How do you value the home base under home surveillance?

The foundation is the most important element of home or commercial property. Before purchasing a new home or buying a new business, insurance companies are increasingly asking for home checks to protect the buyer for future expensive repairs. So what is a home supervisor looking for when valuing real estate?

The first thing to look at is the foundation and other support elements. If the foundation crashes or is shaken over the years, it can be a cause for concern. Solid foundation is critical to the structural integrity of a property. Foundations can move, swell or float, meaning that the underlying soil was not adequately filled before the foundation was established and now settled, so the parts of the basics literally floated in the air. The type of underground soil can also affect the stability of the foundation. Soil can be packed or moved, or if the sprinklers are close to the house, water damage can slowly damage the base. As part of the basic inspection, the separation of wood is also investigated.

Another element to look at is adding to existing home. If so, how does it support the current structure? Did you change the whole foundation or create a new fund to support expansion? If a terrace was built without the plate or foot, what is the support for this structure?

Underfloor ventilation is tested to meet the specification. Flooring areas should be ventilated. This is done through the openings of the external base. Direct ventilation should be provided and a net area of ​​1 square foot on every 150 square meters of floor area. All openings must have corrosion-resistant wire netting with an opening of at least 1/8. You must have access to people at least 18 "x 24". Underground floors should not be blocked by obstacles or channels, according to

Drainage systems, sewage pipes and oil cooler pumps are controlled as they are located inside the base footprint. Houses can be moved over time, pipes leading to the house and from the house may be compromised.

Specifically in California, seismic fasteners and stiffening elements have to be investigated and it is necessary to investigate whether the security of property is to be provided in the event of an earthquake.

While the foundation's investigation is only a small part of the home inspector, it is cruel.

What are the different types of house foundation types and when to use?

The foundation is a first piece of home that needs to be created and creates a foundation for the rest of the home components. There are three types of foundations commonly used in the US: disk, crawlspace, and area.

Slab Foundation

Slab is a foundation of a type consisting of a directly-structured concrete slab. There is no space available in the disc structure. Floor slabs are popular in areas (ie in the South US) where reliably high water levels exist. (The water table refers to the depth of the ground where there is water).

Crawlspace Foundation

The crawl space is a subdivision of a limited space, usually the ground and the first floor of the home. The crawlspace construction predominates in areas where heavy clay content is present in the soil.

Basement Foundation

Basement is a free space at the bottom of the ground and the lower floor of the home. It usually has more ceiling height than a crawlspace. The foundation is based on the cold climates where the foundation is under freezing.

All three basic types are usually made of concrete but can also use concrete masonry or insulated concrete forms.

Concrete Grinding Units (CMU) are hollow concrete blocks. To create the base wall, mortars are used between blocks to join them and form the wall.

Insulated concrete forms (ICFs) consist of rigid foam insulating boards (the support system, including the mold, the reinforcement, and the support required to hold the concrete) to which the concrete is poured. Once the concrete is fully energized, the outer shapes, the inner shapes, or both, will remain in the insulation of the wall. ICFs are common in regions where the local building code requires the foundation to be insulated. Another advantage is that the homeowner or builder can immediately finish the basement without having to study.

Type of Foundation:

Homeowners and builders decide on the type of foundation to use for measuring costs, needs and desires, as well as soil and weather conditions. If there are high water tables, it may not be a cellar. If your land has dropped from the base rock or rocks, it may be more expensive to dig in a basement. If you have a sloping item, you may have to use a heavyweight. If you have a cold climate, you may need to dig at least four or more feet to place the base of your home under the freezing level. If you have to go at least four feet deep, you might want to spend some extra money to dig deep and have a full basement. Furthermore, it is simpler to install and maintain mechanical systems in cellars (compared to crawl areas). Your builder will help you determine which type of foundation is most appropriate for your area.

The selection of the foundation is also influenced by personal preferences and costs. Cellarsets can add thousands of dollars to your home costs compared to a crawlspace. However, considering the multipurpose space created in the basement, this is one of the cheapest space for your home. If the funds are scarce and you can not afford the foundation, it would be a good idea to find a somewhat smaller plan and use the savings to create a basement. It will do much more space and potential living space for this.

