Astrology – The planets

In astrology, both the Sun and the Moon, as the celestial bodies are usually the list of planetary effects.

The subject of planetary action on earthly life, and especially on human psychics, has been the focus of thousands of years and in all cultures. Where astronomy continues to observe the physical aspects of planets, schools refine the planet's influence on our human psyche.

Let's not forget that the influence on each person can only be determined by the astrological chart that modifies or enhances the individual factors by linking one planet to its other relationship as it is at birth.

The percentages confirmed the following generalities.

SUN The Sun is obviously the most powerful on the heavenly bodies. It represents our most important or spiritual being and representations that are our enduring properties throughout our lives. Each of us is evolved through incarnations with a birth sign that are different in different ages and are moving across all zodiac signs until we have complete human experience. The Sun represents the key to our spiritual life and our birth chart to those who give life, gays, masculine, positive, optimistic, electrical and creative. It is a sign of the good of life and conscious intelligence.

MOON The Moon is the heavenly auxiliary body to the Sun. It represents our growth and changing soul, influenced by changing circumstances and feelings in our lives. It does not represent conscious consciousness and subconscious thinking and emotional outlook, not our conscious thought like the Sun. Symbolizing properties are nurturing, reassuring, reassuring, reflective, magnetic female habits and pregnancy and growth issues. This is an indicator of personal emotions, intuition and imagination.

MERCURY Mercury was once considered a messenger flying between heaven and earth. The human soul possesses such abilities. Its position in the table and its relationships with other planets and energies indicate that we use the gifts of free will and human intelligence as much as possible. The chart shows the speed, movement and talent of communication and intellectual development. He can also tell the other factors of the Chart that he is a very advanced genius for peace or a revolutionary mixer.

VENUS The benevolent planet of love and harmony. These qualities are immortalized in the legends of gods and in the long-lasting symbols of romantic love and harmony, with all the great artwork of all time. The planet has an impact on our talent in music, dance, decoration and diplomacy that maintain peace between the differences. The table reflects our love capacity and personal needs, our expressions and much of our good fortune.

MARS Mars is committed to protecting precious things-to preserve the weakness of goodness in culture and everything, and willing to fight for the cause of death. There was once God who was bound by Venus, representing human kindness. The table indicates activity, agitation, aggression, and tendency to violence, but it shows the enthusiastic features of the soul as well as its willingness to preserve its values. In our Chart, we show our dynamic talents and passions, as it shows us as unfortunate, with irregular energy, enthusiasm or aggression.

JUPITER Jupiter is a great planet of charity. It represents generosity, generosity, wealth, happiness, happiness and generous health. Because it is lightness and luxury, it is a symbol of the horn of abundance. But in a diagram, not only does it formulate, but even if someone is lazy or unjustified for goodwill, and in general, despite the planet's prosperity, it can also show us where to lie in our laurels, so to speak. In general, its influence emphasizes the good.

SATURN Saturn is regrettably generally considered "bad". We know this is a huge planet that has not yet discovered secrets. According to legend, however, it can always be related to the main goals of human life, causing difficulties and death before renewal, and known as "The Reaper". It is undoubtedly a representative of Karma's great law – justice that fulfills the law of action and reaction and which questions "why is it for us?" when we suffer bad fortune, but we neglect to do their good fortune the same way. The influence of Saturn represents a natural law. In our chart we present the difficulties, personal limitations, unresolved problems and the serious concerns of our souls that provide the present lessons.

URANUS Uranium is the unpredictable planet that affects us all, which causes unusual and unusual feelings, interests and behaviors. Its impact on the earth and our civilization flooded the rise of great planetary changes in the recent Revolutionary Revolutions and Wars that went beyond history. The effect of this is to encourage us on the boundaries of individual consciousness to understand the universality of all our lives on earth and beyond. New Age Of Aquarius (the rules of the sign) focus on humanitarian instincts, goals and actions. Our charts show that sudden and life-changing things happened without unnoticed reasons. In our nature, it touches the part that wants to swim against the worn out past values ​​of the past and breaks new ground.

