Writing the peace treaty

"Do not I destroy my enemies when I make my friends?" – Abraham Lincoln

It was a beautiful peaceful day. I had sunshine and I was happy. Then it happened while in the middle of my spiritual practice I formed a battle behind the scenes and under my nose.

We all have internal chaos, so "You're your worst enemy," is a famous quote. The battle of the negative conquest. Recognize this battle. This happens when we complain about how we look, eat, clean, practice, talk and see ourselves. However, this battle takes place behind the negative conversation, which surprised me. This is the voice of our negative speech.

These are our basic convictions and they prevent us from moving forward to your dreams. There is an adult on one side of the battlefield and a little innocent child on the other side. You better sit, because I have to tell you something you do not know. Victory wins.

You can not tell the child to go away and if he tries to fight with him, he will still win because he does not play fair. There is only one way to stop the battle, and as Abraham Lincoln said in the aforementioned quotation, he had to be friends.

While I was striving to create more food and riches in my life when I was confronted with my child who created my life in which I lived. The most important belief I discovered was a five-year-old childhood voice telling me that money was destroying good people and that money would ruin my marriage and my family if I were too much. And first, when you listened attentively, your child helped me prove it. Through my eyes I saw and heard my parents fight for money. I felt the fear and the confusion. Because he did not understand the complexity of the world, marriage and adult responsibility, he made a judgmental child who felt my life. "Money is bad, money is people who love each other, are angry and fight

You might say to yourself that this looks weaker and you are right, since most of your credit is 2-10 years old, the older kids are usually quite immature, ridiculous and totally logical, a sincere mind originates from the magisterium, and then it is proven by the same or double repetition of a similar incident to the truth, to make the world clearer and clearer, to look for its inner child and to find events and situations that validate the original credit. it protects it because you never want to be scared and hurt as always

This money concept is one of the simplest validation because it is so widespread: "Money is the root of the evil", a quote you are familiar with? thoughts that have become core credits have done a wonderful job for us or we were small, with the simple interpretation of the complex world, protecting us from suffering and giving us more pleasure. Now the same beliefs form the exact life our inner child thinks he is defending us. These dissolution of beliefs are a great way to continue to grow and raise our inner adult.

It is completely attentive to my child's voice, as if I had felt such a love for the little, sweet and innocent child for the first time, and yet I felt ready to give myself up to my life as an adult. I wanted to feel the pleasure of making money for my work while acknowledging that I have the money to support my community and most importantly to support my family. I needed to link the child and the adults in a way that both could be valued and recognized. I needed a win-win situation. Immediately Abraham Lincoln's quotation migrated to my head, which came in a newsletter one day ago. That was the reason why the universe was trying to say something. I encouraged me to describe the way to create peace.

At this moment was born the peace treaty.

So I bought a piece of paper and the top of the page I wrote:

"Peace agreement with my money-hating self." I pulled a line in the middle of the page and addressed one of the pages

Why I Love It

… and the other Side …

Why I Do not Need It anymore

I started listing what I loved about the sweet five year about my child who protected the money. I also listed what I learned about never having much money in my life. Because we never adhere to negative behaviors if we do not have the benefit. For every item listed on the left, I wrote about why she was okay, without giving her any reason why she could trust me and leave her on the right.

What immediately became apparent was the feeling of gratitude that filled my heart. I was so glad that I went to the road I did and became a new person with new acquaintance. I realized how many times this toddler tried to stop me from living the life I wanted, so sure he was right to protect the pain, because only the survival child knows how.

It was a wonderful experience to write the peace treaty with this sweet and innocent, heavily murdered child. My heart was open and I felt free. Then he spoke in my adult voice that the child knows he is safe and no longer has to defend it because I was ready to be the responsible adult.

After sharing my experiences with others, I quickly realized that this is an effective tool for everyone. I felt myself using the peace treaty to other old beliefs I had surrounded. I have come to realize that I have many children in the past who have prevented me from advancing in other areas of my life.