Changing the Foundation Type in Your Home:

Almost all house plans can be changed. It is generally assumed that people are planning another fund if found foundations do not meet their needs. If you are currently working with a builder, you may want to ask them if they will make changes to the foundation. Sometimes a basic construction can be useful to someone close enough to make these changes because they know better about the local terrain and the slope of the terrain.

When changing the basic varieties, be sure to place the oven, water heater, and stairs on. If you need to add basement stairs, basement staircases are normally located under different stairs, or you can change a cabinet or a smaller room into a basement. Another common situation in basement staircases is to replace a mechanical room with a staircase and place the mechanical elements (for example, the furnace and the heater) into the basement. Sometimes a room near the laundry room or a room near the garage can be used for basement stairs. Larger walk-in cabinets are sometimes reduced in size to place the basement stairs. Virtually you can add a basement staircase to the plan without increasing the size of the plan. However, sometimes you have to place your plan to place the basement stairs.

It should be noted that the owner has full responsibility to check with your local and state building authorities, builders, and house planners to see if your home complies with all applicable building regulations and requirements.

Parent How: Roles in the Family – Peacekeeper really keeps the peace?

Everyone in the family takes part. What is the role? The parents. Oldest child. Youngest child. But I'm talking about other roles like: I was a family clown. I would try to laugh everyone. In this fourth grade, they encountered difficulties. There was a time to write stories about what happened in the classroom to laugh at everyone at lunch or at dinner. I did not realize that the mother raised some of the "incidents" during the next parent / teacher interview. Every family has a funny, peacekeeper, rule maker, licensor, rule switch, or problem child. I know there are more tons, but I want to talk about the peacekeeper. In a large conflict family, peacekeepers often belong to children.

And a pattern emerges – the conflict escalates. The peacekeeper comes in. They call a family meeting. They try to use "good" communication skills, issues are being discussed. Solutions will only be taken into account if you select only one or more.

And then everything goes back to the old way until the next year's conflict is over.

DO NOT CHANGE without new information. If you see your family looking for the same patterns over and over again, it's time to consider picking up a parent / family class. Yes, family therapy is good except that it often does not contain new information education

Everyone in the family should be able to attend class (OK, young children are relieved – they use them differently in the family). Everyone should be able to hear the teacher / teacher's opinion and learn the information in the classroom. Then there is a family debate about what everyone has learned and how to incorporate new skills. Since everyone has shared learning, the likelihood of new skills is very high. And you can see changes in family patterns.

Get out of the old way. Look around the city for some family classes. Take a look online for a few classes. We are surrounded by new information and it is impossible to change the way we do something until we receive new information. What is the definition of craving: it does the same old method and looks for other results …

Obama, Israel and the "End-Times" Treaty Unleash

Current administration would think that Israel occupies the Palestinian lands and, consequently, treats the Palestinians badly. After all, in the Middle Eastern title of the last month, the president called Israel "busy". So why will he pray for Israel to "occupy" him? You do not mind that the Palestinians have never been a nation and therefore never had an inch of the Middle East; Never forget that Israel is sitting on less land today than what the United Nations gave in the 1947 particle; and the supposed "occupation" between 1967 and 1993, the number of Arabs and their per capita income doubled, which generally did not mean bad treatment and their life expectancy increased from 52 to 73 in that period

Although the President Israel "Jewish state, "and although President Obama questioned that a government of a united kingdom with Hamas could sign an agreement when Hamas did not recognize the right of Israel, he did not mention that Fatah, the party leading the West Bank, did not recognize the existence of Israel. This is the fundamental question; did the president not listen to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu? Did not you see his speech before the congress? The prime minister often states that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict "never stood by the establishment of a Palestinian state"; because Israel is willing to work for this occurrence. Instead, the question was that they rejected Palestinians to know Israel's right.

But the president is trying. Recently, President Obama has delivered to Israel if negotiations between Israel and Palestinians are restarted, negotiations themselves will hold back the Palestinians from the U.N. on the declaration of a new Palestinian state. resolution. But the Palestinians did not receive the record as the Palestinian negotiator of the negotiations stated that the Palestinians continued to seek the United Nations' resolution. This is another reason why Israel does not trust President Obama or the Palestinians – another reason why Israeli leaders can not think that they can work together with any party. What does this issue mean about biblical prophecy? This shows that the Bible is a clear and irrevocable truth about a future treaty of Israel. Palestinians are NOT co-chaired by Israel and refuse to negotiate or recognize Israel to exist, proving they do not ratify a treaty with Israel. Instead, the prophetic picture shows that the ten leaders of the nations (who will later become kings under the one-world leader – see Revelation 17: 12-13, see also Daniel 2:33, 41-44 Daniel 7: 7-8, 24) will sign a future treaty with the Jewish nations, and the Palestinians have never interpreted a nation.