NEPTUNE Neptune, as his name suggests, the planet controls our most magical water-like emotions. As we look at the earth's globe, we see that the material world or earth is much smaller than the oceanic blue scale. Water is more financially material and shows in human psyche that our emotions are greater than our physical self. But as long as we know how to use its influence, the energies in the Chartonna show our vague possibilities, our dreams, our unrealistic self, the undefined aspects of our character, our human weaknesses instead of virtues and strengths. It shows our ability to depend on habits and drugs, relationships and mistakes against others. His most regulated energies offer inspirational dreams and ideas for us, with ideals and feelings, mystical experiences and a sense of the greater unity of life beyond our little ego.

PLUTO Pluto is so small that it is easy to see how it can be queried to have any impact on our distant world, but in fact its effect is that we begin to the extent. Because they have only recently been discovered, they have been subjected to limited testing of how this affects us, but certain factors arise. Pluto was associated with the underworld and often considered negative. But like any other energy, it may be bad or good depending on the purpose to which the energies are utilized. If they see that Pluto's power drives large monopolies, and business ventures exploiting others or supporting the health and well-being of all of us, of course, are considered to be negative performance in this way.

At the same time, if the same energy would be able to create a world for peace and fraternity of mankind that has never been in our history – then it can only be regarded as a unity principle that is goodness itself. The actual details of Pluto, its role in the solar system and its impact on life continue to be highly speculation.

NEMA draft amendment – call for comment – Tell me now or keep the peace forever

Edna Molewa, South African Minister of Water and Environment, Edited by the National Environmental Management Act (NEMLA) 2011 bill. Public opinion is being asked for their views and comments on the new bill now. The deadline for comments by the public sector is 30 days after 30 days of the NEMLA bill, which means that interested parties will have to give their concerns about environmental law by 30 September 2011.

The 2011 new NEMLA Act outlines the specific provisions of the three acts:

1. National Environmental Management Act (NEMLA)

2. National Environmental Biodiversity Law (NEMBA)

3. National Environmental Management Air Quality Act (NEMAQA)

What's New Bill's Purpose?

The main purpose of Bill is to overcome the shortcomings identified in the implementation of the above three laws so that environmental management and service provision can be improved. If the amendment is approved, the minister would be in a position to limit certain sites for a certain period, but may also prohibit developments in certain areas. The 24G administrative fine, which is currently at R1 million, will increase to 5 million. Persons responsible for paying the fine would have been exempted if they had taken special emergency measures. For environmental management environmental managers, green scorpions enjoy greater room for maneuver in the vehicle or other means of transport if they are used to commit a criminal offense. In addition to these various adjustments, the role of the minister is also clarified in terms of regulatory powers as they apply to the maintenance of threatened or protected flora and fauna and ensure that the minister becomes more flexible when listing and managing alien vegetation and fauna, regulates the exploitation of the natural resources of the country, allows the Ministry of Environment to withhold loans secured by biological research agreements in a fund to raise disadvantaged communities and allow DEA to launch more legal punishments against those who have violated the law in force without the necessary permission.

Because of the serious threats to the environment due to commercial and illegal acts, this new Bill may prove to be the answer while enjoying the benefits of people and the natural resources offered by the country. Interested parties are hereby invited to make comments to the Minister before the expiry of the deadline.

Trust your wedding insurance

We are all insured for many reasons for being a house, car or personal insurance. Wedding insurance is like any other form of insurance and does not pay when something is wrong. Nobody wants things to be wrong and maybe people look at this form of insurance as a bad luck, but we would like to find ourselves in spite of unfamiliar circumstances.

You need to be sure to cover us when the worst case arises. For example, if the vital member of the wedding becomes ill and the wedding can not continue the wedding insurance cover. If the host does not appear and has paid for the payment, the insurance will cover and repay. If the photographer throws away the camera and the pictures are broken, then the wedding insurance covers the group to recapture itself.