It is time to stop the internal struggle within which we are going. We have created peace in ourselves and created our own peace treaty. They all deserve peace. Because through the peace we find the freedom we have been looking for.

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The symbol of peace

One of the best-known symbols in the world is the symbol of peace and there was much debate about the original. Some Christians have claimed that this is the symbol of the anti-Christ – the source of Nero Roman Emperor (54-68), where Nero was called a cross. St. Peter was sentenced to death by Nero and recorded that he did not feel worthy of being killed in the same way as Jesus, so he decided to crucify a reverse cross with his head up and cut his arms up to 45 degrees (instead of 90 degrees). This was very well illustrated in the representation of a 5th century artist (Figure 1). In the dark times, Satanic rituals were used which represent the "witch's leg" or "bald feet" when black magic practitioners reject the Trinity and denounce Jesus Christ.

The modern version of the Peace Symbol was written on February 21, 1958 by Gerald Herbert Holtom, commercial artist Lord Bertrand Russel, a British CND or nuclear decommissioning campaigner. The symbol has been designed to combine the semaphore symbol symbols representing the letters N and D of the nuclear decommissioning. The letter "N" is marked with two flags, which are upside down in position V and the letter D is a flag pointing straight up and the other pointing straight. symbol, modern peace symbol.

It is interesting to note, however, that Hugh Brock, the editor of Peace News, explained in detail the origin of his sketch: "I was desperate, deeply desperate, with despair, shake hands outwardly and downward, relative to Goya's peanut before the shooting

Ken Kolsbun , the American pacifist and Holly's correspondent until his death until 1985 regretted the symbol of despair and wanted him to turn upside down: "He thought peace was something to be celebrated," says Mr Kolsbun, who has spent decades "In fact, the semaphore signal is U unilateral & # 39; shows upward flags. My dead did everything for unilateral disarming. "Further, my Dead only used the symbol of standing peace to remind her life, and the wish of a dying man was to emboss the place of peace symbol on the tombstone instead of the downward peace symbol, but" this wish was ignored by the letter cutter. "

What I find most interesting in the history of my Holiness that our present peace signal came – that semaphore symbols are exactly the same downward despair symbol that is recognized by the inspiration of the drawing, Holtom contradicts himself when, however, Brock wrote Goya's "peasant of the shooting group." The famous painting depicting this painting is Goya's third third of 1808, and the peasant clearly has his hand raised straight. V. I believe that Dead has really repented the Downward Peace Symbol and a good reason

What I find most interesting in my Holly's history is that our present peace signal came – that the semaphore symbols are exactly the same symbol of downward despair that is recognized by the inspiration of the drawing: My dead contradicts itself, but when Goya 'peasant in front of the shooter' Brock A famous painting This scene evokes Goya's thirties in 1808, and the peasant clearly puts her hands up in the V position.

Leo Tolstoy War and Peace Readership Guide

War and Peace is a tremendous book and might be touching for a reader who has not previously experienced Tolstoy's fiction, but a page translator that moves between different characters between peace and war between 1805 and 1813, the Napoleonic Wars height. Tolstoy studied the history of time with great detail and used his own experiences of the Crimean War to portray the realism of life in the campaign and in the battle. Yet it is a story about love and romance, and about the nature of what it is to be human and to have a goal – life themed by Tolstoy through his fiction.

War and Peace Reading is worth the time and effort. If you have the opportunity to read it, here are some reading guidance questions that you can use to make your experience more interesting. Alternatively, an ambitious group can use these questions to spark debate.

Reading Guide Questions for War and Peace

1. War and peace are called one of the greatest novels of all time. Do you agree with this assessment and why do you think that war and peace have been so appreciated?

2nd How does war and peace reflect Tolstoy's wartime behavior?

3rd Do you think the author's voice and opinions are too far into war and peace?

4th Tolerating war and peace, he said, "It's not a novel, even less poetical, and even less historic chronicle." What do you think about it and do you agree?

