Soul Master Handbook – Peace – Part 1

Today I am saying this article with great peace. Not only is my time a constant challenge for peace, but in my own life, often, peace is often questioned. As a spiritual master, I know that peace is quality, such as love or pleasure, unlike something that needs to be thought out and achieved. But, like love, if you do not feel and experience, it seems to be missing.

Many people think that they need to change, massage, or eliminate the environment or people around them, and then there will be peace to find peace. But removing chaos results in nothingness. While it is true that neutrality seems to be a better situation than chaos until real peace is realized, there is a significant risk that chaos will re-emerge.

Peace comes only when we recognize and assume its constant presence. There is a powerful biblical story about Elijah's prophecy, which represents the recognition of chaos peace, which always gives me great comfort. 1 Kings 19: 11-12:

11 And he said, Go and stand upon the mountain before the LORD. And behold, the LORD passed by, and a great and mighty wind smote the mountains, and cut down the rocks before the LORD; but the Lord was not in the wind, and after the wind was an earthquake; but the Lord was not in the earthquake: after the earthquake fire; but the Lord was not in the fire and a quiet voice after the fire.

So for Elijah, who had witnessed this mighty chaos around him, he found the power of Divine Peace as he did not allow chaos to confuse the underlying peace.

Today we see the wind, earthquake and fire equivalence in the many cruel images we see in the Middle East within our government with more murders, abuses and neglected stories. We can fight peace in our homes as more and more families are faced with challenges such as divorces, job losses, metabolism, depression, harassment, and so on. If we think about these issues in the "absence" of peace, then it is very likely that our thinking will be true. But if we can approach these challenges as a peaceful warrior, knowing that peace is the only way in which we can contribute to reassuring stormy stories.

When peace is lacking, the Soulmate will not get into the turmoil of the moment and allow the noise to retreat and hear the "silent sound" or the peace. Nobody can ever remove peace from anywhere or anyone else, always in the "silent voice" when we decide to listen. Many do not know this because they are scared. If you are dismayed, you will begin to see the many effects of past and future that an ego has spread that says "I separate", "I am alone" or "I'm excluded". When I get to you, the subordinate cause of chaos always speaks of the ego's claim that, in order to gain it, we must fight to regain the lost ones.

The promise of the ego is, of course, mistaken, and is based on impressions of years, and a Soul Master leaves ourselves unattended. These various fears force us to act in the name of fear to protect ourselves. Keeping them unattended, these fears can easily be shared with others, and rumors become a complete abnormal disorder of chaos, which can have a profound impact on a family or even across the country.

I mentioned earlier that I personally dealt with a situation where peace was far away. My first question was seeing peace in others and staying calm. But that did not seem to work, and I felt like I was without each encounter, though "neutrality" was preserved, I was not peaceful. I kept trying to put another peace to the situation and what to do "still" to help solve all the problems. I spent a lot of time with the Spiritual Principles to re-create my own peace and listen to wisdom. As long as I tried to spend a chaotic place with peace, instead of being peaceful in a chaotic situation, either party would feel loss or regret to be neutral.

There is peace. I knew that whatever the "situation" was saying was that, as long as I was in contact with my peace, peace would come to a stand. The Soul Master is "still small" under every storm, because we know that peace is always present. Condition flow is determined by acknowledgment of the original state, which includes peace, love, joy, and abundance. When you begin to feel the swelling of chaos, stand firmly like a strong oak that can not even move the wind, the earth or the fire. The result can not be what you imagined (good or bad), but when you acted in peace in your soul, you did everything you could do. The rest will follow or get the tools or wisdom needed for the next peaceful move.

Relax and be in peace with things you can not control. If it appears that you have the opportunity to "do something" to restore peace, consider deeply if this comes from peace even if you feel that your intentions are for others for peace. If you are not 100% content and peace with the proposed action, can not be derived from true peace. Think deeply to find the restlessness and lay the foundation for peace with you and then advance, knowing that as the sun sometimes conceals behind the clouds, peace also appears when the storm and chaos break up in peace presence.

Buddha says, "Peace comes from within." Such a simple message, and yet our experience often excites us the opposite. But we all know fair peace at one point in our lives, so we have an intuitive and spiritual relationship with Buddha's message that deeply confirms his truth. Peace is a divine characteristic quality. This is our real nature. You can not do it – it's done already. In addition, the idea of ​​having to happen emphasizes the notion that it is missing. But that's never really true. All we need to know is this. There is nothing to do, just accept the peace and then live.