No one hopes you'll ever need insurance, but if the worst case happens, it's good to know you're covering it. But if we take into account insurance costs as the emotional costs of the wedding disaster, then the cost is not much.

If you and your future spouse take out insurance, you will be relaxed on your special day, doing everything to make sure your day is smooth and now there is some financial backing if something happens. Your insurance does not guarantee you a prefecture weather, but if time is postponing your wedding, you will be financially covered.

Insurance is a one-off policy that expires after the wedding and congratulates you for a smooth and flawless wedding, but if something goes wrong, you will congratulate yourself for getting your wedding insurance.

Source of stress

Stress comes to us from all directions. Sometimes it's delicious, and we have no idea what's on our last nerve. At other times, of course, too obvious: difficult relationships, work that we hate, a boss who is like a dictator, a neighbor who likes the middle of the night, crank-the-music-up parties, the homeowner is an alliance that God he considers them responsible for their lives and can continue. And so I'm sure you know.

Today there is not much peace in the valley. This lack of peace offers two choices: We will endure our struggle while we are suffering, disrupting and craving our lives, or at least partial exemptions

. the latter action plan. And I also recommend that you recall yourself with the "battlefields" – small rewards to encourage you along the way.

Developing solutions is much easier if you know the sources of stress. Today we talk about significant, but relatively unknown, stress can stretch and catch us.

Great Demands for a Dry Well

This is huge, absolutely huge. If we do not give our body the necessary nutrition support, we can not make claims.

For example, if Zumba is patooty, frequent colds or influenza, it means that your diet is not enough to support what is Zumbaing. What will be surprising for those who follow low-fat, low-protein, low-salt, politically appropriate diets. With such nutrition, your body can only be played with tiddly winks.

It appears that the rest of the world is receiving the message, but in the US, local governments still insist on putting fluoride into the water system. They do not want someone to think they do not want time, and they do not want to be different.

Meanwhile, fluoride breaks down the thyroid gland (which then frustrates the endocrine system, the master of our health), weakens our muscles and tendons to stretch and break with little provocation, place heavy metals in our bodies, weaken bones, teeth , and especially the children, and the federal government is in the game, the fluoride is squeezed hard, primarily through hygiene and medicine. Fluoride, as you know, is in dentifrice – enough to kill a baby. And this is in newer antibiotics, so while healing the current infection, they also set up problems on the road. And the antidepressants and the antipsychotic drugs that do not work in any way. The digital revolution does not help either

It has electricity frequencies. Our bodies also have frequencies that are unique to each individual. No one in the world and throughout history had the same electric frequencies as you did. Sometimes the frequencies of electrical systems collide with the body frequencies and stress is like Johnny at the scene. Some of us do not notice this electric jingle, although it gives stress to our body, but there are some that have a significant health impact and need to move away from electricity to survive.

Most people are in the middle, but none of us are intact.

And what has involved us? Our DNA.

Thomas Edison started the lamp. You probably never imagined the strength and power of the born gorilla. Let's look at some offspring

Things that considerably increase our electromagnetic (EMF) load:

• Wi-Fi, wireless routers, ethernet cables

• Mobile phones in our pocket

within a mile

• Remote Controls

• Near Electrical Substation

• Microwave

• Smart Meter

• Electric Toothbrush

• And all other wireless devices.

• etc.

There are many positive things you can do to protect yourself and yours. For example, before throwing it, turn off anything that adds EMF load; we are much more sensitive at night.

The most important thing is to improve your diet, both nutrition and nutritional supplements. Nutritional deficiencies actually attract electrical frequencies – straight to our DNA. Poor nutrition becomes vulnerable, while absorbing food provides the body with ammunition to fight the fight vigorously.

In fact, solid nutrition helps to overcome stress that comes from any source. Raising nutrition is how you fight back.

Summer Solstice and Earth Healing

What is the Summer Solstice? Usually the longest day of the year. The ancestors celebrated this day as a messenger of the future. As a point where we think of the past and predict our future. The solstice was regarded as a point of history for measuring the development of the human race.

So how far have we come from?