5th Do you feel that you know more about the historical events of war and peace? Was the historical construction of the book a big difference to the recognition?

6th War and Peace is a long book. Do you think the right length? How many times did you quit and how did you feel when you finished the book?

7th Which of the male characters did you like – Pierre or Andrew?

8th How does Tolstoy interpret the situations he describes as a battle or a ball for the reader?

ninth War and Peace contain many contradictory female characters: Helene, Natasha and Mary. What do you think of each and what do you think about Tolstoy's views?

Calm Religions?

If you say that Christianity is a peaceful religion according to the scriptures, it can be said that Islam is, according to the writings, peaceful. In reality, both the Koran and the Bible present a dichotomy, promoting peace and violence. Both have quotations that are peaceful and some are not peaceful quotations. [19] In Luke 19:27, Jesus himself says, "But those enemies who do not want them to be kings and kill them before me."

Now the popular sentence … what would Jesus do ? … does not sound good, right?

The Qur'an also has many quotations, such as 2: 190,

The believer must call on God through those who fight you … but do not aggress, God does not like aggressors. "

The use of quotation marks indicates that the quotations are meaningless, and can be twisted and interpreted in countless ways: organized religion and now politics,

both are guilty of using propaganda, citations quoted from the Bible or any other appropriate text, trying to influence the reader.

Fundamentalists use their sins using religious texts and are mistakenly interpreted to arrive, "I am right, so you are wrong" mentality. This mentality can be dangerous; this can lead to extremism. Extremists are not God but their own agenda. There were countless religious extreme cases that, following the quotations of the scriptures, justified the killing of others, or I might say, a misreading of the quotations of the scriptures.

Islam and Christianity have a dark past (and in some cases dark gifts) involved in the interpretation of the scriptures. Islam is no more cruel than Christianity.

The "Golden Rule" is the key, not the text of the Koran, the Bible or any other organized religion. Some form of Christianity's golden rule is present in virtually every religion. All religions preach peace, but followers practice peaceful beliefs?

Piling – foundations

It is known and accepted that any building, house, or concrete structure should be well-built, provide a very strong foundation and have a substructural base supporting the building. This is what keeps pulling so important.

What is the planet? Shrinking is a method widely used by entrepreneurs to set up a foundation for works such as buildings. By embedding and embedding wood, concrete or steel piles into the deep ground of the soil, pilgrims provide strong support to building structures at the foundation level – a precondition for all construction projects

Factors such as project size, capacity and scope, land and the space required for the rigging, all of which must be taken into account prior to the break-in process. Contrary to the shallow base, a deep foundation is used to transfer the load of the structure to the deeper, stronger layer of heavy-duty soil that is able to load and thus support the structure.

commonly used foaming materials include wood, concrete or steel – precast concrete bars, vertical columns, steel sheets and piles, and so on.

The selected pieces of material can be drilled or folded into the ground, the basis of structural load. Geotechnical engineers, structural engineers, fieldworkers and staff, territorial contractors and all other team members of construction workers play a unique role in designing, designing, understanding and rationalizing tasks that create digging, accumulating and powerful structures.

The various forms and variants of capitalization techniques are used by all major contractors, home improvement and consulting engineers, and so on. Hire and use large commercial projects, housing development projects, retail and road construction projects, marine projects, etc. .

Different types of bottles can be distinguished from the choice of the material employed or the particular method / technique used.

Driven Piles : This technique uses a pilot drive that drives prefabricated piles into the ground. Most Driven piles are made of wood, concrete or steel and driving technology leads to soil displacement

Drilled piles : Drilled piles for drilled hollow piles (CIDH piles)

These include:

· Auger Cast Pile is also known as a Continuous Release Ring (CFA)

· Underrepresented Piles

· Molo and Beam Beam Base

· Stand Piling &

· Mini Piling

The most commonly used Piling Devices include Includes:

Pile Driver : Mechanical Tool – Hydraulic Hammer : Modern and state-of-the-art hammer hammers and pipes for inserting / driving into the ground.

