rational consciousness and emotional consciousness.

I am emotionally rational, knowingly conscious of my physical and mental reality.

My intelligence is neither irrelevant nor irrational, as my right and left brain are in harmony with my solar space and my heart.

Harmony stands for being in peace with itself. Internal Accordion Is No Internal Conflict

My Powerful State Status Is No Opposition or Conflict

My emotions are harmonious if they are not balanced

There is no unclean emotion against myself

My yin and yang are balanced and in harmony.

I agree with my real self.

There is no self that is in opposition or conflict.

and women's emotional states to the creature

My crimes and virtues are the same.

Energy Transmitment is Not Divided by Gender Wave

I live my true identity because I am in my personality and my character.

With a harmonic gender and a relaxed polarity, I arrive with universal intensity and inner peace

Spirituality – Marvelous Conflict Resolution for Inner Peace and Spiritual Growth

Have Your Compassion for Solving Internal Conflict

Do You Know How to Resolve Internal Conflicts with Selflessness to Promote Intellectual Growth and Inner Peace? Read my five-step process to help release the blocks to better understand the spiritual essence of love and inner peace. It takes a few minutes a day.

Often our inner conflicts are self-conscious, which are broadly contrary to self-awareness. Unconditional love and compassion are essential elements of spirituality and spiritual growth. Apply Love to Spiritual Healing

When we apply "love" for personality, which we have judged as negative, great healing can take place. A level psychological question solution. At a deeper level, spiritual healing, releasing the blocks between one another and the Divine Essence that we are actually. One result of the inner peace is greater, as the conflict simply melts. [5] The Stepwise Step is the Inner Peace and Space for Spiritual Growth

Resolving Conflicts and Internal Peace

1. Determine the Conflict. Let's start as a characteristic of two aspects of your personality.

Example: I strongly felt I was angry and typically tried to suppress my anger and "be nice" and "more spiritual" until a small irritant event triggers excessive flow in the "volcanic eruption" of anger. The conflict was part of me, which would have been "beautiful" with the part I wanted to be "credible" when she admitted anger when she was still small enough to handle it without much emotional upheaval. Describe negativity. Some silent, reflective, or meditative times, and intuitive imagination suggest a character that depicts the seemingly negative side of the conflict

For example: For me Grumpy Disney's cartoon was introduced by the dwarf [19659003] 3. Apply your self-esteem. Do some relaxed time – you can do it every two or three minutes a day – and apply your self-esteem to characterize the negative side of the conflict. Bring unconditional love to yourself.

For example: I imagined telling the inner Grumpy: "I love you, you are my part, and therefore part of God, and I love you as you are." I also imagined hugging Grumpy and invited Grumpy to share his thoughts with me at this imaginative level. Listening – even as a seemingly negative part of yourself – is a great gift. Write dialogue if necessary. If you are tempted to get rid of, disturb, or otherwise difficult to keep your ideas or conversations in your imagination, try a short conversation between you and the imaginative character. Make the Spontaneous Voice of the Character


Me: Hi, cheerful, Thank you for coming up with me. I want you to know I love you.

Grumpy: Er, Hi, and thank you, I guess. It's hard for me to think that you love me when you've tried a lot of time for me.

Me: I work to love myself – everything myself, and it involves my horrible part. I hope we can be friends right now.

Grumpy: Hmmm. This sounds good. But you could say it would be good.

Me: I know it looks like this, but I hope I'll show you what I mean. I do new things and other things. I just want to know that I love you and you care about me because you're part of me.

Wonderful: All right, we'll see.

Me: Bet You Tomorrow

5. Repeat until Shift is done. Continue the process every day for a month or longer, or until you find the conflict shifting. The character may change in appearance or attitude or you may experience some practical changes in how you handle your inner conflict. Do not attempt to plan or control the flow of internal interactions. Simply be open and alert and let the process unfold naturally

For example: After three days of imaginative conversation that is similar to the above, Grumpy stopped in my imagination, even when I invited him to talk to me. I do not remember any special change or magical moment, but gradually I began to have a low degree of irritation and annoyance at that moment. My husband was first surprised! If he was a little annoyed, I immediately retreated – but that did not mean great arguments. Of course, I was able to express Grumpiness easily, and occasional excessive emotional outbursts disappeared more or less.

Note: Be consistent. It is imperative to be consistent with this process as soon as it starts. To safeguard an inner aspect of your own self, you must create trust and create a new and more charitable, holistic relationship with yourself. Write yourself a daily reminder note, check this activity on a calendar page, or find another way to ensure that you continue to pass until you find the loving resolution, inner peace, and spiritual growth

. ]

To live in peace where they are

There seems to be so much stress around them. People lose their jobs or are afraid of losing their jobs. People are financially struggling. People are in debt, they lose their homes. Relationships suffer. They do not take the fact that there is great anxiety and fear. What's the answer?

Well, of course there is no answer that wants to improve everything. But one thing I know, after 11 years of training and counseling with people who are going through a kind of crisis or a major change, is that before things can change, you have to be okay with where you are now.