The centuries-long solstice celebrations also announced the "new era". The day when consciousness develops to a certain point where there was no war where people developed enough to live in peace, resolve conflicts and find new ways. And Solstice – there was always time for communities to come and celebrate and have a good party. It was like a neighborhood party block where everyone came out and just celebrated, no matter what happened before you got together to commemorate common prosperity.

The "how far we get" key, where personal development is. We are not yet close to the age of peace, but we are at a turning point. And this is your personal path and evolution that decides the fate of human consciousness and whether the new era really is the age of peace or life, we say "we could not."

What's "New Age?"

In fact, something new under the sun.

The "New Era" suggests new ways to exist, think, feel, and associate with each of us.

* release obsolete modes in relationships

* to create CLEAR boundaries and determine what is important by generating a new feeling of joy in our emotions and body

* redefine how we relate to our body

The body no longer serves the job. The new era really asks us to enter into joy and understand that our joy is found in our lives, which is beyond our debt, we are or what we are – and enter into an authentic embodied place

In the meditation circle , called "Earth Healing", we sit in a group and coordinate our bodies with the rhythms, music and pulsation of our own rhythms. It's like the ancient Sufiers who feel the vibration of the central channel and start up – discovering ourselves and the body of the central channel – to see how pulsating we feel through our bodies.

The meditation circle acts as a vibrating "impulse" as a barometer through our own body to perceive the planet's core asking us to become aware of it.

Participants are listening to messages from their own body about what needs to be awakened or devoted to and attached to their own CLEANING ability to better liberate their own opportunities.

You'll also get an insight into what you need to "let" to get into your "new era." [19659002] Most importantly, these circles provide an opportunity to enter into what you want to create in your "new era."

Whatever you would like to see in your world, in your life, and how you want to see your natural self increase your chances of doing so – your own inner guidance is the most important element for you to watch for these changes and evolution

to expand into your larger self?

meditation circle "Earth Healing" helps us to connect with movement and longing to unfold in us. The circle is not about curing the earth, but through our bodies to the earth, to enable our own health preservation and increase our emotional development and joy!

Are you ready to go to a new skin?

Do not worry – you do not have to be ready. Just be open what you really want!

The choices, make it

This seems obvious and difficult to argue. So why do most people prefer to play in their lives for the wrong game? If I had a dollar every time I talked to an athlete or an athlete's parent who told me they might have been a professional athlete, but "their coach did not support them" or "twisted them". he is retiring. For other often repeated "reasons" people can not reach their goal: "Timing was not right", "I did not have enough time", "My circumstances changed" and "I just lost my interest."

often tell my clients to go much faster than success from failures to success compared to objections to success. You only have limited time and energy, so how do you decide to use both of them, determine who you are and where you end up. Avoiding mistakes and mistakes is an inevitable part of life (except Kim Jong-un). Perfection is an attractive concept, but it does not exist in reality.

If you can only see errors and failures as part of the process, you will not feel that you have to deal with objections when they occur. Learning to accept this fact and assume the responsibility for all your choices and actions will lead to safe conduct and eliminate the need for faults and objections.

I also tell my clients that "the mistake is to save temporarily their own pain and inconvenience in situations." I think that human nature is part of the simple short-term relief that is made by mistakes and objections, but the truth is that it does not take as much work as we would think to create a new habit of responsibility. The most beneficial part of your payments is the relief of severe pain and discomfort for the remainder of your life, as well as increased efforts and success in every success.

Creating a Responsibility Behavior does not guarantee your success with any of your aspirations. Nevertheless, I can guarantee that you will never do it near your peak until you have done this habit. Think about excuses and blame the way you (hopefully) think about heroin. You may feel better in the first place, but you will not be able to cope with it over time. When was the last time (or anyone you knew) using heroin to do the highest on their own?

Dalia Lama said the best thing: "If you think someone has a different fault, you will suffer a lot. If you find that everything comes from you alone, then you will learn both peace and joy.