Not only will the Palestinians participate in the final treaty, we see the evidence that NEVER signed a treaty with Israel. How do we know this? Israel is seeking a treaty that guarantees peace and security for the nation. If you sign this contract, there is no reason to sign another sign; you will get what you are looking for. Bible prophecies show that the ultimate contract – the one that starts the clock that leads to Christ's return to the end of seven years – is "peace and security" (1 Thessalonians 5: 3). That is how this treaty will be – not one with the Palestinians – that will satisfy Israel's need in these areas. This means that the Palestinians will not ratify a treaty with the Jewish nation, as they indicate in their actions. Now, if someone just tells the president, he can stop time and energy in this matter.

John Bolton, president of the Los Angeles Times, says President Obama is "the most anti-Israeli president since 1948," the year Israel began its modern statehood. According to the warning of God, which was raised in Moses 12: 3, and underlined by the historical evidence of the justice of the warning, which causes trouble for Israel, it causes great trouble for those who are. That is why President Bolton's allegation of President Obama is a major concern for American citizens.

In addition to the consequences, the president's hostile position against the Jewish nation is the United States away from the side of Israel. This movement is related to biblical prophecy in a different way.

Ultimately, the United States lacks biblical prophecy. It does not matter if some of the creative interpreters are trying to rotate by approaching the Bible with a contextual understanding (interpretation of texts in the context of contextual indications), America will not appear in the final days of prophecy. As Israel is at the center of biblical prophecies, the shift from the side of the Jewish state sends US law from the prophetic image.

Surprisingly, this is happening to our eyes! Wonderfully – according to John Bolton's assessment – God uses "the most anti-Israel President since 1948" to make it happen. Interesting timing; but timing of God is always interesting and perfect! This timing and this occurrence gives more validity to the truthfulness of Scripture.

Thus, God uses an interesting combination of President Obama, Palestinians, and Israel to lay the foundations for the ultimate biblical prophecy. So, keep in mind these three parties as you move closer to the end time.

More importantly, watch the sky come to Jesus' coming, who will give the believers the misery of the next seven years. So look up!


Peace for Perfectionist

Peace to the Perfecter

Finally it's here!

You take a deep breath

While others are avoiding the approach

I'm so dear

All right

Unconditional love

Just open your eyes

So you can see

You're already

Maybe in part

I'm here

To tell you more

Whether it's already [19659002] Too Hard

Too Hard

Too Much

Too Much

Too Much

Too Much

Too Much

Too Much

Something Forcing


19659002] Thinking High

High and mighty

Or at least widening

So I do not even know …

I'm here

They asked

Tell you

Sometimes talk

Or at least

Light up

In some dark places

The soul slits

Where else is

to be complete

still delicious fruit

In your bowl

To enjoy others.

You are welcome

There is enough pain

So please kindly

Do not cease yourself

With this continuous internal dialogue

] Unless you are perfect

Others despise

be the truth!

These assumptions are rusty

And we will not

Fall in us

So here's what to do

Your mind is first renewed

The gremlins say

To stop tracking

And talk to you

Send the truth

Perfect love casts out fear

Embrace love my dear

It is not supposed to love

This is NOT based [19659002] There is

Your Personality

Not Your Neighborhood

Where You Live

The Car You Drive

About the Divine Life

Agape Love

From the Creator above

Relax from Rat Race [19659002] Patience for Pressure

Human Trafficking

Peace for Refining Trends

Pull Back and Release Humanity

Find Your Headquarters at International Level

Because there is love, life and freedom.

Cartagena, Colombia – at peace near the beach

I slipped a pair of loose cotton shorts and walked out of my hotel room next to the lobby to night. Within a few steps I was in the middle of a folk dance ensemble. The white embroidered clothes wrapped around women's male male partners, while they were mildly ventilated in the humid, coastal air.