Since peace is such a fundamental quality for the Master of Psychology and a broad theme that comes from individual, family, or social and world, the theme of peace will be pursued in the second part of the Peace Masters series. The following article will focus on individual and world peace.

How can peace be found after the death of a loved one?

Are you at the point of your sorrow that you want this twisting pain to pass away? This is wearing you, and you only know that you will never enjoy again? And does it seem to persist and return every day with the same deep emptiness?

How long does the terrible pain endure? Nobody can say it because every sorrow is a kind. And as you already know, pain reduction begins and ends when you're ready. Here are what others have done to find rest, let the sorrow come and go but still love the deceased and keep it alive in their hearts. Taking action in such areas can ease your pain and ultimately lead to inner peace

1. Find your time with people who have a big heart, open mindedness, and consistently able to survive in great shocks. They are the ones who come back and continue to embrace life and invest in the world again. Learn how to do it. You may not be your family. Look anywhere, even in the books of revenge that survived great losses. They have many ideas.

2nd Love me better. It is easy to forget the fast-paced culture in which we live that love has a profound effect on every person; this is an essential element of life. His power molds and influences. The need to be part of a larger whole, value to others, or very close to a particular couple, is a reality that dramatically changes life. You can expand your love twice: you can continue to see love for the deceased and those who have come in contact every day.

In secession, they will love memories, symbolic memories of family reunions, and even talk to the deceased as you see it. The majority of love for others is manifested in being more tolerant and understanding those who disagree, less coercive and co-operative, are more consistent and respectful to everyone, regardless of their life situation. These are high commands but parts of the social heritage that guarantee peace in your life

. Never handle failure as an enemy. If you want the inner peace to see failure as a learning that will bring you closer to the goal. Do not uplift yourself for others or weaknesses, especially when you are mourning. As a former college basketball coach I told the players to make every mistake, just double the same. Select the factors that lead to the problem, learn from them – and get a new insight. All of us have many failures (lessons) ahead of us.

4th Join a group. It's as hard as it is, think about the group you want to share and find out what its purpose is. If there is no idea for a group, go to your Sunday newspaper and see the local section and the various group meetings this week. Take part in some gatherings and give yourself time to adapt to the new environment.

You'll be surprised at the new interests or hobbies that you can draw attention to. It stimulates your thinking in new directions. Among other things, group membership will fulfill universal needs and will help you focus on the outside.

5th Determine what you value most and use your energy costs to support that value. Think of it for a while, even if you feel that life does not make sense. Work tirelessly to release the thoughts, images and emotions that are huge energy channels. You know what it is. He may be a toxic person or a place. This may be the old wasting habits. Maybe even the lack of self-discipline. Maybe you have to let go of an old dream and create a new one. Decide what's most important and start building what you value.

In summary, changes always start from the inside, still so small. Finding peace is, for the first time, an inner commitment you have brought with you; Now that this is the highest priority, though sorrow is still fresh. Travel is sometimes cumbersome, and it does everything you can to end the seemingly insurmountable obstacles to inner peace.

You can defeat them by hanging out successful types of fighting who love a lot, shake their failures and come back to life and never stop learning. You can do the same in your own way at your own pace. That does not mean that you will ever be your old self. This means finding peace and affection and at the same time accepting the fact that sorrow will be transferred again – but you do not have to live alive in the shadow of the great loss.

Understanding the Universe and Creating Peace

Before joining the AI ​​arm and selling your soul to being connected to a machine and becoming vulnerable to the full control of someone else's computer programming, walk in the future with this brilliant and peaceful man, Mehran Keshe, Founder of the Keshe Foundation . This Iranian-born man may be the best-preserved secret that can have a powerful impact on preventing the destruction of humanity. He appeared in the world of radiation and nuclear science at a very young age, in 1981 from Queen Mary College, a nuclear engineer in reactor technology at London University. He had a unique interest in studying the structure of the universe, which was his inspiration for this advanced technologist. He says that you do not see any engine or engine anywhere in the natural universe and want the technology that he has developed to be used for peaceful purposes only. Having discovered in Britain and Belgium that after a successful career of a scholar and businessman, he discovered that his dreams were threatening the peaceful use of his technologies, as well as himself and his family. With intellectual property rights for its technologies, Belgium left the world in 2013, through public workshops, where they started educating a common person working on the plasma technology through open source through the open source.