Numerous different taps contractors and companies offer the globe

Foundation Repair Training

Foundation Improvement is the Hardest and Most Expensive Repair in Your Home. That's why many people go to school to become specifically fundraising entrepreneurs. This type of course is very difficult and expensive, but the reward for completing the training is enormous.

What You Need to Learn:

Your most important ability is to learn these training how to spot the damage. They will be prepared to learn the signs of harm and the right techniques to remedy the situation.

The foundation damage is very difficult to detect, because real damage is usually hidden by unskilled professionals with the naked eye. You will need special training to distinguish between ordinary crack cracks on concrete or bricks from severe damage.

Another thing you need to learn is how to determine the correct repair methods. There are many ways to damage the foundation, depending on the type of damage, the damage situation and the strength of the surrounding soil in your home. As a trained entrepreneur, you must do all of the factors and formulate the problem. This is important because the incorrect repair method does nothing to resolve the situation of the homeowner and cause them unnecessary aggravation.


In some locations, entrepreneurs working on foundations have to go through testing and obtaining permissions from the state, while in other areas they only need to obtain licenses if their repair work is more than $ 30,000. However, some states do not regulate entrepreneurs working on foundations. You do not have to get permission to work on foundations in this area.

Culture for peace is the folk music for peace

I believe that music has tremendous power, the folk music of all nations deeply rooted in heritage, beauty, and truth, I feel that every nation has to share and that the United Nations has to play this important role more effectively now that whatever is enough, more youth gatherings have to be organized, more music has to be shared, more collective music projects need to be done with each artist and using the UN platform. such a universal culture of peace through music that can promote the establishment of the bridge of peace and harmony between all nations.

I believe the artists have a good influence on the public and can not use their music for reasons that are warfare but for peace and can reduce the influence of mainstream media, which is human values ​​and total violence. Human souls need peace, and in my opinion the best form is Music.

We can offer the best music, because this is the relationship between souls. When this relationship grows you can create the real and solid foundation in which our generations love, not hate other nations, and the best way is the goodness of nations and folk music is the best.

We need a much more concrete, complex and effective collective peace musical events that are led by ordinary people, not in the hands of politics and religious authorities, but only humanitarian attachment, an essential element of a society's health and individuals.

Every year, the Culture of Peace is a culture of composing, a folk music exchange and a regular event where every artist in the world is involved with his own folk music.

This event can be handled every year in different countries, especially among countries that have conflicts and are not in good shape, such as India and Pakistan … One year in India, India, the exchange of artistic and cultural activities. This will allow people to change the situation and find a more effective approach to peace.

Violence against women, war and peace

What's the difference … between a war zone and a situation experienced by a female student walking to the university, after reaching the university library after darkness? The similarities between the two [are] striking. A woman walking over campus campus … because of an immediate injury or death … Why is such a scenario usually referred to as a war zone? – Thom Workman (1995, 1-2)

I recently asked my wife why she felt uncomfortable walking alone from our university campus to our home for the night. When I asked, we returned from a dinner time and we kissed a little bit of some of the evening activities. As soon as I asked the question, however, his behavior was immediately changed from lightness, from players to difficult and serious; he answered nervously. He explained that he had always moved or he was walking home because he did not feel safe on the dark, bushy roads leading to our home, without the nearby being protected. I explained it to a further explanation and replied that if it was actually attacked, there would be no protection. He could not have expected anyone to hear or respond to crying in the campus, probably not able to leave the attacker, especially since he is currently pregnant and too small to physically defend himself from a male assailant.