Home security in an hour

Home burglary is growing because it is one of the simplest offenses. Statistics on crime offices support this fact. In addition to burglary, victims often experience financial problems, and time has lost work, legal, insurance and personal problems. So, as disturbing as this may be, homeowners have to accept this reality and take action to make our family, home, and our property as safe as possible.

A good starting point for active neighboring observation. Members are watching their neighbors and are suspicious of the police. There are other ways that the thief will bypass his home and move to a lighter target. These include quality deadbolt locks, fitting solid external doors, using motion detector for outdoor lighting, and additional methods.

The best solution is to install a home security system. According to ninety percent of the police, the alerts show off intrusion attempts. Well, there is really no excuse for not having a type of home security system. There was never such a time when such good products were received at such low prices. A wireless home security system can be installed in less than an hour, less than $ 100. You may think that this simple game should be a game. On the contrary, it is true. The sophisticated technology has made it possible to create systems packaged in these functions that are easy to install.

It is possible to view the main components, control panel, sound devices, motion detector and door / window sensor only on the box layout. The most important system packages include components for the protection of doors or windows, motion detector, key holder remote control and control console and a screaming siren sounder. So one hour, and home security is installed and working.

Using the base system, you can further customize your system to meet individual needs. You can add additional door / window sensors, motion detectors, outdoor lighting, smoke, fire or other special sensors. Keyless remote controls can be assigned to your children. In most cases a siren or alarm bell will spoil a home intruder. Tell your neighbors about your security system so they respond when they hear the alarm. You can decide that the system not only delivers acoustic signals, but also dials your mobile phone or dials an alarm monitoring feature.

Connecting your home security system to an alarming surveillance company gives you more peace of mind. Some people do not believe that burglary alarms are directly dialing the police. In fact, most police only accept the alert notification from a central observation station. Excessive false alarms forced the police to accept this procedure. Alarm monitoring is particularly great for older family members or loved ones who have a health condition. Panic alarms have a special priority against burglar alarms. The control company can notify the rescue service or the police. You will be glad to know that wherever you are involved, you will be informed of the take-off of the police at your home intruder.

If you live in the usual way, and there are no security measures, it poses an unnecessary risk to your family, home, and property. Install your home security system and make sure your home is safe and secure.

The 4 archery stance – the foundation of the big bow shot

With archery, the four stances can be used, each one has the tops and disadvantages. Knowing all of these knowledge allows you to figure out which one is most comfortable for you and will help you use them all under different circumstances.

The beginner has the same attitude. This is what you can do, allowing you to have consistency in your accuracy and in a position that is easy to imagine. But like any position, there are some disadvantages to using it. There is not much support around you when you use it. It is easy to break the balance and not offer much strength. If you are even in the even position, another problem should be considered when deciding which ones you want to use the most. Shooters with a wide chest tend to reduce the string. If you want a very stable, wide-ranging position, you should be open. What is also doing, reduces the tendency of many novice shooters, that is, the body is pulled out of the goal. However, this position makes the upper body tend to twist in the direction of the target. If you are in this situation, you will also move from your arms instead of using your back, that is, the muscles you use when shooting.

The next position is closed. It provides full shoulder and arm alignment when it embraces the finish line in front of it. But there are still some negative to this job. Sometimes it behaves against your body, this stance reduces the risk of string. As with the jobs discussed above, this also forces you to sometimes bend your target.

The next sloping stance. As for the string, this would be the best way to take advantage of it. If in this situation, the goal is more clearly displayed and your body is more balanced than in any other position. But beware, this position is actually one of the harder to use. Advanced archers are only recommended to use.

Stand on the line from where you try to shoot all your positions. Some say that if it's still a few inches, it dramatically affects its purpose, so it's better not to be sorry.

The two most appropriate positions are oblique and open. Both situations are best used by advanced archers. But when it comes to the right attitude, it comes with a feeling that is personally appropriate for you.