This is typical of Colombia, a country that is serious about dancing and beauty competitions. Combine this with the natural, explosive rhythms of the Afro-Colombians who are heavily digested in the coastal areas and have a continuous street party.

Although the Spanish conquerors have long since departed, the Colombians continue to emit a flamenco-like atmosphere.

Pedro de Heredia was founded in 1533 as a transport route for Cartagena, as well as an emerald and gold storage site, later shipped to Spain.

This picturesque town on the Caribbean coast was the main entrance port for African slaves in America; now UNESCO World Heritage Site, Colombia's favorite tourist destination.

Cartagena has been attacked many times during history. The British and the French grabbed the city in search of the collected treasures. The pirates searched for the hidden riches in the waters.

One of the most prominent attacks was Sir Francis Drake, who in 1586 came with the cover of darkness with a large group of men. They forced most of the city to sunlight to escape. Before they left eight months, they tortured homes, businesses, and imposed large sums on local government officials and stalled valuable jewels. The final major attack occurred in 1741 when the British commander, Edward Vernon, and George Washington's half brother arrived with more than 25,000 troops and a 186 combat group. Although the number of Spaniards and African slaves was quotient, they denied the attack and carried out a counterattack that made Commander Vernon withdraw his troops. Unfortunately, before he lost nearly half of his men and most of his battleships.

Today is the city of Cartagena, which still holds much of it in the old Spanish light. Scattered over older barrios, balanced colonial buildings painted in many colors.

Cartagena's old, middle part is reinforced by 14 miles of stone wall and other fortifications. In many places, it is still believed that the material used for these stones is confused with the blood of African slaves. Whether this is true or not, many slave died here while helping the city against the pirates.

The castle of San Felipe de Barajas was built between 1536 and 1657. The same fortress that resisted the attack of Commander Vernon and his team is still held through Cartagena. It's a look, and it's obvious why it was impossible to penetrate.

Modern day Cartagena is routinely captured by the continuous flow of Colombian and foreign tourists. They mostly focus on the old town, where narrow cobblestone streets look for historic landmarks.

When you enter the Plaza de los Coches, you will meet a huge statue of Pedro de Heredia, the city's famous clock, who founded the city in 1533. Only on the left side of the statue, pastel-colored colonial buildings fill the Plaza.

During the day, women put candy on the sidewalk, selling traditional sweets. People relax on the benches and enjoy traditional music and dance, street comedy and even occasional thermos that come from a homeless preacher.

At dusk, riding wagons lined up to be ready to start a lamp-light trip in the heart of downtown. You have the opportunity to close your eyes and return in time as the rides of horsemen resonate on narrow, cobbled streets.

At the end of the plaza (about 100 feet) open space with a Christopher Columbus monument. It represents the dark side of the Plaza de la Aduana (Customs Plaza) and Cartagena's past.

In 1564, Cartagena became a gateway to the American continent with many African slaves. Those who survived the treacherous flight came out of the ships and then lined up in the Customs Plaza, looked around, and the auctioneers were auctioned to the highest bidders.

Located just behind the Plaza de la Aduana is Plaza San Pedro Claver. St. Peter called Claver, who was called a hotly dishonest slave of slaves, this small square leads a cathedral bearing his name.

Father Claver showed compassion for the slaves who had come in. He offered the most when he was laid down and immediately blessed dying children and patients. He spent many years in medical care for injured and bad slaves and baptized hundreds of thousands of lives.

Five minutes walk outside the walled city and stand in front of San Felipe Castle. It is worth short climbing the steep hill to reach the doors. Discover the massive buildings of the mansion, touch the original cannons, and navigate through the portals. You can also look through the walls and view the panorama of the city.

About 20 nautical miles from Cartagena to the Rosario Islands. This archipelago consists of 27 ecologically diverse islands selected by the Colombian Government as a national park. If you're looking for a perfect place to relax, here's it. Good snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, kayaking and hiking are available. Outdoor aquarium and dolphin shows have always been a hit for the families of travelers.

Several ships start early in the morning from the downtown harbor, and approx. In 45 minutes, they climb the calm waters to the islands. The last boats return to Cartagena at four o'clock. So you can pack a lunch, a day out, or spend a few quiet nights on the islands.

Through most of the barrios in the city, you often feel that you are in a small village. During the day, sellers are walking around the area, all of which has risen papaya and fresh fish, pots and pots and lottery tickets.