Keshe Foundation has completed 204 public lessons in Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute in English and in many other languages. Most of the public tutorials are also rewritten into PDFs so they can easily be printed and read without committing the time to watch the entire videos, many of which are longer than three hours long. Presentations from the workshop are interactive and through this open source, people worldwide experiment and learn about plasma science and how they can influence all aspects of our lives.

There are many video and learning opportunities, namely

Keshe technologies include energy and energy, health and wellness, transport, food and agriculture, environment, health and environmental protection applications. solutions, space and intergalactic travel, family and relationships, emotions and soul. It may be surprising that "emotions and the soul" in the list of applications; however, Keshe technologies are integrated with the full knowledge and use of the psychology of human emotions, the keys to peaceful plasma solutions. Our collective and individual choices from our emotional states directed the world to the edge of destruction and "to correct the mistake of mankind". "Increase your soul and the souls of people around you". says. Mr. Keshe often states, "Here we are, to serve and not serve."

It says that there are four material states: 1) solid 2) liquids, 3) gases, 4) de ganses (GAs in solid nano state). He says that plasma is a separate entity, and this material is the weakest force in magnetic fields.

Based on the basic concepts of nano stratification and simple materials such as copper, zinc, copper wire, distilled water and corrosive solution, gas has been established, and showed that Mr Keshe described the basic elements in more detail and presented the field strengths and relationships, including the impact and contribution of human emotions. People all over the world have experimented with these simple materials together with the instructions. Knowledge is used to make their own unique creations for many different purposes. Examples: Liquid Plasma Nutrition, Heather Bryant's Works, Cary Kirastar Ellis, Gardeners and Breeders Workshop, and Hurricane Tom Salas Relief and Survival

People who learn this technology are encouraged to simply create and use their own creations cheap materials that are often found around their home or are easy to buy. There are many products available for health and wellness use, gas inventory, experimental equipment, and Magrav launching products.

The Keshe Foundation is expanding rapidly and currently has manufacturing facilities in the United States, China, Italy, Ghana and Austria, and many more will soon open. The Magravs Power Car System, which provides gas performance in conventional gasoline engines, and the Magravs Power Plasma Generator, which can power many houses from the main power of the house, can not be purchased

Mehran Keshe's three books entitled "Justice Creation Order, "" The Structure of Light, "and" Origin of the Universe "are also available to Keshe Foundation

A free online plasma wiki page for knowledge seekers.

People who are interested in teaching and have a solid knowledge and background in learning these technologies teach and teach local workshops around the world.

In addition to the other available videos, 22 childrens search engine workshops were created between October 2014 and October 2015. These are a great starting point for all ages to look at the balance and positioning of plasma and gravity / magnetic fields. In the first Kids Workshop, Keshe explains: "Very simply, what is it, we want you to understand this simple thing:" In the world, magnets, body, body cells are made, not flat. They always have bullet shape. "With simple magnetic balls, Mr. Keshe encourages kids to play games and experiment with magnetic and gravity fields and plasma." So let's try to explain the first session of blood plasma. Plasma is a huge sphere of magnetic fields, with a source, with the time it expects from the source to make it visible to us and when it is in the shell, totality with all the fields in the center is plasma … And you can change it, you can play it very simply you can understand why even if the plasma is soft, it is not difficult. "

He says," So the cornerstone of creation is plasma, not magnetic fields. Magnetic fields come from plasma and connect to other plasma. "

" The peoples of the earth are ready for peace. The leaders of the world must understand that we accept the peace and are obliged to accept peace as the leaders of the people. The Earth Council, the Universal Council, and the Core Team made a letter to send the world leaders. "Mehran Keshe

A recent draft of a comprehensive constitution that shares the intentions and commitments of the Earth Council of the Keshe Foundation on the Keshe Foundation's website

This article is about to finish an article offered by Mark House recently published by Mark House Facebook "If you understand the potential of these exponential technologies to transform everything from energy to education, there is another view of how we can solve the great challenges of mankind. "

" Good-bye, linear thinking, hello abundance "" We live in a world where a few men or men can have a billion people in the garage – and it has never been so. "

" Your mind is programmed linear. But in the next few decades, the pace of change is growing so rapidly that almost everything we can imagine can happen. Any industry in the near future will potentially disrupt. And if you're not excited or afraid, you're sleeping on the wheel. "