I know the sounds are controversial. The fact that we want to change it indicates that we are not right where things are now – is not it? But if you think about it, this is the only thing that makes sense. Let me explain.

It does not matter what our situation is, we want things to be different. Those who have a straight hair want curly hair. We want to be thinner, our nose is different, another house, a better car, a larger flat-screen TV. We are quite bored in our work, either too shocked and frustrated. We want our partners to be different to deal better with them, we want our family to treat us differently and so on. Most people in most of their time strive to want something else than what. Is it possible that we can remain in peace by being where we are, where we are, what we are doing, and what, and are there still any goals we want to achieve?

When I say you live in peace where you are, people often think that this means they want to settle what they do not want. They think it means they do not have to achieve goals or have to be better. That does not mean at all. Which means that the constant desire, necessity, and despair that things are different are exhaustive. You're wasting our energy and the only thing you're doing is to give us more than we do not want.

I'm sure you've heard of people who were tough and big. They may have gone bankrupt, they have not lived anywhere, and now there are millions of millionaires and they tell us how we can achieve the same thing. You think that "they're okay, they can do it, but it does not seem to happen to me." But what happens if you go bankrupt and have to live now? You have to accept the situation. You have no choice. This can not do us anymore, things can not be worse than they are, so you have to accept it. That's why I think of these people, and then they have great success. Because they had to accept – and we must be in peace – where they were. They did not have a choice.

What if you can do this? You do not have to wait until everything is completely torn off to reach the acceptance point. You can now start. Be honest about yourself and your life, do not try to do it. You owe? Okay, you owe – accept it, calm down with it. They are worried, afraid of what will happen, in my stomach you feel bad about your thoughts – okay, worry, you're afraid and sick in your stomach. Let him accept this feeling. See the difference? Here is the difference in energy – not the struggle against it "I do not want to do this, I want something else, I do not want to belong", which creates resistance and stress and does not achieve anything. is that it is – a much more peaceful feeling. No more fighting.

If you can do this, some interesting things happen. First of all, you take the stress, stop your situation and fight against life. Second, we feel relaxed, then – answers, resources, solutions begin with you. Life becomes more positive for you. Why? Because you do not fight him.

Eckhart Tolle explains the books "The Power of Now" and "The New Earth" very well. Instead of reading the books, I would suggest you listen to them. Get the book on the audio CD and listen. I think you understand that much better.

Whatever it is that you do not love yourself, your life, your life situation – you accept it, live it in peace. Accept that it is so, and not resist, and desperately wants things to be different. Accept that I do not like it, but that's right. He refused to get it now.

There is nothing to lose and everything to win. You will not only feel better, I think you will find that life will be smoother for you and ultimately reach goals – without fighting.

Inner peace and balance in everyday life

Internal peace and balance play an important role for everyone. Most people appreciate them, though very few have them. Still, everyone can develop them, some less.

What is inner peace and inner balance? This means that the presence of self-control and discipline and the ability not to let external events affect our feelings, actions, and reactions. Their presence means the possession of common sense and good judgment and does not let the outside world shake our inner world.

How many times did you hate emotions, have you lost your temper and are angry or impatient? How many times did you hurt your reactions or your attitude?

Did you challenge your children, spouse, co-workers, or employees? Are you angry with them? Are you happy with this situation? Let your work, weather, people's behavior and attitudes, movies, or newspapers affect your feelings and thoughts? External events distract their minds and think about them, not about what you think? This Internal Imbalance and the Absence of Internal Peace Internal Imbalance causes fluctuations of emotions, lack of ability to act and the loss of unnecessary thoughts, emotions and actions. So what is the remedy?

Immediately after the alarm, important moments influence the mood of the sun. These moments must be used correctly.

After waking up in the morning, instead of thinking of the difficulties or the tasks you are waiting for, you smile and tell yourself what a wonderful day you will be. Think about the kind of things you will do or experience, not the difficulties. Repeat yourself several times today to keep the inner balance, the common sense and the peace of mind.

From the moment you get up until you sleep at night, try to maintain some breakup. This does not mean that it is indifferent or negligible. This means you do not react immediately to situations, words, emotions, or thoughts. It may not be that easy, but if you persevere, you win. Take some deep breaths, or count 10 before we do it. It calms down to a certain extent.

If someone tells you you do not like to hear, instead of breaking or rejection of anger, keep and delay your reaction. I do not want to say that they are screaming and they do not get anything from outside. This is not healthy. I mean, we look at the case in a broader sense. What do other people think is important? Why are his words so much to you? Is it right and wise to pay attention to words and opinions rather than reacting angrily?

Always remember to fall into a valley, but keep moving, you will get to a point where you will climb. No matter what happens, keep in mind that there is always a way out. Every autumn it rises again. This knowledge helps to restore inner peace and balance when encountering difficulties and obstacles.

The inner peace and balance of the soul state. The inner power and ability to silence the mind in silence, concentration exercises, meditation, detachment, visualization, or persuasion will have a long way to achieving and maintaining the inner balance and peace

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