Everywhere in the city you can find pickshift soccer fields where many young boys play football in the burning day (and sometimes in monsoon rain) as the specialists, hoping to become the next Carlos Valderrama or Ronaldinho.

After watching the dance performances, I pulled some backs and stumbled upon some of the popes who were drinking cold drinks near an open pit. The grilled chicken filled the night air. The menu seemed appetizing.

Cartagena cuisine is the original version of the Caribbean and Creole, although it offers a wide range of foods and drinks. Outdoor dining is usually the sound of Vallenato, Reggaeton, Champeta or Salsa, which usually comes from high speakers, but occasionally they live.

Overall, Colombia is an ideal trip to South America for first travelers; be backpackers, sailors or even family outings.

Large villages of villages, picturesque beaches, informal street parties Cartagena is a place to remember.

If you want to stay:

If you're about budgeting for your shoe size, the hotel accommodation in Cartagena can cost up to $ 5-10 per night in Getsemaníi area. However, expect a simple bed, a fan, a shared bathroom and a shower for the price. Add another $ 15 and find comfortable rooms in this historic part of town, the oldest neighborhood in Cartagena.

Most of the Bocagrande area is in Cartagena. Here you will find many hotels on the beach. From the small family hotels to the 5-star all-inclusive.

If you want to pamper yourself, try Charleston Hotel. It offers not only 5-star facilities, but is also hidden in the city's old walls and is close to many tourist attractions in the old town.

Charleston has a breathtaking rooftop pool and restaurant. Here you will get a bird-eye view of the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Cartagena and the beautiful old town.


Copa Airlines direct flights depart from Miami and Panama City, Panama.

AirMadrid's direct flights to Madrid and Barcelona, ​​Spain.


US tourists traveling to Colombia must have a valid US passport but no visa. It stays for 90 days. You can extend this to the Immigration Office (DAS) for another 90 days.

How to Find Peace – Places where peace lives

Most of us are looking for peace, trying to find peace, looking at the wrong place, looking from the outside to find it.

In order to experience this physical reality to be human, we need contrast in order to experience and grow. The contrast is experienced in the duality of earthly life; positive and negative, good and bad, yin and yang experience.

The problem is not with duality, which in fact does not exist from an "eternal" perspective – our perception of the problems has created our sufferings.

Everything is good – even if it is bad
"Bad" is nothing more than a frame for "good". He could not know and experience the good without knowing and experiencing the bad. Joy can not be felt without realizing it and knowing what makes you sad. Like the four seasons, every time and event is located under the sun.

If you're in a difficult position if you can find a silver lining in this dark cloud in some way and thank you – this cloud can start rising for you and you may experience a flash of sunshine reminder to let you know with you that the sun is still there. Always somewhere day on the ground.

Like the waves of the sea, we have moments of life when things are low when it falls into the sea and everything seems to be lost. And like the space between breathing and the breath world, there's this point where the tide rises or falls, it's where he needs to find peace. This is the middle path as Buddha said, where enlightenment may be the place between places.

The Place to Find Peace
This place is the center of the Vortex Center, the center of the hurricane's eye, where everything is peaceful and peaceful. To get to the center, you have to go. There is no other answer. If you're curious about the answer from the outside, you throw yourself into the hurricane and wear a rag doll.

And when these global events occur that send others, when you know and live in your headquarters, then nothing will bother you from the place of peace except you.

We are the cause of our own suffering and we are suffering because we continue to judge what is good and bad in our lives. Let go of the sentence and leave the suffering.

And when you do that, you go to the hidden valley where streams are happy to tickle the winding curves of the ocean, where the birds cheerfully dance between trees and lazy beasts of enthusiastic bees occupy themselves in their shops to know everything is all right .

Everything's fine.

For Peace: Continuity of Obedience and Integrity Honesty

Peace of mind is a form of success, but success does not guarantee peace. Honesty is the decisive factor. Honesty is obedience to laws and rules. Social consciousness respects the laws to avoid punishment, profit or social contract. Personal honesty is the consistency and consistency of thought and integrity. To achieve the state of peace, all of us have to prove personal integrity. This can be achieved by a behavior that is a continuity that connects obedience and integrity. From the standard obedience, the progression of integrity starts from obedience to avoid punishment, obedience because of perceived and / or received rewards and obedience determined by social contract.