10 Simple Ways to Make Peace in Your Life

Life is at best chaotic. We run, we have more tasks, and we try to do everything for everybody, often we do not go to ourselves. We love peace – but usually they are generally unwilling to take the things needed to achieve peace or choose the alternative path and look for peace, which usually only brings more chaos. Here are ten simple ways to bring peace to your life … no matter how chaotic your life is.

first Recognize that you can not control others than you are in this world. You're the only thing that's under full control. When we notice this and shape our views and actions accordingly, life will be much more peaceful. Trying to control others, or situations that are really beyond our control, only serves to absorb their time and add to the chaos and frustration of life.

2nd Get some contact – and make new ones. This is not easy, but if you want a peaceful life, you have to do it. For most of us there are one or two people – perhaps more – in our lives, but very few of our lives are at emotional or support levels. It's not about your friends who did nothing.

It's not about what they're doing for you. About what emotional levels bring you and what you lose at energy level. It's about friends & # 39; who live their lives that everyone is talking about me. & # 39; They are friends who are constantly in their dramatic lives (usually imagined) and who take away their life from showing their drama to their door – and ultimately do not do anything about the emotional level (they are not there when they need them, every conversation about them they have no real value to offer friendship).

Taking people out of life is very difficult. In some cases, you can not cut them completely, but you will limit your limitations – which are under full control. You can swap people with others who actually bring something to your relationship and life – and you will be amazed at the difference in energy, tranquility, happiness, and your life in general.

3rd Reduce the mess in your life. Confusion is not peace. That does not mean you have to sell all the secular goods. This means that you need to clean and organize cupboards, drawers, shelves and other jambs and nests in your home and office. As you organize, get rid of anything you do not use, you do not need it, and you can easily live without it. Donate objects to charity institutions, keep the yard sold, throw it into trash … just get rid of rubbish you do not need.

4th Clean the air. If there was a difference in any personal relationship, and you still think about it, just wipe the air. Talk to him. Let them know how you feel. Forgive me and apologize if you need it. Please apologize and forgive if necessary. Place your cards – and your emotions – on the table. If the connection is worth saving, it will work. Otherwise, a mismatch in your life – even if that distinction is just in your mind – and you may have to deny the relationship.

5th Re-evaluate your budget and finances. Money makes everything very complicated and makes little peace. They said that money can not buy happiness, but this is not necessarily true. Will you be happy if you can not pay the mortgage and live on the street? No. Will you be happy if you can not afford to bring your child's education to a minor? No. Will you be happy if you can not pay your electricity bill, retire, take your annual leave, or buy new clothes for your children? No, no, no, no.

Money buys security, and security plays a major role in our full happiness. Reduce unnecessary expenses. It saves you more money. Find a better paid job. Modify your investments. Simply make sure you have the financial security you need.

6th Forgive yourself. Think about the mistakes that have been made. Just reflect them a little. Make it clear where it went wrong. Forgive yourself and immediately remove it from your mind. We learn our mistakes and make these lessons in the future. This does not mean that we have to deal with these mistakes and we have to beat ourselves. We are all human, and even the smartest and most clever ones have done their mistakes. You're not alone. Forgive yourself and move forward.

7th Turn off the news. Obviously, you have to take the steps in the world. Most of us do not have to be on an hourly or even daily basis. Use the Internet and services, such as Google, to send news to your email inbox. Let's just read this news once or twice a week – and never do it in the evening when you try to relax from your day. The world is a terrific place, and the news reminds us of everyday minutes. This does not contribute to a peaceful life.

8th Take the time to make a weekly schedule each week. Keep track of the schedule as soon as possible, but understand that plans need to be changed sometimes. Keep track of your free time and schedule it in a while & # 39; or something funny, instead of waiting for other people to fill the time with you. Set the priorities for the schedule elements. Make detailed comments that you will understand. Plan, but do not plan too. If something new occurs, put it on the next weekly schedule instead of rearranging this week. They learn to say that they have no & # 39; and this week I can not do it, I'm sorry. & # 39;

ninth Restrict technology in your life. Technology does not bring peace. The computer seems pretty innocent – but the whole world is inside your fingertips within that little box. This is overwhelming if you really think about it. Learn how to turn off the box, switch off the TV, switch off the mobile phone, and simply come out and enjoy the world close and in person.