My wife's answers to my question, and especially the emotions she showed on her face while speaking, opened my eyes to the honesty and justice of fear she felt. Men often hear that women in the dark, isolated places face difficulties when they are themselves, but it is difficult for most men to understand why women may feel these feelings because they are so different from things. The feelings of fear and anxiety give confidence to the observations made by Thom Workman, "The Mars Hidden Agenda: Race, Class and Gender in the Contemporary War" (Workman 2005). Workman directly mentions "the threat of injury and death, concerns about survival … the development of special relationships, anxiety and anxiety" that characterize the feelings of men and women trapped in war zones with the emotions that female university students like my wife , they feel they have to walk alone in the dark (Workman 2005, 2). He argues that since both situations have the same negative emotions, the practical difference between the two is, at least in this case, not important.

However, the greatest point in the worker is that women are subjected to separate violence both for war and peace, as violence is an inherent and essential part of sociocultural practices recorded in the patriarchal world system (Workman 2005, 5). This is a feminist view of war and violence, as it says, that patriarchal violence focuses on women, as women are largely absent, even invisible to security planners and governments in general. This invisibility is rooted in the masculine security concept, and this is not a disorder outside the social structure. It is rather an integral part of what citizens, and even patriarchal societies, understand as normal and acceptable.

In Carol Cohn's article, Sex and Death in the defense intellectual rational world goes on. It analyzes the importance of comprehensive sexual metaphors in the language of the defense community, and in particular in the field of nuclear deterrence. He estimates that the special, sexual language of the defense community "both reflects and shapes the nature of the American nuclear strategy project" (Cohn 1987, 690). In other words, it is largely impossible to understand the culture and ethos of the defense community in a non-sexual sense. Furthermore, Cohn argues that sexual metaphors and sexist language "play a central role in defending and acting on defense intellectuals as it is" and that feminists should carefully choose their own words to speak with the right audience (Cohn 1987, 690). You feel that the people of the defense community will not understand the feminist security concepts, as these ideas are easily recognizable in the traditional folk language of the defense industry.

The effect of Cohn's argument is to reinforce the idea that Workman suggested that war and, in general, violence are part of the patriarchal system. The same language that men talk about sexual and sexual life in everyday life, about missiles and tactics. Violence and sexuality are inseparably interconnected in the defense world (Cohn 1987, 692-693) because the defense community, like all other societies, is dominated by the patriarchate and closes most of women's substantive participation.

Similarly to masking the defense community, they resemble the consequences of neglecting women in other aspects of society. In development, outdated policies that exclude women from calculations are ineffective for ineffective practices and unsuccessful efforts (Man-made Hungine 1986). Regarding a terrible irony, women are usually the most affected part of society when development and reform measures fail (Cornwall 2003). Likewise, decisions taken during a war in the defense facility, the use of weapons, the tactics to follow and the enemy must be identified without taking into account the woman's view. Women are invisible in defense circles because their perspective is ignored and their invisibility results in serious problems such as the official policy of soldiers using armed violence (Bumiller 1999, Kristof 1995, Mydans 2001, Sanger 1992, Shapiro 1995, Simons 2001a, 2001b and Tetreault 1995). It can also create enormous security situations that make rape a common and weakly criminal offense (Makiya 1993, Polgreen 2005 and Sengupta 2003) and discrimination against women, which distinguishes maternity and maternal duties with martyrdom and murder (Bennet 2002a, 2002b, and McGirk 2007). Thus, masseurization of the defense institution is a special target of violence throughout the world for women during the conflict

. Violence against women is generally rooted in society, even during peacetime, which are motivated by violence during the conflict: patriarchal dominance, sexual language and female invisibility. Women are targets of special violence because of their situation of unusually vulnerable society; the structure of most societies collects the second-class status of women from birth to death into the psychology of women and men, and because of their second-class status, women are more likely to become victims of violence because they are least able to influence society or law through their policies.