The simplest form of sincerity is blind obedience. At this level, obedience appears to the empowering persons, including children, to the parent, the student to the teacher, the citizen to the law enforcement officer, religious leader to the believer, etc. Individuals are trained to execute orders or to obey the authority or position issuing commands. Individuals question each other simply because an authorized person submits an application or request from them. At this level, the most commonly the nature of the children's trusting nature, individuals do not want to understand the options and the consequences of their obedience. Blind obedience may be needed if individuals lack maturity or intellectual reasoning to understand the need for compliance or trauma, emergency or crisis.

The fear of punishment

The second level of honesty is to obey the punishment. Often, this section of social honesty is only at the level of compliance. Behavior is observable and quantifiable for the outside world, so social pressure becomes a major incentive. In addition to the traffic law, fear of punishment enforces compliance.

Perceived and / or Received Benefits

The third level of honesty is obedience based on perceived and / or received benefits. Behavior at this stage is observed and motivated by abstinence. Compliance is individually motivated and official figures often understand the individual's personal wishes or desires to achieve the desired obedience. Parents can promise posters in the park in exchange for co-operation in bed.

Social Contract

Persecution of personal interest is the essence of obedience based on social contract for the benefit of others. If the security, safety and benefits of a collective group are desirable, then the same rules are required. Here we obey, because he is right and maintains social order. Whether I see my actions or myself, I follow my own beliefs to support the group's goodness. It supports everything. Beginning from the mind, obedience is essential to fit into the system and learn the skills that are needed to be successful within the system.


At the highest level of sincerity, continuity is integrity or honesty. Integrity is the elimination of disturbance and anxiety of cognitive dissonance with opposite thoughts and behaviors. Such discrimination is often linked to manipulation, deception, and justification. Real personal integrity is at the heart of our soul. Honestly, if others do not see it. Social pressures are real and powerful, and in order to improve integrity, it must be decided to remain honest before the pressure of the particular situation. People of integrity can expect to stand up right, even if they are not unpopular and act honestly even if nobody sees it. Integrity allows other people to trust us because they know we appreciate our commitments and try to live with them. Integrity is consistency between word and action, thinking, and action, and between intent and behavior. Here begins the pursuit of peace .

Blessed obedience is the lowest level of sincerity. As we feel, the level of obedience moves toward public honesty to avoid punishment or rewards. Obedience based on social contract is to develop internally and to improve others in order to maintain order. Finally, integrity or personal integrity becomes a gradual level of continuity. Courage and commitment are needed to achieve this honesty gradually. The truly honest man's mind is free from intimidation of conflicting ideas. This allows for greater wisdom, which in turn gives positive and negative gratitude for everything. Only at this point can peace begin with any degree of regularity.

Peace Baby!

A little surprise waiting this afternoon on the threshold.

A box shipped from USPS.

Hmmmm, who is this. I have no idea.

Like a kid on Christmas morning, I'm starting to look for scissors in a very excited and frantic way to get into the box.

PRESENT ….. from SOUL !

Little "Meeow Baby!" statue, nowadays in great regard Hong Kong Phooey on the table.

Soul, I am by the gift of your thought, with my words and my love to my toe. You are also inspired by me!

"Peace baby!" something that Aunt Dottie started with me, and now they say the boys and me. Peace signal is a non-verbal way to communicate with each other when we can not speak. "I Love You" and "Baby Becoming" always spoke to us when they started playing, going to school or talking on the phone.

Try it. "Peace Baby" smiles only to people.

…… and more smile is what we all need in this world.

Sometimes the slightest gesture has a big impact on one's life: a pleasing smile, a nice word or an empathy's nod. Take the time to consciously influence your alien life today. Imagine what this day would be like. Sometimes the alien will do their efforts in their lives. This cascade has an amazingly powerful impact and its ambition is minimal.

Keep in mind that only a little effort is needed to influence it.

Throw a "Peace Baby!"

The sun shines. Smell his smile.