10th Take the time. Most people do not really realize this. When we have time to simply be alone, without doing anything else, we can reflect, dream, and relax. This brings the ultimate peace.

In the great order of things, life can be as complicated as you want. All this leads to the conclusion that you accept yourself how you look at the rest of the world and the actions you take. You can create peace in your life, no matter how chaotic.

What is Christian Peace?

Peace is the supreme gift for everyone who trusts in the Lord. It is not the species the world wants to achieve because of the destruction or disadvantage of others. Or a conditional peace of the individual to each other.

Christian peace is calm – silence and unrest. This is the kind of peace that God encourages David after encompassing all the enemies of the Lord. The same peace that the Lord gave to Isaac in the land of Gerra, when he had driven a hundred times, while famine had destroyed the whole earth.

Peace of God Gift

This kind of peace that does not cause pain, emotional anxiety, or unnecessary fear. The peace that the world gives them a man or nation under honor or servitude.

The Lord said, "Because I know what I have for you," says the Lord. "You are planning for peace, not evil, to give you hope and hope" (Jer 29:11).

The reason why God's peace had cast off the Israelites was because they did not listen to God's command. They did not trust it, but strange gods and other nations' military powers.

How to Get to the Lord for Divine Peace

1. Through Love:
Love of God and others prevent the inhibition of bitterness, anger, hostility and hatred. These inadequate ingredients cause emotional disturbances that cause dreadful illnesses and illnesses – heart attack, depression, high blood pressure – lack of internal peace, mental and mental disruption.

2nd Through obedience:

"Great peace with those who love your law, and nothing makes them stumble" (Ps.119: 165).

Laws gather together on these two great commandments, love God and love your neighbor. To love God to obey His commandments and to obey God's commandments to love others. One of the greatest rewards is to give the gift of peace to meet God's commandments.

3rd Keep Yourself:

"Blessing with true worship, however, is also a great asset, since we did not buy anything with us when we entered the world and we can not afford anything if we leave it." (1 Tim 6: 6-8)

4. Hold on all the fruits of the spirit:

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, loyalty, 23 tenderness and self-control. There is no law against them.

Peace – How to Find It

Peace is the experience of those moments when "everyone feels he is right with the world and with himself". He sighs in relief and is resting in a gracious moment. Every thought and feeling seems silent, and an inner joy and satisfaction come to silence. If you have experienced this, you will find it again.

Today everyone is looking for peace. You may have to take a break from your pace and pressure. From everyday workplace stress, from home, or simply from self-exertion. It really is.

How can you live more peace in your life? Here is a list that can lead to peace. The list is simple, but practice is a momentary process. The reward is great.

first Be aware that you understand yourself. The patterns and beliefs you have created will create the experience you call your life.

2nd Identify your feelings. Use this information as a guide to your heart's desires.

3rd There are many beauty and harmony on this earth. Look around the trees, the grass flowers and the animals around you. Enjoy and appreciate thanks for Thanksgiving. Get in touch with the gods of the world. Look at the sky.

4th Everyday life must be kept in balance. Eat well, move the body in a way that feels good (eg exercise, dance). Rejoice in kindness. If you go back to old habits, go back to the next steps and understand what else to be.

5th Be in touch with your instincts and natural inclinations. Honor respect and acknowledge them, but do not let them rule.

6th Find someone in the guide or work in the group when you make a change. Seek support until you are the source of the best guidance. You can be your own expert.

7th Start now.

War and Peace

Section II. Since the end of World War, the conflict between the Atrocities of the Third Reich and Hitler's tyranny, an American generation, grew up in the shadow of war and aggression. These men and women now reach the stage of life when they are often reflected and considered what life and their place in the world are.

The components of the mentality of war have become part of our culture. How many video games are sold that embody the culture of war and destruction? How often have we heard someone say "bomb them back to the Stone Age" * or does a similar voice say?

My generation has grown up to play a soldier and watch movies that illustrate famous battles, our fathers fought. When I was born, the troops responded to the Korean conflict. Officially during the war, this "police action" remains unresolved in the North and South Separate Demilitarized Zones.

The papers published in the '60s divided the title of the H bombing tests and the building of the Berlin Walls from East to West. All this is known as the "Cold War". The 1958 National Defense Education Act was an increase in our fear of Soviet rule. Our leader feared that Soviet scientists had gained advantage in space competition. Every part of the "cold war". The title of this legislation refers to our thinking about the tense coexistence of nations. WE ARE PROTECTING; National defense, Civil defense, "Nickel protection", defensive driving, defense line, we call it. Man seems to be doing war and everything.