As during the conflict, rape is a major cause of violence against women during the peacetime. Even in peace often the military is guilty, as the young women's problems facing the Amazonian tribes prove when the Brazilian soldiers are near their villages. Young women are moved by Brazilian soldiers who provide girls and their families with food and other equipment. The soldiers then sucked the girls, leaving their families and villages with ethnic mixed children who may or may not be faithful to the community when they are grown (Rohter 2002). United Nations peacekeepers were perpetrators of similar crimes in other parts of the world (Associated Press 2005 and Hoge 2005), as US soldiers in Japan (Associated Press 2000a and Pollack 1996) and even US Air Force Academy (Janofsky 2003)

more often, perpetrators of violence against women during the peacetime are not soldiers. Cultural attitudes that dictate what makes women "good women" in most societies makes it difficult for women to get help when rape occurs and it is even harder to convince their offenders. Social barriers that prevent women from bringing onslaught on trial racially consider rapists as relatively low risk offenses. The shame of rape is projected to the family of the victim, not only to his own person, and in some cultures the victim is often murdered in "honest murder" or forced to "commit suicide" to his own life. because his death is perceived as recovering lost family honor (Associated Press 2000b, Bilefsky 2006 and Bumiller 1999).

This attitude is not limited to the Third World or ultra-Conservative Religious Societies; live, and even in the first world, even in the United States. Even as a white Christian man, I can not understand the crime victim, though not the stigma of sexual crime. When I was in high school I jailed and my jacket and rucksack stolen. For reasons unexplainable to date I have been too ashamed to tell my parents the imprisonment. After a few days he questioned what had happened, and eventually the information came to me. I can only imagine how terrible the sadness of becoming a victim is to women who are raped or otherwise abused. In my case, it was a rather irrational shame that remained silent. In the case of abused women, the fear of sexual and abusive social taboos, the fear of refusing family and friends, and the inherent difficulties and emotional pains of conviction in rape are a real and very rational feeling of shame.

Although it is obvious that the victim is not mistaken, he probably appears to be "dirty" or "asked" whether he was relentlessly dressed or walked alone in the dark as if those factors were that the attackers had the right to force women (Magowan 2002). In fact, the stigma attached to the victims of sexual harassment is so great, even in America, that only five killers have been convicted of their offenses for every hundred reported rape. This statistic does not include non-reported rape, which surely exceeds those reported (Magowan 2002). The shame of becoming a victim forces many women to remain invisible and hide the crimes committed against them, which in turn reduces the cost of committing such crimes and encourages murderers to sacrifice other women. Thus, regardless of whether a woman lives in a country blessed with peace or war, it must face equal dangers. In order to ensure that women are safe, sacrificing stigma must be removed from cultural attitudes and the situation of women should be widely publicized. Only if women are not in constant danger will they be able to enjoy the full benefits of peaceful, prosperous societies. It is unfortunate that half of the population can not fully feel the feeling of security outside the war zone.

The Truth About Peace – Bible Truths for Children

"Do not worry about anything, pray for everything, tell God your needs, and do not forget to thank him for his answers: I understand peace keeps his thoughts and heart in silence and rest, Jesus Christ." Philippians 4: 6 and 7 [The Living Bible]

God wants to release peace.

He wants you to feel comfortable and relaxed, do not worry or nervous about life or school,.

A Sunday school teacher told me that the Bible God says I can put all my problems on him and he will take care of me.

God is interested in your children and their problems.

So what does this mean? Just what he says. God wants you to put all your problems on him and he will work them out.

This does not mean you're just walking. First you have to take part. Do what you know you can do the problem, then give the others to God and wait to see what he does to help you. It will be very exciting.

Here is a specific path that can cause problems to God.

Find a small box; It's probably somewhere around your room or house. Check the basement. Here I find the extra boxes.

Go for a big sign on the "God box" side. Take a piece of paper and write it: "God here, I'll give you my math problem, I will not worry anymore." Trusting myself, I trust that I will give you good results. and this is no longer my problem. "

Pray to God and put it in the box. Put the box in a prominent place in the room, reminding you that God is responsible for the problem, not you.