Happiness hangs in your own hands -Olga Rosmanith. Madonna, we would think there would be too many top-charting . "

"Circumcision has no power over you, Gospel songs in spite of the challenged Roman Catholic faith, but as I listened to the" Secret "song, I have recently developed the knowledge that the gospel is very good, that in his video [1] there was an idea of ​​various baptisms – the traditional Christian motive of death for life without the old God and a new birth in the spiritual world.

But that was also the lyrics that attracted my attention. Things are not the same
Since when you came into my life
You found a way to touch my soul
And I will never let go

When God really comes to someone, things will never again are the same: it is most when it comes to intense pain and suffering, and how to find a way to touch our soul, No need for it – this is the point: m I do not have to God (apparently) until we do it – even then many resist and continue to reject him: the wise man, since he felt this gloom, could never afford God's loving hands in Christ, Jesus the Savior and the Scourge.

The song's bridge: "Happiness is in your hands
It's been too long to understand
Until you share your secret

Happiness is really in your own hands There is no truer statement Although there are countless claims that are just as true, even in the depths of misery, suffering and destruction, we can do much to understand happiness. In normal life, if we are not in the midst of suffering, we can discover the truth that happiness is routinely in our own hands

From the personal experience I know it took too long to understand the grace and power of God, which is not my time, I was in the depths that God really shared my secret with me and could only see the light. I praise God that I could imagine in my worst despair I found the love I always bought, but unfortunately I did not know It must be. Suddenly my eyes saw all sorts of injustice, and not just in my own life – significantly to the others. lives.

You gave me the paradise
I thought I was doing good
Did you help me find the reasons why
was surprised you understood
You ever knew
What I never meant to say
I've never learned to love myself
I've never been anymore … anyone else

Most of us are surprised to see that God does not really understand mankind and we ultimately understand this truth, we are astonished at our lies how we can Your almighty creature, to think you're not interested? Well-Known from Memory From the Depth of Time Only when we know God that we can truly become acquainted – only when we really want to know and accept ourselves so that we can begin to love ours. do we really love others?

Finally, the chorus (below) reminds me of someone who is counted on redemption revelation.

"Something Entered With Me
The Baby Is Secret"

I remember that in the presence I sank that I was baptized in the Spirit. Something really came over me – it was the breath of God that showed me his love and grace – as a deeply physiological force, he took my body and watched for a few minutes a praise and gratitude. It was a huge goose.

Yes, Madonna can preach too!

Copyright © 2008, SJ Wickham. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

[1] Video recording of the live "Drowned World Tour" concert in Detroit, Michigan in 2001.

Crystals for the Scorpio Moon Sign

October 23 – November 21

Moon crystals: smoky quartz

The Intuition Crystal: Herkimer Diamond

The Scorpion Moon is usually a very emotional and powerful sign, but it's not worried about wearing or wearing the Moon Crystal Smoky Quartz. It helps you to leave all those things that are no longer working in your life and gives you the strength to handle these emotional and intense times. It helps in detoxification and empowerment at all levels of your being.

Smoky quartz is also great to release negative energies that seem to get stuck in you and help you release the dark emotions. This will make it easier for you to find new enlightenment and transformation areas.

You are capable of massive self-reformation, and you know and will be able to survive almost everything. It becomes a great driver and teacher for those who face challenges during their lifetime. You are usually an excellent healer, as you can see on the surface of things, and it will help all who come to your ideas.

Always carry a rutile quartz that will help you connect with your soul and bring out your best qualities and rise above the challenges, not living in dark places, which may be a trend.

There is a need for commitment from others and if we are in an environment that does not support it, it is very insecure. You tend to rely on the past, compelling, powerful and miraculous in the mind of your subconscious mind, it is all natural to you and therefore a good healer, teacher or leader who is willing to travel with these paths and what the path of these insights can be. Again, this is the perfect reason to wear or deliver a smoky quartz, it will balance, and this will also help you to lose your dark emotions.

Use agate to release the old emotional blocks, anger, power struggles, abandonment, and all the old trauma that seems to stumble. If it seems like a constant or usual trend for you, it always carries or carries this crystal with you and frees up and clarifies all the trends that seem to be unconsciously motivating your current behavior