In the sixties, the Vietnam War was built up. There was a war in the Middle East, the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War in 1973. During this period, we also fought in the struggle against social problems in our country. There was the LBJ war on poverty, the war on drugs and now on the war on terror.

In addition to these armed conflicts, there is a war against cancer and other forms of human illness. "Battle of Bulge" refers to the war of European war and obesity. There seems to be nothing we will not wage.

Bosnia war and war-torn Iraq. The war in Afghanistan and the war in Darfur. We waged war in Panama, penetrated into Grenada and the Pig Bay. There are some nations on earth that are not affected by war. The FDR said, "HATE WAR." Eisenhower warned of the "military-industrial complex". General Sherman said, "War is hell." And I believe him.

Hugh says: Give a chance for peace. If we get to the Peace Train, we can get to our destination and enjoy peace and quiet before we all relax in peace. We must re-energize the Peace Corps, start a new peace movement, and start peace. If not, I can get my Peacemaker and blow your nieces off. I'm sorry, I took it. Peace Bro!

Democracy, which means the preparation or actual preparation of a modern, scientific war, necessarily disappears from a democratic point of view. No country can be really prepared for modern war unless a tyrant prevails in the minds of a highly qualified and perfectly obedient bureaucracy. – Aldous Huxley:

* remarks to General Curtis LeMay that he later refused to manufacture.

Justice, Peace and Joy

Romans 14:17 For the kingdom of God is not flesh and drink; but the righteousness, the peace and the joy in the Holy Ghost.

Righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit is the fruit of the soul. I would like to ask you if there are any such fruits in your life, and if not, why not?

Righteousness is simply an old English word that is true to God.
According to a dictionary, truth is the isolation. Truth or truth to God comes only through faith in Jesus Christ. You: 3: 5: Not by the works of righteousness which we have done, but by his mercy saved us by washing the renewal and renewing the Holy Ghost;

Ep.2: 8 For by grace you have been saved by faith; and this is not from you:
this is the gift of God: [9.] Not from works that nobody can boast.

In the Word of God we see that truth with God is only created by faith.
By renewal of regeneration and the Holy Ghost.
Washing and refurbishing also states that the process is in progress. So with your heart,
you will not go this night, but they're all in a process.
This is a process that begins with faith.

Rom: 4: 3: What does the scripture say? Abraham believed God and was counted for the truth.

Gal: 3: 6: As Abraham believed in God, and was given him for righteousness.

JM 2: 23: And the scripture was fulfilled which says that Abraham believed in God, and was counted for righteousness, and was called the parable of God.

We see that it was not just justice, but a friend of God.
Our belief in God leads us to believe that we are in a good state. Glory to God.

Then, if it is in this right situation, peace and joy will be created in the Holy Ghost.

Heb. 11: 6 By faith, however, it is impossible to please him; because he who comes to God must believe that he is and that he is the one who is diligently seeking him.

We must use our faith to be kind to God, for he can not please him without faith.
When we practice our rights as Christians and begin to walk in the reality of the new creation, God is happy. That's what she likes.
We need to use our faith and practice who we are!
What do I mean by that? I mean we're new creatures. You have to start acting as the Word of God is true. You have to start talking and walking as His Word is true.
We must stand to behave like an unappetizing mouth, down and out, poor, Christians.
We are the children of the Most High God. We are the common heirs of Jesus Christ.

Romans 8:17 And if they are children, they are heirs; Heirs of God and heirs to Christ; if it is so, we will suffer with it so that we can be glorified together.

This truth has to be the man of our spirit and let it be prominent in our lives.

Rom. 12: 2: And do not be in harmony with this world, but be transformed by renewing your mind to show what this good and acceptable and perfect will of God is.

I often use this scripture, but the most important thing is to be true to God.
Do you see if you do not believe it will prove it? And if you can not prove what's good? The answer to this simple question can not be. So you can renew your minds to this fact and begin to pass on the reality of the new creation from which we became.

2Co.5: 17 Therefore, if one is in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are dead; behold, every thing is new.