Zen and Peace (the Way for Enduring Harmony)

Many people today are insecure. Due to the great changes in the world situation and society, it makes sense for our lives to break apart at any time. Rather than allowing this to cause anxiety, it is a wonderful teacher who will wake up. This uncertainty prompts us to look for another way to find peace that is not based on external circumstances, but comes from within. No matter what happens in our lives, it is possible to live from another point of view to engage with the basic experience of peace and prosperity that forms the ground of our lives, but often only comes from consciousness. [19659002] Usually, we are thinking of peace as a conflict, change and the lack of confusion, a state that seems impossible in this ever-changing world. But the truth is that confusion and conflict are not our enemies. It is the difficulty of finding the way to lasting harmony. This is the essence of Zen teaching and Zen practice.

The road to lasting harmony is not a passive state. This is a lifelong practice that needs to be actively preserved. In the scripture he says, "Seek the peace and continue." This requires the real commitment, perseverance and understanding of peace. It requires both necessary and attentive attention. Nowadays, bets are too high to not do this.

The question will be how to achieve this balance? How to find what does not change in the world of constant change? You have to start with the fact that life is brisk and insecure. Change is inevitable. As surfers learn to surf the waves, we need to be at home because of the waves of change. This is achieved by reducing attachment and attachment. As soon as we learn to experience and evaluate every moment in full, what is it, then we are able to leave it and become available until the next moment.

Peace Practice

There are a number of areas where peace must be realized – in ourselves, in ourselves, and in others, between ourselves and the divine. If any part of the unbalanced, lasting peace can not be sustained.

Peace is not a false sense of security, but an understanding of how to interact with the forces we have undergone. Instead of reacting automatically, we need to learn how to respond best. Automatic, common reactions lead us and others blindly. Answering, however, involves the ability to react, the ability to see things as they are, balance themselves, and provide an adequate response. This is a demand for peace seeking.

Many may not know the mighty power of their choices and actions for their lives and the lives of others. They said that even a little true love has the power to dissolve the hate of the hate. The miracle of being so cruel to our good intentions is why we hold the thoughts of hatred and vengeance. This is the first step.

Rather than pretend to be affectionate and peaceful, we need to learn how to actively work with those who are opposed to peace. We need to learn how to work for our fears and anger when it comes up. Even in the middle of anger, we will be peaceful when we learn how to handle it properly. So we are continuing and practicing peace.

Anger is an Anxiety

In this culture, expression of anger is often encouraged. We feel it is good to rely on others, to set up our rights, not to let ourselves become a victim of abuse. From this point of view, the force of anger expression. After expressing this anger, we feel that we are no longer victims. We do not recognize that we can still become victims of the annoying anger.

We test our anger by deciding that some people are "bad" and worthy of punishment. Others are worth punishing them. We do not see that human life is fluid, bad for good, and vice versa. We can be the saints in a moment, devils the following. We are a process that has many permutations. If we decide not to condemn and hate others when we recognize their anger (and ours), which is – sudden storm and misery, we will not give power and soon evaporate. When we do not hate hatred, the beginning of peace becomes possible.

When hatred, fear and anger arise, you need to focus and experience them as they are. When we are able to remain constant and balanced during the rage of the rage, we do not engage in automatic reaction and attack, anger is dissolved and inevitably replaced by compassion and insight. We are able to see that we contribute to stir and we can easily eliminate it. We will increase to understand the difference between our true nature and our dualistic self-centered mind.

The dualistic self-centered mind

Basically, the self-centered mind is violent, competitive, full of condemnation and self-desire, not another. Wherever he sees the enemy, he likes to close the reality and stretch the fantasies in everything that is happening. If you do not meet your personal needs and desires, anger will arise, destroying your peace and the peace of others.

By learning to recognize the self-centered mind that is what does not support or nourish, we become leaders, become stronger and have access to our true nature, purity, compassion and wisdom that always knows how to solve it conflicts and lasting peace

The power to create harmony

Our existence has the power to harmonize and change many things. This state of being is to be cultivated daily. This state is a mind that reacts and does not react. It is a mind that recognizes the truth of anger and how it can easily be dissolved when it is not considered a positive one. That means looking for peace and being able to forgive. These are active states that require not only consciousness and discipline, but the true consciousness of all that we are capable of. As we cultivate this state of being, we become sensitive, not reactive. We do not live our lives based on the knee response reaction, which is happening to everything. Terror can not go too far. In fact, we can undo the terror, not just for ourselves, but for all that we contact.

This soul and practice is nicely expressed in a zen poem.

"One cup

green tea,

I stopped the war. "-Paul Reps.

Cc / author / 2005