Or another problem you want to give to God football game you're playing tomorrow. It says the same thing: "Here's God, I'm worried about the football game, I know this does not mean we win, but you're in control and you're in a good position. you really want to win and help each of us play well together. "

Pray to God, put the note in the box of God, it does not mean you sit and dream of victory, you do the best, practice it, get the rest and eat it straight, but trust me in God to take care of the situation.

This practice can be done with any and all of your concerns God provides for you and wants to give you peace He says when we know our requests and let him have his peace filled with our hearts and minds When his peace fulfills his our consciousness, there is no place for concern.

Are you violent? Determining violence and peace

With the pursuit of Carl Jung's research I discovered that we were violent primates. Konrad Lorenz's research and discoveries confirmed my findings. Many other scientific discoveries have confirmed the same truth.

Even if we believe we are civilized, we are far from equilibrium. We believe that some are violent and some people are calm. However, the truth is that people are extremely violent and dangerous primates. Our wars and our sins prove this truth like anything else.

If someone seems calm, it's because they are satisfied for a while. When someone is dissatisfied for some reason, he will be angry. Anger Causes Violence

Are you angry if someone does something against you?

If you do this, it means you are violent. If you were a peaceful creature, you would have just been very sad. You will not be angry and you want revenge.

If you belong to humanity, you are inevitably violent because you have inherited a lot of evil and absurd tendencies to your conscience. This dangerous content has to be converted into peaceful content through dream therapy. The unconscious mind that creates dreams helps to find peace.

In order to eliminate its violent reactions, it must be able to evaluate the importance of peace. If you think the behavior patterns of violence are useful and violent, if you overturn, you will not find peace.

You need to understand the true meaning of violence. Violence is a sudden attack on others with the intent to abuse them. This is a physical force or psychological constraint characterized by cruelty and hatred.

When you think of the concept of violence, you understand that it is a negative reaction. However, he forgot to report it for some reason he would be angry. Believe that you are right because he was angry because he was not respected, insulted, or robbed. Believe that you can defeat this unfair situation. Everyone reacts in the same way as you do.

You judge violence in others, but if you are violent, you think you are "right" because you have been the victim of someone else's wickedness. This means that your behavior depends on the behavior of other people. You can not show sympathy if the people around you are cruel. You too become cruel.

You think that cruelty is a self-defense. However, if you become angry when you have to protect yourself, your anger can lose your mind. You can kill your enemies just because they made you something insignificant.

The violence must be afraid, not to believe that violence is such a useful tool to protect the cruel world. Violence is crazy. Violence Produces Terror

You know violence is used with a bad way of thinking, but with the absurd mindset of modern civilization. You theoretically condemn the violence. On the other hand, to believe that violent heroes who kill gangsters in different films will have to imitate wonderful heroes. You applaud those who use violent violence.

You are forced to admire the violent world leaders. You have been forced to believe that you need military protection to preserve the country's peace.

What kind of peace is this? Peace-related violence?

Peace is opposed to violence. Peace is understanding and forgiveness. Peace is Peace and Peace

How can you find peace in a cruel world?

You think you have to defend yourself from the rest of you. Believe that you're an idiot, if you stay calm if you're offended.

You need to learn how to keep calm even if others are not respecting their rights. When you are wise, you are always calm because you understand that human beings are imperfect beings. Forgive their shortcomings in understanding how to understand inferiority.

Wisdom reminds us that true peace is based on goodness. You are always humble, sensitive, friendly, calm, honest and generous. Your attitude will help keep the peace without violence.

Peace is an invisible war on the basis of interventions. You must learn the difference between violence and peace by analyzing wise unconscious messages in dreams.

You will understand that the behavior pattern of violence is primitive and idiotic. You will also learn the meaning of love.

The unconscious mind helps to love humanity. Sorry for everyone. You want to see everyone find peace and happiness. His philosophy of life is based on generosity and holiness.

You understand that everyone must achieve spiritual perfection and learn how to be wise to find peace and happiness. Force-based patterns of behavior and selfish ideas triggered by materialist civilization can not help humanity with peace.