We are new creatures to walk in the light of this fact.
Many of us have been so religiously trained to feel the feeling of unhappiness.
Let me tell you something, this is a false feeling of humility and the lie of the devil.
Be a religious mumbo jumbo, and thank God for what he said
we are in His Word. Thank God, I am the righteousness of God in Christ.

Romans 10: 3: Because they do not know the justice of God and establish their own righteousness, they have not submitted God's righteousness.

You see that you have not acquired and can not get in any form or form, and those who try to look for it, the Truth says that they do not know God's righteousness and do not submit to the truth of God. So stop trying to look, can not, impossible, can not base your own truth. Stop, stop, stop.
Do I have to admit myself?

True humility accepts and recognizes the state in which we were and recognizes the free gift that God gives us, this is a free gift!
Remember what we read in the EP. 2: 8 and 9, it is worth repeating.

Ep.2: 8 For by grace you have been saved by faith; and this is not from you:
this is the gift of God: [9.] Not from works that nobody can boast.

Do not forget that truth with God has not arrived, but faith in Jesus Christ.
Thus, this faith brings true peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.
I do not know if you ever thought about this light, but when you start, you will see the fruits of the strictness, which is the true peace and joy of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Rom: 3:22: Even the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ to all and to all who believe: for there is no difference:

So let us continue our renewal of the reality of who we are in Christ Jesus.
This will bring the peace and joy of the Holy Ghost. Glory to God.

Remember our opening scripture, Romans 14:17 For the kingdom of God is not flesh and drink; but the truth, the peace and the joy in the Holy Ghost. 12: 32: Do not be afraid, little flock; because your dad is happy to give you the kingdom.

The Pathhers are pleased to give us the kingdom and tell the Romans
what the kingdom of God is. Justice, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. Amen.

If you want to know that you are a child of God, I would like to invite you to pray thoroughly for prayer.

In the name of my Heavenly Father, Jesus, I came to you. Your word says, "… and whoever comes to me will not at all do it." (Jn.6: 37). So I know you will not get out, but you'll take me and thank you.

You said in your words, "Whoever calls on the name of the Lord must be saved." (Jn 10:13).
I call on your name, so I know that he has saved me now,

You also said, "… if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will save because you believe in the heart for righteousness, and the conviction of the mouth is prepared for salvation "(Zs.10: 9,10).

I believe in my heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I believe that the testimony was lifted from the dead. And now I admit it to my Lord, for your words say, "… with the heart, one believes in righteousness …" and I believe in my heart, now I have become the Truth of God in Christ. (2 Corinthians 5:21)
And I saved him! Thank you sir!
Now I can really say, I see God becoming a new born child!

Glory to God !! Amen.

The importance of peace in life

In a world where stress, tribe, rush, and restlessness abound, peace of mind is of the utmost importance. This is a treasure everyone desires, but very few people know how to get it, and even less to do something to win it.

With the progress of science, we have not found any remedy because of the lack of internal peace. Often, even if they are in good financial condition and in good health, people are not resting, which only demonstrates that rest is not dependent on external circumstances or scientific or technical development. The solution must come from within, not with external devices.

It is not always possible to change the external conditions, but you can certainly change your inner attitude and learn to prevent external influences from affecting moods and feelings. 19659002] Peace of mind is the Himalayas, monks and hermits. You are here and now, wherever you are, regardless of external circumstances, as it is an internal state and independent of the circumstances and the external circumstances.

Peace is manifested when sluggish intimate chatter is slowed down. When it appears, anxiety, stress, problems, fear, mental and emotional anxiety, nervousness and impatience disappear. This is the state of inner tranquility, calmness and tranquility that creates happiness, tolerance, inner balance, inner balance and self-control.

The calm of the mind is a skill that requires time, practice and endurance, just like any other skill. With proper training and longing, motivation, patience and perseverance, you can certainly attain at least some inner peace.

The tranquility of the mind allows you to rest and rest in your everyday life and tough and tough situations. This will allow you to show emotional and mental changes at any time and thus avoid over-affecting other people's words, feelings, and behaviors. It also allows you to regulate your reactions and become a happy, patient, tolerant and open human being.

They use a number of techniques to help you calm down, and follow them for a few minutes, make a noticeable difference in your life for a few days, and you will soon be aware of the positive internal changes within you.

You did not expect the perfect conditions to start working. You can start here and now, no matter what your life you are and regardless of the circumstances. This requires some effort on your part, but this is a valuable project and the rewards are great.

You can continue your own life without changing your external status, continuing your work and relationships, inner peace. This happens gradually, learning to change his mental behavior, develop internal strength and inner seizure, meditation, and other means.

In such a short article you can not teach this important and interesting topic, but you can find more articles and guidance in

Peace, happiness and God

The ultimate goal of all human aspirations is happiness. But can you be happy about financial success? Money can buy happiness? Great results bring great happiness? The truth is that wealth, success, and results can bring their name, reputation, and pride, but they will not bring happiness. If the lack of money and success suffers and suffers from suffering, it does not give real happiness either. So the question is to find this endless end to human aspiration? How can you be a peaceful and happy person, regardless of whether there is any success or failure in life?

A fellow Uranus responds to eternal humanity in Gita 2: 66. He says:

It makes no sense, Bhavna [feeling for God] for Ayukta [un-united] and a non-Bhavna, there is no peace. How can a peacebuilder be happiness? 2:66. Chapter

Humanity ignored these words of God in the pursuit of happiness. Lord Krsna clearly says that if a person does not unite (to God), he can not do without peace and peace, then he can not be happy. Not only that, Lord Krishna says that a united person has no sense.

All that a man has to do to reach peace and happiness is to unite with God. And so you do not have to leave your pursuit of wealth, success, and lifestyle in life. As we have already explained, God is self-knowledge and wisdom toward equality for all beings with the conviction that everyone is God. The person who looks at the ego and looks at other beings "I" / different men and women does not agree with the wisdom of God. Nevertheless, the person who is free of the egos and who searches all beings as God is united with wisdom to God. He will be free from sorrow and will attain peace and happiness.

In order to free the creatures from the egos and unite them in God, Krishna tells in Gita that the beings have no right to the fruits of action, and therefore, they must do actions to rescind the fruits to God. By explaining God's words, most writers say that a person must do a job without having to worry about the fruits of action. However, they do not tell you how to avoid fruit worrying about the actions being taken. If a person views the fruits of action (success or failure) as "mine" and keeps it in mind, he or she is automatically worried about the fruit. Furthermore, when the fruit (success and failure) is considered to be mine, it does not obey the law of God, according to which there is no right to the fruits. What is really to be done is to convince one's intellect with the idea that God's fruit is the fruit. And when the fruit is in the form of success or failure, joy, or sorrow, man must mentally renounce the fruit to God, saying that the joy or sadness of success or failure is God. If one performs actions that constantly rely on God and believes that it is happening to all God and the fruit of all action is God, he is not worried about the fruit. Then he unites with God, and it will give him peace and happiness. Since he does not look at the objects, he does not bind to objects as set out in 2: 62-63. It interrupts the chain that begins with attachment, and it causes desire, anger, deception, memory disturbances, the loss of intellect and death. His sense will be stable and will not be destroyed, but will be a non-perishable being.

He called the Buddhi-yog (Discipline of Intellect) called Lord Krsna to renounce the fruits of action to God. Unless the Buddhi-good man is united with God, there is no peace and happiness and can not be rid of the constant births of different bodies. The person who performs acts without renouncing the fruit to God is bound by the actions. Binding, Desire, Anger, etc. Because he loses his sense of meaning and dies to make a new birth in a new body.

Buddhi-yog's name is disciplined, and there is no need for any change in lifestyle and steps taken to practice Jog. In order to awaken the meaning of the individual and achieve peace and happiness by joining God, he must change his thoughts and not actions and experiences. It should continue with the usual actions and enjoyments as before, but in a permanent sense, to the idea that the fruit of all action is God, and God enjoys the subject of the senses. This will liberate him from desire and ego, unite him with God, and give him eternal peace and happiness.

Everything is not with peace and happiness, and they all die because the wisdom of Jog has not yet been understood. When the beings understand and follow God's highest wisdom, they not only achieve peace and happiness, but also their constant birth in different bodies and become perishable beings.

One should take seriously the word of God and understand the true meaning of these words. I must admit that God is his will; that God has given the Jog's self-knowledge and wisdom to his well-being and happiness. You have to believe the words of Lord Krsna in verse 2:66 that if you do not associate with Buddhi-yog, he can not live in peace and happiness. The same wisdom that gives peace and happiness to man also gives him self-realization and does not constitute a pernicious creature. The world will be led into a new era where all the creatures will live in peace, happiness, and individuality, recognizing that they are all God.

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